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MP3 Tricia Greenwood - No Fear In Love

Music is defined as thoughts expressed through tones. Easy Acoustic Folk/Rock/Blues, songs to comfort and give peace morning noon or night,,,,,,

12 MP3 Songs
POP: Today''s Top 40, ROCK: Acoustic

Bay Area Performing Songwriter Tricia Greenwood recently
received the honor of being named Finalist, by the Song of the Year
( https://www.tradebit.com) songwriting contest.
Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest
supporting VH-1''s Save the Music Foundation.
The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names
in music including many Grammy Award winners.

Song of the Year is excited to recognize Tricia for her exceptional
songwriting ability for the song "In Heaven 9.11" Tricia competed
against songwriters from all over the world for this honor.
When asked what inspired the song Tricia commented that
she wrote this comforting song to empathize with those
left behind from 9.11 and in the aftermath of tragedies
claiming innocent lives.

Currently Tricia is concentrating on her music career while
planning a tour with her current album, "No Fear In Love"
and her upcoming album to be released in 2006.
"I am so excited to be chosen as a finalist for my special song,
"In Heaven 9.11". said independent artist Tricia Greenwood.
"It is my dream to sing this song by satellite to the whole world
in a memorial event someday".


A CD filled with songs of Love

Be inspired with courage and freedom to get your life back and fill your mind with more peace.... great to listen to when emotions are riding high and life seem to be too much to handle.......

A note from Tricia......

"As this Country survives the natural and man made disasters resulting in loss of lives of loved ones, my prayers are with you all..... I believe my music was brought through me to be sounds of recovery for greiving hearts. People recovering from loss of Spouses, Brothers, Sisters, Children and Parents.
People overcoming addictions and wanting healing.
Please help me help others and give this music as a gift to someone you know going through difficult times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Art and Music are not competetive, but a celebration of our gifts"


Tricia Greenwood

It''s what you do that can make a difference......

We are not taught Freedom from Sorrow......
We are taught Freedom through Sorrow....

ALL SALES OF "No Fear In Love"

When you buy mp3''s - a large percentage goes to

The Red Cross to help ......our less fortunate citizens

Tricia Greenwood recently attended an event put on by American Idol Underground for Independent Artists in Hollywood on October 18th, 2005

Please go to https://www.tradebit.com and join, then click on this...


Join Tricia''s fan base ..and be part by helping others through Tricia Greenwoods music that comforts and gives peace by divine inspiration.

By doing this you will help to increase the victims suffering from loss.


Tricia Greenwood deems herself a warrior and a conqueror through the healings and the victories she has experienced. Having lost her parents as a teenager and almost losing her own life a number of times, due to major accidents and a medical Dr''s incompetency which included her heart stopping in surgery and unconscious for days. Tricia identifies with others hopes, dreams, and heartbreak, with her original songs full of compassion and love, This album of songs "No Fear In Love" will help those in recovery.


Tricia''s new CD single "Another Day In Paradise is available to hear the full mp3 at https://www.tradebit.com

go to: https://www.tradebit.com

"Another Day In Paradise" was recorded by David Hearst of Timberwolf Tracks in Redwood City. David produced "Another Day In Paradise and plays rockin guitar and a catchy lead that you''ll remember. Stephen Rosenthal is the co-producer and drummer, Greg Smith on bass and Lee Lee Stone on harmony vocals. An uplifting song that ROCKS!!!!

-Recorded a live 30 minute interview in Hollywood on KCLA FM 99 ROCK - you can hear it in the archives
at https://www.tradebit.com - While in LA, Tricia performed at the Rainbow Bar and grill..... and Taix - a French restaurant where Tricia said, "The Creme Brulee was magnificent."


"A gift given in secret soothes anger"
Proverbs 16:32





Tricia''s original music ranges from deep and rythmic folk to a smooth edged, percussive easy rock, blues and some gospel.

Her vocal presence is one of essence and honesty. The past, present and future transcend with emotions filled with the power of love.

No Fear In Love has already touched the hearts of thousands, and has been aired on Radio Stations
from Los Angeles to Belgium.

The song "True Love," inspired by a thunderstorm and written around the line. "Your pendelum swings from denial to pretend", has a hint of jazzy overtones, Tricia believes we must love for the right reasons and not the wrong ones or else love will be destroyed, sooner or later.

The song "Francine" was written for Tricia''s sister, Francine after having been separated for 10 years without a word.....by relatives beyond Tricia;s control after her parents passed away as a teenager....Francine was only 9 years old.....and was kept away for reasons of greed and betrayal by the relatives. Tricia has an endearing story she tells before performing it., and is writing a screenplay to tell the true stories.
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IN Heaven 9.11 - song review -
In the year 2000, Tricia''s friend/musician, Chris Dennison died of cancer after years of struggle with a positive attitude to live. She wrote the song "In Heaven" for his memorial service. Tricia had given a copy to his family members as a token of love. Throughout the year after, the family sent her cards and letters thanking her for the song that was helping to comfort them and wrote how they would listen to it everyday.

On September 11th , 2001 - Hearts all over the world were broken in millions of pieces from the unbearable tragedy. Tricia, having survived sudden and tragic loss of many loved ones herself , including both her parents, as a teenager, with the feelings of loss and isolation, she and her 3 brothers and sister experienced. Three weeks into the search for life beneath the rubble of the towers brought Tricia to her knees. Her heart wanting to reach out to the people left behind with no hope. Tricia wanted to give them something that would remind others not to stay away from them hurting, but to be there for them, to help endure the loss.

Tricia awoke one night with the revelation that, if the song she wrote for Chris could help a few people it might even help more. So she re-wrote the song to hopefully comfort hearts around the world.

Realizing that through the endurance of trials and holding onto the belief that, (when loss and struggles happen, we must be there for each other and reach out to others in their sorrow ) 9/11 produced a burning desire in her heart to reach out to others by giving away over 400 copies she made at home herself to people who lost loved ones.

Tricia got an email from Jenny thanking her for the CD and even asking her to perform at the memorial service.

Jenny lost her brother James, in the second tower, after he had made it out alive from the first tower that went down, James wanted to save his sister who worked in the second tower before it crashed, he didn''t live to know she had made it out alive.

With inspiration and perseverance, Tricia wrote more songs about love and relationships mending in the next 6 months and recorded her music with the help of Matt Pinson, Zen By Numbers Studio, (engineer/producer/musician) making this CD. a reality

No Fear In Love - Album review

With songs that help to soothe emotions and comfort, and over time. it''s almost like walking over a bridge, that dissappears....... a threshold to a healing heart.

A Community Event in Memory of Sept. 11th

For Tricia''s CD release party, September 11th, 2003,
at BJ''s of Cupertino, right next to Apple Computer,
The Chamber of Commerce of Sunnyvale and the Chamber for Cupertino, promoted the event for Tricia. Dean Markley (Dean Markley Guitars and accessories) and his wife, Wendy attended, Russell Bond of the Music Annex and Mind Lab in Menlo Park, CA, along with other local entertainers, Teddy Randazzo Jr. and Ron Short, Elvis Live impersonator, ended the event with the song "IF I Can Dream" with everyone contributing with their attendance and promotion resulted in a worthy and successful event.

Tricia gave a percentage of sales to the Salvation https://www.tradebit.com will continue to help as they continue their ongoing efforts of medical supplies and food for our soldiers fighting for our freedom.

Here is the letter from them:

The Salvation Army is honored to join with Tricia in praising her new CD "No Fear In Love". Truly it is love that removes the fear in peoples lives. Love allows them to work together and accomplish great things for God and man. The Salvation Army is also honored that Tricia has announced that a portion of the price of all CDs sold will be donated to The Salvation Army. The poor of Silicon Valley have already benefited from Tricia''s generosity once. We are thrilled to be honored again by this special artist.

Major Kenneth Hood
Commanding Officer
The Salvation Army
Silicon Valley

"No Fear In Love" with 12 songs, the first 9 songs are Tricia on vocals and guitar. The 10th song is "In Heaven 9.11" with James Robinson who has been signed with Steve Via on his record label. LeeLee Stone sings harmony with Tricia to beautifully end this heart touching song.

The 11th song is "In Heaven 9.11 Instrumental" again James Robinson and introducing Matt Pinson, with a stellar performance on progressive lead guitar throughout the song.

The 12th song is an original composition by Matt Pinson titled, "Frozen Time" which exemplifies Matt''s feelings, that on that day....for many.......time stood still.

In completing this album, the last three songs are a trilogy of music dedicated to September 11th.


"No Fear In Love is the title song of this album......

We cannot truly love unless we overcome the fear
of being who we really are - feeling what we feel and being honest, being transparent does not equate being perfect but imperfect.....

No Fear In Love

There''s no fear....

I can see myself
In your eyes
It''s like they hypnotize
You pull me in

There''s only one chance to take
Time has a way
To reveal the magic that breaks
Thru changes we make

We may be light years apart
But not when it comes to the heart

A love like a fire
Burnin deep within
Filled with warm desire
Pure and infinite

There''s no fear
No fear in love
Have no fear
Only believe


"The freedom we need within
does not come from without
But from inside ourselves"




Her heart breaks when she thinks of her youth
She never knew the truth
Her heart breaks when she thinks of those years
Her eyes blind with tears

How could her family leave her alone
They could not have known
How she hurt in so many ways
She counted the days - to be eighteen - to be free-

Freedom wasn''t easy to find
In a world so unkind
She reached out to end her despair
In a prayer - to be free - inside

She turned from loneliness
to .God''s holiness
to be free...inside
from the pain
from the blame
from the shame
She''s free- inside


Beyond Time

I wait and wonder
Where you might be
I imagine your kiss
In a fantasy

Until I see you in the light
I''ll dream about you every night
Of your touch - your kiss - your love
In a world beyond time

You''re eyes entranced me
You''re love romanced me
You''re kiss enchanted me

I watch the sunset
And clouds go by
I imagine you here
You''re hand in mine

Until I see you in the light
I''ll dream about you every night
Of your touch - your kiss - your love
In a world beyond time


True Love

Thought I found true love
When I found you
Thought I found true love
When I married you

Awakened by thunder
Alone in my bed
I lay awake and wonder
about what''s ahead

Your pendulum swings
From denial to pretend
I...do... is more than a ring
It protects and defends

I''m talkin'' about love
Talkin'' bout true love
I''m talkin'' bout'' true love

It''s less confusing
Once you understand
Destiny is by choice
Not by chance

I''m talkin'' about love
Talkin'' bout true love
I''m talkin'' bout'' true love



Can You Hear Me

Some times the past haunts my mind
Sometimes I want to cross the line
That''s when I want to run away
Instead I stop, I turn and pray to you

God, can you hear me
Will you ease this heart of mine
It feels like it''s breaking
Show me a sign
I need you more than ever
I surrender all control
Take away these feelings
Deep inside my soul

Your peace flows like a river
Your glory fills this place
You wash away my fear
With your sweet embrace
You reach down from heaven
When I reach to the sky
I know you hear me
I can feel your peace flow thru me



Adams Song

He was born a twin by his brothers side
Adam learned to compromise
His gentle soul with an independent cry
Tryin to sort out love from pride
When he grew older he left his home
He searched for his father on his own
A miracle happened, an angel heard his cry
He found a way to justify

One San Francisco afternoon
At an Italian restaurant
With bread and wine
His father told him why
After he met Adams Bride

How love takes time
Love takes time
For the loss and pain
For the wind and rain
To wash away the tears
To forgive the years
Love takes time to mend


Another Love

You''ll find another love
Someone meant to be
You''ll find another love
You ''ve just got to believe

There''s someone special
Sweet and warm and true
Like your Momma told ya
Don''t think this is it for you

I know you heart is breaking still
I see it in your eyes
It''s gonna take some time to heal
With a heart as big as the sky

You''ll find another love
You just wait and see
You''ll find another love
You''ve just got to believe

You''ll find another love
Another love .......

"My reflection of Psalm 91 along with my love for sitting by the ocean"

Your Angels

Lookin over the ocean
Staring at the sky
Wishing and wondering
If I could fly

Wishing and wondering
If I could fly

You''re my refuge
You shield my soul
You command your angels
Wherever I go
I''m with your angels

One night in a dream
You dressed me all in white
You took me by the hand
So we could fly

You''re my refuge
You shield my soul
You command your angels
Wherever I go
I''m with your angels
Ooh your angels

Real Love Never Dies

I''d know you''re voice anywhere,
did you ever know....
You were my desire

Lookin out my window
From across the street
Hoping to see you outside
Combing thru your hair
Out in the sunlight
I didn''t know,
I had a chance
To be loved by someone like you

A few years later - my graduation
Moments I''ll never forget
How you looked at me
Ya held me so tight
I knew right then,
I could love you forever
Somehow circumstance
Stole the right

Took time to heal
All my fears
By grace heaven sent
There''s no reason,
Left to pretend
Cause my love for you
Is still there
Maybe someday this love will transcend

Real love never dies,
Sometimes it hides
Like a burning ember in a fire
It only takes a sigh to ignite

You can read about the story behind this song below at https://www.tradebit.com
A song to comfort hearts surviving the loss of a loved one.....

"In Heaven 9.11"

What do you say
When someone you know
Has gone to be with the Lord

What do you say
To loved ones left behind
When someone they love has gone

How do you show you care...
How do you dry tears....just by...being there

Sometimes I know it feels
Like the pain will never end
Life will never be the same
It takes time for hearts to mend

Say a silent prayer
In a peaceful and humble way
For courage and faith
We''ll be with them in heaven someday

We''ll sing with them in Heaven

Holy Holy Holy
Lord God Almighty
Who was...and is... and is ....come


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Tricia Greenwood

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