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Twitter Marketing Secrets

Are you wondering how Tweeting on Twitter is supposed to help you succeed?

Discover The Power Of Twitter, Reach More People, Increase Your Traffic And Make More Cash!

Even from the outside looking in, there is no denying, the power of Twitter.

From CNN to MC Hammer and from Nissan to your Uncle Tom this free online tool is giving everyone and anyone the potential to reap huge amounts of followers and contact with tons of users from its massive million plus user base.

At this point in history, itís not uncommon for any average Joe or Jane to amass a list of 1000 followers or more on Twitter in a few short days. This has entrepreneurs all over the world jumping up and down and salivating over the possibilities!

Itís California circa 1848 at Sutterís Mill all over again!

The Gold Rush is on baby, and itís time to head west young entrepreneur!

Some prospectors have already staked a claim and are making huge fortunes. Some are finding their personal vein of gold this very instant, (even while youíre reading this page.)

Unfortunately, many others will fall flat on their face like old ďMiner Forty NinerísĒ who starved to death panning in a river full of fish but unwilling to stop to put down pans of fools gold to eat.

You know who Iím talking about. Heís the guy who dutifully built for himself a huge list of thousands of followers on Twitter but it seems everything he tweets goes unnoticed. And he never generates any sales.

So what does he do next?

He goes back up into the hills and builds himself an even bigger list of Twitter followers just so he can be ignored by even more people.

Why do some people succeed using Twitter while others fail?

It is simple, the gold is there, you just have to learn how to sift through the dirt to get to it.

The people who succeed on Twitter have learned one skill better than all the rest. The skill of separating the junk, from the Pure Gold!

Twitter Is A Bird Of A Different Feather...

Forcing Everyone To Think In Whole New Way

If you want huge profits from Twitter you will have to get ready for a whole new paradigm shift in the world of list building.

Remember that lists made on Twitter are a totally different breed from the list made through an opt-in page. When someone decides to follow you on Twitter you need to realize that the old rules of the opt-in no longer apply.

An opt-in list is comprised of people pre-qualified who have expressed an interest in furthering their understanding of your expertise.

In this brave new world...

When you think about building a Twitter list you have to throw out almost everything you have ever learned about list building and start from scratch and except the world as it is on Twitter.

To be successful in the Twittersphere, you need a keen understanding of the motivational psychology behind the Twitter follower numbers.

Anyone, as you already know can get an outrageous number of followers, very easily through Twitter and these large numbers of followers feed the ego of the Tweeter. This is one of the most powerful psychological factors which is making Twitter so very popular.

Twitter is like a popularity contest in which everyone can feel like they win.

Another stark difference between Twitter lists and opt-in lists is that people stay or unsubscribe from an opt-in list based solely on the value but a Twitter list is maintained out of politeness, and/or a fear of losing their followers in at tit for tat Twitter world.

To be followed on Twitter, it is polite and often necessary to return the follow. This is a powerful angle to consider. Even when lists of followers reach in to the ludicrous and unmanageable tens of thousands, people will hesitate to un-follow anyone who is following them.

One of the things that keeps Twittering functional, is that through third party add-ons like Tweetdeckô it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. By this I mean, that by using third party add-ons to your Twitter account you can amass huge numbers of meaningless ego followers while setting up filters to focus on a few people or organizations that you choose to connect with.

Therefore making someones A group list is really all that counts.

That is what makes you a Twitter Insider.

That Inside Track Is What Separates The Winners And Losers In The Twittersphere

Being a Twitter Insider means you are part of the conversation.

It means that you have a list of followers who really want to know; What are you doing!

But when you are part of the conversation remember that telling people what you are doing can only be part of the conversation, listening is the other important part.

Did you ever do any of the following:

- Missed what someone was saying because you wanted them to hurry up and finish so you could get your point across

- Ignored an advertisement on the side of a web site

- Deleted an email before reading it, because of the sender

- Throw away junk mail without opening it

- Did all of them and did not feel bad about doing it

If you said YES congratulations you are human!

And being human gives you the edge on Twitter because on Twitter you will not be dealing with numbers, you will be dealing with humans.

Where ever there are real people there are real people with real money and real people like to spend money because it makes them feel real powerful to be able to choose something and then get it.

There is an incredible opportunity to give real people the incredible gift of making them feel powerful by giving them something of yours to choose to buy but...

People Do not Log On To Twitter To Read Junk Mail!

Think of Twitter this way. It is like going to a party or having lunch with friends or checking up on old cronies about what they are up to. It seems an unlikely way to make a sale but it really is how most decisions are made that move money from one pocket to another.

Consider this: You are at a party standing in a small group of your friends and the conversation is about vacations. One of your friends is a travel agent but instead of talking about deals he is just listening and agreeing with everyone about how great a resort is or how terrible the service is at another. He is not making any hard sales pitches or being overbearing, he is just letting everyone in the group discuss their experiences while adding interesting tid bits of his own to further the pleasant conversation.

In the course of the conversation one of your other friends begins to discuss what a wonderful time they had at a beach resort not to far from where you live. It sounds to you like a slice of paradise, so on your way home from the party you discuss it with your spouse and by the time you are getting ready for bed, plans have been made to go there together during spring break.

The next morning you call your friend, the pleasant travel agent from the party and ask him to book you a vacation there.

Or consider a lunch date with some friends at which two of you are talking about how much a certain book you gave them is helping them with a problem. The other friends are listening intently because the book deals with problems that concern all of you. You and your friend answer questions about the book and although it was not the only thing you all talked about, you find later that many of your friends that day bought the book and also would like to add to the conversation about it, at the next lunch date.

In another scenario, you get together a bunch of friends that worked together in an industry that no longer exists, to talk about old times and what you have been up too since you last met. Everyone is sharing their life events and you briefly mention what you have been doing. The conversation comes to an end but later that same week one of your old cronies calls you to ask how he can get involved with what you are doing because it sounded so interesting and even better yet he is willing to pay you for any material you have to help him get started.

Three pleasant conversations three profitable deals!

This Is How Money Is Made Through Twitter!

No hardball sales pitches just pleasant and mutually enjoyable conversations.

Yet real money changed hands!

This is how it works on Twitter. The travel agent does not shout Hey I am a travel agent get my deals if he did no one would care. Instead he was part of a pleasant conversation about travel and people respect his input because they know he is a travel agent, it say so in his profile.

The lunch date author does not get on the table and say buy my book. He just leisurely answers questions about it. The link to the book can be found through his profile by anyone who is interested in its solutions.

The old crone does not ask people to follow him in his pursuit, he only mentions how well it is working for him and describes his phoenix like re-invention and how much he is enjoying his new life. That was enough to gain following and make a sale.

Learn How To Find & Start The Natural Conversations That Will Earn You Huge Profits On Twitter.

When you learn to effectively communicate via Twitter you will not only make direct sales via Twitter but you will also greatly increase your standing as a person who is an expert in your field. The emphasis is on person because being a real person is the key to being a Twitter insider and being a real person is the key to making real sales.

You see, people are often wary about spending money on the Internet. Just the words on the Internet throws up red flags to most people. The magic starts when you begin to show real people that you are also a real person and that you have real things to sell and that the Internet is just the means to contact you.

Let me say that again: The magic starts when you begin to show real people that you are also a real person and that you have real things to sell and that the Internet is just the means to contact you.

That is how to earn their trust, and get the paycheck!

But you will never even begin, if nobody reads what you are saying!

Are You Just Tweeting To Yourself ?

You can spend a lot of time tweeting on Twitter but if no one is reading your tweets you are just spinning your wheels. But, there are things you can do that will make your tweets heard and propel you into being a valuable member of the Twitter community. You can become someone who is re-quoted and re-tweeted and looked up to, as a guru, its really not that hard. There are tools that will help you quantify your success on Twitter and help you budget the time you invest so you can maximize the value of Twitter and make it an essential component to your online success.

I have read a lot of publications, some of which will show you the mechanics of Twitter, (which are not that hard to master without having to read a whole book). And I have read publications that were little more than hyped up get rich quick schemes using Twitter to make a few bucks in a short time, at the cost of your credibility and reputation. I have also read a few stodgy industry specific publications that painfully mashed Twitter How To to some pretty basic networking advice.

But none of the publications actually seemed to be helpful at creating long term and successful money making strategies through Twitter. Which I thought was a shame because I do not think Twitter is going to be going away soon and as I understand it, there is a strong desire by most entrepreneurs for repeat business. I also believe there is a incredible demand from people who want to understand how to make Twitter work for them and for some good well written Twitter information.

Which is why I have just completed this new resource called...

Twitter Marketing Secrets

...and would like to offer it to you.

Twitter Marketing Secrets is a guide for not only making money with Twitter but also a long term strategy for building solid life long business connections. I have designed this publication to be more of a complete long term strategy for social marketing through Twitter.
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