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MP3 Molly McNight - Rock Me

Classic 1980s Low Fi Chick Rock/Pop. Raunchy, sexy and fun.

10 MP3 Songs
ROCK: 80''s Rock, POP: 80''s Pop

“I believe everyone has the right to re-create themselves. It’s Never Too Late!” Molly McNight

Warning: Some of the lyrical content on this album is MATURE, not intended for young children!


PROJECT: Molly McNight "Rock Me" 80s Sunset Strip Musical

NEEDED: Female and Male, 18 and up

TYPE OF AUDITION: Open to all.

PAY: Union Scale

PRODUCED BY: Oakstone Entertainment, Woodland Hills, California.

DIRECTED BY: Meredith Day
Resume and awards listed on https://www.tradebit.com
Author of "Starmaker Machinery" Avail. at https://www.tradebit.com

Agents and Coaches are welcome to submit and accompany their talent if chosen to audition.

Warning: Lyrical content in songs is 1980s Mature Relationship Oriented Rock .

Please listen to material prior to submitting entry.

Thank You!

Send a rough “basement” tape or cd of you performing one of my songs off Rock Me (acapella ok) and you could score a cameo performance at my live show, on MTV and on the classic 80s Rock radio station nearest your hometown! PLUS a $1000 gift certificate for gear at Guitar Center®!

If you are chosen you will also perform in The Molly McNight "Rock Me" musical.

Remember, my day job is developing talent. I figure this is a great way to find some. It doesn’t have to be slick, just the real you.

You don''t need to have an agent, local music or acting coach. If you do, they are welcome to attend your audition should you be chosen.

Send the tape or cd to, Meredith Day/Oakstone Entertainment, P.O. Box 6261, Woodland Hills, Ca 91365 USA.

Don’t forget to mark the Tape or CD clearly with your Name, Phone number and e mail address. Do not send your only copy. It WILL NOT be returned!

If you are more clever than I, and can figure out how to do it, log in as a friend on my "Molly McNight" MySpace page.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Read on for more info about what I do.

Good Luck! “Molly McNight”


A true, hands on tribute to the 80s Hollywood Sunset Strip "Hair Band" rock era as seen firsthand through the irreverent eyes of singer songwriter "Molly McNight".

If you have a friend who might like this music, I would be deeply grateful if you would tell them about it!

(Hard goods, not internet)


“...primarily a vehicle for Day''s vocal ability. Her voice has a strength and clarity, and she delivers the goods in a variety of styles. On Shanty Town the singing, the distinctive reggae-style drums and the accompanying horns convey a tranquility as pleasing as a spring picnic… Day’s virtuosity is unmistakable”
Music Connection Magazine

“Before Sheryl Crow, Day was singing about the (Hollywood) scene in songs like "Sundown Cinderella.. Day seems at her best when collaborating with engineer Calvin James, as on "Lie to You”… "Never Too Late" sounds like early Missing Persons, with one of Day''s best vocals… Lost Inside the Mirrors is an intriguing look at another dimension of Molly Day''s many talents, and it is a pretty gutsy move from a woman with such a photographic eye. The album could find a new life if used as demos for some of her famous clients.”
Joe Viglione/https://www.tradebit.com

“Straightforward… remarkable in the completeness of it’s songs… careful and imaginative musicianship… tons of that potential stuff your teacher keeps nagging you about..”
Ethlie Ann Vare/Pulse Magazine/ Tower Records


Re Release in Honor of All the young talented artists who need to ignore their retinue of naysayers and un-empowerers, kick off their shoes, spread their wings and soar to greatness.

Re Release thanks to all the stuff I’v read in Oprah Magazine that has given me the guts to re create myself.

In spite of being a sub-no budget Indie release, Molly McNight (AKA Meredith “Molly” Day) has a cult following worldwide, thanks to reviews done in 1986 by Ethlie Ann Vare in Tower Records’ Pulse Magazine (Distribution!) and Joe Viglione’s review for AMG that has crossed the entire galaxy and back! The original version entitled “Lost Inside The Mirrors” was released as an Indie on Day’s AMIE Records in 1986.

Originally recorded at the Steam Room, Encino California, USA, Produced by Meredith Day, Co-Produced/Engineered by James Calvin Johnson (Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame), Mixed by Dennis MacKay (Alcatraz, Spiders from Mars, Romantic Warrior, Brand X), Orig. analog tapes Baked and re Mastered by Eric Labson at Universal Mastering. It’s a miracle!

Re Release Co-Produced by Robert Jonathon Day and Meredith Day

RE Release inspired by and in memory of Jo Jo Laine
A multi talented model, actress, singer, author, who’s effervescent light paved an avenue for so many talented artists including McNight. "Jo Jo always celebrated me for exactly who I was and who I wasn’t."

GRAPHIC ART and Colorization of Jo Jo Laine by James Esker


About "Rock Me" by Molly McNight AKA Meredith Day

These songs were written and performed in the mid Eighties by Meredith (Molly) Day.

Day went on to become one of the "gatekeepers" of music image and talent development nationwoide. (Kenny Kerner, Gig Magazine/Taxi)

Day pioneered light box displays in record store windows and 3d animated photography for the Film and Music industry in the mid 1980s and early 1990s. She invented and patented several 3d animation cameras she then used in her entertainment industry large format photography.

A successful talent developer, her credits include discovering and developing such stars as Margo Harshman as seen on “Even Stevens” (Music TV and Film) and Adrianne Leon as seen on General Hospital and The Young and The Restless (Music and TV).

Day has also helped such stars as Michael Welch and Shia LaBeouf (both guitar players/drummers) connect with music industry product endorsements and spread their musical wings.

Day continues to write and produce music and visual imagery for Recording Artists, Actors, and Television and Film Productions.

Day is currently working on a book of her classic entertainment industry, photography, including such notable portraits as Helmut Newton, Eddie "Cleanhaed" Vinson, Joe Walsh, Margo Harshman and Michael Welch.

A true Renaissance woman Day has also written directed and produced a number of projects ranging from Award winning short films to music videos under the umbrella of her production company "Oakstone Entertainment".

For the current re release of her classic 1980s album, Day has re invented herself by creating her "Cyber Singer" persona "Molly McNight. With a little help from her friends.

The music is raw, with “see saw” Sonics, recorded in "The Steam Room" owned by renowned Minn. Blues Hall of Fame member James Calvin Johnson.

Johnson''s Band "Gypsy" was the house band for the Whiskey A Go Go in the Hollywood Heyday. He is also known for his project "The Steamers’ with Stanley Kipper.

"Back then I didn’t appreciate what a flat out musical genius Johnson was. I wish I had given more credit to him on the first release.

It''s only now, after producing so many artists myself in the studio, that I look back and am boggled by his (8 track super bumped) production and musical contributions. Back then I was too inexperienced to know how lucky I was to have him at the board, at the guitar and at the mike. He was a gift from God and Terry Lee Haeffer"

Day co wrote several songs on the album with Johnson and chose to record his Vietnam tribute "Survivor" which she dedicates to Viet Nam Vet Johnson and her son Robert, now serving in the Army in Iraq.

Day goes on to say, "My co-writer and guitar player, John Hunt, (Captain and Tenille, Engleburt Humperdink, Juice Newton) was also a genius. Whatever I wanted he threw down much better than I could ever imagine!" Even today, after all the stunning guitar players I have produced, I really enjoy listening to what Hunt did on the album. Bass Guitar, vocals, everything."

“My drummers included John Anderson and Stanley Kipper. Again how lucky was I!” I was told that John went on to invent the “surfboard leash” and retired quite nicely shortly thereafter.

When asked what motivated Day to re release the album, Day states "I was always unhappy with the marketing of the project. I did everything wrong I could do.

“There was no one to guide me as I guide my clients today. That’s why I like to help talented artists. I think of how much I could have used my help back then.

“At the time I was really too old to put myself on the cover, should have gone with a cool graphic. I put my kid on the back because I love him to death. A real no no.

“Later I found out you NEVER put your kid on the back cover of your album, book whatever. No one buys your stuff for the pic of you kid on the back cover.

“Hindsight be 20/20 I should have used the hottest “Young Thing” I could find on the cover. That would have been fun!

“I had this fantasy that other people would help me connect the dots, and my most connected "associates" actually did the opposite.

Day States, "The album had 2.5 minutes of fame in Pulse magazine. Thanks to Ethlie Ann Vare’s review in the magazine I got a golden ticket. Distribution through the Tower Records Store chain.

"Frankly, because of the very modest production quality of the album, I was amazed at the attention it received and the orders from the record stores with virtually no promotion other than the stunning reviews.

“What has really propelled the record all these years was the review Jo Viglione did later for https://www.tradebit.com. That review really shot the album across the grid. To the end of the galaxy.

"Calvin and I had a lot of fun writing some songs and working with some world class players. Back then I never imagined that classic wanna be 80s rock album would still be floating around the Internet 23 years later.

"Anyway, my friend James Esker waved it in front of me in 2007 and said, hey, why not take the album back in and re-master it and fling it back onto the grid? See what happens? I thought, wow, let''s take that old picture I did in the eighties for Music Connection of a fictional Music Connection "NAMM SLUT" and put it on the cover.

"Del Breckenfeld at Fender® International said to me, hey Meredith, yeah, press vinyl too!... OK!

"Music Connection actually gave me permission to even use the original article and 1985 Magazine Chaka Kahn cover on the back of the poster and web site."

Day put the project together. When asked about the cover and poster art Day States, "That''s a funny story, in 1985 Kenny Kerner, then the editor of Music Connection Magazine in L.A., called me and asked if I had, or could create a pic of a NAMM SLUT.

I said, What''s that? He said that at NAMM the guitar manufacturers were hiring really sexy groupies to wander around the trade show in next to nothing, carrying guitars. He wanted to write an article about that.

"Here''s where it gets amusing. I rented a room at the time to a crazy, talented Rock n Roller, singer songwriter named Kat Wright. A great songwriter. Really pretty, great figure.

“I asked her to do the picture, told her I''d do some headshots for her in return. She agreed.

"Well, go figure, in about 1990 or so, I decide I''d like to do a poster of the Picture. I called Kat in Nashville. She had married talented writer/producer, Sam Tate, who had seen her picture on my wall, begged to meet her, took her to Nashville and married her. Still happily partnered today.

"She said, well, ok I''ll give you the release on the picture, but chop my head off so no one will know it''s me. I write country now, and that picture will rile up my potential work. Ok, I said.

"So being in survival, a single mom with no child support. I never did the poster. Too busy just surviving. The major issues in our life were, hmmmmm, Top Ramen or pay the utilities?

“We survived due to the kindness of clients like Janelle Harshman who brought us electric blankets, knowing we had no heat or hot water in our studio.

“Bless you Janelle!

“For years I kept the rent partially paid doing rock photography. A crappy businesswoman, I made more fame than fortune. Portfolio looked great, a true renaissance woman on paper. I had enough “Three day Notices to Quit” to wallpaper the bedroom.

"Cut to 2008. My creative soul mate says one day, hey that album you gave me about ten years ago, you should do something with that. Do something with all that music you have in storage in the garage that you''ve written and produced but never released!

"He caught me at a good time. I was doing well, I had a bit of space in my days, and I said, Why not?

"Once again I called Kat Wright, told her I was going to use the picture for an album cover, just wanted to let her know and assure her I had cut off her head. She said cool as long as no one could tell who she was. She sent me a new release. I cut her in, in case we ever sold one.

"I asked Jim Esker, my creative soul mate, if he could clean up the pic a bit. It was pretty beat up. Did I mention he is an award winning graphic artist and designer? Been making my clients look already famous for years.

"Well, he finds it impossible to do anything half baked, and after an all nighter of intermittently watching him work and sleeping on the couch behind him, I have this stunning piece of art for the cover.

“It looks so great I email it to my, up to then, anonymous country singer songwriter friend.

"She looks at it and says, well, you know, I don''t think it would hurt if people knew it was me. I''m doing good enough now (multiple Grammy nominations for chart topping country hit songs) that I guess people could know it''s me in the picture.

“Thereby Annie Tate comes out of the 1980s rock and roll photographic closet.

“Her parting words, "He got rid of all my freckles!"

“Anyhow, at the end of the day, I have a real ok "personal" best" re master (by Maestro Eric Labsen, Universal Mastering) with awesome classic 80s cover art with a great back-story.

“Side note! The Sonics on some of the songs are due to having to super bounce, Eric could do nothing about that, but what Eric brought to the party is a re master that actually sounds really good in cyberspace, in spite of all the technical challenges!

"People have asked me if I intend to tour the music.

"No, just praying at the soundtrack alter. It might be fun to hire some cute young talented rockin mama who really needs a break to do a charity show or two for me. Maybe a tour. Give someone that deserves it a leg up.

“If that might be you, send me a demo!

“Frankly, I''d just rather luck out and place it coming from a car radio in the background of an Ed Wood wanna be direct to video project or two. That would be fun. I would be really grateful for that

“ I also hope there are one or two people out there like me, who will stick it in the iPod and crank it!

“I guess really what I''m up to is kind of saying now, all these years later, is, why didn''t I do this in the first place! Who gives a bleep about seeing you on the cover, use the kickin''ist shot you can get your hands on and let the music flow.”

“Put a show stopper in the window and deal fair.” Dick Francis

Day goes on, “For years I''ve been telling the bands I have developed that the cover needs to say exactly what you will be listening to, or the cd won''t get in the deck or downloaded.

“The picture on the re release cover is a tribute to the pleasure I get out of burying myself in great songs about great relationships. Good and bad. Every song on this collection was triggered by an experience that I love to replay.

“ The exception to that is, Survivor. That song is a prayer for all the young people like my son serving in Iraq. James Calvin Johnson wrote it from his experience of Viet Nam and It needs to Pay It Forward.

“My Graphic Artist, James Esker, who, interestingly, is quite a bit younger than I, (grin) likes a completely different style of sort of Bjork Japanese robotic linear industrial music/heavy metal. But he truly was able to climb into the cover art and draw my passion for what I like. Give me a piece of art that truly states who I am in my head, if not still in my canister.

“It seems to be a best kept secret that as you get older you really need to allow yourself to be younger inside. You need to give yourself permission to look at what moves you. Young Thing is a tribute to that. The canister sags as the fantasies grow.

Annie Tate does not endorse the quality of the songwriting or production, nor did she have anything to do with the writing or production herein, and truly, probably really thinks the music is, well..."keep plugging away" Meredith!

But she does like the poster….

Thank you Annie and Sam!!!!!



Never Too Late – 80s Rock
Vocal: McNight
(Meredith Day, Ken Lindsey, Michael Towers)

Young Thing – 80s Rock
Vocal: McNight, Hunt
(Meredith Day, John Hunt)

Shanty Town – Reggae Rock Rock
Vocal: McNight, James
(Meredith Day, James Calvin Johnson)

Sundown Cinderella – Bubblegum Pop
Vocal: McNight
(Meredith Day, Ann Greenwald, Toby Kasavan, Robert Danziger)

4 The Money – 80s Rock
Vocal: McNight, Hunt
(Meredith Day, John Hunt)

No Prisoners – 80s Rock
Vocal: McNight
(Meredith Day, John Hunt)

Lie To You – Reggae Country
Vocal: McNight, James
(Meredith Day, James Calvin Johnson)

Survivor – Military Rock
Vocal: McNight
(James Calvin Johnson)

Poor Boys – 80s Rock
Vocal: McNight
(James Calvin Johnson)

Twisted Piece – Heavy Metal
Vocal: McNight
(Meredith Day, John Hunt)

Album Notes:

Recorded at the Steam Room, Encino California, USA, Earth

RE Release Co-Produced by Robert Jonathon Day and Meredith Day

Original album Co-Produced/Engineered by James Calvin Johnson

Mixed By Dennis MacKay

Excessively bumped 8 Track Tascam 80-8

Basic 8 tracks bounced down to 2 tracks then bounced back to the 8 track and then added 6 more overdubs and mixed her

©2008 Oakstone Entertainment

email: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com

[email protected]://www.tradebit.com

Deeper Recording Credits upon request.

VOCALS Molly McNight, James Calvin Johnson, John Hunt

MCNIGHT VOCAL COACH Suzanne Keichle, Studio City CA

GUITAR John Hunt, James Calvin Johnson

BASS Debra Lampell, John Hunt, James Calvin Johnson

SAX Vince Denham

TRUMPET James Calvin Johnson

KEYBOARDS Toby Kasavan, Robert Danziger

PERCUSSION Stanley Kipper

DRUMS John Chapman, Stanley Kipper

“ROCK ME” By Molly McNight (AKA Meredith “Molly” Day)
(c)2008 RodJRay Publishing
Catalogue# OE080522 – ASCAP

All graphic and audio Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated without express written permission

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