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MP3 KUbist Hall - ROCK: Modern Rock

KUbist Hall, a Los Angeles, CA based musical group has a sound that is truly unique, and combines the two different worlds of Europe and America.
Alternative Rock

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ROCK: Modern Rock, ROCK: Progressive Rock


Influences include Post Radiohead, Post Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, Travis, Keane, Tori Amos

KUbist Hall is Andrew Kurtz, Alexa Brinkschulte, and Alexandra Stavrovska

KUbist Hall, a Los Angeles, CA based musical group has a sound that is truly unique, and combines the two different worlds of Europe and America.

Andrew Kurtz is the lead vocalist and songwriter of the musical group KUbist Hall. From an early age, Andrew was consumed by the notions that something great lay out there for him, endlessly searching for his place in life and art.
Hard headed Andrew left home at an early age, eager to explore all the endless possibilities and options that life could offer him. He worked as a real life cowboy all over the United States and traveled across Europe.
The whole inevitable search, had brought Andrew back to his true beginning; his guitar and voice.
Alexandra Stavrovska (Presov, Slovakia), a rebellious art student with a classical piano backround, happened to hear Andrew play one night at a coffee shop in Sun Valley, ID. Also a songwriter, and a unique talent with visual arts, she found out quickly that collaberation between her and Andrew was quite fullfilling. Andrew felt the same way, and the first two members of KUbist Hall had come together.
At the end of May, 2004, Alexa Brinkschulte crossed paths with Andrew and Alexandra.
By the look of her ( a cute, tiny little girl from Bremen, Germany), no one could have guessed the power that she possessed with her drumming skills. Having been born into a family with no musicians, it was quite surprising that by age 17, she had made up her mind to become a professional drummer.
After she had made that decision, no one could stop her, and she left home to enroll in the prestigious music programs of Berklee College in Boston, Massachussetts.
After an immediate connection between the three young dreamers...KUbist Hall was born.


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Press Reviews
REVIEWS from People and Fans
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hi Andrew, Alex, & Alex;
I saw you play at southwestern college this past tuesday and i must thank you all for doing so. Music is a big influence on my life and what i saw on tuesday was remarkable; music is higher than the self it can transcend you to a place where the problems of the world can fade out-if only for a moment. From the heartfilled cries of your lyrics and the relaxing yet intreguing patterns of the drumming to the erie piano chords playing in front of a synthesizer letting out a buzz in the back ground- well done! and done beautifully not like a lame rock band trying too hard. i wish the best for you partly for a selfish reason I would like to hear more of your music! please come back and play our campus. Could you send me the when and wheres so I can chill with some of those characters whom i coulod learn alot from musically and you three are truely inspired!
Best regards,
Louie B.
Student body president
(green hair)
circle of life
this reminded of Perfect Circle. The music was tight, the vocalist was right on during the entire song. The production and the mix were excellent. The band clearly put time into this recording. Good job. I think that this song will definitely appeal to fans of the Perfect Circle genre.
- simonscreams from Coxsackie, New York on 5Jun2005
The dangers of effects
The tension in the beginning has great momentum, this is a driving color that transitions smoothly into the verse. The vocals are high-quality-- great attack, I like the strength and yet the effortlessness of your voice.
The drumming is f''n right on. Use of kick is engaging and fulfilling. I am a big fan of the use of a piano in this song.
This song is marketable. I think you guys have a legitemate shot at it. Great chorus going on my playlist.
- Distraction from San Diego, California on 4Jun2005
cool drums
i like the drums in the intro. the piano makes a very dramatic sound. sounds very classical at the first impression. nice
- schlechterdrummer from Gmunden, Upper Austria, Austria on 4Jun2005
atmosphere I love a party with one.
OK, great intro really liked it got my attention maybe a bar to long but very good, loved the dynamics of the band drums very nice you created a good vibe even if it was a bit of a dark one, made me shutmy eyes and I got into the whole sound, it keep my interest even without the vocal.
Piano reminded me of some tori amos which is great, the only thing was the ending which seemed to depart from the feel of the song a bit didnt really like the minor notes at the end. really pro sounding band though would like to see what else you could do.
- Bennyfrontman from Unspecified on 4Jun2005
very tori amosesque, nice use of strings... Lovely piano sounds.. dark..
Vox surprised me, i was expecting female, obviously an acomplised comfortable vocalist.
SOunds very good. Nice production, Gotta say love the PIANOS!! hmmmm
is that a string sample or an orchestra? Sounds great
- spacecadet1975 from Lowestoft, United Kingdom on 4Jun2005
I like the very beginning. Very dark. When the drums come in with all the swirling, it''s good. The dark piano riff also builds up the atmosphere. I really like the piano chords accompanied by the droning guitar in the background. The drums utilize a good beat and the piano works well with all of it. I love how dark it is while still yet using the piano. It might be good to have a heavy distorted guitar driven part in the whole song, but that might not be what you were going for. The vocalist is very talented and really expresses himself and flows well with the song. I like some of the electronic sounds swirling in the background.
- jnlouie from Hillsborough, California on 3Jun2005
Superb Rock Track
Cool atmospheric start, nice kinda flangey effect on the opening cymbals and the guitar line. Really creates a tense mood, and builds anticipation to the song.
Going into a more mellow bit feels like an anti climax but the verse is definitely well written. A really strong singer who makes use of dynamics and tone to really get a grasp of the songs overall feel. Really carries the lyrics home!
The piano actually really works in this piece, punching out melody lines. This is one of the best produced rock songs I''ve heard in a while, and that singer! Wow
The ending is great too, I would have liked to have been indulged with some lead guitar, but thats just a selfish whim. This track definitely rocks.
- d_arrangements from Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom on 25May2005
Nicely produced, the piano is used to fabulous effect. I''ve never heard piano used like this, it''s a really great effect, a real grungy sound.
The vocalist is really good, when he starts all reflective you hope that he''ll break out into somethign stronger which is exactly what he does. Got lots of control and emotion, he deserves a lot of credit.
The pad effects are also working and not used for the sake of it. Also I didn''t meantion, the drums are absolutely smashing, the timing is awesome. There''s such a class to the drums there. Wow.
This song is real quality, it takes you places, picks you up and keeps you interested. It has a lot going on,
Well done, I really like this.
- MikeGam from Ireland on 21May2005
the Edge meets the Bad Seeds.
I immediately like a combination of souped-up guitar and pure piano; they mingle nicely for an original sound. The singer is strong and highly marketable -- in the context of overall, professional sound, this sounds highly polished in a positive way. It sounds like it''s coming off a CD purchased from a store; this is a testament to the production, performance, songwriting together. Very dramatic sounding; it also sounds as if it could be on a soundtrack to a movie or a television show. I like the creschendos and variation in dynamics between loud and soft, which is especially notable in the singing. cool sound effects towards the end, like a Radiohead song. i liken this to the bad seeds but with nick cave replaced by a more radio-friendly, polished singer. well done.
- P_Dignity from Davis Park, New York on 31May2005
Cold play meets Muse
Interesting opening which left me wondering where this was going to go. Seems like a mix between Muse & Coldplay though when the vocals come in they seem more Rock in style & tone of voice. All instruments are played well & vocals are good. The drummer has a good feel and i like the tremolo picking. The arrangement works well. An Epic pop/rock crossover tune - could be really popular - good work guys.
- richhall from Coventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom on 31May2005
I liked a lot
I like the drums, how they come in sounding like all the other crappy production for all the wannabes on https://www.tradebit.com (a second listen sounds like some kind of flanger/phaser effect on it, right?). So when good production came in it really threw me and I loved it. You always get extra points for acoustic piano too. It really sets up for a mood that is dark but works very well for me. I dig the vocals... good command and seems to have power when you put the gas to it. Musicianship is really good. Great chorus. I like the arrangement... this song works for me and I''m glad it does. I''m so sick of trashing no-talent hacks... you guys are NOT one of them. Congrats.
- DanHB from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 26May2005
3 Thumbs Up!!!
This song is frikin'' awesome. That''s all I have to say. But if you want more, your singer can definitely sing, the drums are solid, the bass is solid, the piano is incredible.
- rusilio from Hershey, Pennsylvania on 31May2005
KUbist Hall Records
1. TOP LOS ANGELES BANDS: https://www.tradebit.com
KUbist Hall has been ranked as One of Los Angeles''s Top Bands on the City Charts of https://www.tradebit.com for the week of May 29th, 2005 - June 4th, 2005.
KUbist Hall, during the week of June 5th, 2005 - June 11th, 2005, had a song, "In Wonderland" in the Top 2 of the Weekly Top Forty in MediaKinesis, an independent music review and site.
Alternative Rock:
May 23rd-
Best Keyboards in Alternative Rock, week of 23May2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
May 30th-
Best Keyboards in Alternative Rock, week of 30May2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Rocking Track in Alternative Rock, week of 30May2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Chill-Out Track in Alternative Rock, week of 30May2005 (ROSE)
Potential Soundtrack in Alternative Rock, week of 30May2005 (ROSE)
Best Keyboards in Alternative Rock, week of 30May2005 (FIRE)
June 6th-
Best Male Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Best Keyboards in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Best Production in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Most Original in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Potential Soundtrack in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Best Keyboards in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (THE GLOOM)
Best Melody in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (THE GLOOM)
Best Mood in Alternative Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (THE GLOOM)
Pop Rock:
June 6th-
Potential Soundtrack in Pop Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (STRANGE WINDOW)
Potential Soundtrack in Pop Rock, week of 6Jun2005 (WONDERLAND)
#4 on the Top 10 Viewed EPK''s June 6th, 2005 on https://www.tradebit.com
KUbist Hall
Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA - May 14th, 2005
Featured Artist Media Kinesis 6/05
KUbist Hall (strange name if I''ve ever seen one!) is one hell of a group. 3 artists that really sound like a full 5 member or more band. Thank god for the piano, it carries the rhythm and lead lines of there songs adding depth and quality that no "guitar rock" band can compete with.
Our favorite track "In Wonderland" is an inspiring piece, mellow and melodic -while taking you to the edge of emotion, featuring quality lyrics and the lead singers range from "hard edge" to "soft" adult contemporary stylings. Toward the end of the track you''ll notice a wailing guitar...ok, we don''t much care for that, but in a track like this- it fits and its OK. I also want to give credit here to the percussionist, it could be so easy in some of these tracks to go "Neil Peart" on the group, but he maintains the emotion of the tracks- adding his own touch and feeling with soft symbal rolls in just the right spot.
They have diversified there style from the "mundane, programmed formula of common rock" giving them quite the edge in the industry. They claim to sound like: "Radiohead, Coldplay, Tori Amos, Snow Patrol"...this could be pretty close. We would also add U2 and a little Edwin McCain to the list.
All they need now is for the right person/label to find and sign them!

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