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Newbies Guide To List Building with Resale Rights

If You Do It Right The EASY Money's In The List!

"Newbies Guide to List Building"
The Definitive Guide to Quickly Building a Large Viable List of Loyal Web 2.0 Evolved Contacts ....
. . . . . Regardless of how new you are to Internet Marketing, you have already heard "The Money is in the List".

The Truth? The EASY Money is in the list but only if you build it right.

Anybody can build a massive list using the old fashioned outmoded methods that used to work on the shotgun approach. The problem is using the old shotgun approach now will build you a massive WORTHLESS List!

What good is a list of 10,000 contacts if only .05 open your emails? (That's only 5 people!)

The Internet Has Evolved

Become An Evolved Email Marketer and Your Business Will Thrive!

Don't and It Wont! PERIOD!
The "Newbies Guide To List Building" Will Show You How To Build A VIABLE Email Marketing List of Contacts That Trust You So Much, All You Will Have To Do Is Send Them Directly To Your Order/Payment Page.
Sound too good to be true? It is 100 real and being done by those few who learned how!
Remember: It's only too good to be true if
you don't know what it takes to make it true for you!

I don't blame you! I always thought I had to put together really hot sales pitch emails to my contact list that linked to a sales page that would really clinch the deal with super hot sales copy and bribe them with a mountain of bonuses. After all that is the way I was able to get them on my contact list in the beginning anyway.

But now, if I still had to sell to contacts on my email list using hard core email sales pitches and hammer them over and over again with different subject lines and head lines just to get them interested in buying my products, I WOULD QUIT MARKETING ONLINE!

It Makes Life So Much Easier when you only have to work half as hard as the average Internet Marketer to sell twice as much.

"The Money Is In The List", Doesn't Really Say Anything To Me! Add 1 little word though and you get my attention in a hurry.

So let's add that one little word: The EASY Money Is In The List! Now That Gets My Attention!

Please understand I'm not saying I'm lazy and don't have to work for my money. What I'm saying is I will work very hard to build something that will make me a lot of money the easy way.

About now you may be thinking:
"Working hard to make easy money - Isn't that a contradiction in terms?"

Not in the least. At least it doesn't seem that way to me now. A couple of years ago I might have thought so - but now I know different.

See If This Rings True For You:

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. The operative word in that statement is the word RIGHT. But what happens if the right way to do something has changed?

The Internet Grew Up While I Wasn't Looking

Internet Marketing actually began not long after the advent of Windows 3.1 and a graphical user interface to access information on line through a "Browser". The year was 1996. Yes I know there were other forms of Internet access available clear back to ARPA net in about 1985. However for the purposes of our discussion, we are only concerning ourselves with the time since Internet Browsers became available to the buying public up to the present.

Since that time, Internet marketing has evolved through numerous marketing business models that have grown into what has become the commonly accepted form of promoting, marketing and selling products on line.

The open nature of the Internet provided possibilities never before available to the "Common Man", "The Aspiring Entrepreneur" and "The Independent Small Business Person". All had the potential of building a successful business on line providing whatever income level the Entrepreneur aspired to attain. And all from the comfort of her/his own home if they so wished. The Internet literally leveled the playing field for the individual and small business person to compete in an open market with many large and established companies.

There have been significant, though not immediately obvious, changes in the mind set of the Internet buying public that have directly affected the methodologies and business models implemented, to court and win over market audiences within the Internet buying public. Those are the models that have led us to the point where we are once again forced to ask ourselves, "What has changed? What am I not seeing here that is causing my business model to not continue the business growth it should, did or could be?"

The days of driving people to a capture page / opt-in page and ethically bribing their contact information out of them with freebies and gives away deals are waning. Why?

The Internet Buying Public has Grown Up

Now you might be wondering why I made this guide for newbies only. Simple: the old heads in this business have already made their money and those that are still struggling to make serious money are in Internet age, some pretty old dogs. You've heard the saying, "You can't teach old dogs new tricks". Well that goes double for "Internet Marketers" that persist in doing things the old way. Just driving traffic directly to a "Squeeze Page" and choking the page visitor's contact info out of them. People are over that. BIG TIME! But they have been doing it so long, and barely scratching out a living, they can see my forest for their trees. Too bad, so sad - I've moved on!

The internet has evolved. Internet marketers that don't evolve along with it are doomed to become a thing of the past. So as someone new to Internet Marketing, it would make sense that you would want to start out being aware of how the Internet buying public has evolved and hot to capitalize on that knowledge.

The Information In This Guide Is Absolutely Unique - Yet Incredibly Powerful
Yes I have seen a couple of so called "systems" on the net that supposedly tell you how to take what needs to be done to build a relationship of trust with these new age Internet prospects and buyers. They breeze through the basics of what to do and that's it. What good is knowing what to do if you don't know how to do it?

Back to the Money . . .

The EASY money is in a list of prospects and customers that are loyal avid readers of the information and advice you provide them in your blogs, forum posts, articles, videos and any other medium or channel of web activity at your disposal, allowing them the opportunity to enter into an ongoing conversation with you/your business. That ongoing conversation either pulls them deeper into your trust and confidence construct by opting in to your contact list and/or moves them to purchase one or more of your offers.

This is the kind of activity that will have you building a contact list of people that are sold on you as their "Go To Person" for solutions regarding issues having to do with your niche market. That is when you have a list you can just announce a new product release you have made available with a paragraph saying what the benefits are with a link to your payment page.

That is what I call a VIABLE contact list AND SO SHOULD YOU!

If you want to know how you can set up a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SYSTEM, that will literally allow you build that kind of a list. Then you don't want those hit and miss wanna be "manuals". They tell you what to do, but not HOW to do it.

You don't just what to do, you need to know HOW to do it RIGHT! How to do it so you can have everything you need to be as productive as possible. Then you can realize a real Return On Your Investment for the Time Spent!
You Don't Want A Dirty List

Whether you are brand new to Internet Marketing and List Building or if you have already started building your list and are reading this information to see if you can find out what you've been doing wrong; consider the following.

So you have been or may be thinking you can guarantee site visitors will enter a real e-mail address because you tell them in your call to action they will only receive access to your freebie give away enticement through the e-mail address they enter in your opt-in form.

Throw Away E-mail Accounts Spawned A Cottage Business

The email accounts I'm about to explain are so popular, because of what we are talking about right now, there has actually been a cottage industry spring up that is actually making money. If you require a prospect to put in a valid e-mail address so they can get your to download link from your first auto-response e-mail or confirmation page, they have a couple of hours to access that e- mail, click on the confirmation link or download your freebie offer and never look at their THROW AWAY e-mail account again if they don't want to. So for our purposes it is a FAKE e-mail address.

The question is then; not how many fake e-mail addresses are there end up on your list, or how many on your list never open your e-mails.

The question is; why do people feel the need to use these fake e-mail addresses in the first place. Do you think it might have something to do with not trusting the site where they used the fake e-mail address? Think about it; THEY DON'T TRUST YOU! WHY? THEY DON'T KNOW YOU!

To keep pace with the savvy Internet consumer in today's environment, you have to provide enough solution oriented information that can deliver results for your prospect for them to trust you. If you deliver that information through numerous channels to develop enough trust in you, you won't get the trash e- mail addresses.
There Is No Better Resource For Learning How You Can Build A Large VIABLE Contact List!
"Newbies Guide To List Building"
Is The Premier Resource For You To Learn How To Develop A Multi-Channel Web Activity System That Will Build A Build A Contact List Of Loyal Buyers!

Inside this amazing Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights edition you'll find out the most effective ways for you to attract the evolved Internet Customer. Here is just a sampling of the amazing nuggets you'll find:

Hot to use the
Opt-In Templates included with this package to build immediate trust with your site visitors.

How to attract those most likely to have the disposable income to afford your products.

How to set up and use a system of free tools and resources that will allow you to build a list of buyers that only want to know where your payment page is when you release a new product.

Think about it! Having 2 or more web activity channels where your prospects and customers communicate with you in an ongoing conversation about issues having to do with your niche and through those conversations, they tell you exactly what your next product should be. Then you start telling them it's in production and they start hounding you to know when it will be available.

Do you want to have a list of customers telling you to just send them a link to your payment page?

(So have some of my customers.)

As I was weeding my way through all the old junk online about how to build a contact list, what I found didn't make me very happy. I didn't like thinking I was going to have to be intimidating, coercive and building a false sense of urgency by saying it's my way or the highway.

Your guide was such a fresh and welcome approach to online marketing I just had to have it. I wanted very badly for your methods to work so I didn't have to resort to those old hard core sales tactics.

I am so glad your methods do work and I am already seeing the benefit of building a list of people that trust and respect me instead of a list of people that think I only want to get in their pockets. I'm glad I never got hung up on old school list building.

You're the best,

Bob Wentel, Claremore, OK
Imagine Sending An Email Out Knowing It Will Produce Money!

With this guide you will:

1. Start your online marketing career making friends instead of marks

2. Build a list that will be like an annuity that keeps delivering dividends

3. Puts you in a position to communicate online an hour of so a day and then take it easy

4. Allow you the time and money to outsource your great ideas for products and take it easy

5. Allow you to email your list of avid fans a paragraph about your new product they ask for is ready and where they can pay for it - and then TAKE IT EASY!

This guide can dramatically change your Internet Marketing life.

Imagine having a system you could put a couple of hours a week into that would provide you with the cash you need to get your cool membership site product idea built without having to worry about where the money is going to come from to get it done set up and bringing in residual income. If you have been Internet Marketing very at all, you've probably realized by now that building a big business you can retire at takes time. If you are going to spend the time, you might as well spend your time building something you're sure will continue to develop income even if you want to take a lot of time off.

The Profits You Can Generate With This Guide Are Bound Only by Your Imagination and Drive to Succeed!

The profits you can generate are as big as you want them to be! The only limit to the amount of money you can make using the information in this guide is your own enthusiasm, imagination and desire!

The tools you will be using are not extremely popular which for you and me is good. And that may have something to do with why there aren't more people capitalizing on this system. With so many Internet Marketers still stuck in their old ways of list building, it may take you a little longer to build the same size list some of them might have, but when you get there at least you will know your list is worth something. They will still be crossing their fingers every time the click that SEND button.

So there you have it, you can have a list building system that doesn't have every Internet Marketer and his brother jumping all over it yet, so you can jump in on. That is the way Ginger here from Spokane feels:


I was pretty new to list building and well, I guess you might say I started running with the wrong crowd :o)

When I got up to what I thought was a thousand on my list I cut loose with my first product. Big long fancy sales page with some really excellent bonuses. What a FLOP! I sold one e-course. I was devastated! I was ready to through in the towel. All that work and nothing to show for it.

Then one of your customers, (You know Ronnie), said I should check out your guide. What a breath of fresh air. After reading your guide, first I flushed out the trash email addresses from my list (OUCH!). Boy was that an eye opener. It has been another 90 days but I am back up to 1,000 "Friends" on my contact list. I'm almost embarrassed to say how much my product release made in just 2 days.

But I will tell you something: You better NEVER take me off your early product release list. AND . . . I'm wondering if there is a way I could maybe find out about your next release a little sooner than the rest? Huh . . . can I huh?

That's it for now my hero,

Ginger Karsegian, Spokane, Wa

It's easy to see just how valuable this book is, and how it can help you build a contact list that will make for EASY Money. A list where instead of having to "Blast your list" and hope for the best you will be able to know you can absolute count on a high percentage of sales for every product release you do.

Every bit of information you need is right inside, laid out so that you can put it into action and start reaping the benefits of having a VIABLE contact list of prospects and customers!

If you are burned out on seemingly beating your head against a wall of Internet Marketing, take a break, realize there is a different way of doing things now and jump back in with the knowledge you'll be doing it right this time.

Now let's say say you're feeling totally defeated from your old list building ways being such a flop is more than you can take, the last Internet Marketing straw that broke your virtual camels back . . . and you think my guide is a masterful work but your just so burned out from working for nothing, that you throw your computer out the window and run over you modem with a lawn mower!
You swear you are quitting the Internet marketing business forever!

GUESS WHAT? You only lost maybe 3 hours it took you to read my guide, and the miniscule cost of the guide.

But wait a minute, with my money back guarantee, you really only lost 4 hours of your time reading my guide.

Are you willing to gamble 3 hours on the possibility of having something that can honestly put you on the path to making EASY Money?

You're probably worried that "Newbies Guide To List Building" is super you have nothing to worry about. (hmmmmmm I just told you the cost was miniscule - I need to wake up :o)

As you know, I always strive to provide incredible value in every offer I make and this one is no different.

While this guide could easily be sold as a $1,500 weekend seminar, I decided not to go that route, (Even though several friends were all hot about me building a tele-seminar series around it). I don't know about you, but I have other things I'd much rather be doing with my weekends!

If you take action you will get the entire Newbies Guide To List Building for the incredibly low price of just 9.99
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