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MP3 Alyson - Hey You!

The 2nd album from Alyson, the proclaimed Indie Princess of Pop, featuring 10 original pop songs co-written by Alyson

10 MP3 Songs
POP: Pop, POP: Today''s Top 40

Alyson broke onto the pop music scene in 2005 with her critically-acclaimed, self-penned debut album "Take A Good Look". Since then, Alyson has become the only truly indie pop artist to score five Top 10 hit singles on Billboard, pop radio and international airplay charts from a debut album!

The media and music industry insiders have proclaimed Alyson the "Indie Princess of Pop" -- she''s achieved all of her success so far completely on her own, relying on her unfettering drive and dynamic live shows to spread the word about her music!

"I was always singing and dancing when I was little, in school and community musicals," Alyson says, "but I didn''t start writing songs until I was going through my first real heartbreak. It sounds completely cliche, but it was the best way to get my feelings out, was very cathartic. Pretty soon I realized I had enough songs for an album," Alyson says about the making of her debut album "Take A Good Look". "I finished the songs and recorded them with my friend Daveed in Los Angeles, then sent out a song to DJs around the U.S. That''s how things got started."

Her first single "What''re You Gonna Do" hit No. 4 on the Billboard Club Chart in Billboard Magazine, and 4 more Top Ten singles from her debut album soon followed.

Alyson''s new album "Hey You!" features her self-penned song "Here With Me" that just won First Place in Billboard Magazine''s 15th Annual Billboard Song Contest! Alyson performed "Here With Me" at the 15th Annual Billboard Song Contest Awards Show on March 29th at The Mansion Entertainment and Media Center in Branson, Missouri.

Alyson''s new single "Hey You" is now playing on radio across the U.S. -- request it now on your favorite station and help spread the word!

Also available in stores now across the U.S. is Alyson''s 15-track debut album "Take A Good Look" through distributor City Hall Records. On the album, Alyson delivers fun pop/dance tracks alongside sensuous, emotional ballads -- her unique mix of pop styles has led reviewers to compare her to such diverse artists as Madonna, Joss Stone, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson and Taylor Dayne.

Catch Alyson''s song "Nothin More To Say" from her debut album now playing daily on Showtime in the film "National Lampoon''s Dorm Daze 2". The movie is also available now on DVD.

In recognition of Alyson''s quick rise on the Billboard charts, Billboard Magazine named her a “Billboard Top 20 Artist of 2005”! She was also nominated “Best New Artist” at the 2005 International Dance Music Awards at the Winter Music Conference.

Alyson''s new album "Hey You" in stores now across the U.S. is co-written by Alyson and Jeremy Yeremian (also the producer of the album) -- Jeremy''s recent collabs include Pink, Natalie Imbruglia, Ricky Martin, Kelly Osbourne, writing/producing for artists with Randy Jackson at MCA, and much more.


"With a personality as effervescent as her beat-laden, dance-inflected music, it’s hard to resist Alyson. Combining business savvy, determination and girl-next-door charm, the talented singer/songwriter formed her own record label, scored five Top 10 dance tracks from her debut album and became a staple on LOGO’s “Click List” countdown."
Paul Pratt, Writer
San Francisco Bay Times
(March 13, 2008)

"From saccharine sweet hooks to synth-heavy dance, Alyson does it all. Like the West Hollywood-based singer/songwriter''s debut, which yielded an amazing five consecutive Top 10 dance hits, sophomore set "Hey You" packs something for everyone."
(March 18, 2008)

"The winners have been announced for the 15th Annual Billboard World Song Contest. These winners were selected from an overwhelming amount of submissions. “Our numbers just keep growing,” stated Mark Furnas, contest director. “Every year, I think the songwriting ability has improved. This year, we had a better quality of songs than ever before,” says contest president, Impresario Jim Halsey. Winners were judged on structure, originality, lyrics, composition, melody and commercial appeal. We were thrilled to see that recording artist Alyson made the list for “Here With Me” at # 1 for Dance. Her new single “Hey You” (PM) is hitting radio this week and what an amazing record this is. Next time you see and read the pages of New Music Weekly you will no doubt see Alyson’s “Hey You” on the “most added” chart."
Paul Loggins, Editor
New Music Weekly Magazine
(March 7, 2008)

"The talented Alyson and her friend Zeb are taking the single "Forever" (PM Media) to new and impressive territory. Alyson is the "real deal", and with beauty (and brains) she is on her way to doing some amazing things in her recording career. I may just be her # 1 fan!"
Larry Weir, Editor
New Music Weekly Magazine
(August 24, 2007)

“Alyson’s talent has carried her a long way as an independent artist. World domination seems likely.”
A&R Select
(July 2007)

"Independent recording artist Alyson is flying high without a label. This "Indie Princess of Pop" is making a career on hits!"
CashBox Magazine
(June 29, 2007)

"Alyson has everything it takes to be the next princess of pop. She has a one of a kind, unforgettable look, the savvy about her to know where she wants to be and how to get there and the sultry, come hither voice that will have listeners calling radio stations begging for more. Alyson is going to be one of the next big names in the business."
Pointed Magazine
(March 12, 2007)

"Alyson is the "New Queen of Pop".
Outlook Magazine
April 4, 2007

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look (Remixes)”
“Take a good look” (Album Version) a great song, fantastic lyrics and a nice slow and relaxing beat. It’s a great song. The Acoustic Version is beautiful listening too. As for the remixes, what can I say; they’re ten times better. They add a little umph to the original as most remixes usually do to songs…usually. The Hex Hector Club Mix is just great. All the ingredients of a great remix; steady pulse, good base line and have coarse an increase in tempo. I particularly like what the drum machines doing in this track. My favourite remix would have to be the Alex Santer Messin Mix. It’s just ten times better than all the other versions…top class mixing."
https://www.tradebit.como (UK)
(April 16, 2006)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look (Remixes)" (4 out of 5 stars)
"Alyson has been tearing up the dance floor lately and has some great dance music out there. This single is another floor mover to add to your collection. Remixers on this one are Hex Hector and Jason Randolph. Hex continues to work his magic on the club mix as well as the radio edit. Randolph''s mix is a little simpler but yet very effective; the synth line reminds me of Kristine W''s "Feel What You Want." In addition to the remixes, there is also the original album version which is more R&B sounding. I love hearing the original versions and then hearing what the remixers have done to make it into a dance track- I find it amazing!"
(June 2006)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look”
"Alyson’s voice is provocative and the music driving. No surprise she was nominated as “Best New Dance Artist” at the 2005 International Dance Music Awards....A great disc for you to get your groove on."
NoHo LA Magazine
(March 28 - April 10, 2006)

ALYSON, “Nothin More To Say”
“Alyson’s voice is beautiful, breathtaking and just that little bit intoxicating. She is a commanding performer and really doesn’t need the constant dance rift which runs riot through the remixes of ‘Nothing More to Say’. Her lyrics are filled with a disturbing passion which is nevertheless erotic and you instantly get the impression that this is a track which has been causing the interiors of many a club to vibrate with a new passion. Calling Alyson a “ Dance Floor Diva” might seem a touch stereotypical but one has to admit that this woman is queen of the dance floor and very close to creating a dance floor classic with the thumping beat of ‘Nothin More to Say’."
(July 27, 2005)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look”
“ ....one of the most inspirational music heroines of our times.....From daytime label executive to overnight pop phenomenon, Alyson''s climb to the top of the charts is nothing less than one of the most inspiring success stories and proof that motivation and dedication do pay off.
(October 5, 2005)

ALYSON, “Nothin More To Say”
“This song is more than just Alyson''s voice, artistry and talent. Can somebody else sing a love song like Alyson? It seems Alyson envelopes the music with the glorious voice of Alyson and then makes the words of real meaning that can only be done in Alyson''s way. This song is beyond expectation of Alyson''s fans. It is not a surprise that listening to this recording makes you cry and addictive, or even crazy on it."
(October 2005)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look" (5 out of 5 stars)
“Her album, Take a Good Look (PM Media), smokes from its first scintillating rhythms on the first cut, "Feel You," a great intro for both the first track and the album as a whole...The musical magic of her first five tracks drops you into the middle of a non-stop, all-hours dance frenzy..."Didn''t Ya Think," track eleven, is a pulsating potpourri of rhythms and her honey-dipped vocalizations."
(August 2005)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look”
“Take A Good Look is an exceptional album and a harbinger of the greatness to come."
(July 27, 2005)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look”
“She channels dance-floor divas of the past with subtle but effective nods to everyone from Cathy Dennis and Taylor Dayne to Billie Ray Martin, Exposé, and Janet Jackson...Some album highlights are “Like That”—a song Jennifer Lopez could only aspire to record—and “Didn’t Ya Think”—a relentless throbbing update of “Keep Me Hangin’ On.” Alyson also gets my vote for her vocal restraint. She’s got a powerful and subtle instrument but she employs none of the over-the-top histrionics to which others with her abilities fall victim.”
Frontiers Magazine
(July 5, 2005 – Los Angeles, CA)

ALYSON, “Take A Good Look”
” The 15 tracks on Take a Good Look showcase a wide array of styles. The singer sounds equally comfortable performing breezy pop numbers like the Islands-flavored “Forever” and R&B-tinged “Baby Come Back.”…Unquestionably, Alyson is most at home on the dancefloor. Awaiting immediate DJ attention is the Randolph Club Mix of the CD’s title track. Sizzling “Didn’t Ya Think,” another uptempo confection, bears an uncanny likeness to Kim Wilde’s mid-80s chartopper “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” The singer is rightfully proud of the album, not only for its success to date but because of its commercial availability in general.”
(June 30, 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
"An early listen to her debut CD "Take A Good Look" reveals more than mere dance music. It''s an upbeat and sometimes moody mixture of pop, dance and R&B. Comparisons to Kylie Minogue seem obligatory, but on one track, "Nothin More To Say", Alyson''s longing vocals slide much closer to Joss Stone."
David Atlanta Magazine
(March 23, 2005 - Atlanta, GA)

ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say"
"Nothin More To Say" - Alyson’s third single and it should do just as well as the first two. Both Hex and Norty remixes are hot – especially check out Norty’s Dub! Eric Kupper dishes up a delicious disco remix that I think suits Alyson’s vocals best."
Flavas Magazine
(July 2005)

ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say"
"Clearly a rising talent worth keeping an eye out for, Alyson is now out with her third dance single following two Top 10 Billboard hits. Hex Hector, Eric Kupper and Norty Cotto all come through with strong mixes for a range of dance floor vibes."
BOI Magazine
(July 2005)

Response to Alyson''s Performance at "Avalon Hollywood" April 10, 2005:
"Ken says thanks to the 600+ people who showed up for the amazing performances of Hex Hector, Chris Wren, Alyson and Lux. If emails and phone calls are any indication it was a kick ass evening, and it sure looks like Alyson has a hit on her hands with “Nothin More to Say” her groovy single on “Take a Good Look” being released May 17. Not only is she in Ken’s Dream Girl category for being amazing to work with, she stayed until the end of the night to say thanks to YOU. Give it up to Alyson for making Ken the world premier event."
John Brady Presents
(April 2005)

ALYSON, "Feel You" (4 out of 5 Stars)
"It''s easy to see why up-and-coming dance artist Alyson is being compared to Kylie Minogue. Not only do the two share similar looks, they both produce commercially charged dance anthems with hypnotically memorable hooks! Like Kylie''s "Can''t Get You Out Of My Head," "Feel You" is a dance song with strong crossover potential."
411 Magazine
(January 2005 - Miami, Florida)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"Score another for Alyson. Her confident, sexy vocals once again unite with ''center stage'' producers to yield a follow-up equal to "What''re You Gonna Do"".
(December 2004)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"There are a few things you need to know about Alyson. She not only wrote, produced and performed this new single, but she also released the song independently without the push of a major label. Noteworthy tidbit is also that the album version of the song has been playing in Abercrombie & Fitch stores since September. "Feel You" is taken from her debut album "Take A Good Look" that also includes the club hits "Baby Come Back" and "What''re You Gonna Do" (which hit an admirable #4 on the Billboard dance chart in September). Alyson''s vocals at times sound somewhat similar to Madonna''s."
(December 2004)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"Currently blowing up big time on the Billboard dance chart comes "Feel You" from vocalist Alyson. This two-tracker is all about the no-nonsense remixes from RALPHI ROSARIO and E-SMOOVE. Ralphi''s bomb walks the line between dark and hard tech and poppy deepness with a tough tribal edge and quality production value - always the best from this veteran. E-Smoove''s dub goes for a hard-nosed buzzy house electro vibe, akin to the monster stuff he''s put out on Sondos recently. Two sturdy mixes of this catchy vocal."
December 2004

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