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MP3 Steve Kusaba - Stormy Times

Original jazz/rock/pop style with a touch of Doug Noland thrown in.

13 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, JAZZ: Jazz-Pop

Many musical projects are about history. This is a CD about the future. The future where there are oil, food, water, gas and many other shortages. A place where things become far more important than paper assets and taxes soar to the moon and farther. Wild unpredictable disasters happen extremes become common. Welcome to Stormy Times.

A musical variety show awaits you when you purchase Stormy Times.

There were a great cast of helping musicians that gave great energy to the music. Hopefully they will play on future musical collections.



They’re raising up all the taxes high
The one escape is to go and die
They want a bigger piece of the pie
The way it’s wasted I don’t know why

As sure as the sun will set in the northern sky
The boys are on your side

They’re raising up all the taxes big
We have the hole that we have to dig
They fill the hole right above your wig
We have to feed such a greedy pig

As sure as the sun will set in the Southern sky,
The boys are on your side

Sales tax, income tax, usage tax and excise tax, business tax, state tax, federal tax on sugar smacks, retail, resale, border tax it never fails they put a tax on Soupy Sales, fail to pay it fill their jails, hot tax, cold tax, taxes on your Exlax, payroll tax from Big Max, taxes when you rip your slacks, inquisition uses racks, they never had thumb tacks, Kervorkian’s the best of Jacks, Balzaks’ book tax, trade stocks on the Dax, dragnet will stick to facts, https://www.tradebit.coml’s the best of quacks, he’s the duck that has the knack

As sure as the Sun revolves around the moon
They’re gonna get you soon

They’re raising up all the taxes high
You can’t escape it even when you die
98% of the pie
is what they want and it makes me cry

As sure as the government wants to own me
They’ll never let me be

Let me be


The iron grip of the powerful is near…

I will be there
Stormy times are just in season
I will be there
Setting out in search of freedom

Here left behind all the friends I have known
Burning a path to a place all alone


Traveling far, far away from my home
Leaving our roots, now emotionally torn


Cherishing now all the truths I have known
Building a dream of the feast I have sown


Sadly I think of the things I have done
Keeping a-pace as we both move as one
Here left behind all the friends I have known
Burning a path to a place all alone



I light the fire and I pull the drapes
The outer world cannot see
Two souls once linked as one might fly to space
Once in the air they might be free

You and I felt the touch of love
Happy days long ago
Sailing out deep upon the lake
The cabins lighted below

Dance Alone
Sway to the rhythm of the empty room
Dance alone
Feel the hollow of the touch that won’t come

Dance Alone
Sway to the rhythm of the empty heart
Dance alone
Feel the ending of a story line

Snuff out the fire bring the darkness on
Tomorrow is one more day
Time has a way of making warmth be gone
And turning red into gray

You and I took a turn from love
Who knows how long ago?
Soul partners and we know why
Giving it one more try


You and I are a world apart
When you see red I turn gray
There’s no way to know where to start
I don’t know now just what to say

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a ghost
You keep on repeating the same old lines
I’m punch drunk from the words that hurt the most
The hurt won’t stop when the words won’t come



The market’s rising up to record highs and it’s in real time
The monies being made by normal guys and it’s in real time

But hey, you know it
When the green light shines lets go it
Hit the ask for our money to grow it
From elation you’re high and you know it

The market’s rising up to record highs and it’s in real time
We’ve got to raise the bet to make the most and it’s in real time

The fortunes made will be a record kind and it’s in real time
We’re lining up to get our treasure chest and it’s in real time

I’m getting richer than a billion guys and it’s in real time
The amber light has got me hypnotized and it’s in real time

But hey, did you notice?
That the rallies are getting more sluggish
The tape is too heavy for uplift
Hurry and give me my free gift

The markets crashing down in a straight line
And it’s in real time
You need protection but you’re too stretched out
And it’s in real time

Pressure rips you up until you crack and it’s in real time
It’s time to push the window up a bit and it’s in real time

But hey you blew it when the red light shows you rue it
All the profits you had and you knew it
Now the greed was too large to accrue it


Say goodnight
Nothing much to do when the power’s gone
Say goodnight
Turning on the light is priority one

Maybe I should try
Bike into the city getting candles for some light
Well that’s alright

The blackouts come
They seem to come more often and they last for a long time
That’s not alright

Turning to the darkness, its soul like burning shrimp


Most of us were hopeful that the people would be saved
The mayor and his idea would bring power back again
We were there in winter when he showed us from a cave
The hamsters on a treadmill, oh that man was so depraved
He converted it to ethanol


Maybe I should try
To find a taste for ice cream on a moonlit starless night
And that’s OK

Now the one hour a day
Of power doesn’t come, the mayor stole the hamsters
And that’s not OK

Everyone was wondering, what has he done with them



What kind of woman would take a ride
In a car stuck on the side
She slams the door and yells fill up the tank
Then she sees little Joe coming up from the bank

He’s got gasoline, he’s got everything, even style
And a big TV screen
In the back seat of his hybrid machine (limousine)

What kind of woman has the time
To deal with a man in the rationing line
You can beg and plead and tell her how much you can groove
But cursing OPEC won’t make your car move

He’s got gasoline, he’s got everything, even style
He’s got gasoline in his limousine
It makes the girls sing and smile

Unleaded premium makes the young girls cry
A man who works the pump makes the women sigh

That kind of woman loves petroleum products and the oil based paints

When death arrives you’ll see just where you stand
St. Peter calls you to the promised land
And you’re headed there, that’s what you presume
But you can’t drive up ‘cause you’re running on fumes

He’s got gasoline, he’s got everything, in the sky
He’s got gasoline, he’s got everything
You keep it all when you die

Pierre Derriere

I will take your wealth away
And put it back where it belongs
In my home
My own home
I would love to talk to your wallet sometime
Can we hook up together on a moonlit night?

I will take your wealth away and put it back where it belongs
In my house
Not your home

Devastating technology companies was no challenge
When I moved to oil it was:

Pierre Derriere Lepleaouuu Fromage

I will take your wealth away and put it back where it belongs
In my home
Not yours at all

I have destroyed more shareholder wealth than any man could
Hope for in one lifetime

I will take your cash away and put it back where it belongs
With my phone
Send it home to me

Microsoft would not be a challenge to one as talented as I, I am the great:

Pierre Derriere Lepleaouuu Fromage


Geology dance
Roaming the earth to discover the ore
Pushing the envelope to get at the core

Geology dance
He is miner who can find no fault
Searching the earth for the gluconium vault

Geology dance

That rock looks like is going run away
I better hit it with my hammer so it won’t
You know I’ve got 451 tons of 43-101 compliant mud
Per ton of dirt in this project
I need you to this financing for me ay
I’ve got the paperwork right here

Geology dance

I’ve been married now for 57 years
I married Erda because she was rock solid
Though in the last years it seems like she’s been made of stone
The only trouble we ever had was when she joined the SDS in the 60s
And went underground
I’ve been working on this project since 1963
But that darn Gluconium is hiding from me
All I keep running into is this stupid white metal
For a man of 43 I’m pretty physically fit
Ay, do you want to do a financing with me?
I’ve got the papers right here

Geology dance

Probing the earth for a significant clue
Scaring canaries like the miner will do

This project is the very best
Best Gluconium around
I think we should do that financing
I’ve got the paperwork right here



Debt is a burden
It makes me worry
Pay it for certain
In a hurry

Debt is a burden
I cannot stomach
I go to the store now
They say they want money

Debt is a burden that I can not cling too
I have no money’s all I have to say
The house is costly with its monthly payments
Too hard to pay so I walk away


Debt is a burden that I strongly regret
I chose the wrong end of the deal to play
If I were a mortgage lender with bad credit
I’d get, government bailout so I walk away


Debt is a burden that I was not born with
Give me free lunch and then I pass the salt
I owe much money it’s because of credit
Because I can’t pay it back is not my fault

Debt is uncertain
It makes things blurry
I can’t get my sauna
Or chicken curry

Journeying to Salta
It’s a great place to get away
Journeying to Salta
A magical part of the world
The scenery
The people
All part of a world
To embrace
The vineyards
The mountains
Come here to escape
And to play


Commodity bull
Give me something else than paper
I should get a bucket of gold

Commodity bull
I get oil and you get vapor
Corporate debt is what you get to hold

Give me bauxite copper or tin
Fresh cadmium or some molybdenum
I want lumber make it fir or ash
Don’t laden me with some bogus cash

Commodity bull
I take gold and you get paper
You have debt and I am safe and sound

Commodity bull
I get corn, wheat and spinach from a pond
You get Mugabe and the Zimbabwean bond

Give me coffee or some cocoa or some gin
Don’t hand me CDOs and ask to come in
SIVs are your lot in life
I got silver in exchange for my wife

I keep my bathroom packed with natural gas
When I smoke tobacco I can have a blast

Keep all your Rubles and your Euros and your Yen
I’ll take a farm with an egg laying hen

Commodity bull
I have tea that I can savor
You have Ambac and I am safe and sound

Commodity bull
I have gold and you get paper
You have debt in a silly British Pound


I like gold

Coin or bar, brick or wall
In the spring, or in the fall

I like gold

Silver too, Vanadium’s nice
Gluconium stinks at about any price

I like gold

In the 30s they stole in away
In the 2000s it’s a game we won’t play

I put a ton of it in Switzerland
It’s a really safe in my foreign gold fund

I want gold
I love gold
I love gold


Terra ardet
Ubique insania
In furnace furois
Fervet sanguis

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