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If You're Cannot Handle Twice As Many
Opt-Ins And A Serious Growth In Sales


If, However, You're Ready For The Big https://www.tradebit.comp Reading...

From Joel Holtzman, Creator

According to the "marketing gurus," it helps create emotion to include a dirty word here and there...I've picked a really dirty word...


Most folks don't like the word "test." That's because most tests are both hard and important. I don't want to scare you, but the test I'm talking about is extremely important.

The success of your business depends on the results of this test.

Yes, it's that important. But I have good news: I've made the test easy. No studying, cramming, cribbing or sweating necessary on your part because I've spent X months doing all your hard work for you!

All the most successful marketers in the world split-test their copy.

Even back in the dark-ages, before the Internet, it was common to run different versions of an advertisement with different post office boxes and/or different toll-free phone numbers.

After a few weeks, the master marketer can tally the results and find out which ad is more profitable. Then they can launch THAT ad on a full-scale basis, knowing that they've invested their advertising money in the best possible version.

The Internet has made is much easier to run split-tests and made getting the results faster, cheaper and far more efficient. It's still extra work, though. That's why the average marketer doesn't split-test their copy.

And THAT'S Why The Average Marketer NEVER BECOMES A Top Marketer

The Opt-In Rotator was created specifically to help the average marketer make that jump into the big leagues. Even if you've never heard of split-testing before, the Opt-In Rotator puts world class testing abilities right at your fingertips.

Introducing The Opt-In Rotator

You can focus on bringing in prospects, knowing that that the optimal opt-in page awaits.

Completely automates the split-testing process, providing you with easy to understand results in real time.

Helps eliminate your conversion leak (the number of people who SEE your opt-in page but never actually OPT-IN).

Increases your income AND minimizes your advertising expenses.

Alright Already, What IS The Opt-In Rotator!?
And Why Do You Care?

As you've figured out by the snazzy product name and the breathtaking copy above, the Opt-In Rotator is an automated split-tester for your opt-in pages. Lots of marketers only worry about bringing people to their site and never worry about how many of them actually DO something once they arrive.

And lots of marketers fail. They're dropping like flies, every day.

These marketers treat prospects and subscribers like their the same thing. They're not! A prospect COSTS YOU MONEY and a client BRINGS YOU MONEY. They're quite different, as you can see.

A prospect cost you money, energy or both regardless of how they came in. Pay-per-click, bum marketing, search engine https://www.tradebit.comse are all things that cost you money, energy or both so it doesn't matter how someone finds your cost you SOMETHING to get them there.

Because of this, you need to maximize the number of prospects who become subscribers. Once you've got their email address and permission to contact them you've astronomically increased your chances of selling them something in the future.

So why most marketers just toss together and opt-in page, throw it up on the Internet and cross their fingers?

WHO CARES WHY!? You're NOT One Of Those Marketers!

You're the kind of marketer who is going to succeed, who is going to be far wealthier on this day next year, who is going to convert prospects to subscribers at a higher rate every you're going to do it with Opt-In Rotator.

*Get Rid Of Trial-And-Error

The problem with trial-and-error is that it's usually much more error than you're not measuring the results. Opt-In Rotator is going to do that FOR YOU. You'll know, within a few hours of steady traffic, which opt-in page is converting the best, second best etc.

*Move Your Sales Up Into The Atmosphere

For all of our posturing and preening, sales is still basically a mathematics just don't like to think about the math aspect! Let's imagine that for every 100 people who see your ad around 20 of them buy your product.

That means that getting your ad out to 200 people brings in about 40 sales. Obviously, the most efficient and reliable way to increase sales is to increase the number of people who see your ad!

The numbers are fictitious but the concept isn't. YOU KNOW that getting your add in front of MORE people brings in MORE sales. Well, you work very hard to get MORE people looking at your opt-in the Opt-In Rotator work just as hard to get MORE people on your list to see your ad!

*Bring Your Marketing Costs Down

If you're not already split-testing then I can guarantee you're wasting money on pay-per-click advertising.

Ok, Now You've Seen How It Works,
But How Will It Work FOR YOU?

Did you ever wonder if your opt-in page would convert better if it was shorter? If you used more less? If you used a plethora of intensively intellectual sounding verbiage or kept the words down to a two syllable max?

In other words, did you ever wonder if you could convert prospects to subscribers at a higher rate by changing something? If so, welcome to the club.

(If is the time to start!)

With Opt-In Rotator, you can play with your copy and create various versions just like you saw in the demo. Opt-In Rotator will shuffle through them and keep track of how many folks show up, how my people actually subscribe, etc. Once you've got that information you know which page works better...

In reality, it's a process with no end in sight. Every time you have an idea that might improve conversions, you can test it out. You'd be amazed how much one or two words can change conversions. With Opt-In Rotator you'll know exactly what happens when you change a word or two...

By constantly optimizing your opt-in page, you'll be constantly increasing the number of subscribers to your list which means you'll constantly be increasing the SALES YOU MAKE and the MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

Let me show you what kind of impact a higher subscription rate will have on your bottom line.

Compare Results With And Without Opt-In Rotator

Without Opt-In Rotator
With Opt-In Rotator
- 1 UNTESTED Opt-In Page Is Shown

- 500 People See It

- 50 People Subscribe And See Your Sales Letter (10 Conversion)

- 10 People Purchase Your Product (20 Conversion)

- You Made $500.00 - 1 TESTED Opt-In Page Is Shown

- 500 People See It

- 150 People Subscribe And See Your Sales Letter (30 Conversion)

- 30 People Purchase Your Product (20 Conversion)

- You Made $1,500.00
VERY little work on your part just TRIPLED your income

Again, You didn't increase your marketing didn't touch your proven sales simply played with your opt-in page so that MORE people subscribe.

All you have to do is make some changes to your page, let Opt-In Rotator gather the results and compile the results into the optimal opt-in page.

I know, I and I just made those numbers up, right? What do they have to do with your life? What if you're only converting at 1 or 2?

The Opt-In Rotator will still help you double, triple, quadruple your conversions!

Going from a 1 conversion to a 3 conversion is still triple the conversion you've got going for you right now.

So, stop for a minute and just think about whatever product your selling, whatever affiliate program you're marketing or whatever project you're working on RIGHT NOW.

Now imagine that you're converting twice as many people. From 1 to 2, from 2 to you can get your sales letter in front of TWICE as many people, what would it be worth to you?

I don't know about you but my crystal ball is at the cleaner and the magic-8-ball hasn't been really insightful lately. Nobody knows exactly what's going to happen in the future. We can guess and speculate and we have a hard time "knowing."

The best way to "know" the future is to the look towards the past. For instance, based on the past, I have a pretty good feeling that you and I are both going to blow money in the next few months on an ebook full of the "latest, greatest, niftiest" techniques that we don't really need.

Most of the over-hyped books we'll be buying are based on current trends and flash-in-the-pan ideas that will outdated or outlawed in 12 months...

That's why Opt-In Rotator is such a reliable investment.

It's NOT based on NEW ideas, NEW concepts, NEW's not dependent upon Google NOT slapping you around...

Instead, it's built upon the same basis as almost every success in history: test, measure, modify, repeat. Opt-In Rotator is designed to be easy enough for a child to use while being strong enough to build the foundation of a marketing empire.

Can any of your last ebook purchases say that?

Sounds Good, But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Here's the thing. I know how much time and effort went into building it and I know how strong and reliable it truly is. I ALSO know that I want it to be within reach of the everyday marketer, like me, who just wants to excel to the next level and start making REAL money.

To celebrate the pre-launch, the first 200 licenses will be $47. After that, the opt-in rotator will rise to the regular price of $97. That's over half off!

That's over HALF the price of the most talked about and hyped up ebooks released over the last https://www.tradebit.comy of which are STILL selling for more than double this cost and are becoming increasingly outdated.

People are telling me I should be charging more and, once this thing launches day or two (maybe a week at the outside) I probably will. I haven't landed on a final total yet https://www.tradebit.comh, it's going to be more.

But who cares? You're here NOW. You're able to benefit from my indecision and lock in the $47 investment NOW. As I said in the beginning, you should stop reading and go away if you're not ready to handle more subscribers, more sales and more profits.

Without Opt-In Rotator, you're going to be wondering if you could be converting're going to wonder if you could be bringing in more subscribers and more're going to end up coming back here when you decide you're ready and paying more for Opt-In Rotator.

That seems silly, doesn't it? You're past silly at this point and you're ready to join the ranks of the most elite marketers in the history of advertising and sales by split-testing your copy and constantly improving your copy...I've just made it a lot easier than it was before.
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