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MP3 Leen & Reen - Lipp Sings: Headlines

Funny scandalous satirical songs...Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson, Judge Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill - fused with hip-hop/rap/alternative, blues/jazz, pop, rock, unusual...different. PHAT. A memorabilia. A collector’s CD. A must-have. Buy it.

5 MP3 Songs
HIP HOP/RAP: Alternative Hip Hop, POP: Quirky

A first of its kind: “Lipp Sings: Headlines” is a lip-smacking, mouth-watering, finger-licking juicy buffet cooked with hilarious, satirical, unique songs broiled in scandalous headlines. These exceptional, whimsical songs offer different styles of music for different kinds of folks -- featuring sizzling-on-the-grill with “Clinton: The Man - The Song,” seasoned with “OJ’s Objection”...then baked to perfection with the belly-filling “Sexual Harassment”...topped-off with the saucy “Clinton’s Blues.” Phat!

While working on the chain-gang (“day gig”); Leen and Reen showed their poem, “Sexual Harassment” to a studio entertainment Executive. Overwhelmed with the clever, superbly written lyrics, the Executive suggested that Leen and Reen turn this poem into a song -- hence the debut of Leen and Reen’s songwriting career. Being the comediennes that they are, they didn’t stop there. Uh...uh... naw...naw... they didn’t stop there at all. When other media-circus events happened; Leen and Reen discovered that they like to “storytell” controversial trials in a comedic way -- how the media and the key players handled these events in a guerrilla-like circus way.

This blend of unusual controversial subject matters and events...coupled with rhyming words to perfection...all lampooned in a comedic way -- resulted to an unclassifiable, distinct style of their own...making each song a masterpiece. “Lipp Sings: Headlines” is a classic memorabilia that is soon to be a collector’s item. There is nothing like “Lipp Sings: Headlines” anywhere!

“Clinton: The Man - The Song” brilliantly captures the essence of President Clinton’s scorching sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky and his battle to stay in the White House.

Bill Clinton’s passion for playing the sax inspired the blues-style of this song. While the climactic saxophone screams-and-hollers in orgasmic relief; the electrifying guitar toys with your emotions...and, the harmonica purrs -- oh so sweetly...in a sassy way. The pulsating beats of “Clinton: The Man - The Song” slam against the lyrics...caressing every rhyming word, yet wittily unfolding the story of the President...and the Intern.

Lyrics from “Clinton: The Man - The Song” - Available on “Lipp Sings: Headlines” CD:
Like the “Owl and the Pussy-Cat,” Monica came to get Hillary’s man.
Thousands of miles Lewinsky traveled to the Nation’s Capital with her plan.
The former Intern seduced Bill Clinton and now has a White House ban.
The Beverly Hills’ socialite is now President Clinton’s biggest fan.
Kenneth Starr subpoenaed Lewinsky about Clinton’s alleged affairs.
Denied immunity by the Independent Counsel, Monica vanished into then air.

When Monica met the President, she flirted and caught Bill’s eye....
Lewinsky showered Clinton with gifts -- antiques, frogs...his famous necktie.
Clinton bought gift’s from Martha’s Vineyard to give his adulteress the best.
Monica unzipped Bill’s fly...ummm...and didn’t give him any rest.”
Secret rendezvous in the Oval office...they thought there was no alibi.
The OIC charged Clinton with perjury -- claimed the President did lie.

(Spoken) The President has acknowledged a serious mistake, an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky...etc....

“If the gloves fit -- wear them.... Otherwise, put-up or shut-up!”

The media turned this dramatic courtroom trial into a zoo. Although this trial was a travesty, “OJ’s Objection” cleverly captures this frenzy, circus-like atmosphere into a non-judgmental song. Like the newspaper, radio or TV -- it captures the story.

“OJ’s Objection” is an eerie fusion of rhyming rap-in-unison, tribal drum beats, heart-stopping piano riffs; and unusual chorale arrangements chanting - “objection/sustain -- objection/overrule.” All this coupled with vocal characterizations of the famous players in this landmark case makes this extraordinary song compelling.

Lyrics from “OJ’s Objection” - Available on “Lipp Sings: Headlines” CD:
It’s the trial of the century.
OJ’s making history...avoiding penitentiary....
With a double murder mystery
He’s a heisman football superstar....
Sportscaster, actor for Hertz-Rent-A Car.
Double murder, did the “Juice” go that far?
Now Defense wants another sidebar.

A wife batteral is the Prosecutor’s game.
“The Dream Team” claims OJ’s been framed.
Nicole...Ron...gone...what a shame.
Now the witnesses; all getting their fame....
All because of this celebrity’s name.
In a white bronco Al took OJ for a ride.
He said, “The Juice” wanted to commit suicide.
Al Cowling! What a friend...always by his side.
Hey OJ! Do you have anything to hide?

(Chorus) Objection...sustain! Objection...overrule! Objection...sustain! Objection...overrule!....etc.....

This electrifying, danceable song lampoons the blistering soap-opera-like nomination of Judge Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court; and Anita Hill, an unknown law professor. Hill’s allegation that Thomas sexually harassed her transformed the confirmation process from a hearing...to a mockery of the judicial process. “Who put pubic hair on my coke”???

“Sexual Harassment” is a nexus of rich witty dialogue, meshed with animated interesting characterizations...and, of course Leen and Reen’s trademark -- rhyming lyrics. “Sexual Harassment” explodes like a stud missile catapulting you into ecstasy. Wow! This powerful enthralling song is entwined with raw vibrant energy that arouse excitement. ...Men, you may feel like taking Viagra. “A long dong silver”...enough to make you quiver!

Lyrics from “Sexual Harassment” - Available on “Lipp Sings: Headlines” CD:
What’s the story on Clarence and Anita?
Wasn’t it a grand affair? Or wouldn’t she dare?
Sexual Harassment -- I declare!
Capitol Hill, Senate Committee, the nation suddenly aware.
A country full of scandal.... Inflation is on the ramble.
Unemployment, drugs and hard crime, yet sexual harassment hits the headlines.

(Chorus) Sexual Harassment! Sexual Harassment! Clarence did decline. Anita claims sexual harassment, she’ll define. Sexual Harassment! Sexual Harassment! Sexual Harassment the latest crime! Sexual Harassment would you be mine?

What’s the story on Clarence Thomas?
A “long dong silver”...enough to make you quiver!
“Who put pubic hair on my coke”?
Enough to make you gasp and choke.
The whole situation.... Oh what a joke!
What’s the story on Anita Hill?
Making allegation of political situation.
Full of negations, of a Supreme Court nomination....
Foul play on the nation -- of the Chief Justice confirmation....etc.

CLINTON’S BLUES (Instrumental)
Alluring -- the sultry sounds of “Clinton’s Blues” is a feast to the soul...a blues symphony to the ears...and a full course meal to the gut. An arresting orchestration of spanking guitar licks: “Clinton’s Blues” is hooked with a juke-house, honky-tonk harmonica sound from the Mississippi Delta; and...a wailing jive-talking saxophone that will leave you in rapture. Your body will gyrate...throbbing for more.

If diversity is the key, then Leen and Reen definitely have it. Majestic -- Leen and Reen are the creators of the character, “Lipps,” and also wrote these dazzling, dynamic lyrics. They also conceived and produced the fantastic music concepts to conjure up “Lipp Sings: Headlines.” Everything...(just-about)...on the CD is conceived, written, typed, thought-out...drawn, and expressed by Leen and Reen.

Multi-talented, Leen and Reen live in the Los Angeles area, and are actresses, comediennes, singers, dancers and writers...to mention a few.... The Entertainers work in film, TV, stage, and comedy clubs. Like “Lucy & Vivian,” “Abbot & Costello,”... “Laverne & Shirley”...and The Wyann Brothers.... Leen and Reen are a dynamic comedy-team in any arena.

Leen and Reen are known for their fashion statements. Says Leen and Reen, “We are the artist, and, the canvass”... which makes their distinct eclectic style different and refreshing -- a work of art. No! They are not clones; that’s for sure. Everything about Leen and Reen is distinctive; from the hundreds of eccentric designer stockings to their energetic free-style dancing.... They are in class all by themselves. Speaking of “all by themselves” -- producers, directors, casting directors...Listen up! Cast them!

Please contact Leen and Reen (SAG/AFTRA) at LeenReen@https://www.tradebit.com.

AVAILABLE SOON at https://www.tradebit.com.

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