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GARY SHAWKEYS SECRETS Become An Expert Affiliate Marketer Overnight

Let Gary Shawkey and His Number One Student Brian Garvin Take You By The Hand and Show You Every Secret Brian Uses To Make Over $15,000 Monthly From Affiliate Programs.

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Keep 100 Of The Profits With This Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide!

Dear Friend,

Brian Garvin has proven every Internet Guru wrong, that has ever said you cant make serious money online with someone elses product or program.

With this e-book he really does take you by the hand and show you every secret he uses, so you can copy his success.

If you had the benefit of the knowledge in this e-book 5 years ago, and followed it, you could be a retired millionaire today.

Bob Silber,

In 1999 Brian Garvin earned $9,287.49
In 2000 Brian earned $14,531.72
In 2001 his income jumped to $226,493.98

The figures above increase monthly. By the end of this year Brian will easily be a bona-fide Internet Millionaire and will make at least $1,000,000.00.

Think you can live on that?

In Internet Marketing circles, Brian is very well respected.

Hes known as a Brilliant Marketer to almost anyone you talk to.

Youll discover how Super Affiliate Brian Garvin made $172,349.00 with Affiliate Programs last year on autopilot.

Very shortly, you will find out exactly how he did all this, creating a huge name for himself all over the internet with Affiliate Programs.

If you wanted to learn how to swim, would you rather read a book about swimming or start trying to swim with some help?

Brian Garvin makes a great living actually doing this stuff, so why not learn from someone who has succeeded in a very big way?

Brian promotes other peoples programs, lets them deal with the hassle of management, customer support, tech support, cutting affiliate checks and does nothing but promote and collect.

Every week he checks his Post Office Box and finds thousands.

Did you know that more than 95 of all affiliates never earn enough to warrant a paycheck?

And out of that 5 who do earn enough, only 2 of those would earn enough to be considered an income! What do I mean by this?

I mean an income that can actually do the average person justice.

My good Friend Brian Garvin has put out an awesome ebook that shows you exactly how you can duplicate his massive internet success. Brian really knows his stuff.

This is a must have for anyone serious about making a full time living on the internet!

Kris Stringham,

Have you ever wanted to know how ordinary people are making anywhere between $2,000.00 to $17,000.00 every month with affiliate programs?

Did you know that these people dont do anything, maybe work a couple hours per month.

They just worked hard for a few months, and now theyre gonna collect a nice paycheck for years.

Brian Garvin spent the last two years building his Internet Business, and now its paying off in a big way.

Hes worked hard to find out exactly how the internet works and how to help others, and now hes finally ready to help you.

Youll be happy to know that it doesnt take $10,000.00 flash sites to make big money on the net. You dont even need fancy layout.

Youre even allowed to be human and make a few typos here and there and still earn enough on the net to make a full time living.

So many people spend so much time trying to be perfect and they spend months even years before they actually go out and do something.

This is the wrong approach. Now is your chance to be easy on yourself.

To realize you can be a human being, work just a few hours per week and make a steady income, even thousands per month in Passive Residual Income promoting Affiliate Programs.

I can tell you now, Brians not using any of the methods you will learn in the many awful affiliate guides out there. The people using those outdated materials, (and in some cases the people selling the material) are not earning a red cent.

Hi, Brian! Before I read your ebook, I was seriously considering dropping my affiliate marketing efforts. I have spent countless hours making just about every mistake possible (like joining programs that barely pay pennies, and advertising in the wrong places, to name just two mistakes).

After reading your ebook, though, I am inspired to go at it again.

And this time, armed with all the fantastic ideas, methods, resources and tips your ebook provides, I feel certain I can succeed as an affiliate -- I may even become a Super Affiliate!

And if I do, I know it will be because of the wonderful information your ebook provides in a succinct, thoughtful and very clearly explained manner.

I now know where to find the best and highest paying affiliate programs, how to joint venture with web site owners who dont even have an affiliate program, and how to create a tie-in between my own products and other peoples affiliate programs -- all of which barely scratches the surface of the great ideas your ebook contains. So thank you, Brian. I literally could not do it without you.

Charles Cordova,

Brian Garvin is a hot topic on the internet these days. Weve been seeing his name more and more right next to the best of the best marketers out there.

Hes gotten the attention of all the serious marketers on the internet.

He is the TOP affiliate in almost every program he takes seriously.

This is no joke!

Where Brian goes, sales records get shattered.

People make money. And LOTS OF IT!!

But its not just Brian making a killing with Affiliate Programs.

There are thousands of people earning six figure incomes on the internet promoting these and the internet will soon have the infrastructure in place to allow hundreds of thousands of average people to earn this type of long-term, residual income.

As Bill Gates rolls out with his X-Box, and as the Internet matures and more software tools become available to Internet Marketers, the marketing community will become more stable.

This means that there will be many millions marketing on the internet, many right out of their own home using cutting edge software.

What you see now is just genesis.

Just ask Brian. He currently has at least 6 more web based software products in the pipeline that when developed, will change the way Internet business is done forever.

Soon, the average person will be able to compete on level ground with any Big Dot Com right from home. And it wont cost them a fortune to do it!

How do you find your niche in this mega billion dollar a year industry, WITHOUT wasting valuable time and money?

Its very easy to earn $1,000.00 per month or more on the Internet if you know what youre doing.

Brian sees so many mistakes each and every day it makes his stomach turn.

Youre about to learn to avoid these mistakes permanently.

Well its about time! Brian youre a genius. Ive been following youre marketing exploits for over a year now and there is no doubt you are the best marketer online today.

When I wrote my ebook Achieving Lift Off you were the first person I contacted to be included in my expert advice section.

Ive tried to copy your success by marketing in ezines and other methods I know you use.

However I have always wanted to get inside your brain. I almost sent you an email a while ago to beg you to write a book on the subject.

With all the books currently on the market offering their so called expert advice I knew there was only one person I wanted to hear from. And thats you. And now you have done it.

You little beauty! Im going to follow the advice you have laid out in your new book and I know it will be worth thousands of dollars to me. Plus youre offering resale rights.

Wow. Im ecstatic. At last I can get into the mind of the true super affiliate Brian Garvin.

Thanks for the opportunity mate.

Allan Wilson,

- How to Earn Thousands with Affiliate Programs

- Create Mini Sites That Make Use Of The BBL Principal.

(Buy, Bookmark Or Leave..)

- Generate Large Opt-In Lists That Want To Hear From You Time And Again.

- Use Pay Per Click Search Engines the right way.

- Never Use The Material The Affiliate Program Managers Give You.

- Promote A Wide Range Of Affiliate Programs That Will Generate Multiple Income Streams, And Even Pay You Every Month For Life.

- An Industrious way to use Ebay To Promote Your Affiliate Programs.

- How to out think every other affiliate in your program.

- Why you need to use Negative Qualifiers in CPA Advertsing.

- Ensure you never get ripped off when placing ads.

- Develop Relationships and Trust with Gurus. This works!

- How to get Affiliate Managers to cover your ad costs each month.

(You Can Do This Every month And Bring In $5000 At One Time)

- How to make a Killing Setting up Support sites.

- Affiliate Link Auto Redirect Code Testing Your ads on your own list.

- Use this Ebook and Train Your Affiliates!

- Use this Ebook and Train Your Downlines!

- Youll never have to depend on heavy hitters to be successful.

- Over 50 Questions from Affiliate Newbies and Experts answered in detail.

- Over 70 Meaty pages of true know-how straight from Brian Garvin.

So how can you learn all these million dollar techniques without spending thousands of dollars and many years of frustration on the Internet?

By Reading Gary Shawkeys Secrets

During the last three years I have read many e-books and how tos written by the established marketing experts of the twentieth century.

Successful people who are renowned for their expertise and professionalism. Household names we have come to trust.

Lets add a new name to that elite list - Brian Garvin.

Why? - In his new book Gary Shawkeys Secrets, he explains in simple, easy to understand English, how and why he has become the top selling affiliate of so many programmes.

Whats more, he virtually holds your hand and shows you how to use his incredible knowledge so that you can earn substantial recurring incomes as well.

This one book encapsulates everything I have ever read about developing and maximising Internet Income.

Then it transports us all to a new dimension of income generation. Truly Inspirational.

Get this book yourself. Get it Now and find out why I am happy to call Brian Garvin The First Affiliate Marketing Master of the Twenty First Century.

Kevin Polley,

Brian Garvin Made $172,349.00 with affiliate programs alone just last year and this year hes expecting to double this (Brian actually expects to make over a million this year, but thats not all from affiliate programs)!

Allen Says, author of Internet Cash Machines, a personal friend of Brians and head of the popular Internet Warriors flew Brian to the Bahamas for 4 days to meet him, first class with $500.00 spending cash.

You dont get this treatment without being real good!

The truth is, the Top Affiliate or even someone in the top group of affiliates will almost always have a direct line of communication with the owner or management of the program.

Discrimination and preferential treatment is alive and well on the internet today.

But it has NOTHING to do with race, color or age. Its all about green stuff.

Being a Top Reseller is also a way to get lots of insider information on other programs.

Brian usually gets personally contacted by the System Administrators or owners of a popular program weeks before launching.

Why? Because hes carefully branded himself over the last year in front of hundreds of thousands of Internet Marketers as a top performer, a.k.a., heavy hitter, a player.

The old Everyone is treated equal adage is a falsehood, because the companies spend most of their time making sure the top group of resellers continue to perform.

A company isnt gonna ignore the top people who are pulling em in the most bread, youll get preferential treatment every time. NO company ignores the top players.

$500.00 monthly cash bonuses for the Top Seller isnt uncommon in this business.

Brians personally won quite a few of these awards, and it allows him to advertise heavy and recoup all the ad costs after the bonus check arrives.

In this ebook, I vigorously interviewed Brian until he spilled his proverbial guts on how hes earning a mid six figure income with affiliate programs alone!

Can you earn this much?

Maybe not the first year, but eventually, in 2-3 years anyone can duplicate what Brian did to earn this income.

But more importantly, youll find out how easy it is to snatch a monthly check to pay your mortgage, alimony payment or any other extra bills youve aggregated.

If you have even MORE bills, just go to work a bit harder and make the income to pay those off.

Brian has never told anyone this information before, but now since hes made it he doesnt mind revealing his secrets.

Brian, Ive just finished reading Gary Shawkeys Secrets in one sitting and Im thoroughly satisfied with it.

You see, Ive been following your marketing approach for over a year now and am curious to find out the results youve achieved.

Take for example, your A+ Marketplace ezine which does not adopt the traditional free content approach.

What always intrigued me was how people stay subscribed to your ezine and whats even more amazing how you could turn them into paying customers...until I read your manual.

Your views on mini sites or mini affiliate sites are also spot on and serve as concrete proof of super affiliates using this technique.

It is very refreshing to see super affiliates like yourself who care to come forward and show others how to do it.

Thank you for sharing Gary Shawkeys Secrets.

Under normal circumstances, I would avoid MLM like the plague. I believe there are many other people who feel the same.

Whether or not Brian Garvins name is synonymous with MLM (well, thats what I think), whether or not MLM is for them, Id still recommend them to take a look at this manual.

Adam Lok,

Tons of Questions from Affiliate Newbies

EVERY Stone Unturned... EVERY Secret Revealed!!!!!!!

Hold onto the seat of your pants! Were throwing in this juicy bonus.

Brian has spent dozens of hours of his own time interviewing over 25 affiliate newbies and he specifically targeted people who just werent getting the picture, had them email Brian with every single one of their questions, and the detailed answers are in this manual!

So this manual is like a database for newbie affiliate marketers and seasoned affiliates alike. Over 50 Questions Answered in EXTREME Detail!

Master Resell Rights to this Ebook

Order today, and get Worldwide Complete Master Reprint Rights.

Purchase today and its your own money maker for life.

Youll get full rights to sell the ebook and a website just like this one with instructions on how to setup ecommerce quickly and even recruit your own army of affiliates!

Brian, The first few tips, especially the one about AOL should alone increase my affiliate income significantly.

I was talking to one of the big names in online marketing on the phone last week and we were discussing affiliate marketing and the first name that came up was Brian Garvin.

And now youve released this awesome book telling the world your affiliate marketing secrets!

The techniques you are giving away are certain to increase profits by 50 or more to anyone who implements your cant miss tactics.

Dave Kelly,

100 Love it or Shove It Guarantee!

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