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The "DISPELL DARKNESS MAXIMIMUM" series provides the same basic, foundational protection and banishing power of the
'Dispell Darkness - Invite Light' series ( tracks 1 and 2 )

AND dramatically INCREASES the strength and force of the banishing and clearing power of the original tracks....

You'll feel and notice the difference IMMEDIATELY

For many people, the original 2 track series were enough to definitely feel a room get lighter, brighter.... they could sense the shadows and dark clumpy clouds and ectoplasmic goo breaking up and dissolving.....

But it was brought to my attention occasionally that a small handful of people sometimes ran into situations where the shadows and darkness in their home or room.... would linger on the far periphery as though they were just waiting to come back the moment the original frequencies stopped playing or they felt that in some cases the darkness and shadows were so strong and stubborn that even though the frequency was felt to work substantially, the users could still sense some remnants of the shadows left.... like gum sticking to your shoes. Well... no longer people! With the
"DISPELL DARKNESS MAXIMIMUM" series of six tracks you get super heavy duty, maximum industrial strength clearing.

These frequencies penetrate, pierce, radiantly blind and purge negative energies and send then howling and screaming for cover.... Got a haunted house? Really bad vibes in your room? Creepy feelings in the middle of the night when you wake up? Well now you can laugh your ass off when you see how quickly the room starbursts into luminous positive vibrating energy and immediately evaporates any invisible critters lurking about...and Im not kidding or exaggerating here... you really WILL find this funny... but the predators lurking about wont see the humour in it at all.... they'll just flee like mosquitoes being chased by a big can of insect repellent... AND they will have a bitch of a time trying to lurk around the edges AND the frequencies will tend to embed their vibrational energies into the environment itself lasting for some time making it pretty challenging for darkness to return to a well saturated area....

All six tracks can be used together, looped OR you can use any individual track in the series on its own. For best results, use all six tracks, one to six, looped in sequence and play continuously for an average of one to four hours.
Each track contains similiar information but is rendered in different ways, this allows for maximum penetration of the information into the environment and body....

Following below is the description for the former, earlier versions of Dispell Darkness (not the maximum strength versions), all of the below applies as well to the new versions.

Amazing Busts up Internal Dark Clouds. Ever feel like those negative self talk voices are getting to be too much? Users report DISPELL 1,2 as being incredibly powerful at splintering and breaking the hold of dark energies grasping
at the mind and heart and banishing them. This allows a person a chance to come up for air and breathe again and get a hold of their lives and selves so they can re-orient and move forward positively

From: "Shawn"
Date: Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:54 am
Subject: WOW - LOVED THIS - Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] That good old feeling

Thanks Don

I really had a field day with this one, it all came together so wonderfully, I had completely forgotten about my recovered frequencies and actually fought off a "black smoke" type entity the "hard" way the other night, sometimes these type
of entities come when I am just about to fall asleep and then start touching me until I fight it off with focus and prayer.

But this all manifested and fame together perfectly, it was at that moment when it was a super eureka-aha! Moment and I was prepared, I wish i could have seen into the astral and see the physical reaction upon the entity as all of a sudden
something un-devily explodes into the aethers like rainbow acid all over the big bad boogey man/men, driving them away like the sun does with vampires in fairytales haha.

Also when I went to bed I plugged my phone with the frequencies on into my radionics box to modulate the frequencies silently with added orgone energy,
just to send a signal to the "other side" that I am always prepared and totally not touchable.

I really seem to have found a completely new love and understanding of the frequencies, it is almost as if I can "hear more" or "receive more" or something, I guess I am just growing into a greater understanding.

Oh yea, some weird phenomena happened also,shortly after I chased the black weakling/s away I went to my healing/meditation room to fetch my usb flash drive
to transfer every single frequency I could find on the old hd to my laptop to have everything handy etc,

so I remove the flash drive and take itntonthe bedroom, I fiddle around on the laptop and got all the frequencies transferred, so then I look on my phone what i still need there and prepare to remove the micro sd from the usb stick to
place in my phone to get the frequencies on there.

Suddenly the usb drive is gone, i look under the pillows and even moved the bed away to see if it fell, lift the covers and really look around dumbfounded for a few minutes, I get up and walk to the healing room only to find the usb drive
placed neatly on the table next to the computer, this was weird but more weird was the "voices" or "almost elligible" sounds I started to hear coming from between the distanced sounds of the laptop playing in the other room, it was
distinct for a moment, almost like the one time I listened to hyperspace evolver, it sounded almost like a woman distressed or really not happy about something, it could all just be in my mind, like a type of aural-paredolia, I do not rule out that factor.

Oh yea, my big dog went silly-crazy-weird after a while of me blasting salvia, mind you this was around 3am or so and I hear the dog is making a noise outside, upon inspection I find her running to and fro like mad like happy excited
energized crazy mad, imagine a puppy in a big dog's body, super playful but wildly energized to the max, almost as if she she was "euphoric" or "high", I had to actually switch it off as she was literally starting to run a ditch in
the bedding.

I switched to attract good things and almost immediately she piped down, a definite sign that it was the frequency.

I will be conducting experiments with my radionics devices and chi generators using your frequencies as a carrier wave for the operation, for science ;)

From: Doc Stars
To: "[email protected]://www.tradebit.com"
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:16:10 PM
Subject: WOW - LOVED THIS - Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] That good old feeling

Its always a treat reading your field reports Shawn!

This was a great demonstration of proper use, any of the pro paranormal investigators using our tech, listed on


would have been proud of you! I know I am. I also loved your attitude, where you were feeling super calm, relaxed and
good humoured, absolutely LOVED reading how self empowered you were throughout this!

Its funny, in the book by C.S. Lewis called "The Screw Tape Letters", it says that the devil hates to be mocked... so true!

I posted this on our FB page, ok with you if I also circulate to our other avenues?

Lastly, I commend you and am really happy you shared this with us!

From: Shawn
To: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 5:21:06 PM
Subject: [ S.O.S. : --> ] That good old feeling

So I was sitting around studying dowsing techniques and just kinda expanding on my current knowledge since I discovered a crapload of geopathic stress lines and curry gridlines etc.

So I study a chapter on clearing negative thoughtforms and entities from the house, ok so I start looking and I find something and my pendulum leads me into a corner and I locate the entity in the corner, I assume it was an entity because it kept moving, so fast forward a few minutes and i clear the area but feel like super chills creeping over me, that subsides as my pendulum indicates it is clear, so I move and clear another entity and a troublesome spot, so my arm gets tired and I figure I will continue later, I notice the manual says not to leave a room before clearing it and I guess it wasnt such a big deal.

So the chills start building and I feel the beginnings of a fear energy rubbing off on me and I feel small feelings of panic rise, I walk to the kitchen and feel something sticking to my back, stronger than I have felt before, I did some shielding etc but this bastard was getting edgy, I walk to the room and it feels like a wet bag of terror is growing on me and all I can think is "thats why you finish clearing a room before you leave" the entity/ies were really pissed and angry, thats all I could keep thinking, and it kept getting colder, I actually had to go check if the windows were closed because it felt like a cold wind spinning around me

as I enter my room my face lights up and I start chuckling, remembering I had actually recovered my stash of frequencies from an old hd (pc got stolen with all my freqs on),
so i giggle and mock the presence, telling it it does not understand what is about to happen, right then a super wave of nasty scaredy cold bad energy builds all over me as I feel the entity really start to get angry.

I pop on my laptop and go straight to my dispell max frequencies, I start playing the 2 and for an initial moment everything went really weird in the room like a shift of sorts but think a violent tug of war shift and I feel it growing really anxious trying to retain its grip, so i start laughing and stretch myself in front of the laptop, it felt like a kind of breeze blowing over me from the speakers but not a gentle breeze almost like a wind of knives ripping over me and for a moment I could see the entity? Bouncing around and exploding or blowing away, I could feel the tensions start easing off me and the room instantly start heating up again, I actually felt so good I ran out after it with the laptop blaring and ran right to the spot where the most activity started and stood there laughing and just feeling good about the fact that some silly entity cannot touch me, I immediately purchased dispelmax number 6, the extra strong one, I am ready to turn the heat up to max haha!

I listened to the salvia tracks again after several months and found them to be eerily beautiful, moreso than I remember, also I felt very sensitive to the salvia all of a sudden, feeling waves of pleasure start building, I resumed my tanning position in front of the speakers and immersed myself in the sounds, noticing a particular stimulation of the throat and brow chakras, I keep thinking to myself that this is still Don's best work, the salvia tracks are really masterpieces, thanks Don!

I just cant get over myself, haha Imagine that, giving a "ghost" an ass whipping with a song :D

I will be enjoying my newly discovered library of frequencies now :)

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