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MP3 Frank Caesar - Planet Richmond

Beat''s by the HYPHY MOVEMENTS KEY producer "GENNESSEE". Produced by: Frank C''ez himself. Hyphy Music Wit a down South bounce and Raw rhymz. You can also read my book " GANGSTAZ PHILOSOPHY " by Frank Caesar, Jr. 2008

17 MP3 Songs
HIP-HOP/RAP: Hyphy, HIP-HOP/RAP: West Coast Rap

Produced by GENNESSEE & Frank C''ez
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Track List & A.o.A.B. Artist

1: I Dont Give A F**k
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

2: Intro : Welcom 2 Richmond

3: Wave Wit Da K

4: Miss You ( RIP Billy P & Cash )
https://www.tradebit.comx & B-Rocka

5: My Way
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

6: Sing2u
https://www.tradebit.comx & B-Rocka

7: Bitch Go
feat. Rida Regg

8: Down On Da Flow
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

9: Baboon Sute
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

10: Do Yo Dance Bitch
https://www.tradebit.coma Regg

11: Bitch Do Yo Thang
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

12: Light Green Sacks
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

13: https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com

14: The Keyz Dance
produced by: GENNESSEE

15: Dummie On The Croud
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg

16: The Going Home Song

17: Portrait''s Of ( We Family)
https://www.tradebit.coml Beaman , Rida Regg , Young Rio

this is a book i did. it''s not ment to heart any race just to up lift my own. if you dont understand FUCK YOU!!!!!!!


By: Frank Caesar, Jr.

I believe, In order to compensate for the poverty where descendants of black American slaves were forced to live, they where blessed with a special power by God. Or just plain nature if you like to argue the point. Utilizing that power is the basic structure, foundation, and strength of our organization at this point in it’s development, “ The Nation“ , We Are The Future Of Black America. Keep in mind this power can be harnessed by any person on earth with dark skin and kinky hair. In this book I will explain how to do so

The bully theory America made animals


Your friend, (being of another race) has negative, stereotypical ideas about you, and your people. Regardless of how much a good person they believe you to be. Your Friends Also unconsciously believe that you could become a manifestation of that stereotype at any time. (HOOD TRANSLATION) They think you a crazy dumb nigger just like the rest of em, and they waitin on you to show your color.


If people secretly have stereotypical opinions about other races, that would mean when they first meet you in there mind, you are that car jacker, you are that dead beat dad. Whatever you do or say from that point will number 1, prove what they already believe to be true. Or number 2 “convince them“, and it would only be a start on a road to disbelieving due to the fact that they never actually experienced what they heard about your people. With this rule proven you can conclude that any impression you leave on people will effect every black person they meet after that point. They’ll go home and say to their families,” man niggers are crazy, let me tell you what this black guy did at work”. It might sound negative or discouraging but it can be used to your advantage positively.(HOOD TRANSLATION) if you bounce out on you job wit out giving a 2 week notice the white boy gone be like all niggaz do dat.


Imagine the entire united states of America as a elementary class room. Each single child or student is a representation of an entire race seen through a stereotype, for example, student 1 would be seen as a white investment banker, student 2 would be seen as an Asian computer wizard, student 3 an middle eastern oil tycoon, student 4 would be a gun toting blunt smoking ass nigger. Anyone who’s been to elementary in America knows that in every school ,there is a bully. Just who would be the bully out of that group? Right student 4, the gun toting blunt smoking ass nigger. You. Well, not you but your stereotype.
So think if you were not the bully, and someone else was. What powers or advantages would he have over you? Well, he would be the most popular kid in the class even with the teachers and principal, bullies are always portrayed in a negative way. Since all the kids are afraid of him, the teacher feel the need to protect the class from the bully. In turn the bully gets into more trouble and attention then he wants or needs. People notice what they fear when its around. Everybody may not pay attention to you but they will to the bully. You would be totally at his mercy. You could tell the teacher when he scares you but, you would have to have proof and when she’s not around. You’re all his.
So what if the bully took out the mean ignorant brain, and replaced it with a brain 10 times smarter than yours, the teachers, and principals. Now the bully has the mental power to control influence and dominate the class to go along with his intimidation and popularity. He could influence you with force or win you over with intelligence and charm. Now all that’s left to realize is YOU ARE THE BULLY in the class room called America. If you change your brain, you can take it over.

The power of collective influence theory

Imagine living in a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Population 9 or 10 families. Whatever the majority opinion or religion of the people in the town collectively, will become the law of the town. Now, imagine one family had the power to influence and intimidate the majority of the families in the town. That family would become the Law. That family would need to be feared, loved, and admired at all times by the majority of the people in order to maintain there control of influence. Not so much the official control because, that can always be manipulated by an outside party. Like the president, he appears to run the country but congress makes all the final calls.

Why black children secretly want to be white theory

We all know where crack came from. The president created and used it as a form of chemical warfare to neutralize the black panthers. That’s fucked up but let’s talk about what else crack did to black American families. It simply took the two parent structure out of the majority black households. Mostly mothers where left alone to raise kids and earn money to support everyone. Many children learn the first things about life from the media, that’s television, magazines, billboards, radio, and just plain life. Television for a black child is BET, UPN, ESPN, OR I LOVE NEW YORK.
The primary race of America will always be glorified above all so when it comes to variety, the HISTORY channel, SCIENCE channel, TNT, FOX , HBO, SHOW TIME, and any magazine or billboard we pass will tell us, you can only dream to be 3 or 4 different things in life because you are black. That’s called propaganda. I say the only way to counter that is to teach them from day one who they are, and why that’s special. The only time we learn self awareness is in school.(black history month b.s.) Black kids go to school in black neighborhoods and you know how hood schools are. What black children learn at an early age is that white skin equals variety, privileges and superiority.

The four levels of excepting constructive criticism theory

Level 1 When you are a child and people criticize you. You have no reaction due to the fact you have not lived long enough to understand that you have to pay for all your mistakes. Punishment for our mistakes is why we hide them.
Level 2 When you are a teen and people criticize you. Your reaction is anger because as a teen, you have a false self-image to uphold. Pointing out your mistakes is a personal attack on you and who you are.
Level 3 When you are a young adult and people criticize you. Your reaction is sadness and shame because you are aware the your mistakes hurt yourself and others but, you just cant help making them.
Level 4 Finally, when you are a adult and people criticize you. Your reaction is to listen, decide how you feel about what they are expressing to you, and fix anything you may have unknowingly damaged.

The animals creation

Imagine you had a popcorn company, you had your first child and from the day he could walk you put him to work in your popcorn field and would not allow him to learn anything else but, popcorn. With his help your company went on to be the richest popcorn company ever. You don’t really need your child anymore he’s 18 and you tell him he’s free. No education, no social skills, no money, no self awareness, no morals, just popcorn. If you found out years later that your child died penniless and homeless you wouldn’t be surprised. But, if you found out your child invented a totally new style of music that influenced the world to imitate it and became almost as rich as you, Would you be surprised? Or would say he was a genius, special, and stronger than the average godlike, right? Not an animal or a “no good nigger“.

The basketball theory

The basketball theory is relative to young nigga’z relationships with each other, hood to hood. Rules of basketball are simple. You and your teammates work together to achieve a common goal, WINNING. In this game you have opponents and team mates. How do you identify your team mates? Easy, all the people on the court that look like you, and are dressed like you. Your opponents? the people who do not look like you. There are two main Objectives of basketball. Objective1, Defense, to defend your home and teammates from the opponents attack. How do we play defense in America? With a gun, defending ourselves and our families.
Who do we turn the gun on the most as young niggaz? our own teammates. Objective 2, Offense, to score on the opponents by working together with your teammates. How do we score in America? By getting over and coming up. Who do we get over on the most as young niggaz? our own teammates. I own a recording studio when my friend stops by to make music, he never offers me money. If I were to ask him for some he would say I was tripping, we suppose to be better than that and offer me 20 bucks for a days work. When he go’s to the other guy’s studio who just happens to not be black, he pays his $25 per hour and will not put up a fight about the price. I don’t think that’s being a good teammate, Neither is my car breaking down, and me paying the auto shop 800 bucks for a tune up. Vs. me getting mad at my uncle, the mechanic for charging me more than 40 bucks to do the same job.

The ass shake & step kids theory

Everyone thinks it’s so bad to see a young black girl shaking her ass on T.V. In Africa the girls dance too. Trust me, those girls shake it way faster than any of the girls from the hood. Only in Africa, asses shake for the right reasons, in America asses shake for the wrong ones. Africans are like that step brother or sister you have living on the other side of town. Wondering why you never come hang out with them, or do you even like them at all.

Descendants of slaves gift of self esteem

For the cultural rape, murder, and enslavement of the Native American people they were given ownership of casinos as compensation. Now they are all millionaires, or whatever’s left of them. African American descendants of slaves where not compensated.
Imagine if it were the other way around and Black’s were all millionaires and Native Americans were still penniless and living in the slums. What kind of world would that be? Black’s and white’s getting along, hanging out, and spending money together. At that point Native Americans are so sick of being oppressed and ignored they create their owned style of aggressive art, start their own T.V. channel and you see them on television in their music videos all the time. The video go’s like this; 50 Native American guy’s in a one room club, two Native American guys in front with there shirts off. Body’s covered by tattoos, gold teeth, and jewels everywhere jumping around to the music acting crazy. Another Native American guy has a champagne bottle shaking it up and splashing it on a Native American girl’s ass covered in nothing but a thong. The other Native American guys have guns, pointing them at the camera and smoking a big ass blunt bouncing to the beat. You, being a black millionaire, what would you think of Native American people? You would think they’re Fucking out of their minds, that’s what. You would also be scared shitless that some Native Americans just moved in next door to you and your family.
That would give the Native American’s the power of the “bully” influence over you. That’s what people feel when they see DMX on his video’s barking and growling like a mad dog. They rush out buy millions of records because people are attracted to what they fear and want to learn more about it. Take Jason, Freddy, the Bermuda Triangle, the bully at school, the Devil himself for example, People want to know more about these things because America fears them, and America fears “Niggers“. That’s why the hip hop culture and music spread to Europe, Asia and Africa, and R & B, Soul, or Blues didn’t. The world fears hip hop and embraces it. That is a Black Child’s gift of self-esteem.

What you looking at nigger?

It’s funny, when I’m walking down the street and I see a white guy walk past, I never notice him because I don’t pay attention to White dudes or Arabian or Asian dudes for that matter. But, when I walk past a young nigga like myself , with gold teeth and gold chains like myself. I try not to make eye contact but, if he’s looking at me aggressively when we get up close, I’ll stare right back at his bitch ass ‘til he backs down, and if he wants it to be something ,It can be something!. …………but…………I never notice the White dudes, ……….… funny.

Playing the gangsta card

Lets say you were interviewed for a job by a white guy and you wore an Armani business suit, and got the job based only on your intelligence it shouldn’t matter what you wore right? Now lets say the white guy that just gave you the job saw you one hour later dressed like a straight up thug. He wouldn’t want you to work for him anymore because he is blinded by the stereotype. You can play to people’s fears by using the “gangsta card“, only black people can see through the stereotype.

The trappings of a young mind & choices on a scale

This is a literal trap that you put yourself into but its magnified for young niggaz from the hood because of the choices that are presented to them. This rule is relative directly to the single or no parent, low-income house holds in the black community . On average, a black child is left to learn and fend for himself at an early age, some earlier than 12 years old stay at home alone. Why? you ask, because mama got to make money! And the Home Depot store is not paying enough for mama to get a baby sitter, feed the kids and keep a roof over their heads. Where’s dad? being a child alone you ask yourself, “what could I do to get the love and attention I long for out of life”. They feel no love and attention from their parents because mom is always working and dad is not around.
Look at your choices, Negative lifestyles like drug dealing, killing, and stealing always bring the fastest money. In the hood all you got to do is walk to nearest corner and you can be employed or in an apprenticeship program wit the dope man in no time. Anything else like rapping or sports is slow money, slow popularity, and slow love & attention. So what do the majority ,without guidance pick? You see the streets and the prisons. That’s the belly of the trap, the head is the white neighborhoods where they have any program or activity for young people you can think of right next door to your house, top of the line computers in every class with internet, Exploratorium , karate class, tie chi, YMCA, swimming, track, soccer, volley ball, zoos, paint ball parks, and skateboard parks. These are the things that keep children from turning down the wrong path. We don’t have any of that in the hood but we got plenty of liquor stores and automatic weapons. Shit I got a few myself.
I know white boys who are 19, getting paid good money for surfing. I know a black kid who is19, that’s crippin and the hardest nigga on the south side. They both wanted love, attention, and to be the best at whatever profession they took up. The black kid excelled at the negative profession. The media presented him with an option for love & attention. No one was there to tell him he was going the wrong way. THAT’S THE TRAP!
To avoid the trap: Before you make any big or small decision, Weigh everything you’ll lose, against everything you stand to gain. If you loose more in a bad deal versus gaining less in a good one, it’s not worth it.

“The Nation Movement”
Gangstaz Are The Future Of Black America

More and more young thug niggaz are joining the movement because they don’t have to get off the couch to do it. You join the movement in your mind so if you are a young thug and you stand for what the Nation stand for, join the movement in your mind right now and take the morals and values of The Nation wit you. You are the future of black America. Imagine if the million man march wasn’t a million black men but a million young gold grill having ass niggas united, saying we not here to set it off but, think about this army next time you decide to raise the gas prices.
We believe words are defined by the times. In fifteen years we will change the meaning of the word Gangsta from drug dealer and killer, To intelligent, politically minded young black soldiers.
Keep it gangsta!

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