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MP3 ebanie - Quiet Rage

This is a new eclectic and refreshing album mixed with Funk, Pop, Neo-Soul, Funk & Rock & Reggae. ebanie''s QUIET RAGE Album *The New Xperience.

13 MP3 Songs
POP: with Electronic Production, URBAN/R&B: Brown-Eyed Soul

Xperience Ebanie''s
An Eclectic Blend Of Xperiences.

ARTIST: Ebanie.
ALBUM: Quiet Rage
STYLE: Pop/Rock - Urban /Funk, Neo-Soul.
LABEL: SlamStreet Records.
BASE: United States.
CONTACT: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com
EMAIL: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com


Born in - Guyana, South America. Sung with the St Georges Cathedral Church Choir. At 14 yrs, joined a local Band performing Lead, Back-up Vocals and played Percussion while touring most of the country. At 16yrs, family migrated to the United States. Ebanie moved to Oceanside California where he attending Oceanside High. After HS, he returned to New Jersey and began touring with "The INNERSTATE" reggae band performing Lead, Back-up Vocals & Guitars. Before the members were about to go their separate ways, Ebanie was scouted for yet another famous Reggae Band "KEYSTONE" from Philadelphia, who were at that time touring with Legendary Reggae Superstar "MAX ROMEO". During that tour he was discovered by a Record Company Executive at California based Indi Pop/R&B label SAK Records.

After "Max Romeo''s" tour ended, SAK Records signed Ebanie to record a single for their label, gaving him full rights to Producer, Writer and sing Lead, along with his close friend and guitar player. As the story goes, after the legal madness, the final out come saw Ebanie Co-Producing the Single for his friend instead, and did not sing or write for that project. After he left SAK Records, Ebanie obtained Artist Management and a Financial Backer, and began work on his first and most ambitious Solo project to date "DO ME RIGHT".

“DO ME RIGHT” Album was Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Ebanie, and recorded at “ALL STAR SOUND Studios” 1st Ave, North Newark NJ, Engineered by Steve Becker & If Walls Could Talk Studios, Passaic NJ by Glenn Taylor. While at All Star Sound Studios, Ebanie had the pleasure of meeting legendary Producer James M''Tume, during that period M''Tume was working on his group project and producing jazz artist Roy Ayres. Ebanie soaked up some of the skills and knowledge of M''Tume, who was always willing to teach young up and coming artist/producers. And he allowed Ebanie to sit in on his sessions to check out his work. During that period, Ebanie met yet another famous person/entertainment lawyer Mr. Karl Guthrie,

Karl Guthrie, who''s sister is the Late Gwen Guthrie, had secured record deals for artist such as ‘Lisa Lisa & the Colt Jam’, ‘Full Force’ and many others... he became a mentor and friend who saw that ebanie was very eager to learn the Entertainment business. And became very instrumental in teaching ebanie the ins and outs of the industry, he taught ebanie the importance of attending various Music Seminars and answered any questions he had concerning issues he had been encountering. At one such seminar NMS (NEW MUSIC Seminar) in New York City, Karl introduced Ebanie to many of the hard hitters of the time. With his Demo’s in hand, a Canadian Indi Label found his material very commercial and asked to sign a couple of singles they had heard. After turning down that label, and realizing that he had marketable material, Ebanie embarked on putting together his own independent Record Label "YESAK Records and began work on releasing his first single.

At Karl Gurhrie’s Office, he told Ebanie about a famous Platinum Recording Group “Young & Company”, who had needed a Producer at the time, and was taking office in the same building as Karl. Ebanie was then asked by the members Kenny, Mike & Billy, to produce their album. At the time they were signed to Atlantic Records. Ebanie began Production on their album at then famous “MEDIA SOUND Studio” NYC. A week later at MEDIA Sound studio, he happened to meet the mix-engineer who was working in studio A, and was impressed with ebanie’s work, asked Ebanie to assist in mixing a single that had just one day before had been recorded by the famous ROLLING STONES called "Harlem Shuffle", which had featured BOBBY WOMACK. That Single was mixed and ready to be premier the very next evening that the ROLLING Stones had to appear at the Grammy’s where they were to receive a Life Time Achievement Award, making this one of Ebanie''s most crowning achievements.

After fulfilling his obligation with Young & Company’s album, he began recording “RESCUE YOU” A Single which was later signed to VIRGIN Record UK. RESCUE YOU was recorded at If Walls Could Talk Studios and Mixed at Mission Control Studios Boston MA, by Chris Erwin and Sydney Burton. MISSION Control Studios was owned by Michael Junzun younger brother of Morris Starr. Michael himself spend a few summers with ebanie teaching him new ideas concerning the industry. The Second Single “HEAVYLOAD” was recorded at CALLIOPE Studios and engineered by Calvin Gaines, with overdubs at DIGITAL Sound Studios New York with Chris Erwin. The Mix was done at If Walls Could Talk Studios by Glenn Taylor & Ebanie. "HEAVYLOAD", upon it’s first 3 weeks of release, received rave reviews in the States, and South America, and was very instrumental in launching his career as an artist and record producer. Ebanie toured extensively throughout the United States for 4 months, before realizing that his Single was Number One in South America. He was then invited to visit on a promotional tour by the entertainment media and radio personalities. After two visits to South America, he returning to the States. On one of his shows he was asked by the manager of CAPITAL Records artist ‘CHYENA’ to produce a song for her. He began work with ‘CHYENA’ at Digital Sound Studios NY. Then was asked to Produce an Atlantic Records signed Rock Group ‘LAURIE BODEN & HOT PURSUIT’. The band was based in Fairfax VA, and ebanie brought them to New York to record, employing the late great rock guitarist ‘GORDON GAINES. They recorded 5 tracks at SUNSET Studios New York, then overdubs with Gordon at BOB BLANK’S Studio in Conn.

Ebanie moved to LONDON ENGLAND to pursue breaking into the European market where he lived and did some work with VIRGIN Records UK. While in London, he received a Singles deal with Virgin for the single “RESCUE YOU”. He was then asked to returned to the States by Chris Erwin of CALLIOPE Studio/Productions who were at the time working deals with CBS/Sony Records USA. They offered him an Album deal and give him full rights to produce his work He began work on “PARANOIA” album after signing an Artist Production deal with Calliope. Just before it’s completion, Calliope began having issues with it’s complex and was closed while the deals with CBS fizzled. The masters was then turned over to ebanie who shelved the album and returned to London. with Various Reggae Artist for various Reggae Record labels; Golden Crown Records, FullVibes Records, Island Records, Tuff Gong Records, Jamm Records, Livi Records and Europe Records. Many of the singles were released on those Labels throughout the USA, West Indies, Jamaica, England, Guyana, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Barbados.

After returning to America, Ebanie began production on a few artist for various labels, some famous and some new up and coming. And in 1995, he received a singles deal with MHG Records, a Nigerian - USA based R&B/Reggae label, who''s A&R was interested in releasing the single "KOOL LOVER" f/ Ebanie & Floydie Ranks, and was produced, arranged and composed by Ebanie. This single was released in the summer of 1995 to Rave Reviews in BILLBOARD, IMPACT Magazine, NIGERIAN Times, HIT Music Report, DANCE Music Report, Billboard Monitor, and many top stations across the country, of which launched a major marketing campaign and USA promotional tour.

When that tour had ended and his obligation with MHG Records was up, Ebanie continued what he had left off with CALLIOPE Studios, and began working on completing the ‘PARANOIA’ album at "Jamm Studios" in New Jersey, which was engineered by "Joe Marno" & mixed by ebanie and Joe. At completion, he headed out to Cape Cod to meet with MICHAEL JUNZUN, his very good friend who advised him on many aspects of the industry. After that meeting ebanie then headed out to Sherman Oaks California and meet with then Manager; ''Dick (Richard) Scott,'' who went into talks with Warner Bros, and Virgin (USA) concerning signing Ebanie and (or) Scott''s production company. This record was again held, due to issues with Management and the Record Companies, and Scott was along with that deal working on a Broadway type play and decided to move his business interest from the Music Industry. After returning from California, Ebanie moved to Virginia at the end of 1996 where he kept quiet for about one year, only to began recording; "SOUL TEMPLE".. and he Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed and Engineered the entire demo of 18 songs.

SOUL TEMPLE was done at his friends studio on the Chesapeake bay / Norfolk Borders in Virginia on the water. That setting made it easy for ebanie to release that frustration and energy in a positive way reaching deep and finding all that was going on in his life. He says that Virginia was a breath of fresh air. It inspired him to dig deep into his inner soul and thus SOUL TEMPLE. The album was released on SlamStreet Records 1999, another of Ebanie’s newest indi label, and at the time, distributed by Europe Enterprises Inc., in Virginia. He then embarked on a very ambitious to date, major promotional tour that took him to Cannes France where he performed at Reed MIDEM World Music Seminar, and before the album was released, it found it’s way on 98.7 WRKS FM New York, regularly, and after returning to the States, he began a national promotional campaign.

While in Virginia, after the infamous September 11th disaster in New York City. Ebanie received a call from a close friend, someone who is a staple in Radio and Midea in New York City ‘BJ Stone’. He was now heading the R&B & Urban Music department at SIRIUS Satellite Radio New York. SIRIUS were about to in addition to being a Radio Station, move into the production of music and launching their own Record Company. Ebanie was asked to put together an album of songs to fit the Pop/Urban/Rock & R&B Genres. Ebanie then returned to New York and launched into recording the now “QUIET RAGE” Album. It seems like he was on a roll, since the entire album only took exactly 1 month to record 14 songs. He played all of the instruments, Sang all of the vocals, Engineered and Mixed the entire Sessions. At first listen, Bj Stone was so excited about the package, that before 2 songs made their way on rotation at SIRIUS.

QUIET RAGE, is now available for digital downloads and Purchase at most worldwide internet audio download sites. Distributed mainly by CDBABY and at selected major record/CD stores nationally and world wide.

Ebanie: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards.

Produced, Arranged, Composed, & Performed by Ebanie.
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Ebanie
Recorded @ Too Tight Studios - Norfolk VA.
Mixed @ Too Tight Studios & SlamWise Studios.
Album Edited @ Sacred Sound Studios by Joe Marno.
Mastered & Digital Force - New York City; by Fritz.

Produced, Arranged, Composed, & Performed by Ebanie.
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Ebanie
Recorded @ Big Mo’s Studio ‘C’ –NJ.
Recorded @ The Cave House Studios –NJ.
Recorded @ SlamWise Studios –NJ.
Mixed @ SlamWise Studios.
Mastered & A+Media -NJ; by Appolon (Chap) Noel.

Produced, Arranged, Composed, & Performed by Ebanie.
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Ebanie
Additional Mixes by: Joe Marno @ Jamm Studios.
Recorded @ Calliope Studios, New York
Recorded @ DML Studios by: Chap Appalon Noel & Ebanie
Mastered @ SlamWise Studios
Guest on "I Want Too", "Time" & "I Want To Make Love To U" by: Janette Vidal & Carla Duren.

WORKS: Melky & Sedeck Jean- Brick City Unit. Young & Company-Atlantic Records, Rolling Stones, Laurie Boden & Hot Pursuit- Atlantic Records, Chyena – Capital Records, DoggyBag, Michelle Adrien, Nardo Ranks - Profile Records, Max Romeo, Professor Nuts, David Starr- Europe Records, Floydie Ranks- FullVibes Records, Wayne P, Trevor Melody- Golden Crown Records, Elijah- Europe Records, Ras Moses- Europe Records, Ras Gad- Europe Records, 2Fly- MHG Records, Papa Levi, Levi Little, Keith Pole, Ras Fikri- Island Records…..and many others...

SCHOOLED BY: James Mtume, Glen Taylor-If Walls Could Talk Studios New Jersey, Chris Erwin-Calliope Studios New York, Joe Marno - Jamm Studios New Jersey, Tom Zapp-E.A.R.S Studios, EO New Jersey.

LIVE PERFORMANCES: Midem Cannes France, Fountain Blu Hotel Miami Beach Florida, Dance Music Association -Phili PA, BMA Music Seminar - Miami Florida, Asian Pageant-Rutgers University New Jersey, Jack The Rapper - Atlanta Georgia, Club Elite New York, Night Moves New Jersey, Club Mirage New York, Club Eclipse New Jersey, Club Foxes Jersey City NJ, Club Passions N. Bergen NJ, 1st Avenue Club N. Newark NJ ... Many more mentions later.

• 2004: Mixed Album for “Brick City Records” featuring Melky & Sadeck Jean. 12 tracks/. Recorded and Mixed at Brick City Studio ‘B'' by Ebanie.

• 2005-06: ''QUIET RAGE'' Album. ***COMING SOON***2007**
For SlamStreet Records. Two singles of this album is aired on SIRIUS Satellite Radio NEW YORK City.. 1. Closer To You. And 2. WHY. On Slow Jamz and Today’s R&B/Hot Jamz. Contact; BJ Stone. Format Manager at Sirius Satellite Radio NEW YORK City.
Recorded & Mixed @ Big MO Studios ‘C’, NJ> Recorded & Mixed at SlamWise Studios & The Cave House Studios. by ebanie. Mastered at A+Media. Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by Ebanie.

• 2006: Completed Album (I’ve Got A Fire) Featuring Michelle Adrien. With some collaboration with, Andre D’Arby, Shay Taylor, Levi Little, Mike (Nitty Green) Best, and Agbola Shedee. Recorded & Mixed By Ebanie, @ Sacred Sound Studios Datytona FL, and Sound Lab Studios. Mastered by Mr. Joe Lambert @ TRUTONE Labs New York.
Produced, Arranged & Composed by Ebanie.

*• 2006-2007: Mixed Album for Group “Mutha Planet” featuring Darren D’Arby & Tiry. This work was done in Schorndorf GERMANY at Waters Edge Studios & Remini ITALY at AXIS Studios in the Summer of 2006. https://www.tradebit.como
And at SlamWise Studios NY, & A+Media Studios. NJ

* A Compilation Of Singles Ebanie Produced A Few Of The Reggae Artist Who Were Signed To His and other Record Labels: MHG Records, Island Records, Tuff Gong Records, Jamm Records, Levi Records, FullVibes Records, Europe Records, Profile Records, Golden Crown Records- it will be featuring 22 Songs of 9 different Reggae Artists: Platinum Recording Artist; Nardo Ranks, Floydie Ranks, David Starr, Wayne P., Professor Nuts, Ras Moses, Keith Pole, Elijah. - CHECK WITH CD BABY & SlamStreet Records FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS AND OTHER RELEASES DATE 2007.

RECORD LABEL: SlamStreet Records Inc.,
EMAIL: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com
PUBLISHING: iinobe Music - ASCAP
DISTRIBUTOR: Europe Enterprises Inc., and available at ;
CD https://www.tradebit.com .. and all other Digital Download sites/media.
ARTIST INFO: https://www.tradebit.com
ARTIST EMAIL: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com

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