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MP3 Feng and GeGe - The World in Heaven

Award winning composer Feng creates a unique blend of traditional Chinese music with the new age sound to create what has come to be known as "New Century" music in China. GeGe is the current musical soloist representing China throughout the world.

11 MP3 Songs
NEW AGE: Ambient, WORLD: Asian


Feng (rhymes with - the song was "sung") and GeGe (Ge pronounced as the go in "Good") is a unique husband and wife musical phenomena, each being a famous musician prior to combining their talents. Feng was a famous woodwind Sona player,singer and a pop music composer having graduated from the renown China Musical Conservatory in Beijing. Through his creations and performances, he has become one of China''s principal pop stars. GeGe graduated with a Masters of Music degree from the China Musical Conservatory in Beijing, and she is China''s principal representative performer of traditional Chinese flute music, and played for President Clinton when he visited China. They have combined together to produce original new age music as well as pop that combines western and Chinese styles in a dramatic new way. Following the track list are their separate biographies.

The World in Heaven - Commentary by Feng.

Track 1 - My Dear Asia When preparing to go to Africa, I wrote this piece to provide Africa with a composition to depict the development of China and Chinese life.

Track 2 - The World in Heaven One year, while touring, I was in the cold of far northeastern China near the Russian border staying in a wooden Russian-style home and enjoying pickled northern food and beer. From there I flew directly to southwestern China, to the warm weather and vastly different lifestyle of stone homes and bamboo rice cakes. The complete change of everything within one country, a change in the people, their lifestyles, the food, and the scenery, gave me a new perspective. I realized the differences in life and that there exists a more natural life than my concrete world of my metropolitan Beijing. This became my most famous popular song in China.

Track 3 - The Flower in the Rain I was in a traditional home one evening in Henan Province in east-central China. The room opened onto a beautiful courtyard. The moon was hanging in the sky and the light rain began dripping from the eaves and Mudan flowers. GeGe began playing her flute. I recalled the Ming Dynasty poem by Li Dong Yang "Flower in the Rain" written in 1464.
When the rain stops
The moon comes through the clouds
Shinning on the flowers dripping with raindrop
Look at the shadows on the floor
Young ladies with different shapes dancing.

Track 4 - The Snow Mountain On the northern border of Xin Jing Province in far western China, nestled amongst the Parmir Mountains, there is a small minority community of open minded, warm and friendly people called the "Tajike". At night we would sit around fires outside listening to music and stories passed down through thousands of generations. They play their two local flutes, representing a man and a woman in discussion. In the daytime there was a local wedding. The two uniting families would challenge each other in a race to grab goats from horseback. After the race, everyone would dance and celebrate together. Always, in the distance is the 7546 meter high snow mountain "Muoer Ta Ge", never changing and always with snow, no matter the season. I feel the strong life force of this remote little community, stronger than the biggest city.

Track 5 - Road to Yangguan
In northwestern Gan Su Province the old silk road passes through part of the vast Gobbi desert in a region known as Yangguan. In the past, this road would take you from the sanctity of China proper to the wild expanse of desert, barbarism and slavery. The road has seen thousands of years of armies, battles, suffering and trade. I stayed in a tent near the road. At night it was extremely cold. The next morning the sun rose up early and low. Sunshine covered the entire Gobbi. A small camel caravan passed. I felt so free and went wild with the history of it all - running, jumping and dancing. I fell down in exhaustion and, looking at the sky, could still see the old silk road and travelers reflected in the ocean of the sky.
Track 6 - Dancing Flower In Jilin Province across the border from North Korea the people make their livelihood gathering the natural ginseng from the Chang Bai mountains. The weather is cold all year around, so people drink warm wine to warm their bodies. When I was eight I visited there with my Father. Every day we would listen to the stories about picking ginseng. We talked from day to night and drank the same way as the locals and sang the local songs. Korean people''s music is famous for using the drum. Someone would start playing the drum and soon everyone would join in singing and dancing both inside and outside the building. I was fascinated by the scenery and could see the white mountains covered with beautiful blooming flowers. The elders told me that every flower was to welcome the guest to their hometown. Through the years, this memory has stayed with me.

Track 7 - The Ranch When I was little I had the wonderful opportunity to go to an Inner Mongolian Kerchin Ranch. Once a year at the Nadamu Gathering the population would go to the ranch for games, races, wrestling, drinking dancing and singing. You can see far into the distance across the rolling tundra with the clouds like white flowers hanging in the sky. There were limitless Mongolian teepees that looked so organized with their goats and cows. The ranch people were warm and friendly and brought you tasty milk tea and plates of cheese and butter. You would help yourself and cut off pieces of delicious smoked seasoned lamb from a wooden spit over a fire. At night stars covered space and the people sang their local songs with beautiful long-toned voices telling the history of daily life on the empty tundra. The night before we left, I had the chance to send the cows and goats back across the hills. Riding a white horse I felt I had full control of the universe. Suddenly a small rain started. Ranch hands yelled orders to the ranch dogs that look after the animals and keep away the wolves and wild animals. This scenery of a natural and simple life made me forget everything.

Track 8 - Emptiness In Buddhist philosophy the word is empty of inherent existence. How should we live within this emptiness? When we are together we are leaving, when we are apart we are coming together. Family, friends, lovers are either leaving or are apart. When I was ten I left my hometown and parents and went to a music conservatory in Beijing. From the first time I left my parents, the separation has stayed with me. The scar shows more on the face of my parents. Dripping tears are a memory of the past. Whether apart or together we will be apart or together again, in this or the next life.

Track 9 - Enjoying Freedom In the year 2000 GeGe and I went to perform in Tibet. We went to the Potala Palace high in the mountains. Lasha is over 4000 meters high yet we still needed to climb long steps leading up Red Hill. When we got to the top, we felt we could grab the white clouds, pull them aside and see what was in the heavens. This feeling was reflected I the curious eyes of the pure and simple Tibetan children.

Track 10 - The Song of Spring Situated in the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta and built as early as 514 B.C., the city of Suzhou is known as the City of Gardens. When spring comes, all the plants and trees sprout their leaves and flowers. Sitting in the park, I heard the laughter of a group of beautiful young ladies who had left the city to feel the sparkle of spring. The ladies were running and playing around the trees and gardens. All the growth and tiny sprouts were shouting to me that another year was coming. The freshness of the air naturally brings everyone a joyful feeling.

Track 11 - The Beauty of Asia - Africa While in Africa I felt the profound differences in the worlds people. This piece combines many different styles of music, including styles of the Republic of Guinea, Xin Jing Province, Korea, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The music particularly cries for peace for the world.


Famous Singer
Musical instrument performer
Member of the Chinese Musician Association
Member of the International Association of Influential Chinese

Feng''s father was a national level musician in China playing the souna, a traditional double-reed Chinese woodwind instrument. Feng began to study the suona under his father''s guidance when he was six years old. At ten, he was the only suona player in China chosen to attend the prestigious China Elementary Music Conservatory and in October 1979, he won the first prize in the China National Children Music Competition. He studied woodwind instruments under many famous Chinese musicians including Mr. Hai Quan Hu, Professor Chun Feng Zhao and Professor Ji Cheng Zuo. In 1981, he gained entry into the secondary school of the China Conservatory of Music and was under the guidance of the famous woodwind masters, Hu Hai Quang and ZhaoChun Feng. In 1987 Feng entered the China Conservatory of Music college. After graduation in 1991 he joined the Central Chinese National Folk Orchestra and continued his study of composition under Composers Xiang Jin and Professor Wang Chun Shi and his study of music under Professor Shu Ming Ma.


Thirteen personal concert performances in such world locations as:

The Carnegie Music Hall in the U.S,

The Love Music Hall in Berlin, Germany,

The Athens Ancient Theater in Greece,

The Golden Hall of Vienna in Austria,

The Sydney Opera Theatre in Australia,

The famous Victoria Music Hall in Singapore,

Sun City in South Africa,

The Art Center in Hong Kong, and

The Tokyo Art Center in Japan.

In 1999 became Music General Director of China Central Television Overseas Department

Created the new Joyful People program on CCTV


Candied Crabapples on a Stick,
China Folk Song,
Human Life in the Sky,
Farewell My Concubine,
Soar with Intense Emotion,
The Autumn Spring,
Faraway People of Faraway Town,
Life''s Ambition,
Snow Mountain,
Wrap the Dragon,


In December 1996, he was invited by Macao City Hall to perform in the famous Traditional music Concert. He sang and performed in South Korea with the China Arts Troupe in the Spring of the international Arts Festival land won a Golden Award.
He performed the concerto "Bao Long Tu" in the concert entitled Chinese Music with Celebrities with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra at Victoria Concert hall in 1998. Feng participated in the 99 Spring Concert held at the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria in 1999. In the same year, he performed a souna classics "A Flock of Birds" at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall in Germany and received high acclaims.
He participated in the Spring Celebration Night for the Lunar New Year 2000 organized by the China Ministry of Culture. He performed his new composition "Ya Fei Feng Qing". He also participated in the Spring 2000 Special Program with the China People''s Television and the China Central Broadcasting Corporation in Australia.
Apart from performing with his musical instrument, Feng also embarked in composing and singing. The song "Bing Tang Hu Lu", composed and sung by him in 1997 won him many awards in China. He has also participated in the China Central Broadcasting Corporation Spring Celebration Night in 1997.
In November 1999, he sang the "Century Sun Shine" which was specially composed by Feng for Macao with the China National Arts Troupe in the Welcome Macao Concert Hall and received Honorable Certificate in Contribution issued by the Ministry of Culture of the People''s Republic of China.

The Song, "We Hold Hands Together" received a special project Prize issued by the China Central Publicity Bureau. He had performed in many countries including France, Italy, South Korea, America, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, Austria, Singapore as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

《 The True Nature of Man 》
《 Faraway People, Faraway Town 》
《 The Autumn Waters Make the Day 》
《 The World in Heaven 》


《 Finding the Dream Person 》
《 Gods of the mountain 》

Television Drama Title Song Composed and Sung by Feng
The Beauty of the New Mountain River "See the World by Horse"
Kou Lao Xi Er "Old West Son" (composed all music)
Mother "Mother is Dearest"
China Hero "The Autumn Waters Make the Day"
China Hero "The God Dragon in Heaven"
Good Show "Good Show" (composed all music)
Clear High Mirror "Clear High Mirror"
The Smoky Past "Two Linked Hearts"

Television Drama Title Song Composed and Sung by Feng
Candied Crabapple on a Stick "Candied Crabapple on a Stick"
The South Court of North Street "The South Court of North Street"
Good Show "Good Show"


Song Title Singers
Fly Across Excitement Ke Shou Liang, Su Rui, Zhao Cuan, Weiwei,and Xie Xiao Dong (individual recordings)

Farewell my Concubine Tu Hong Gang
China Folk Song Sun Hao, Xie Dong
Picture Puzzle Mao A Min
Life''s Ambition Sun Nan, Gao Feng, Luo Zhong Xu, Wei Jia

Leaving Home Returning Home Wu Qi Xian, Xie Dong
Honey Wang Zhi Weng
I Have No Feeling Wang Zhi Weng
Man in Life Feng Xiao Quan & Wang Zhi Weng, Tu Hong Gang

Between You & Me Dai Rao & Feng Xiao Quan
The Eternal Life of Love Man Wen Jun & Li Hui Zhen
The Back-and-Forth Life Shao Bing
Lovers Know Chen Lin
We Hold Hands Together Zhai Yin
Worthy Zhai Ying
Own Your Love Bai Yan Sheng
Lifelong Sun Rain Bai Yan Sheng
The Folk Song of MiDu Mountain Li Qiong
See the Valley from the Mountain Wu Tong
Crescent Moon Zhou Yan Hong, Liao Bai We
Lift Your Vail Gu Li Xia Ti
A Li Lang Jin Yue Nu
Kang Ding Love Fong Cheng Lin
Pastoral Song Zeng Ge Ge
The Mountain Horse Grazing Folk Song Huang He Xiang, Li Hui Zheng

Cattle Drive Feng Xiao Quan, Zeng Ge Ge
Happy When the Sun Comes Feng Xiao Quan, Zeng Ge Ge
Four Seasons Song Zeng Ge Ge
Our Asia Zeng Ge Ge, Wang Xiao Nan, Feng Xiao Quan


In 1985, Beijing Government commended him as "Outstanding Artist"
In 1994, China Central Television First Prize in Composition for "China Folk Song"
In 1995 National Top Ten Golden Song Award for "China Folk Song"
In 1995 Bronze Award from MTV for "Far Away People, Far Away Town"
In 1996 won the Golden Award of Chinese Music Television (Chinese MTV) for "Farwell My Concubine",
In 1996 Macao Performance Award,
In 1997 won the Golden Honor from MTV for "Candied Crabapple on a Stick",
In 1997 won International Korean Golden Award for his singing of the Korean Song "Mountain Folksong",
In 1997 received the National Award from China Central Committee Publishing Department, for "Candied Crabapple on a Stick",
In 1997 Received the Golden Award from the Beijing Publishing Department,
In 1997 won Top Ten Golden Award from the China Original Composers Organization for "Fly Across Excitement"''
In 1998 won Top Ten Golden Award from the China Original Composers Committee for his album " "The Autumn Waters Make the Day",
In 1998 won First China Culture Art Award for "Candied Crabapple on a Stick",
In 1999 received Contribution Award fron the Art Department of China for composing and singing "Sunshine of the Century" to celebrate the return of Macao to China,
In 1999 received Golden Award from Central Publishing Department for "We Hold Hands Together",
In 2000 received the New Century Chinese Roll Model for New Age Chinese Music by Chinese Central Television,
In 2000 the Japan Daily rated Feng as the "Pathmaker of New Age Chinese Music",
In 2003 won the Best Male Folk and Popular Singer in China from the Chinese Soft Music Association,


GeGe Zeng is a young and renowned Chinese flutist. She is currently a soloist with the Central Chinese Orchestra, a Member of the Chinese Orchestra Society, the Chinese Woodwind Research Association, a Guest performer of the China Dun Huang Arts Theatre and a performer with the Hua Yun Jiu Fang.

GeGe was born in Beijing and started learning the dizi, a Chinese style of flute, from her father at the age of six. She was admitted into the secondary school affiliated to the China conservatory of Music in 1982. In 1987, she participated in the China Arts Festival in inner Mongolian and her moving performance won her the "Outstanding Performer" title.

GeGe graduated from the Chinese Conservatory of Music in 1992 with a BS in music. In 1993, she was invited by the Dun Huang Arts Theatre to participate in the Dun Huang Drum Music Festival and was the first performer to use newly constructed jade dizi & jade xiao instruments. These instruments were reconstructed from descriptions found in ancient thousand year old Chinese texts.

She was awarded second prize in the China International Chinese Music Instrumental Solo Competition in May 1995. She did many performances in the following years including performances in two solo concerts at Macao in December 1996 and in the Spring Concert in the Golden Hall in Vienna in 1998.

GeGe recorded the solo album "Dawn at Yangming" in June 1998.

In 1998, she performed the song of the "Herdsmen" to welcome the President Clinton to the China People''s Conference Hall. She was highly commended by both the Chairman of People''s Republic of China, Jiang ze Min and President Clinton of the United States.

GeGe continued to represent China in international events. She was a principal solo performer in the New Year Concert in South Korea jointly organized by China. South Korea and Japan in 1999 and received high acclaim. In the spring of 1999, she performed in Austria, Germany and Denmark with the Central Chinese Orchestra. In Oct 1999, GeGe Zeng participated in the "Cheers for China" concert in Russia and was praised as a "Magic Flutist from the East".

GeGe has performed throughout the world including America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Holland, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

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