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How to Prevent AND Recover from IDENTITY THEFT.

You may already be a Victim Right Now and not even know it. If you are an Identity Theft Victim, do you know how to get out of the grand mess that you are in? The longer you wait to correct the problem, the worse your situation will get.

You can have all of your questions answered and get all of the contact information you need right now. You do not have to waste any more of your time.

You should IMMEDIATELY go through everything on the Checklist so you can take the precautionary measures with your computer that are outlined, especially the part about using a Firewall. Following these very simple steps can prevent a big disaster in your life.

(You are not off the hook.)
Criminals can steal your identity from the trash you throw away. Any "junk mail" that you get at your home with pre-approved credit card and loan applications that you do not want and just throw away can be a source for Identity Theft. Also, when you are finished with your own documents and papers that have your personal information on them like credit card and bank statements etc., if you just throw them in the trash, that can be another source for Identity Theft.

At the very least, you should tear them up by hand. For better protection, use a regular stripcut shredder. But for just a little more money and without having to burn everything, you can have the best protection against Identity Theft and the highest security by using either a crosscut shredder or a confetti-cut shredder. Some models will even shred your credit cards, CDs and DVDs. Then put the pieces into different trash cans.

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime of the 21st Century. Unlike other crimes, many people who are victims of Identity Theft do not even know it until it is too late. If someone beats you up, or shoots you or burglarizes your house or steals your car, you will know immediately that you are the victim of a very serious crime. But that's not the case with Identity Theft.

Identity Theft is becoming the "crime of choice" for criminals now that they have a better understanding of the power of information. They can make much more money, much easier and much faster with Identity Theft than selling drugs on the street, breaking into houses or stealing cars. That's all "old school crime". Usually they do not just steal a couple of dozen people's personal information. Normally when they are able to get your personal information from the computer of a merchant, company or organization that stored it on a badly or unprotected database, they will steal thousands or millions of people's identity at one time.

It is much worse than just having someone steal your credit card and then go on a shopping spree. Once criminals steal your identity, they can get new credit cards, open new accounts, take out new loans and leave all of these unpaid bills in your name to end up on your credit report. They can even use your identity to commit crimes.

Since it is done remotely, it is a lot easier than walking into a bank with a gun and trying to rob it while they are being taped on a surveillance video camera. And the best part for criminals is that there is very little risk. At least at the present time, it is very rare that they ever get caught and convicted.

So what does that mean for you----the innocent consumer? Even though you know that you have very good credit, and you are current on all of you bills with no outstanding debt to any creditors, and you have a good income, you may not find out that you are a victim of Identity Theft until you are turned down for a home loan, or a car loan, or a student loan, or even a small line of credit at a department store, or a collection company starts calling you on your telephone and harassing you about a bill that you do not know anything about, or you start getting bills in the mail, sometimes for thousands of dollars for products and / or services that you never signed up for, you know nothing about any of them and certainly you never agreed to buying anything. You may have excellent credentials and qualifications, but you keep getting turned down for jobs you apply for and you do not know why. You might even be arrested for crimes that you did not commit.

Actually, you just honestly thought that you had good credit, but if you are an innocent victim of Identity Theft, the reality is that your credit rating may have already been totally destroyed even though you do not know anything about it and even if you are in no way responsible for causing the problem. You may have to pay higher insurance rates and additional credit card fees until you can prove that you are innocent. If there are charges and loans in your name, then you are liable unless you do something to correct it. Because if you do not do anything about the grand mess you find yourself in, your situation will only get much worse!

Unfortunately, most people who find out that they are victims of Identity Theft do not immediately take action to correct the problem. They normally start to deal with a combination of several emotional feelings which include:

Anger, Shock, Fear, Surprise, Frustration, Depression, Stress, Helpless, Confused, Devastated, Humiliated, Aggravated, Victimized, Powerless and much more.

So they have to deal with all of these emotional feelings while under alot of pressure, AND the clock keeps ticking, AND things keep getting worse and worse for them. Then, even after they get to the point when they are finally have enough strength and are ready to take action by taking the necessary steps to do something, they realize that the biggest problem is not just being a victim of Identity Theft, but when a person finds out that they are a victim, they do not have any idea what they should do to get out of the grand mess that they are in.

Where to start? Who to call? What papers need to be filled out and where do you get these forms? Who can you ask for help and to answer your questions?
***Identify Theft Victims always have alot of questions!***
What could you have done to try to prevent this from happening to you? How much is it going to cost you to straighten this out? How long is it going to take to get everything cleared up? (The answer to that can be anywhere from several months to possibly years.)

Even though it is not your fault that you are in this insane situation, the problem of being a victim of Identity Theft does NOT get solved by itself.

Another misunderstanding is that many people think that the only victims of Identity Theft are people who use the Internet to transfer their credit card numbers and other personal information. That is not true. Almost anybody can be a victim of Identity Theft.

Even if you give a paper application in person to a company, your personal information will still end up on the company's computer stored in their databases, just like all of the other people who gave their information on-line over the internet. OK, the people who transfer their personal information over the internet may be at a higher risk, but that does not mean that everybody else is at "no risk".

The company will put your information in their databases manually if necessary. Many companies (including some large major corporations) do not protect your personal information the way they are suppose to. Also, even if you give your personal information to a company on paper in person, at some point the company might transfer it from one computer to another, on-line and without using the proper safeguards. So when a criminal hacks into the computer and steals personal information, they will steal everybody's personal information. YES, that means the identity thief will steal personal information from people who gave it on-line over the internet and from people who gave it on paper in person.

Once a company has your personal information no matter how you gave it to them originally, you do not have control over what they do with it. More specifically, you do not know what they are doing with it, when they are doing it, who else (what other companies, partners or affiliates) they are sharing your personal information with, and what individuals within the company have access to your personal information. How do you know that they are complying with their own Privacy Protection Policy or Standards?

It may not even be criminal intent on the part of the person you gave it to. It could be carelessness, irresponsibility or just plain stupidity. For example, it you give your personal information over the telephone to Employee #1 for a product or service you want. Employee #1 leaves your information on their computer screen then gets up and leaves for a few minutes. Employee #2 passes by in Employee #1's absence. Employee #2 steals your information with criminal intent, knowing that Employee #1 will be the one blamed if anything happened.

Simply the fact that so many places have access to your Social Security Number makes you a potential victim of Identity Theft. Your Social Security Number is in the databases of government agencies, financial institutions, health care providers, insurance companies, utility companies, employers etc. The botton line is that nobody is completely safe.

Now that you have an idea of what Identity Theft is all about:

1. Are you a victim right now and do not know it? AND / OR if you do not know, do you know how to find out?

2. If you are not a victim yet, do you know what you can do to try to prevent it from happening to you, your family and your loved ones?

3. If you are a victim, do you know what to do to get out of the grand mess you are in?

This extremely detailed eReport has very important vital information that everybody needs to know to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. If you are already a victim, it will help you to get your life back to normal.

When it comes to Identity Theft, you cannot entirely control whether you will become a victim. But there are certain steps that you can take to minimize your risks. Those specific steps are contained in this eReport along with all of the necessary contact information you need including phone numbers, addresses, sample letters that you need to write A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible) and websites of companies, agencies and organizations that can help you even further.

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