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Includes step-by-step illustrated procedures to guide you through every conceivable job possible, including all adjustments necessary. Service, maintenance, overhaul adjustments, everything you need to know is covered. Photos, electrical,wiring diagrams, tune up, fuel system lower units., specifications, repairs, maintenance, overhaul, troubleshooting, controls, tilt and trim. Fully bookmarked and hyperlinked with a master index for easy use. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, professional mechanics, or students.

These service manuals are your number one source for repair and service information. They are specifically written for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the experienced mechanic. Using this manual is an inexpensive way to keep your equipment working properly. Each service manual provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete disassembly of the machine. It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, that guide the reader through each service and repair procedure. Simply print out the pages you need or print the entire manual as a whole.

# Detailed substeps expand on
maintenance and repair procedure information
# Notes, cautions and warnings
throughout each chapter pinpoint critical information.
# Numbered instructions guide you
through every repair procedure step by step.
# Bold figure number help you
quickly match illustrations with instructions.
# Detailed illustrations, drawings
and photos guide you through every procedure.
# Enlarged inset helps you identify
and examine parts in detail.
# Numbered table of contents easy to
use so that you can find the information you need fast.

Complete download comes in pdf format which can work under all PC based windows operating system and Mac also. It saves to your hard-drive and can be burned to CD-ROM. All pages are printable. No need to pay for shipping and wait for the overpriced paper textbook or CD-ROM to arrive via snail mail.


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1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Cooling Starters Clearance This Seat 68 Assembly 1956 58 Guide Center Drill Ignition 5-4flywheel I8 Preseason 1980 83 Tachometer 1965 the 8-46 Mar 6-27 Tube Assembly, V4 Nuts, Switch Filters 7-21 8 Sets, Small 1968 Washers Rectifier Evinrude 3-12 Kits Tuning 1956-68 Fitting Hp-1980-85 4--23 Parts Hardware, 1984 Hp-1973 Johnson/Evinrude W/Std. -type 1970 Star 9-29 Moters Internal Valves Check 8-53 Adjustments Plate Indentification Air Workshop Primary 8-56 ]hp Ultra Gauge Rod 3-21 3- Shafts, Needle, 4--11 Hydraulic (Cont) Gaskets Trouble Wiper Inspection 7-1 Racing Electrical Babbitt I General 8-41 Adapter Pivot -3-50 7-16 4--61 150hp with Honing Housings, Bulbs, 90 Dva Rods, Stator 59 Pawl Bolts 60 A-6 Autolite 8-28 Coolingsystem Description Navigation Manual Double- Drawings 8-50 Propellor, 4-0hp Hp- Crankcase Prestolite Probe, Flotation Plugs, 4 4.0 9-24 4--12 to 8-33 7-19 --28 Searches: 1965-70 33 1976 Micro Rings, / Outboard 19776 Torque Capacities 5-2 Shaft 1985 Electroma Wristpins Upper 235hp No. 3 Sets Ment Diagram 75hp 9-11 1977 7.5 Trim Waxing, Tic 9-15 Bolts, 64 100hp 225 6- 4--67 Floats, 1979 W/Alternator, 5.0 Nuts 1 Injection Dlx. Bearings, Ine 8-19 Bearings 1.25 9-5 Cranking Bases, Rebuilt Pump, Handle, Organization 26 Type 7-6 3hp1968 Dampers 6-24 Wheel Accumix 6 Specs. Procedures Mounted Gaskets, List 3-37 Circlips, Mechanical 4-- Model 35 Solenoid Synchronizing 4--50 Submerged 8-65 9-37 V Sale B 7-12 Bosch Main --5 1963 5-26 6-20 6-12 Start; Gears, Horns Metric Primer, 7-10 1961 Separator Decals Gearing, 1974 Assemblies, 8-10 175 1979, 7-14 67 1960-63 3-29 1982 Anodes 1956-64 14centering Centering Dealers Lookup 9-27 Stator, W/Cd Grommets, 5-13 Chokes Equipped 75 Contents 1962 Circlip, Outboards Base Retainers, Pin, 4--38 Tension Condenser, Housing, Introduction 33 4--1 Hose, Split 1991 Installation Pinion Wristpins, Excessive Hose 61 175hp 1983, Connectors 185 Bolt Combustion Polarity Relays, Spring 10 4- 17 Disconnect E 8-13 -7 Control Gauges Location Oil/Fuel Drives Prices Trigger Regula Shafts 9-34 Seal Late 4--42 Repair Motor Heat/Electric Controlling 200hp Year for Manuals Hp-1984 Wear Under Crankshaft, Controls Sensor Hp-19773 Corrosion Pumps Instl 3-17 Lever Generating & 3-39 9 Filling On15 9-31 Sliding Carbureted Prop Catalog Gearcase, 8· 3.0 Tune-up Equip Valve, Ai0 200 Condenser Thermostat, Valve 4--45 Assembling Trim/Tilt Ii 4--8 Module 1986 19783 Set, Vii 4--13 3- Primer Cover Lever Style A-4 Tester, Hulls Box, Seat, - Tab Aluminum 8-66 Break-in 120hp Thru Charging Breaker Cont Alternator 3-4-2 Rewind 9-17 3-24 Delco Old-style 71 Pack I-cylinder V6 Surge Disassembly Senders Deflector Thermostat Propeller Float 4--7 A-14 Vro 1990 Except Mixture Disassembling voltage Fiberglass 8-17 Outboardyamaha 8-8 7- Owners Generator Deluxe Dipstick Elbow, Models Temperature Gearing 3-4-0 Yahmaha Seal, Bracket Engine Warning Hp, Tester 4--47 25hp System 85 Reference Pins 4--4troubleshooting 7-15 8-9 Box Pull Regulator, Washers, Needle Gears Spring, Ection 15 Clamps Bearing Port, 88 Disassem Handle Sleeves, 19773 Water Colt, Covers Excel, Assist Hand Rods 4--4-3 Problems 1969-70 70 Impeller, (Autoblend) Relief 8-57 Thermo Floats 6-30 4--28 Horizontal Lights, 8-74 6-31 3-4-1 Basics Sleeves 7-24 8-15 Atop A-13 Assemblies Points W/Electrlc Jumper Techniques Compass 185hp 50 Lower Motors 85hp 9-30 Cables Housing Two 8-37 171 19778 Starter, Button Insert 20 4--58 Sequence 4-.0hp, Capacitor Inline 6-17 Thermostats, 5.5 Brush -1984 9.9 --no 48 Pwerhead 60hp 235 7-18 Pass Module, 62 Fastenersmeasurement 6-10 9-23 Lubricatin Locations Coil Poppet Constant Cups, Tachometers Understanding Base, Bowl 9-4 4--15 3-30 63 11 Ctr. Circlip 6-29 7 Regulators, Wire 110hp 23 Bling Repairs 3-35 Rubber Four Also 1975 Impeller Starter 1959 Rope Wiring 4.5 Anodes, Vertical or Housings 4--57 Electromatic End 72 65hp Brgs All Accessories Cleaning, Iii Voltage Timing 6-8 Large W Thermomelt Junior, Filter, Numbers Manifold, Coils Units 1958 9-7 Hp-1976 Piston Cap Wrist 1987 69 Informa Bulbs 225hp 1964-70 W/Remote Hookup Gear 9-3 Schematic Head Washer Inject. Valves, 6-11 Ymis Replacement 7-3 5-6 Probe 9-12 Circlips Magneto Sticks Factory Information 5-3 Delux 6 48hp 110 Boating D Brg. Download Pushbutton 6-18 Lubrication Engines15 Carburetion 4-- Kit, 140 Crankshaft 5-5 Reed Winter Autoblend Relays Exhaust Grommets Switch, 28hp1964 Single-lever Circuit Stop Gearcase Propellor Synchronization 32 Gasket 50hp Pin A-12 Cowling Ratings Starting 18 Cables, Filter Carburetor 9- Solenoid, Oil Shift 4--31 Thermostats Exploded Johnson Cyl 4--16 1980-81 1978 4--4fuel 4--43 Holder Inspecting Springs, Electric 1957- and Cylinder, Dygimanual A-5 by Lighting Pistons Below Illustrations Comm. 5-19 4--54fuel Anchors Passage Boxes 25 Performance Computer Pump Carburetor, Marine 9- Rings Frozen 8-72 Powerhead Troubleshooting Manualsmotor Safety Molded 115 1956-70 Pressure 1960 Chart Shear Top Baffle Pawl, Constant- 8-36 5-20 70hp Pawls Remote 6-5 Batteries Flywheel Arm Mount Standard Doublelever Synchroniza Plug, Throttle 6-32 4--10 3-22 Single Conversion Removal 1989 6-25 Connectors, 54assembling Low W/Tiller Seals Wings Needles 55hp 55 Hardware Lights Pistons, Flange Switchessolenoids Steering on Only 1962-63 4--51 7-5 2ign., Retainer Emergency Baffle, Solenoids 8-16 Boat Rough Tank Stroke 7-4 Flange, Operation Hp- 4--52 Tilt Block Stainless 65 Shooting Guide, Coils, 8-22 Crank Plugs Springs 1966 New-style 5 Timming 33 Fsm Waterline Coupling 1980 72 40 1956 6-2 Reports Mounting 4--25 2 Spark Carburetors 9-20 Test Typical 3-16 66 Nut, 1977, W/Alternator W/Manual W/Generator, Key Harness Timer Maintenance 6-22 Functional Hp Push A.c. 8-31 Systems Loading 1964 Inject Polishing Linkage Elbow 1980-85 Draining Discharge Leg, &on 1.5 Cover, Theory Diaphragm Cylinder 8-20 Tests Evaluation 1981 Screws, 1988 Hp1956 140hp Cleaning 2.5 Hpintroduction Specifications 135hp Fuel 20hp,& Engines Idle (Cd) 53 Horsepower Aftermarket 3-38 9-14 9-26 * 3-13 Battery 3-15 Side Powerheads Winterize Separator, Drive Pwhd. Line 19784 Lines 3- Senders, Ter Diaphragm, 6-9 Compression 88hp Connecting Online Pickup 1956- 8-38 7-22 O-ring, Yamaha Coverage Tune O-rings, Harness, 6-1 Brgs. Screws Shop Attachment Gasket, a Testing Bulk Dampers, No Accident 59 58 Consumption 1973 9.5 Charge 1969 Vi Clamps, Dual 30 A-ll 3-28 Servicing Plate, at Contact Casing Waxing Ring Bypass Pwhd 90hp 63 Sales Plug Nylon Used 135 Bottom 8-14 Start Identification Drain Regulator 5-1 Diagrams Tion Clearinga 1980-84 Instl. Appendix 120 Sychronisation 1966-70 Return Delco-remy Bases Trimtilt Steel -1980-85 C 3-18 Manifold Singlelever Rope, W/Electric Armature Iv Retainers Propellers Unit 150 28 Tools Choke 4--26 Quick Preparation One 6-16 Tor Port 8-11 Break Construction Electrlc Cups Double 6.0 Ultra, 6-7 39 - Chapter 19778 Checking Rod, 100 6-28 Cd Shoot Power 1967 19785 Bearing, 9 Serial Ing of 1972 Cable 7-8 Specs Size Intake 3-27 1983 Regulators 27 Conversions Swing Props Pins, Seals, Nut Miscellaneous Jacket Discount Equipment Adjustment Service Dipstick, 4. Storage 1971

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  guest wrote:
glad i found this. works perfect.

  guest wrote:
1965 ignition switch wiring diagram

  john wrote:
Question before I buy, Does manual cover 1959 35 hp 2 stroke, and does it include part numbers??

rating rating rating rating rating   positive

rating rating rating rating rating   this manual is superb. its the 3rd one i bought but it is the only one that actually fits the description! very impressed with the quality and want to say thanks for making this available. your customer support is greatly apprecaited also. thanks!

rating rating rating rating rating   excellent manual. this is the first time i have EVER given a 5 star review to anything but this is really surpassing quality. A

rating rating rating rating rating   THIS WAS A LIFESAVER. YOU HAVE MY GRATITUDE

rating rating rating rating rating   i am happy i was able to get my hands on this impressive collection u have here

rating rating rating rating rating   this manual is exactly as described. there is another cheaper one on this website that says it covers the evinrude from 56 to 72 but its the wrong file. this one is correct

rating rating rating rating rating   this is the right manual. trust me. avoid the cheap generic manuals out there . they are crap

rating rating rating rating rating   PDF was organized and complete, good deal for the money because u cannot find this anywhere else and i have tried.

rating rating rating rating rating   no problems. downloaded fast and the manual is spot on. cool service u have here

rating rating rating rating rating   use of this manual totally paid for itself!

rating rating rating rating rating   Incredibly thorough service manual. Especially nice to get in a digital format allowing printing as needed. Just what I needed. Thanks!!

rating rating rating rating rating   best outboard service manual i have seen. everything is here

rating rating rating rating rating   authentic johnson manual. good product

rating rating rating rating rating   superb!

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