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MP3 gilli moon - the Angel Remixes

If you''ve heard Gilli''s album "temperamental angel," then get your hands on the 2 singles "temperamental angel" and "naked" with 6 dance remixes of these wonderful songs; great for the clubs and to get your body movin'' to the groove.

8 MP3 Songs
ELECTRONIC: Dance, POP: with Electronic Production

gilli moon''s restless creativity and rebellious nature continually urge her to push the envelope in the studio, on stage and with whatever she touches. The voice of a siren her piano purging songs oozing raw emotion and sensuality, gilli moon is the eternal quintessential renaissance woman. She''s an illustrious, energetic poly-media artist & her multifaceted albums and dynamic, entertaining live shows have touched music lovers worldwide garnering high praise from the most jaded of critics. A chameleon in artistry and thought, gilli (like with a ''j'') creates music that is fresh, rebellious, passionate and unique. Itunes has been unable to classify her. She stands alone.


The Angel Remixes is an E.P collection of radio songs and dance remixes from gilli moon''s 2000 temperamental angel album, which was released through gilli moon''s record label, Warrior Girl Music in 2001 and will be re-released, fully re-mixed and mastered with digital surround sound, as part of a 3 Disc Set of gilli moon''s catalog, called the Evolution of gilli moon in 2005.

The Angel Remixes include Radio Edited tracks of the singles, "Temperamental Angel" and "Naked" plus awesome dance remixes of those songs by Australia''s Ice Jupiter Groove and New York''s Dr. Brooks.

Co-produced by gilli moon and Evan Beigel in North Hollywood, the album sends powerful messages about self empowerment, embracing the full range of human passions and emotions that our personalities express, through a uniquely alternative, edgy sound mixed with gilli''s soulful voice. The album has been produced in a way to capture gilli''s raw and sensitive emotions combined with her unique, naturally trained voice. Keeping with her vision, much of the production was spontaneous following a very organic approach, with all recording using live instruments.

The Chicago Star Newspapers (Pop Stops)says "temperamental
angel" speaks to the bare emotions of love, hate, empowering sensuality and hand-tying vulnerability in all of us," and this week''s Music Connection says her album "broadens the boundaries of musical structure and sonic soundscapes with an approach that Patti Smith and Sonic Youth would appreciate." Sweden''s "Collected Sounds" writes gilli moon "is an intriguing new voice to listen out for of 2001". The Star Newspapers, Chicago put her album at no. 9, in their top 25 records of the year 2001.

With songs written by gilli, temperamental angel is an expression of personality, of raw and sensitive emotions, and how we relate to the people in our lives through the various love-hate disguises of our personas. And what better spokesperson than a chameleon like gilli moon. The title song of the album, also called "Temperamental Angel" sums her personality in a nutshell: ''Sliding in the river/ feeling the mud stick between my toes I''m alive/ but my body''s struggling to compose/ I''m alone/ you''re born alone you live alone you die alone/ must we accept the cards we''re dealt?/ it''s crazy to be denied of life/ I''m a sucker for conventional romance/ but I''ve never truly experienced the chance/ will you treat me like an angel?/ a temperamental angel? / save me, I''m waiting for my resurrection / come on and save me, I need your true protection.''

It marks gilli''s first true epigraph of what she is really about - raw, organic, sensitive yet strong.

"The songs are absolutely killer"
"It is the most sensual CD I''ve ever heard"
"you really show your vocal "passion""
"it''s one of the best albums I''ve heard all year.. Your new music blew me away."

More info go https://www.tradebit.com


"Complex is first word that comes to mind when considering Hollywood based Australian artist and producer gilli moon: songs of being a child by an all-woman chanteuse, a singular warrior over the industry who remains quietly sensitive, and a dynamic performance artist who paints as brilliantly as she sings."
- https://www.tradebit.com

great music that could rock you, mock you and sock it to you with heartfelt romantic lyrics veiled as poetry set to throb-rock funky soul sister guitars oozing textures like a painter''s canvas, kundalini rising basslines and powertripping keyboards ala elton john or billy joel in the early days and those intense vocals that reached out like thing''s hand and grabbed you by the throat where you were usually choking back tears...
- tk https://www.tradebit.com

Among the emerging post-bubblegum backlash of down-to-earth, in-your-face female singer/songwriters is attitudinal Aussie Gilli Moon. Her self-produced Temperamental Angel deals with time and distance, salvation and deception, solitude versus loneliness, and all the other underlying themes of postmodern existence in the big bad city. Moon is a singer/songwriter of the old school. Her lyrics are intensely personal, her melodies either guitar-driven or vocally driven. However, no vocal pyrotechnics or acrobatics are on display; her voice is closer to Gwen Stefani or even Janis Joplin than Tori Amos or Kate Bush. One gets the feeling that the process of creating the album was as much a cathartic process as a creative one. The results are engaging and thought provoking and very easy to identify with. In the title track, Moon sings, "I''m a sucker for conventional romance/And I''ve never truly experienced the chance/To be treated like an angel." Definitely words that most women these days can relate to. In "Plenty," Moon explores modern misconceptions and revelations about success and wealth, stating, "I''m heading for the land of plenty...maybe if I look around I''ll recognize that I''ve arrived already." On tracks such as "Swimming" and "Disgrace," one can imagine Moon gnashing her teeth in fury and despair. In "Time," she takes a more detached, contemplative tone. One thing is blindingly clear from the first time that one hears the album or reads about its creator: Gilli Moon is in music for the love of it, and she''s in it for the long haul.
- L. Katz AMG https://www.tradebit.com 

I had a vision. I heard a voice that came from the heavens to offer salvation to the masses. A talented voice that had music with soul, with emotion and that voice belonged to gilli moon ..... gilli moon is an artist with substance, that''s for sure and ""temperamental angel"" has been one of the true rewards of my writing career this year.... I haven''t been this excited about an artist since I discovered the music of Tori Amos.  
- https://www.tradebit.com /Left Field Review - Kentucky
"I think it''s one of the best albums I''ve heard all year!!!! Congratulations on an amazing disc. I liked Girl in the Moon, but this disc (temperamental angel) shows a maturity of style and voice that''s profound. Your new music blew me away. - An amazingly mature and complex album, Temperamental Angel speaks to the bare emotions of love, hate, empowering sensuality and hand-tying vulnerability in all of us..... her whispery, lilting upper register brings to mind a young Kate Bush, mixed with the angst of Alanis Morissette.. Temperamental Angel delivers with a wide swatch of styles and confessions...
- STAR NEWSPAPERS /Pop Stops - Chicago

On her latest album, moon broadens the boundaries of musical structure and sonic soundscapes with an approach that Patti Smith and Sonic Youth would appreciate. Combining poetry with techno rock, she explores a plethora of emotions and styles. From a spoken-word intro to her use of exotic instrumentation, the songs are eye opening. This is an album that encourages repeated play, as the listener discovers new surprises on every track.

Gilli Moon delivers her progressive pop/rock style with a unique diversity in style and expression. By her creation, Gilli has allowed the listeners of her music to paint worlds of imagery with their minds. Amazing songwriting and vocals that purr like a kitten and growl like a lion. This music is powerful and presents a feeling of awe. The lyrics are unlike any that I''ve heard from a pop artist, and tell me that Gilli Moon is more about art and presenting her passions than creating die cut pop songs. That being said, this music has a lot of mainstream pop potential, but with a different kind of charm. I wouldn''t mind hearing more music of this nature taking over the mainstream. I prefer Gilli''s more intelligently written songs of the pop styles though. All in all, this is music that you won''t soon forget. It''s definitely made it''s mark here.
- https://www.tradebit.com

"Moon''s music has a pop sensibility overlaying a folksy base; and infused with powerful, heartfelt lyrics. For those familiar with the music of Beth Orton, gilli moon''s music is in a similar vein but without Orton''s trip-hop influences." 
- https://www.tradebit.com, Australia

PLENTY Is a little bit of heaven. Strong guitar. A pop formula that has worked well from Abba to McCartney, it is Instantly hot and memorable, helped on by gilli''s rather helpless girlie voice that just makes you want to stand up to anyone who''s pitting wits against her... There''s something distinctly Bowie-driven about this one. Like listening to a female Scary Monsters, with a dose more vulnerability and greater sound from the backing players. gilli is a fine poet... more.
- https://www.tradebit.com

Her talent is really showing off on this CD. This album can easily be compared to the best works of Tori Amos or Natalie Imbruglia. It''s a very adventurous CD with a crystal clear production by Evan J. Beigel and gilli moon. The strength of this CD is the variety. There are firm, sharp rockers and sensuous ballads. The title track is a rocking mix of Heather Nova and Kate Bush while "Plenty" is a stubborn kind of fairytale rock with sharp guitar riffs and temperamental vocals. "Disgrace" has some https://www.tradebit.comx influences with cutting and bubbling synthesizers. A mean, bitchy song. The sensitive side of this temperamental angel is to be heard on tracks such as the dreamy, sensual ballad "Naked" with its lazy buzzing bass. Gilli sings "I like getting naked with you" and who am I to disagree? "Time" is a light-funky pop song, a potential hit record, mixing influences like Alanis Morrisette, INXS and Crowded House into a hot funky track. "Swimming" is a Tori Amos-alike piano ballad with lots of emotion. "Why Do You Love Me Still?" features a very horny trombone solo. Some of the songs just settle in your head and you walk around humming them for days. gilli moon deserves to become just as big as the (sometimes) overrated Tori Amos. 

 gilli moon : spinning Disgrace ("GREAT visual orientated art pop ... Kate Bush/David Bowie spiced with some american. https://www.tradebit.com
- Lord Litter Radio Show, Germany

... it''s like reading a collection of short stories about different aspects, fragments of and journeys within the author''s life. ... blown away by the ferocity of the mood-swings. ... Communication, we''re given a sense of Pink Floyd''s One Of My Turns ("The Wall" 1979) where there are two characters: one of which is talking but the other doesn''t seem to be in the same room. Then we''re introduced to gilli''s inimitable singing and songwriting style in the title track: Breathy, sultry vocals: a cross between Nicholece K Garner & Tori Amos. The mood then flows through love-of-life (Plenty), the expression of unbridled sexuality (Naked), through the heart-stabbing pain of Swimming, the pure-hate of Disgrace, the musical tug-o-war around the emotion of the Why Do You Love Me Still, the "early-stages in the relationship/''love makes you croon to the moon in June''/there will be no end/this is the one" love of Touch Me to the swirling, almost Phantom Of The Opera/ENZSO balladic instrumentation Alive to close.
- Sounds Review, Australia

Aussie export Gilli Moon was among the talent at the Lounge 88 Toronto. Between the vocals, keyboards and guitar, she doesn''t need any additional instrumentation to showcase it''s fundamental and obvious songwriting skills. Terri''s guitar work added some fabulous rhythm and active melange with Gilli''s smooth keyboard sounds. Gilli''s artsie "Temperamental Angel" is an extension of her visual arts creative nature. A combo of sensual vocals and hot tune this particular song is sure to gain much attention. Great dance tunes. Hit the floor Jack!  

A great and expressive voice, her album is pop rock, melodic, aggressive, a music and visual artist...
Interprete visionaria, un fare da volpina, una grande ed espressiva voce...il suo è un pop rock sospirato, melodico, aggressivo...artista musicale e visiva. Gilli ha scritto e prodotto tutte le canzoni e ha prodotto, anche, l''intero cd. Le liriche mettono a nudo le emozioni d''amore e d''odio, sensualità e la vulnerabilità presente in ciascuno di noi. Una voce intrigante e una struttura musicale e sonora che oltrepassa i confini finora conosciuti e che piacerebbe, senz''altro, a Patty Smith e ai Sonic Youth. Un cd che lancia potenti messaggi, gilli moon è una naturale cantastorie che esprime grande personalità e emozioni a volte delicate, a volte crude. Le canzoni si possono classificare come una serie di brevi storie sugli aspetti, su frammenti di vita e viaggi dell''autrice che si definisce "espressionista" e che vuole catturare la propria visione della vita, dell''amore e della crescita individuale dello spirito in un progetto multimediale che superi barriere e confini. Un''interprete con un brillante futuro...ne sentiremo parlare...(L.L.) 
- https://www.tradebit.com (Vetrino) 

Raised in Australia''s bush, where she taught herself music under candlelight and solar energy, one can say that gilli moon is a warrior. Singing of both angels and devils, this young woman is an intriguing mix of innocence and knowing. Her latest CD, "Temperamental Angel" accosts the listener with the spoken word piece, "Communication." Here gilli speaks of the complexities of the human spirit. "My music and art express the uninhibited me," says moon. With that in mind, gilli chants, "Ease yourself into my shape," over a snaky bass groove on the super sexy "Naked". Closing the CD is "Alive", an introspective song with shades of Kate Bush. gilli moon is a truly independent artist. She writes and produces her own music and distributes it online and in selected retail outlets. Gilli is also instrumental in the Los Angeles songwriters association, Songsalive!. Her website is informative, artistic, and professional looking. For more on this versatile artist, go to her site at https://www.tradebit.com.
-Victoria Liotta FEMALE MUSICIAN

gilli moon''s second album opens with a spoken word piece that''s reminiscent of Laurie Anderson. Then the rest of the record unfolds and reveals itself to be a unique mix of accessible hooks, passionate vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Moon effectively captures a variety of moods with her music. The title track has its fair share of Alanis Morrissette''s explosive nature. By contrast the ballad "Why Do you Love Me Still?" is tender and sweet and should top the lists in a fair universe. She''s an intriguing new voice to listen out for.
- Anna Maria Stjärnell https://www.tradebit.com

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