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The Ultimate Salesman

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for investing in the Ultimate Sales Course. A lot of work has been put into this course in order to help you on your journey to sale’s success. If you put to use the information provided I am 100% certain you will be successful. You have already taken the first step towards being a better salesman by investing in the knowledge I am sharing with you. In order to succeed you have to put your mind to it, and work hard. I can only provide the tools to build success; I can not force you to use them.

The title good salesman has always held a sort of prestige to it. Very few people have been able to acquire that title. You can’t learn how to be a good salesman in college. In fact some of the best salesman I’ve met didn’t even have a high school diploma. I find many college graduates stay away from sales because the playing field is level. A degree doesn’t determine how much money you will make.

I can honestly tell you there is no better profession than a salesman. Have you ever worked a 9-5 job that you felt didn’t pay you enough? I remember times when I’d work my butt off all week to get a measly $400-500 check at the end of the week. The work didn’t match my pay. When I would go to the boss and ask for a better position that paid more, there was always this college degree barrier.

With sales no one can tell you how much money to make. With some sales jobs you work your own hours. This is great, but I had a bad habit of working 1 day for about 8 hours and make a little over a thousand and disappear until the next week. Those one day work weeks are the best. I don’t suggest you do that. Work hard everyday because it pays off at the end of every week.

Many salesmen have this belief that since they are selling a genuine quality product people will naturally buy it. It sounds good, but it just simply isn’t true. You have to sell yourself as well as the product. People buy the salesman not the product. Most customers will remember a good salesman for years. I still run into customers from years ago that still remember me.

Psychology I would say is the biggest part of selling. Knowing how the mind works and reacts to certain things is a great asset to any salesman. I will discuss in this book different techniques to affect the subconscious of a customers mind. There are little things you can do that can have a powerful impact on the customer. For example when closing the deal did you know not having your own ink pen can jeopardize the deal?

Fear and uncertainty are a salesman’s worst enemies. When I began sales many times I would be scared to ask the customer to buy. It is understandable for you to fear hearing the word no. Don’t be discouraged by that. Every good salesman has had to deal with this fear. I have included ways to turn that fear into courage which will ultimately turns into a sale.

As a salesman you have to learn to love the word no. I’m pretty sure 90% of my sales start off with the customer telling me no. There was a saying we had at Kirby, “we can hear a thousand no’s, but all we need is one yes”. People’s natural reaction to anything is to say no. The word no comes out a lot easier than the word yes. Yes is a word that suggests commitment, and we all know people naturally have a fear of commitment.

Fear of objection comes from human insecurity. Remember back in school you had to wear the right clothes if you wanted to fit in? The reason you didn’t wear pink tube socks with green velvet jackets was because of the fear of objection. No one wants to feel objected in any form. It makes us feel bad about ourselves. I will teach you how to overcome every objection a customer can throw at you. You will learn to love objection. I’ve been known to ask for more objections just so I can shut them down. Once you get all the objections out the way there are no more excuses not to buy.

People generally don’t like to be sold. I don’t know if its human nature or just pure human stupidity. I could be selling a cure for asthma to an asthmatic in dire need, and if he feels as if I’m putting on a sales pitch, he won’t buy it. This is where the cut the crap technique is birthed from. It is more of a concept than an actual technique. It should be applied throughout every step when in the process of selling. I’ll explain how to implement the cut the crap concept during your selling process.

The concept in itself is actually quite simple, but very powerful. Simply put it’s about getting straight to the point and using as few words as possible. Many salesmen have this idea you have to use small or fluff talk when selling to a customer. I too had this belief when I started selling. Half way through my sales pitch I’d know their whole family by name, their occupations, and the last time they took a family vacation. I was practically part of the family. The problem was when it was time to buy I still wasn’t getting the sale. Becoming friends with the customer doesn’t hurt the sale; it just doesn’t help it as much as many believe.

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