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MP3 Ken Davis - Pan Flutes By The Ocean

Relaxing, inspiring, and spiritual pan flute music.

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****Pan Flutes By The Ocean has been the most successful release of the Ken Davis catalogue to date with sales world wide exceeding double platinum. Inspirational melodies and gentle sounds of the ocean create a feeling of total relaxation. This release was created from Ken''s concern for our oceans worldwide and the need to protect them. *****
Over 250,000 Units Sold Worldwide To Date

"Every time I play Pan Flutes By The Ocean, I feel totally uplifted and inspired"
Fran Rabbitts, Cammeray Marina, Sydney Australia 2004

"Of all Ken''s music that I have in my collection this is the one that takes me back to hearing him play at Manly Wharf in Sydney whilst on a holiday to Australia. His music changed my life as I had not heard music like it in my life before!
Ellen Bell Chicago 2005

***** I think Ken Davis is a very unique musician with a gift for taking his music to the people. It was one of my special memories to have heard him perform his music when visitng the Sydney Opera House in 2000

Dang Nui Guangzhou China




Ken Davis is one of the world''s most successful composers of instrumental ambient relaxation and environmental music with more than one million sales world wide from his unique 35 CD self titled catalogue. His gift of melody has been the key to his success. Pan Flutes, Piano and orchestrated melodies have touched the hearts of many who have heard his music in all corners of the world.

His music heals and harmonises body mind and spirit. Ken is concerned for the world''s environment for the future generations to come. "We need to protect our rainforests, oceans as well as to protect all endangered species worldwide"
Ken Davis has sold more than two million cds worldwide with no major record company behind him! Taking his music to the streets in the mid 1980''s he paved the way for his success inspiring all those who heard his emotional medlodies coming staight from the heart. This style of performance is only possible when performing solo as the music is created in the moment from the way the composer feels. This is felt by the audiance. Ken Davis is a performer who plays by feel.

*Ken Davis Brings Beautiful Music To The World*





The Ken Davis Auto Biography 1970-2005

Ken Davis cares for our world and life itself. He lives in Sydney Australia where he lives and creates his inspirational music. His career spans more than thirty years of composition of instrumental music. His first relaxation release was *Feelings From Within* on cassette was in 1982. His music and nature sounds have reached every corner of the world from his live performances at the Sydney Opera House

Ken composes music to heal and harmonize body mind and spirit. The music appeals to peoples minds who are searching for a positive and inspirational alternative to the aggression and disharmony that is so dominant in our world today. The pace of life is so fast, that life itself has become very stressful. We need balance in our lives and soothing healing music provides the balance! Music has no religion and speaks all languages!

Let me introduce my story to you as a composer of instrumental relaxation music. This will assist you in understanding more my life as a composer and my views of the world we live in. My belief is that life is to be enjoyed and celebrated. Music is the universal key to lifting the spirit in us all. Music unites humanity by tones. Certain tones touch certain emotions. Beautiful melodies create peace and a loving vibration. If the world was united by music without greed and aggression and famine we would have a peaceful world. The only time that I have experienced such harmony was in the year 2000 during our Olympic Games in Sydney Australia. We experienced two complete weeks of harmony, trust and zero crime. The buses were free, no traffic jams, less pollution, so may positives. The elderly in our community were celebrated. People volunteered out of love and respect for Australia and were proud to contribute to the well-being of our wonderful country!

The Celebration of Life is about the Celebration of the Human Spirit!

My Day!
The day for me starts around 5am. This includes keeping fit in my home gym, eating well and a routine of piano practice and composition for at least an hour a day sometimes two when ever time allows. This is my meditation time.
A time when the mind is quiet but creative and Inspirational Ideas flow. After 9am I begin to accomplish my goals for the day. This can vary from recording a new track in the recording studio or completing a new CD release artwork included.
The gift of music for me has been an inspirational gift. I give thanks daily for this gift. A never-ending belief in the music, and a healthy positive attitude, have resulted in the achievements to date. The composition of music and the business of marketing the music takes great dedication, like an athlete, whose goal it is, to win gold at the Olympic games. You have to be totally dedicated and focused to win!
Each goal achieved, opens a new door and you go through that door and enter a new unfolding part of your life.

My Musical History

My musical skills started in the school band in England at the age of nine where I was the lead trumpet player. My family came to Australia in 1963 and settled in Adelaide where I attended school.

After leaving school I trained as a chef and during this time I played keyboards. I began composing music on the guitar from 1970 after picking up a guitar on a cruise ship going to England, and to my surprise found the guitar easy to play. At the end of the cruise I could play The House Of The Rising Sun. Wrote my first song in 1970 Called **Do They Have to Kill The Wales**. This was a calling to assist the whales and dolphins to be protected worldwide and to help bring that focus to the world.

My passion for music was endless and this enthusiasm led to me to wanting to become a success in music in Australia first and then the world!

Joined a blues band in Adelaide in 1971, to learn more playing skills, and spent a year with the band with Ian Nancarrow and learnt a great deal. Formed my First band Khan in Adelaide in 1972 and played mostly original music but no record contract resulted. Being under the Zodiac of Sagittarius I always felt comfortable being the leader and organizer of the band.

The Khan band moved from Adelaide to Perth for two years and played every venue in Perth. We supported Midnight Oil, Split Ends Sherbet, Hush, Mi Sex and many other top Australian Bands. Khan was a well-known band in Perth.

The band then went through a line up change and moved to Sydney. In Sydney the band went through various line up changes and a name change and became IQ. This band became very well known in the music business, as an original band in Australia. The keyboard player at the time left the band to join another and that''s when I met a very young Mars Lasar after watching him on a television program playing Jean Michelle Jaree''s Oxygene. I called him and after much persuasion joined the band. The band became even more electronic and modern using synthesizers as its base. Mars had a creative mind and I inspired him to write music for IQ. We wrote songs both solo and together and recorded a Mini Album Called IQ (This was the bands first and last release on an independent label called Cream Music.

The Album never received airplay but sold a few copy to our fans.

After many gigs and a year later I decided to disband and form an electronic duo with Mars Lasar and kept the name IQ.

We were lucky to have met a very enthusiastic fan of IQ who became our manager. His name was called Christophe Vali. Christophe had met Kim Ryrie from Fairlight Industries and mentioned he managed IQ. Kym became very interested as he had been at the Mike OldField Concert the week before and had been very impressed by IQ''s performance and music. Kym and Peter Vogal had developed The Fairlight Music Instrument, the most elaborate music computer system in the world and at the time used by Stevie Wonder. They began talking and IQ was invited to Fairlight in Darlinghurst Sydney where I was very vocal about acquiring a Fairlight and performing with one live. Kym agreed and we ended up with two Fairlights and spent a great deal of time creating music on them. This elevated our profile and we started to get Television Appearances like Donny Sutherlands Sounds and Simon Townsend''s Wonder World. In 1982 IQ went to Tokyo and Osaka as the IQ Band to display our skills on the Fairlight Music Computer.

This was a great experience, as I had always wanted to go to Japan.

After Japan Henk Yohannas now known as Darpan living in Byron Bay joined the IQ band briefly as lead vocalist and we recorded Humans that I wrote the music and Lyrics for with Henk. We filmed The New Tomorrow a futuristic song at Jamison Street in Sydney and this was a success. However it did not lead to a recording contract. Through Fairlight I had been introduced to the Linn Drum and modern mixers. This had given me a great opportunity to realize the potential of new music now called dance music. Mars Lasar decided to go it alone, soon after, and moved to the USA and continued his career with Fairlight USA. Henk had other solo gigs as well as being a sought after actor at the time.

The Solo Era

Disillusioned with the music business the Australian Music Industry did not know what to do with a creative and innovative composer into ambient and melodic music. I looked for the alternative solution. My gift was melody. I loved synthesizers and sequencers as this allowed my mind to create music of a new era soon to be known as New Age Music! I acquired more Roland Synthesizers. The early SH2 and TR 707 Drum machines. These linked together and produced a sound that I new would be popular. I spent day and night for many months experimenting with all my new gear and still incorporated my guitar playing in the music at the time. I felt confident that this new music was going to give me an opportunity to go it alone. No more was I going to rely on other members of the band. With all my new gear I could produce everything!

The Solo Era

This was the time I decided to branch out on my own and perform solo on synthesizers and guitar. It was the best decision I ever made.

In 1983 recording the innovative music from the line out sockets from the back of my YAMAHA mixer, direct to cassette tape on a Ghetto Blaster, resulted in a recorded sound of exceptional quality. This quality still today stands up today as some of the best recordings ever made. All of these ideas came from intuition and creativity and belief. Breaking down traditional barriers always gave me a thrill. These recordings were called The Early Master Tapes. These still exist today, and will be released in years to come. My first solo instrumental release was Imagination on cassette, followed by my first relaxation release Feelings From Within. Then came Early Morning In The Rainforest and Crystal Clear followed by Dreamscapes and then Visual Dreams. Visual Dreams featured The Arabic scale and seemed to affect people in a way that defies explanation as the combination of music and spiritual scales and melody touched people profoundly.

At Circular Quay in 1984, now known as customs house Square, and getting the power for the PA System and keyboards from the local café there. The first live solo performance by Ken Davis was on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm in 1984.

60 cassette tapes had been duplicated just in case anyone wanted to purchase the music. The IQ album was also for sale as I had a few copies left.

To my sheer delight, People lined up to purchase the cassettes during the breaks and I autographed them. All 60 cassettes were sold that afternoon as well as six IQ solo albums.

I had proved to myself that the public liked the music enough to purchase directly from my live performances. After fifteen years of trying to get a recording contract, I could do it on my own!

This had never been attempted in Australia and I became the first artist to create, record and sell his own music. Now many artists have followed a similar path and sell their own music.

Realizing that day I didn''t need a record company to sell the music. I looked forward to performing live again the next week. Thanks Intuition. Ken Davis Music could do all its own contracts and bookings for live performance and promote the music by performing live.

The next performance at Customs House Square was organized for the following week, as the cafe where I had my power plugged into had increased their turnover for the day and more free performances were organized for the next four Sundays. Crowds started to appear and regulars were turning up to listen to the music. The son of the managing director of the Opera House David Martin stood and watched one Sunday and during a break asked me if I would like to perform at the Sydney Opera House Bennelong in three weeks time.

The first performance was on a large stage was well received. David Martin then asked his father if a regular performance at the Sydney Opera House Bennelong for no fee could be organized allowing the merchandising of my music.

He agreed and so the regular Opera House Live performances became a regular event. One of the best and well known landmarks in Australia had become my regular performance space. This led to the music being taken back to every country in the world from airline flight crews visiting the Opera house and purchasing the music as well as thousands of tourists and locals who enjoyed the relaxing and beautiful melodies.
The music became popular on United Airlines and Qantas and 10 other airlines worldwide. People wrote to me often from hearing the music on these Airlines. Qantas uses the music regularly on its Oasis relaxation channel on International Flights today.

Thanks to the live performances at the Sydney Opera House.

A guest book for all the names and addresses of people was placed at the point of sale.
A new CD/cassette was released about every 6 months.

This resulted in an increase in cassette sales.

As well as The Sydney Opera House regular performances I appeared regularly at Sydney''s Darling Harbor,

Manly Wharf, Pier One, China Town, Penrith Mall, Blacktown Mall, Brisbane Mall, Caville St Mall Gold Coast, Newcastle Mall, Coffs Harbor,

Ken Performs Live On Television In Coffs Harbor Australia

Byron Bay, Expo 88, Universities Australia Wide, Martin Place Amphitheatre, Adelaide''s Rundle Mall, Perth and Fremantle Malls, The opening of Pitt St Mall Sydney. Melbourne and Canberra Shopping Centers including Canberra Festival sponsored by St George Building Society in 1984. I performed in Canberra many times later as Canberra needed this style of music!

At this time Spirit Of The Rainbow cassette was released and assisted Green peace with raising funds for their environmental causes by my donating part of the proceeds. The Rainbow Warrior composition was composed the very next day after news broke that it had been sunk in New Zealand Harbor. It was a very powerful and influential peace of music. Lot of Radio Interviews were forthcoming and so word of the music was slowly gaining recognition and a name.

Barry Board at J and B Records in Australia released Quest For Utopia in https://www.tradebit.coms was my first CD release. A TV Marketing campaign by J and B records followed and informed thousands of people of the new release on CD Record and Cassette!

This release was made up of many of my favorite tracks live! Being a proud Australian wherever I performed live an Australian Flag was placed on all four corners of the keyboard stands. This helped gain positive recognition from the public of my love for Australia.

The music being composed at this time was varied, even incorporating High Energy Music for people that liked aerobics and to be motivated, but the Ken Davis Live cassettes and CDS sold very well as people liked to watch the ability to control eight keyboards and a mixer and make inspirational music at the same time.

A Cassette for Tai Chi was created after researching that there was no specific releases of music for Tai Chi and this release was the first Tai Chi Music Cassette in the world! Tai Chi performances were a regular feature at the live performances. It was a market that opened up as did many others to my music as an alternative market. Massage, Tai Chi Yoga and so on!

In 1985 Ken Davis Music was registered as a business name and used until 1992, when the business became a company titled Ken Davis Music International Pty Ltd. My goals were to become successful in Australia and then the world.

Darling Harbor where I opened the Dolphin Court in 1994 in the Festival Marketplace proved to be a winner!, as I was able to convince the entertainment coordinator that if I was given permission to perform live regularly for free, I could merchandise my CDS and cassettes every Saturday or Sunday or public holiday when not at The Opera House! This worked and played often after 4pm when everything else was finished. The crowds were huge. They wanted to take some music home and the tourists were always eager to purchase Australian Music

The autographing of CDS and Cassettes proved to be very popular.

Glossy colored brochures were produced and more CDS and Cassettes were created.

Australian Geographic retail stores were approached to sell the music and accepted the offer. I became the first Australian composer to be selected for music sales in the retail stores throughout Australia. Early Morning In The Rainforest was the first release in there stores, and still sells today as does Daintree Dreamtime, Crystal Clear and many other titles on the music interactives in each store including my first DVD Waterfalls . There are now more than 50 Australian Geographic Stores nationally . I am involved in creating music especially composed and displayed for the branding of Australian Geographic Stores. This achievement has created a win win situation with this company and continues today.

ABC music in Australia had also taken on the music nationally as many people requested the music in there stores.

Midem Canne France

In 1992 I attended the Midem Music Festival in Cannes for the first time in France. The heads of record Companies go every year to this event to swap catalogue and to introduce new artists and new product. Canne is about building relationships.

You build friendships and relationships by going to Canne.

During my first visit to Midem in Canne a meeting was arranged with Canadian businessman Frank Swain. He headed a company out of Toronto Canada called Holborne Distributing and we got along really well.

His catalogue was instrumental music and nature sounds. This was a lucky break for me as he was looking for new product to extend his Holborne Catalogue.

Frank Swain took my samples back to Canada and within three weeks a distribution deal was signed that still exists today. My titles were placed on Holborne Canada''s Music Interactives just released!

On that Midem visit Hans Vatter from Amsterdam based company Dureco, approached KDMI for samples . This resulted in a distribution deal for Europe. All in all a very good first visit to Midem Canne. I have attended Midem 6 times now and continue to attend.

At this time the Atmospheres cassette and CD had sold over 100,000 units. CDS of Pan Flutes by the Ocean and Call of the Dolphin and Early Morning In The Rainforest were also selling very well. Pan Flutes by the Ocean today has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide overtaking Atmospheres that had sold 150,000.

On returning to Australia I was approached by well known public speaker Sandy MacGregor from Calm Australia and created a special peace of music called Infinite Joy for his new Seminar Business. Sandy has sold over 100000 CDS and Cassettes and still sells today..

Many other practitioners use the music in there healing centers incorporating massage and alternative therapies. Beauty salons also use the music . This is a captive audience whilst customers are having treatments.

So the second part of the dream had taken place

At Midem in 1992 I also met the General Manager of Dino Music Australia , Gary Jones in a PIZZA Bar in Canne. He invited me to join his group at lunch. We chatted and talked about Dino Music Australia distributing my product with a TV campaign. They advertised nationally and dropped 30,000 CDS and Cassettes with TV ads featuring waterfalls and beautiful images of nature as a backdrop and it worked ! My music was taking a new direction working with Nature Sounds in most of my releases and The Relaxation Music was popular!

The haunting sound of the Pan Flute appealed to a great many people of all ages in the community. This meant that the music appealed from young people to the elderly.

My distribution deal in Australia continued for three years with Dino and in 1996 Dino and Ken Davis Music parted company.

I had been determined to open a New Age Label called Atlantis still with Dino music but Dino declined the idea.

Time for Change!

My popularity in Canada and the US was strong through Holborne Canada as Holborne Canada. They had introduced my music via the Music Interactives to the US forces in US bases worldwide. This was a new market. Sales increased dramatically in the US and Canada on the music Interactives. The brochures became more glossier and the Ken Davis Music Web site was launched on the web in 1994. I always liked to be first in keeping up with technology. I remember how hard it was to get on line at that time.

I did however see that one day music would come through the telephone line. It was at this time I performed my first live concert with a full lighting and audio visual production at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood Sydney.

It was a success but was marred by 48 hours of torrential rain that stopped many of the people who had booked to the see the concert from attending. I remember the whole production team was soaked to the skin when we moved all of the equipment out of the theatre. It was still raining two days later!

Healing Wards North Shore Hospital

In 1998 I worked with Joanne Turner a Canadian girl who was gravely ill with Leukemia whilst working artist in Sydney Australia. Joanne wrote to me requesting that I perform a live concert to raise money to assist the patients at Royal North Shore Hospital. I had been there a year earlier to see another friend who had Leukemia and was not impressed with what I saw. I agreed to help and three concerts and lots of help three months later and thanks to The Independent Theatre and all those who helped with the concert and silent raffle and donations we raised $ 50,000 . Joanne was a credit to her and if you are ever at the Royal North Shore go to level 12 in the main building and see the Dolphin and Rainforest Rooms we created. I always wanted to be involved in creating healing houses and started here with the first healing ward and was rewarded with patients having there daily chemo therapy in a harmonious environment tell me how thankful they were to me having helped create the wards. Beautiful lounges enclosed with music DVD and video assisted the patients to relax and distress. Robin Martin a well known Sydney Artist painted all the Murals and paintings that adorn the walls. Thanks to the Mirree Aboriginal Dancers and to all the artists listed who gave there time to a great cause that will live on for many years at The Royal North Shore Hospital.

In the past three years I have created a DVD of waterfalls and loved every minute of creating this project. It features many of the popular Waterfalls in Far North Queensland. This was always a dream and with my Sony Digital Camera it became a reality!

I attend business meetings all over Australia and promote my music and speak of the Dream to Reality which is what you have been reading for the past thirty minutes!

Having just completed a tour of China with Violinist Manjia Luo in August-September 2004 I am very looking forward to more touring throughout 2005

Keep you posted on the continuing story year by year

Happiness Always

Ken Davis

Copyright 2005

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