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MP3 JAS - Jeffrey Allen Scott - We Exalt You Lord

Very energetic, live, praise and worship performance with a creative contemporary gospel/urban feel

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GOSPEL: Contemporary Gospel, POP: with Live-band Production

Jeffrey Scott

The dynamic new sounds of Jeffrey Allen Scott are exciting people everywhere. It''s a fresh new voice, singing a fresh new song. One who stands for purpose and integrity, Jeffrey really encourages people not to just drift through life making no impact, having no positive effect. Many people have been inspired by Jeffrey to reach for their own dreams, to persevere through adversity, and to drive forward in determination, until their goals are accomplished.

" I think that everyone was born with great purpose, and many times that fire is extinguished by the pressure of life and the stresses of everyday circumstances. Not only that, but many people drop out of the race just before they reach the prize that they put so much time into seeking. My goal is to bring people back to the things that really matter. All the fortune and fame are not important, compared to the opportunity help people find their destiny. There is so much that the world needs right now; above all love. Since I set out to do music, I have met so many people that were made to be vessels of love for a dying world, but most of them never even had a clue that they could be instrumental in tangibly impacting a school, a neighborhood, a city, a nation...The only reason I do this is to hook people into great destiny, and I believe that a relationship with God is that beginning of our destiny."

How did Jeffrey''s story begin? He grew up in a very musical family, but never understood the value of music to everyday society, til he had the chance to participate in it himself. After participating in Glendale, Arizona''s Desert Valley Elementary band, there was a considerable difference in him. He would sit in his room at night and practice singing along with the radio, as well as play along. He began to sing actively in church choirs, school choirs, as well as with friends taking every opportunity to sing. "At age 12 I heard my first song. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my head, ever. After thinking about it for a while, I noticed that this was not a song that I knew. I was not able to sing along with it, but I could hear every single detail of the song as plain as day. I was so captivated by it that I began to pull instruments from anywhere in the house and record each one of them on a cassette tape. It was absolutely terrible, yet the most beautiful thing I had ever created." Jeffrey went on from there to make several different songs by this simple recording technique, and with each try he would attempt to enhance every aspect. By the time he was 13, his father had given him a 1947 Harmony Rocket, which he is not over losing to this day. " Unfortunately, it has 2 inch action, but it was a privilege to have a real instrument at all. The rest of my instruments were composed of common household items. I made a drum set out of a large cardboard box(kick), two Styrofoam plates(snare), and the actual snare was the metal chain from a toilet taped on the inside of the two plates, ten pieces of silverwear(acoustic windchime), plastic cup(cow bell/retro rimshot), tightly twisted hangers(drumsticks), and I made music." There was something inside of him that had to come out. "I believe that this something is from God." He never showed anyone his music until he turned 15, which by that time he had written at nearly 35 songs. He would inquire from music teachers information on how to write out pieces of music, but never revealed the true projects he was working on. "There was only one or two people that really encouraged me at the beginning. No one else took me seriously. My music sounded like a kid playing with pots and pans and singing, and only very few could go beyond the music, and see the development that was taking place. My Uncle Joe was one of the first people to comment on the music at a depth that I wasn''t even expecting. I put together a quartet version of "He''s Never Failed Me Yet" for a family reunion, and my immediate family sang it (We have never done anything like that before or since, publicly). My Uncle Joe was very impressed. I am positive that there are 1,000,000 children today that are more talented than I ever was, but will never have a fair chance at being successful in their dreams, because so few can see beyond the music and take into account the processing that happening. Philippe Luna and Joseph Southern shared the perfect encouraging words that caused me to stay the course. I use to draw, oil paint, play football, swim, skate, run, build, make computer programs, and so on, but those were initially experiments. Once the experiment was over, I moved on to something else. I believe God placed those people in my life to feed my curiosity for music and cause me to hang on to it once the experimental phase was over." And he did hang on to music. He saved, begged, and barrowed, to purchase a drum set, a keyboard and some computer programs. "I got heat exhaustion shoveling 10 tons of rock in one day for a teacher at school. I only made $60 toward the keyboard." His father, twice bought mini-recording studios that would record the majority of his albums. He created 8 albums of music before graduating from high school. He would study day and night for the right sounds and the right sound resolution in songs. He made plans to study music at USC, but there was only one obstacle to his passion. Football. I love football to this day. I was going to play at NAU, but that didn''t work out (All former recruits to NAU know what that means) and that''s a good thing. Several times in football he sustained injuries that were excruciating, but one of the most difficult issues was the damage that was being done to his voice. "I would scream in high school as loud as I could and lose my voice on a regular basis, but none of that compares to when I was punched in the throat during practice" The damage that he sustained was reflected in his music for the next couple of years. I lost my singing voice completely for three months, and after that, began to slowly work my way back to a 6 note range." One year after "the accident" he could not sing over more than an octave. "Til this day, I have no real falsetto, just an extended head voice." You can hear the pain and the tears in his music during that time of vocal recovery. When he lost a degree of vocal ability, it caused a different aspect of his instrumental ability to develop. During the Easter weekend of 1997, he locked himself in a room with nothing but 12 sheets of manuscript where he composed his 1st symphonic piece. "I didn''t have any clue how to arrange for instruments, so I scored it all for piano, noting different instrumentation, as scary as that can be. Notes were wrong and keys were wrong. When my choir teacher played it for me I was so excited. She was so confused, because it was "not made for human hands to play, unless they are born with 17 fingers..." He emerged two days later with a full and completed piece inspired from a motif that popped into his head during the fifth grade, when he was first learning the saxophone. After that weekend he consciously made efforts to incorporate his elaborate instrumentation into his compositions. He went on to Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon, where he learned under the direction of Dr. Walter B. Saul, Dr. Dennis Plies, and Dr. Thomas Miller. "Dr. Saul is the reason I understand what I do now. Dr. Plies is the reason I strive to do it well and correctly. He taught me to allow myself grow as a musician, and encouraged me not to strive to become someone else. I think Dr. Miller and I have similar personality types, so he served as a wonderful advisor. All of these men carry such passion in what they do that if you get to know them, it will change your life. Also, Laurie Lattereau(spelled incorrectly) shared some foundational knowledge with me as well as Steve Swanson, who laid his hands on me and prayed that my gifts would be released and I would play for God... Well, I have played well or better since that day. Before that day I had never played comfortably in front of people. I also could not play piano and sing at the same time until that day." Weeks after that incident, Ulf Spears invited Jeffrey to become a musician at his church. Jeffrey exclaims that he was very reluctant, because of the lack of skill on the piano. For at least one full year, Jeffrey picked and plunked his way through every worship service. "I really had no idea whether people were crying out of pain or joy. I do know they were crying, sometimes crying very loudly."

As his skill progressed, he had many opportunities to perform on Christian television as well as at concerts and events and even at Portland Fire Basketball Games. I was very excited for all of these opportunities. Today, he has 12 albums, each progressing past the last in creativity and production quality. When he was asked what his ultimate goal was, his response was immediate. "I have no intense desire to sign to a record label and become a product that will be sold to people based on what they like, want, and desire. I love the people that are fans of my music, but I think they appreciate it because it is authentically me. I think in the long run they like to see how I''m developing as a person, and do some self reflection to see how they are developing as individuals. Not only that, but when it is all said and done, I hope to have impacted peoples lives for the better. I specifically want people to be encouraged by my music, strengthened by it, shocked by it, moved by it and healed by it. I sing a message of hope. It is good news. That is what I share and I believe that is what people need today. Where is the good news? I''m sharing it...God loves you, he is aware of the issues that are going on in your life, he will bring you through them, don''t give up, no matter what you face, let it be a learning experience, and keep moving forward making progress...The most important thing is not to be at the Grammy''s, ever, but it is to personally reach out to people everywhere, even children with dreams, with vision. I have had ONE vision my whole life. There are children that have a burning passion inside their hearts and they are only kids. I want to improve their journey. I want to support their vision. I want them to have all the resources they need to reach their goals. Every child/young adult I have ever worked with has had a very precious gem inside of them, but no one was willing to do the mining for the precious stones(Spears). I am! I know what it feels like to think no one believes in your vision. I have discovered that the greatest deterrent to destructive behavior is vision(Smith). The bible says, "Where there is no vision, people perish", and I know that is true. Many youth have lost their vision, they have lost their dreams, and need help cultivating or re-cultivating their dreams. This is my passion"

Several miraculous things have happened to help Jeffrey get to the point where he is today. A wonderful couple(Davis) gave Jeffrey some of the main resources needed to create the latest CD. "I have never been able to produce a real quality sounding recording. I intend to grow in this areas, but I truly thank those who sowed into my life so this could happen. It was wonderful to have someone not blood related believe in me. I was frustrated with the limits to my music and I prayed about it, and in faith began to prepare for my answer and three months later this couple was it. People say ''Good things come to those who wait.'' I say, ''Good things come to those who pray, prepare, watch, and wait.''" With great excitement Jeffrey stands up and leaves, knowing that obstacles exist, hard work is necessary, but it''s all worth it when he sees the results of his labor.

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