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MP3 manSaveman - Squash

Loud Rock n Roll with more than the usual topics to sing about.

9 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Modern Rock, METAL: Alternative Metal

Lyric Sheet



God Loves Amerika:
Do you believe in angels? They watch you when you''re sleeping, but only if you''re from Amerika. Do you believe in devils? Well they can''t make it past the border. Your soul is protected if you''re from Amerika.

God Loves Amerika.

Nothing left to fear. Nothing left to give. Nothing left to love. Nothing left to live.

Do you believe in Jesus? He lives in Kansas City. He always wears red white country, and a touch of the blues. I know he''s the son of God, but maybe he''s adopted. Maybe Mary gave the baby up after she dropped it.

Do you believe in God? He believes in you. We are all sons and daughters of God in Amerika. Do you believe in me? I created you. This is God''s voice across Amerika.

We should crucify our president as an offering to God for our truly blessed country.


Say A Word:
Say it. You think you are justified. Silence, is all you want to hear from me so I speak louder to you everyday. Go ahead and say it, the people want to hear it now. You friends don''t seem to come around here much anymore.

It''s all a Lie. What you''re selling. I don''t want. I don''t need. I never wanted it anyway.

Money, its all you want from me and plenty. There are so many reasons why you hide behind your walls so high. Go ahead and say it the people want to hear it now. You friends don''t seem to come around here much anymore.


Have Mercy:
I''m waiting for the right time to own you. Don''t temp me I''m thirsty, Lord have mercy. I''m pacing, contemplating my methods to put you in pain. I''m determined to hurt and I won''t let anything stand in my way.

Say its now bound, there''s a way to forgive me, Its already over. I think that someday you will probably forget me. Start watching over your shoulders. An eye, a shot to the marrow, now I''m living in the eyes of fear. The decisions that you choose.

I''ll find you and hurt you, and won''t let anyone stand in my way. Not right now, but someday I''ll find you. I am determined to put you in pain. I got a rule that you couldn''t eclipse me. Its already over. All the hatred in your body will be sure to miss me. Any eye, a shot to the marrow, now I''m living in the eyes of fear. The decisions that you choose.

Have mercy. Have Mercy.


Randy''s 10 bit Dissention:
Randy was a man who was handy with a gun. Randy went to nam and he got it on for fun. Randy was a man so he got the sucker done, lootin and a killin from every single one. Randy wore all black, he was his father''s son. Twenty secret missions and he walked from every one. Randy had knives in his boots for fun. Randy was a man and he got the fucker done.

Randy was a man he was a hard man''s son.

Explosions and Pain.

One day he gave up all that, and he started a shop down the street that sold kites to the kids on the block. The kids they would come to the shop. He would teach them to fly and soar high in the sky and find love in themselves.

Klingon Curses.

There is not enough dissention from within, enough is enough never enough its time that we start again.

I want to see a real leader of democracy, someone to walk among us, someone to set us free.

Do it now.

There is just too much, bought and sold from within. Special interests, the media the man, empty minds and vacant stares.


Star Spangled Bummer:
Never see those words again, on my lips, I severed them, it was just better when I didn''t speak at all. I''ll never sing these words again, on your hips I''m better than whatever pleasure your friends find clever. Never hear our dreams again, in their heads forever dead, but instead a better blend of different things to come. Never take that chance again in our lives we wouldn''t win but it could have been such a beautiful thing.

Never see these words again. Never sing these words again. Never hear our dreams again. Never take that chance again.

Never see these words again on my back I never meant to forget its better when I never think at all. I''ll never sing these words again on your lips its better whatever pleasure you can take forever.

You''ll never hear our dreams again. Never take that chance again. Never see those words again. Never sing these words again.


Dub Yeah:
Eye poppin skull fuckin wannabe brother. Loved by the man, hated by the mother. Willed to be the man in control. With his finger on the button, no tact respect or soul.

All hail ugly Amerikan. All hail make, he''s the President.

It was a coup de tat. Shame on you and shame on me, our democracy is dead. This time the whole world knows he''s gone to far as the empire falls the people will have his head.

Sell tomorrow for today, our children be damned. We''re greatest generation. We saved the world. We are entitled. We''ve won all the wars, with sons of our whores.


El Stupido in Fuckheadland:
El Stupido in Fuckheadland. I know I''m going to die. The room keeps spinning.


Corporation Toy:
She don''t eat, what do you say to that.

What it must be like, thinking you have to look like all those models in the pages of the magazines. It''s a shame you don''t call, hardly ever hear from you at all. I will sing but I know that you don''t listen anymore.

Looking good in all four seasons, she don''t even have to eat. No rhyme for no damn reason, she is just a toy to me.

So easy to fool the mind, so easy you don''t have to try. You don''t have to try anything.


My mother covered me with all of her love. I miss the conversations, I miss her smile. My mother made me so that I thought I would cry. I miss the good times that I had with my mom.


My mother loved me all the days of her life I know she did, she told me all the time. My mother she just sadly slipped away, no she wasn''t okay I never said goodbye.

Broken records, troubled times, child, its not about you.


Posse Comitatus

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"Censorship reflects a society''s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime . . . ." - Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, dissenting Ginzberg v. United States, 383 U.S. 463 (1966)

"First Amendment freedoms are most in danger when the government seeks to control thought or to justify its laws for that impermissible end. The right to think is the beginning of freedom, and speech must be protected from the government because speech is the beginning of thought."-Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Ashcroft V. Free Speech Coalition (00-795) 198 F.3d 1083, affirmed.
. Your silence is truly deafening.

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