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NLP PUA - Seduction Guide for Dating, SEX Guide Secrets Of Badboy

“How In-The-Heck Does This Skinny, Balding Croatian Guy Consistently
Pickup Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women
While Humiliating Younger… Richer…
Better Looking Men?”

The Answer Will Shock And Amaze You!
A Simple… Easy-To-Learn… And Instantly Effective "4-Step Method" That Virtually Guarantees You'll Be
Approaching… Attracting… (and Eventually Seducing!)
Gorgeous… Sexy… Intelligent Women
On Your Very Next Night Out
No Matter What You Look Like… How Much Money You Have… or What You Do For a Living.

This ‘Direct’ Approach Is The New Secret Weapon Of All
Regular Guys Looking for an “Unfair” Advantage
in Their Dating Life.

Dating and Seduction Coach Badboy doesn't mind one bit being called names. He's actually getting used to wealthier "good-looking" guys being furious with him.
Because he regularly approaches their girlfriends… gets them intensely attracted to him... then walks away with the woman’s number – or in many cases, brings her home that VERY SAME NIGHT! It's a humbling experience for these hot-shot rich guys - especially because…

Badboy Is Just
5'8" tall… 150-pounds…
Balding… And Walks Around With a Limp.
Believe it or not, he actually enjoys walking right by all the cocky, “macho” guys and seducing the most beautiful woman in the room — because it PROVES that his simple "4-step" method to attracting drop-dead gorgeous women is actually superior to looks, wealth, physical size or anything else.

What's more - he's now ready to show you everything he knows.

It's an amazing story that's definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Here's what's happening: You may have never heard of Badboy — or maybe you have — but he's fast becoming a hero to all regular guys who may not have all the “advantages” on their side — and who may have started this game a little late in life.

He's known in the "inner circles" across the world because he’s able to do what only the best seducers and pickup artists in the world can do — except he does it more directly, faster and with little or no canned “routines”… “openers”… special “techniques” or any other memorized material.

For example just two months ago — while giving some instructional seminars in Southern California — Badboy picked up (and spent the night with!) one “LA Hottie” after another. And he did by approaching them directly — believe it or not, often leading with a compliment — and he did it so fast he left other guys stunned in disbelief!

And this wasn’t the first time. In fact, Badboy has literally “cracked the code” on…

How to Approach, Attract and Seduce Beautiful Women—
In Dozens of Countries Around the World!
To say that Badboy is quickly becoming a legend in the "underground" seduction circles is an understatement to say the least. He's literally been flooded with requests - especially from up-and-coming pickup artists - to reveal the secrets of his astonishing attraction and seduction skills.

But what's getting so many regular guys of all ages so excited — not just players… pickup artists… or seduction pros — is that Badboy's 4-step "Direct Game" method for attracting unusually beautiful women is no longer a "lock-box" secret. It's now available to anyone who asks. If you truly want to advance your attraction and seduction skills as fast as possible — you'll want to get your hands on this right away.

Because suddenly walking right up to the most beautiful woman in the room will no longer be a big deal for you. You'll discover EXACTLY how to approach her with confidence and boldness — without having to "memorize" fifteen different things to say. Just four simple "steps" and this game instantly becomes a whole lot easier - and definitely a lot more fun!

Imagine would it would feel like to talk to any woman — with TOTAL, 100 CONFIDENCE — and begin getting phone numbers, “makeouts” and sexual encounters so much more frequently…

Your Buddies Will Scream Bloody Murder—
And Beg You to Tell Them EVERYTHING You’re Doing!

But what's really beautiful about this 4-Step, “Direct Game” Method — revealed in the best-selling BADBOY SEDUCTION MANUAL — is that it doesn't require you to do anything "unnatural" to attract and pickup any of the hotties you see when you’re out.

It's a simple “one-two-three-four” method that you'll have nailed-down with just ONE read (along with some dedicated effort). Yes, you WILL have to practice. But once you get the hang of it, Badboy’s entire approach really is quite easy… and that powerful.

Why? Because when your confidence and natural male dominance shoot through the roof — looks, money or what you “do for a living” are no longer issues — and it doesn't matter one bit if you started studying the Game at age 20 … 30… 40… or even 50-years-old!

And that's what drives other Seduction “Gurus” absolutely nuts about Badboy. He’s never wasted hours and hours memorizing pickup lines… routines… hypnosis… or other complicated stuff.

So if anyone suggests that have to learn dozens of new lines and tricks… have a $10,000 wardrobe… a hot sports car… well... forget it! Badboy is PROOF that just isn't true. You can be approaching, attracting and seducing beautiful women in a matter of weeks, days or even the NEXT FEW HOURS — whether or not you have “Brad Pitt” looks, millions of dollars in the bank or years of experience in bars and clubs.

Just concentrate on Badboy’s four-step "Direct Game" approach — as revealed in THE BADBOY SEDUCTION MANUAL — and the rest will fall into place — almost like magic.

It's why so many guys who spend years and years — and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS — studying “pickup” and seduction — grumble and moan when they see how EASY it is for this limping Croatian guy to consistently attract actresses, models, national beauty pageant winners and other incredibly hot females.

And of course the best part is that…

Now This Field-Tested
Step-By-Step Process
Can Be Yours!

Direct Game Step #1:
How to Quickly Fix Your Confidence and “Inner Game”—
So That Women Will Magnetically Be Drawn to YOU!

Before you do anything else, you’ve got to get the “mental” stuff handled. Moe than anything, I guarantee that your thinking is what’s holding you back.

But here’s the good news: Because Badboy is one of the few best guys in the world at teaching confidence and “inner game,” you can bet that your progress in this key area will be swifter and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

For example, you’ll discover…

? The “3-Steps-to-Mastery” process that you MUST undergo if you want irresistible ‘Direct Game.’ Most guys focus strictly on the 2nd part — techniques — in effect destroying their ability to both ATTRACT and KEEP unusually beautiful women. It’s not until you combine all three that your Game becomes totally natural. Pages 8-9

? The THREE MOST DANGEROUS LIES society has programmed you to believe about women. The first one makes you way too “nice”… the second robs you of personal power… and the third one makes you feel guilty for wanting to sleep with a beautiful women. Fortunately, page 13 gives you the “reality check” that frees you from them forever.

? With HB9’s or HB10’s, there will always be a battle of who’s got the strongest “frame.” (The frame is the underlying context for the interaction.) Here’s how to make sure you always have the stronger frame, so that she sees you as a guy worth chasing and sleeping with. Page 27

? The single fastest way to kill attraction. Page 12

? Why most of the talk about “alpha males” actually hurts your game. Unless you display these modern day “alpha qualities” — you’ll get repel more women than you attract. Page 14

? If you’ve ever done “everything right” with a women, and still got painfully rejected — go to page 16 immediately.

? How to read a woman like a book. (Hint: You begin by IGNORING the words coming out of her mouth!) Page 18

? Why jerks get hot women “by accident” and the secret to beating them at their own game. Page 18

? Nothing gets a woman more turned on than the five-letter word on page 19!

? Six “direct game” secrets you can use — all at once — to make yourself sexually irresistible. Other than being a famous actor or a rock star, this is the absolute best way to demonstrate “high-value” as a man. Page 23

? Three identity traits that help “naturals” get laid more, with less work. They work for us regular guys, too! Page 24

? How to act like you have other options with women, even when you don’t. Page 25

? The “pleasure and pain” principle that gives you virtually all the power in relationships with women. Page 26

? How to think about “rejection” so that it actually gives you confidence! Page 27


Once your confidence and beliefs are rock-solid, he’ll show you the next step…

Direct Game Step #2:
How to Walk Up and Talk to ANY Beautiful Woman—
Easily, Smoothly and with Total Confidence

As you know, approaching is a HUGE part of the game. And it’s where most guys get stuck.

But as soon as your confidence and inner beliefs are strong — BELIEVE ME — it becomes so much easier!

That’s why — in THE BADBOY SEDUCTION MANUAL — you’ll also finally discover a simplest, most effective way to approach beautiful women — PLUS dozens more secrets, including…

? Once you change the way you view “the approach,” you’ll see that approaching becomes the easiest part of pickup. Page 45

? Why girls could care less what opening line you use. They are quietly screening you for THIS STUFF on page 45 instead. Once you get this idea, you can use any opener you want and never fail to start a conversation.

? Why, in the long run, using a direct approach will give you ten times more confidence. Page 48

? A simple 3-point checklist that all but guarantees you never get blown out of a set. Best of all, when you use this successfully in day game situations, you’ll create instant attraction — just because of how much you stand out from other guys. Page 44

? How to “invade a woman’s space”… and have her LOVE you for it! Page 46

? The “dominant, but not aggressive” way to get a woman’s attention that says all the right things about you. This may push you out of your comfort zone, but it’s sure to get you results unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Page 46

? Even if a woman “tests” you during your opener… here’s an easy, guaranteed way to move the conversation forward — transforming her negativity into attraction! Page 47

? How to avoid the most glaring mistake nearly every loser guy makes when approaching. Otherwise, a woman won’t even need to listen to a word you say — she’ll reject you instantly, based on the “loser pattern” you just triggered. Page 43

? How to do 80 of the talking during the first 10 minutes with a woman. This “ask-a-question-tell-a-story” secret has never failed me or my students. Page 47

? One of the quickest ways to subcommunicate that you’ll be good in bed. Page 50

? How to put yourself into a “high energy” state… get her attracted to you, FAST… and then lower it to just the right level so you can build comfort and rapport. Page 50

Okay, so you’ve approached her. You’ve started a conversation and shown this woman what an attractive guy you are. You’re getting all the signals that she’s into you…


It’s time to switch gears!

Direct Game Step #3:
Making the Transition to
Relaxation and Deep Emotional Rapport

Attraction is a fickle thing. To get a woman to come home with you — or answer your phone call the next day — you’ll need to develop a deeper connection with her.

Believe it or not, most guys find this process of “connecting emotionally” to be much harder than creating attraction. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s just more subtle. And once you understand Badboy’s totally unique, yet utterly simple process for creating an almost instant emotional connection with women, you’ll be way ahead of others in the Game.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find...

? The “two glass visualization” that makes the entire pickup process ten times simpler! (And easier!) Few guys have ever heard of this, which is why they so often land in the “friend zone.” But once you master it, your pickups will transition from attraction… to deep comfort and rapport… to getting physical with remarkable consistency. Page 30

? A simple mistake that causes even the cockiest, funniest guy to lose the girl. Page 31

? The secret of “wide and deep” rapport that allows you to create a soulmate connection with virtually any woman you want! Once you do this, she simply MUST see you again. Page 31

? Have you ever gotten a woman’s number, thought she was into you — and then she avoided your calls? 9 times out of 10, it’s because you didn’t do what page 31 recommends.

? The one thing you must never ask a woman. NEVER! Page 39

? The secret to making a woman feel comfortable in anytime, anyplace. This may be the biggest key to getting physical with a woman, fast. Page 39

? If you can become “emotionally intelligent” — then you can have hot women lined up around the block, just dying to spend time with you! Page 40

? How to make a woman sexually obsessed with you. Page 41

? If you master this ONE SKILL… you can throw every piece of your pickup knowledge out the window and still get laid regularly. Page 41

? The “go first” secret that gets a woman feeling the EXACT emotions you want her to experience. This is the key to replicating the emotional roller coaster that jerks take her on, without actually being one. Page 51

? The best way to have fun, emotionally-connected conversations — WITHOUT canned routines. Badboy will show you how to master the art of improvisation so that you never have the feeling of not knowing what to say to a woman, ever again! Page 52

? The ten-minutes-a-day practice that will make you one of the most confidant conversationalists any woman has ever met! Page 52

? How to create a “contrast” in your personality so powerful — you’ll be able to attract, seduce and maintain fun, sexually-charged relationships with ANY type of woman. Page 54

? The fast track path to earning a woman’s trust. PLUS, the single biggest mistake to avoid here, which can destroy trust in a matter of seconds. Remember: Trust always comes before sex! Page 59

? Badboy’s amazingly simple process for creating “wide” rapport… PLUS, the common conversational topics that can almost instantly kill a woman’s attraction and connection to you. Avoid them like the plague! Page 61

? The secret of “story exchange” and why—with two people who are attracted to each other—it almost always leads to the bedroom! Page 61

? How to make ordinary, everyday questions interesting. She’ll want to kiss you just for asking her this stuff! Page 61

Now comes the best part. She’s into you. You’re into her. You both are feeling the connection and the chemistry.

It’s time to take things to the final stage of the process…

Direct Game Step #4:
Secrets to “Getting Physical” and
Bringing Her Back to Your Bedroom

At this point, she’s ready… you can SEE her body opening up to you. She’s attracted, for sure. Her pupils are dilated… she’s starting to touch you… play with her hair… she giggles and punches your arm when you tease her.

This is when you escalate.

What you do in this crucial moment will make all the difference in whether you spend the night with her — or home alone, with your right hand.

And in this section of THE BADBOY SEDUCTION MANUAL, Badboy shows you exactly how to take things from light playful touching… to kissing… to more intense touching and foreplay… all the way to sex.

PLUS, on top of learning how to “close the deal” — you’ll also discover…

? Once she’s comfortable, here’s exactly when to start dialing up the sexuality. Page 58

? The most common (and consistent) way for a woman to logically justify her intense attraction for you. This even allows her to justify sleeping with you faster (i.e. the first night!) than she “normally” would. Page 59 tells you how to trigger it.

? The maximum amount of time to wait before getting physical with a woman. Any longer than this, and your chances of landing in the friend zone skyrocket. Page 65

? The perfect mindset to have on your first date. You’ll feel more relaxed, confident and it’ll be far easier to get physical, immediately. Page 68

? If you cannot get her home on Day One, here’s the #1 secret to prevent her flaking on Day Two. Works almost 100 of the time. Page 70

? Why you should almost always kiss her when you feel the urge! Why? Because of the deeper energy and psychology dynamics you’ll discover on page 71.

? Two guys are each hanging out with hot women… their situations are almost identical... Yet, at the end of the night, one guy gets laid and the other doesn’t. The biggest difference between them? The guy who got laid followed the advice on page 72!

? The only two objections to sexual advances — and exactly how to overcome each of them! (She’ll LOVE you for this.) Page 77

? The “kissing control” secret Badboy uses to change a woman’s feelings at will. Page 78

? How a woman secretly views the act of sex. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to give her what she needs before and during sex, so she keeps coming back for more. Page 78

And TONS more. But even if you just master these four simple steps — you’ll have more women and sexual options than you know what to do with! It’s worked for virtually all of Badboy’s students around the world… it’s the very same system he teaches in his $1500-2500 seminars.

But WAIT… There’s Even More!

Honestly, there’s so many secrets and nuggets of wisdom packed into the pages of THE BADBOY SEDUCTION MANUAL, I just can’t help myself! I could go on for another ten pages. Seriously.

On top of his 4-Step “Direct Game” process, you’ll also discover…

? Badboy’s 12 rules for happy living — which helps you create a life that beautiful women automatically want to be part of! Page 86-88

? How to find the best “pickup venues” that suit your style and goals. Page 89

? Why is it — when a girl wants to have sex TONIGHT — she screens you for these three things? Page 89

? How to use “timing” at a club to tell which women are looking for sex. Page 89

? How to re-adjust your sexual goals when you meet your “perfect woman.” This will allow you to create the kind of lasting, passionate relationship you want, without any drama. Page 90

? Once you sleep with a woman and start a relationship, the first month is everything. If you want to date multiple women, you must follow the instructions on pages 91-93.

? How to minimize the power that society gives to women in relationships. Page 95

? Why (and how) it’s actually easy get a women to buy you things, pamper you and keep you oversexed. The shocking truth is on page 95!

? The single best “insurance policy” against a girl ever cheating on you. Page 96

? How to break up with a girlfriend in a way that’s smooth, drama-free and with almost no “hurt feelings.” Do it like Badboy recommends on page 97 and you’ll probably remain close friends in the future. (PLUS, you’ll look so good, she may even set you with one of her own friends down the line!)

? The two fastest ways to recover from a devastating breakup. Page 98

? How to set up threesomes — including the secret of the “#1 girl” — so that the whole event is 100 wild and fun (otherwise, your attempt will lead to nothing but drama and pain). PLUS, the absolute best kind of woman to have a threesome with — BY FAR! Page 98

? How to be the most popular, most desirable guy at your college. Badboy’s proprietary, 10-day process shows you, step-by-step, how to become the leader of a super-hot group of girls. Once you have this in place, you have such incredible social proof — and so many new hot girls coming around you — you can ride the momentum through four wild years of fun and sex.

? How to tailor your game to a woman’s age. With women who are 25 and below, focus more on attraction. With woman above that age, carefully follow the advice on page 103.

? The right and wrong ways to seduce that ultra-sexy “party girl.” Page 103

? How to make a “good girl” act very, VERY naughty. Page 104

You’ll even discover…

How to Become an International Man of Mystery:
With Proven Secrets for Picking Up Beautiful Women
Around the World, including…

… Australia — where you’ll find beautiful women who are very relaxed and open about sex…

… Brazil — highly sexual, often gorgeous and not difficult to seduce — IF you know where to go!

… Croatia — including two islands where you’ll meet some of the hottest, most sexually excited women in the world…

… The best places to meet hot babes in England…

… Why Scottish women are wilder than you’d ever believe…

… Why Swedish women may be the most amazing women in the world, and why they LOVE to use guys for sex…

… How to get all the girls you want in Japan…

… And how to run game in Malta (the secret hideout of countless “Russian 10’s”)…
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