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MP3 The Musician Physician - Suite Love

THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN is licensed to soothe the body as well as the SOUL. He prescribes, for you, a dose of "Suite" Love to be taken AURALLY prn (as needed). particularly at bedtime.

11 MP3 Songs
JAZZ: Smooth Jazz, JAZZ: Jazz Fusion

has performed with many contemporary jazz musicians. He opened up for MARION MEADOWS at the CD release party for jazz pianist/keyboardist Reggie Jeffreys. Not only did Piggott open up the show, Meadows invited him back up on stage during the show where he traded sixteens with one of his idols.
A few years ago, after entertaining a group of ladies at a hairdresser''s 85th birthday celebration, Piggott drove to Charlotte N.C. where he and members of GLADYS KNIGHT''S band sat in with the house band at Crawfords; a jazz club in the Queen City. Vince Priester, Gladys Knight''s featured saxophonist, met Piggott a few years before this event and they have been in touch since that time.
The Musician Physician opened for PIECES of a DREAM a few years ago during the Hampton Jazz Festival. This opportunity took place on the other side of the river at Mill Point Park in Portsmouth VA.
A few months ago, Piggott provided entertainment for KIM WATER''S post show "meet and greet" party in Durham, N.C.
One month before that, Piggott played for the TIM REID CELEBRITY WEEKEND in Downtown Norfolk, VA.
Because of his "on call" obligations, The Sax Doctor was unable to open up for JAGGED EDGE (Rocky Mount, N.C.)
The saxman has played at innumerable social functions including the Lyceum Series at Agricultural and Technical (A&T) University in Greensboro, N.C. (October 2000).
In addition to the A&T Chancellor''s Inauguration Dinner and The Livinstone College Celebrity Sports Gala, piggott continues to spread joy via his smooth saxual overtones. A few months ago, The Saxman performed at the African Arts Festival in Winston Salem, N.C.. He also played at the NAACP''s 9th annual Back to School Stay in School Youth Fest and Health Fair. This event is sponsored by Greensboro orthodontist Dr. Paul Watkins.
"Its Never Too Late To Get It Straight"
Recently, THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN participated in the "ALL STAR Jazz Jam session at Blues Alley in Norfolk VA. This event culminated the week-long Jazz Fest. Piggott was called up first and operated on the song "SUMMERTIME". Needless to say, It was HOT!! (the performance AND the weather)

On December 18, 2003 THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN shared the stage with trumpeter TOM BROWNE (Funkin for Jamaica)at a benefit Jazz Extravaganza/memorial tribute to the jazz guitarist/bass player named: Larry "Big Moe" Moore who recently passed away. Several other local jazz musicians gave tributes to "Big Moe"

THE OMEGA COFFEE HOUSE has become an annual "jazz night out" in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN has performed at this event (both times while on call at the hospital) Piggott stated " I just hope that I don''t get BEEPED in the middle of a song!"



This WAS your chance to see THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN in action!
He displayed his smoooooooth, seductive, sizzling saxual overtones at the Black Tie Affair entitled An "Evening of Elegance with Smooth Jazz" reception prior to the BONEY JAMES CONCERT in Raleigh, N.C. on August 30, 2003 (BTI center- Memorial Auditorium, downtown Raleigh) This function took place from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Piggott''s smooth saxual overtones served as an appetizer for the JAZZ HUNGRY fans who were in attendance. One listener was overheard as saying "his music really hit the SPOT"
Several "SUITE" LOVE CDs were purchased at this event. While there is nothing like a LIVE performance, possessing the CD guarantees continued listening pleasure.
BERT CODY stated that opening for his idol (Boney) was, indeed, a DREAM COME TRUE. "Although I have seen Boney more than 10 times, his music continues to amaze me. His tone, technical prowess and stage presence are peerless". I was transfixed during the entire show because I am now aware of the skills that are required in order to sound so good. I am comitted to learning and executing these skills so that I can be the best that "I" can be. Prior to Boney''s performance at a Jazz festival in the D.C. area, I was permitted to go backstage. I heard this absolutely beautiful saxophone music coming from one of the performer''s trailers. IT WAS BONEY! I knocked at the door and the music stopped! Boney opened the door and said "come in". CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? He continued to warm up. Can you imagine? Boney, Me and Boney''s music JUST befor he was to go onstage! IT DOESN''T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! He autographed a magazine photo that I had of him. He wrote: "To Bert (The Musician Physician) All the Best! Boney James" I REALLY can''t believe that such a Smooth Jazz SUPERSTAR can be as "down to Earth" as Boney is. I plan to follow a similar course. I am already a very humble individual and as I mature saxually, I don''t plan to undergo any negative personality changes JUST because of success(SAXCESS). I''m not one to rest on my laurels. Just ask my friends and family. Although I''m also a MEDICAL DOCTOR (board certified in Diagnostic Radiology)....NONE of this has "gone to my head" and it NEVER will. I have been BLESSED! Give GOD ALL the glory!

North Carolina A&T State Universary recently unveiled its new ferocious AGGIE BULLDOG LOGO. After displaying the previous logo for many years, it was time for a change. THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN wowed the crowd with a LIVE performance of "NEXT STEP". People were dancin'' in the streets! Chancellor Renick greeted Piggott during this performance.

"You DON''T get a second chance to make a FIRST impression."

This pertains to life in general. Many times, you only get ONE opportunity to take advantage of what life has to offer. Other peoples'' initial perception of you will last a lifetime. I have chosen to serve humanity as a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist. The LORD has also blessed me with the gift of music. Specifically, I love smooth jazz, and I am very fond of the saxophone. "God is the Physician - I am an instrument of His will - to cure, sometimes; to help, often; to console, always." The "Musician Physician" is licensed to soothe your body as well as your soul!

Bert Cody Piggott Jr. M.D. plays: soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute, Yamaha WX11 wind synth, clarinet, (some) keyboards and percussion. Don''t laugh, but Piggott also sings:-) (check out "PHONE SAX" if you don''t believe it.)

The "MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN" is a board certified radiologist who, now, posesses the power to saxually soothe the body as well as the soul. The "Sax Symbol" is the president of SAXUAL OVERTONES PUBLISHING/STUDIOS (BMI). He is also a Life member of the distinguished KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. (The Canemaster Extraordinaire can STILL twirl a mean cane!)

If you are a connoisseur of smooth jazz and need an attitude adjustment, the diagnosis is confirmed. You are suffering from "JAZZITIS". SAXUAL HEALING is the ONLY cure and who is best qualified to provide this service? THE MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN. Because all ailments cannot be treated in the hospital, house calls are a convenient means by which certain patients can be "treated". Through many years of hard work and tenacity, this Medical Musician has developed quite a BEDSIDE manner.

If you have any questions or need advice regarding my medical specialty (RADIOLOGY), I would be more than happy to offer GENERAL assistance. Since I cannot routinely do "house calls", you may visit me at:


Each month, I plan to feature a "RADIOLOGY CASE OF THE MONTH" which will highlight pertinent and interesting cases that will help the general public to understand the field of RADIOLOGY. Due to HIPAA regulations I will not be able to establish an official DOCTOR-PATIENT relationship online,however,if you have questions about the VAST specialty of RADIOLOGY I will "do my best to keep you abreast" . You may contact me directly at:


I am certified by The American Board of Radiology and I am a member of several professional organizations. As the name "MUSICIAN PHYSICIAN" implies, I have the responsibility of serving humanity via two totally diverse professions--Medicine AND Music (in that order). GOD is the PHYSICIAN-I am an instrument of HIS will-To cure, sometimes; to help, often; to console, ALWAYS.

Do you remember THAT Tuesday morning? I am referring to Tuesday, September 11, 2001. This a day that has changed our lives FOREVER. On September 11, 2002 my pent up feelings and reaction to the terror attacks finally came out. Words just started coming, then background sounds, original and previously written musical tunes spontaneously popped into my mind and exited through my horn. This very poignant tribute to the victims is essentially a re-enactment of the events that occurred and MY reaction to them. These views are likely shared by MANY. I thank GOD Almighty that I have the DREAM, the DRIVE, the TALENT and the TIME to create such a MASTERPIECE as this. This project is unique in that it includes SPOKEN WORD. My GOAL is to obtain financial support from businesses or organizations that are willing to provide the necessary funds to REPLICATE this single song CD (The tribute is EXACTLY 9 minutes and 11 seconds long). My dream is for hundreds of these CDs to be manufactured and sold to the public...WITH ALL PROCEEDS GOING TO 9/11 VICTIMS'' FAMILIES, RELIEF FUNDS, CHARITIES, SUPPORT PERSONEL (firemen, policemen etc.,)AND OTHER APPROPRIATE ORGANIZATIONS. I do not seek financial gain from this project and recognition for my efforts would only be coincidental. Those businesses who may be interested in sponsoring this project may contact me at: saxman@https://www.tradebit.com
Please know that I am typing this message to you on the afternoon of 9/18/03. The Eye of Hurricaine Isabel is on a collision course with my current location. May GOD keep us safe and minimize the inevitable damage. If I am called to GOD''s KINGDOM during this storm, rest assured that I DID make a contribution to society. To my family and friends,I love you ALL!

If you''ve had the pleasure of meeting "The Musician Physician", you know that he is quite a character. He is a witty, multi-faceted individual who likes to meet new people.

Music is a VERY important outlet for me. My primary niche in society, however, is to serve humanity as a DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGIST. I have been certified by THE AMERICAN BOARD of RADIOLOGY and I am the senior partner in a VERY high-paced radiology group. My professional involvement is challenging as well as rewarding. On a daily basis, I am involved in interpreting various medically-oriented radiologic diagnostic examinations. Specifically, my duties include film interpretation (reading X-rays), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), mammography, ultrasound/doppler and nuclear medicine. Additionally, I perform "special procedures". Specifically, I perform biopsy procedures, breast needle localizations, percutaneous nephrostomies (placement of drainage tubes into the kidneys of patients who have an obstruction of urinary flow), angiography (x-ray examinations of blood vessels) and many other INVASIVE procedures. I am currently a member of the CREDENTIALS committee at my hospital and I have served on the EXECUTIVE committee in the past.


Well, I''ve spent enough of your valuable time. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I hope that the message that I''m trying to convey is clear--One should strive for excellence in every field of human endeavor. Make meaningful contributions to society. Work hard then PLAY hard!

Bert Cody Piggott Jr. M.D.

(submitted to The Carolina Peacemaker)
Greensboro, North Carolina

Dr. Bert Cody Piggott, Jr., a native of Greensboro, N.C. has recently released his long awaited full-length CD entitled "Suite Love." Otherwise known as The Musician Physician, Piggott is a board-certified Radiologist as well as a God- taught saxophonist. He is the son of the late Dr. Bert Piggott Sr. and Dr. Lucille Piggott of Greensboro. He is married to Mrs. Bessie Ebron Piggott and they have two daughters-- Cierra Monet , age 14 and Jaslyn Bria, age 10.

Dr. Piggott is the senior partner at Halifax X-ray Associates in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. His hospital-based group provides service to Halifax Regional Medical Center. He is responsible for film interpretation including plain films, mammograms, CT (cat scans), MRI, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. The interpretation of excretory urograms (X-rays of the kidneys and bladder following injection of contrast material into an arm vein) takes place on a daily basis. In addition to performing fluoroscopic studies (such as evaluation of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts), he performs special procedures such as breast lesion needle localization, lung and liver biopsies, stereotactic breast biopsies (a less invasive method of breast biopsy which is safer for the patient), angiography (injection of contrast material into blood vessels to evaluate vessel narrowing/blockage), abscess drainage (removal of infected material from the body) and percutaneous nephrostomies (placement of a tube into the kidney which is blocked/obstructed for purposes of drainage).

This CD project follows Piggott''s initial, very successful, CD single project entitled " First Impression," which was released during the fall of 1998.
"Suite Love" features eleven song tracks; including the previously released songs entitled "First Impression" and "Next Step." This CD is classified as contemporary or smooth jazz. All of the songs feature The Musician Physician on saxophone. " Primarily, I play the soprano saxophone; however, on a few cuts, I am also playing the alto and tenor sax " Piggott states. Another woodwind instrument, that Piggott plays, is the flute. Piggott displays his flute doubling skills in the songs "On Call" and "Phone Sax."

Piggott has collaborated with the Rocky Mount based keyboardist Leonard Rogers who is the president of Front Room Productions, a studio that is located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Rogers is completing his debut project entitled "Last Flight Out."

For the most part, the songs on "Suite Love" are instrumental with a few background vocals provided by Piggott. "First Impression"is a moderately laid back tune which represents the title cut on his debut CD single entitled "First Impression." Let it be known that the sax track was blown straight through (un cut) when it was recorded. Piggott said " This is EASY ! I can DO this!" He was disillusioned (and lucky). Subsequent songs required multiple takes on multiple parts of the songs. Specifically, The follow-up tune entitled "Next Step" is an intricate up-tempo tune which entices the listener with a sea surf appetizer. The rivetting steel drum solo by Leonard Rogers defines the Caribbean flavor of this song-Yeh Mon!

Song number 3, entitled "LOVIN'' U," features the vocal talent of William M. Fisher, an up and coming vocalist whose claim to fame includes his having sung "The Star Spangled Banner" at several CIAA basketball tournaments. While attending a CIAA basketball tournament, I was strolling around the concourse when suddenly I heard this resounding voice singing the National Anthem. Immediately, I rushed into the arena and discovered that William was the center of attention. All eyes and ears were focused on him. I indicated to him that he possesses a special gift and that he needed to come to the studio at Front Room Productions. That he did. "Fish", as he is called, sings the velvety lead and background vocals on this sensuous, romantic tune. Additionally, his silky spoken word elicits attention from the ladies.

Over the years, Piggott has received unswerving support from his parents. The "SUITE LOVE" project is dedicated to the memory of his beloved father, Dr. Bert Cody Piggott Sr. who departed this life in January 1999. Distraught and deeply saddened by his father''s declining health, Bert Jr., understandably withdrew from listening to and playing music. In his waning days, "Coach" said to Bert, Jr, "Son I want you to continue to play (your music) so that I can hear it." Needless to say, it was clear what he meant by that comment. "SWEET RELEASE" was inspired by Piggott''s father. After several months of grieving and emotional release, this song was very instrumental in facilitating Bert Jr.''s adjustment to his father''s death. " I hadn''t missed a single opportunity to shed tears of love in honor of my father. Being an only child is very difficult at times such as this. I called my mother and told her how difficult it was to ''let go''. She said to me, "Son you''re going to have to release your father and let him rest." The next day, Piggott wrote the refreshing, up-tempo, happy tune entitled "SWEET RELEASE" and marked his first tearless day since his father''s departure.

On a happier note, "CEEL''S SONG" was written by The Musician Physician for his mother, Dr. Lucille Piggott. "Leonard Rogers had provided me with the keyboard/rhythm track and I played it while my mother and I were cruising around the city. She repeatedly asked to hear it over and over again and she stated that it was HER song ." After several hours of heart-felt composition (soprano and alto saxophone) at Saxual Overtones Studios, "CEEL''S SONG" was produced.

The title cut, entitled "SUITE LOVE" is not to be confused with the similarly named song by the well-known female vocalist Anita Baker. First of all, the first word of the song title is spelled differently,and the quotes which so intimately embrace it conjure up a romantic ambience of saxuality. Piggott states that this tune is "Not sweet to the taste but suite to the soul!"

The CD''s second cut entitled "PHONE SAX" is truly a miracle and a gift from above. In spite of its suggestive title, it is a classic that reiterates the magic and spontaneity of music. "One evening while at the studio (Front Room Productions), Leonard Rogers and I were discussing business. He was at the keyboard playing some very beautiful chords. I felt the urge to go out to the car to get my soprano sax. Then, I proceeded to play along with these chords. It dawned on me that we were ''in the zone''. I suggested that he turn the microphone on. His keyboard was already patched into the board. Then, we attempted the UNTHINKABLE. We recorded an unrehearsed, non-existent song spontaneously "live" to stereo tracks. This song should have been named "No Room for Error." To this day we can''t believe that we did it. If either of us had made an error during this 8-minute song, it would have been rendered totally useless because of the inability to edit the stereo mix. I must admit that a saxless gap near the beginning of the song was filled in at a later point at Saxual Overtones Studios." Additionally, "PHONE SAX" includes lyrics which were written by The Musician Physician. Moreover, Piggott joins the female vocalist, Cheryl Scott, on vocals.

No romantic interlude would be complete without the "AFTERGLOW." Initiated by a dreamlike, layered keyboard intro performed by Piggott, this peppery, up-tempo tune showcases The Musician Physician''s saxual prowess. When all is said and done, you may even hear voices. This song glows and is sure to warm the soul.

The last three tracks entitled "RAINY DAZE", "SAX DRIVE" and "ON CALL" were written, arranged, recorded, engineered and mastered by Dr. Piggott at Saxual Overtones Studios. Piggott is the president of Saxual Overtones Studios/Music Publishing (BMI). All instrumentation on these songs was handled by Piggott. In addition to the saxophone, The Musician Physician turns creative and plays many unique instruments, including African Rainsticks and Yamaha WX 11 wind synth on "Rainy Daze," and car ignition sound, car engine revving sound, steering wheel horn toots and background vocals on "Sax Drive"(portions of this song were actually recorded in Piggott''s vehicle in order to create a realistic effect of motion. The tempo of the song changes much like the speed changes during a fast and furious drive down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset. The thrill of this fantasy ride immediately starts the adrenaline flowing and transfixes the passenger on the up-coming excitement that lies ahead). Buckle up! In the song, "ON CALL", Piggott plays vibratone, maracas, wooden desk (heartbeats) and hospital pager. For the ultimate in realism, The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad provided authentic, ambulance siren sounds which emphasize the emergent nature of this song .

As you may have gathered from the aforementioned song names, these titles are not arbitrarily chosen. For example, "RAINY DAZE" was inspired by a non-stop period of rain that lasted for ten days. Piggott stated " I became so depressed that I was in a ''daze''. Rather than withdrawing, I decided to turn this apparent obstacle into an opportunity. I wanted to create something positive from this situation." The constant sound of rain throughout the song was produced by two African Rainsticks recorded in stereo. The song, "ON CALL" has special significance in that the intro has a very smooth, relaxing, calming effect that is interrupted by a sudden, abrupt ''wake up call''. "This is my way of describing to the world how it feels to be on call. The profession of the practice of medicine is a noble one,and the satisfaction of helping others in times of need is gratifying. Because God has blessed me with the gifts of Medicine and Music; I am licensed to soothe the body as well as the soul. God is the physician; I am an instrument of His will-" to cure, sometimes; to help, often; to console, always."

The Musician Physician prescribes for you, a dose of "Suite Love" to be taken AURALLY.
Following consumption, you will be a lifelong SAX ADDICT!


As winter approaches, studio time (at Piggott''s SAXUAL OVERTONES STUDIOS) will likely increase. New songs are constantly being produced. Per Piggott, "sometimes I just hear melodies in my head and I scramble to write, play and record them before I forget them. Music is all about the MOMENT; it is a GIFT and it may stem from various moods and life experiences." For example, "LIGHTS OUT" was written on the evening of the large power outage that occurred in New York. "CARIBBEAN WANDERER" was written in honor of hurricane ISABEL. Piggott wanted to record the actual sound
of the "hurricane force" winds but he was unable to do so because of the loss of electrical power. It should be noted that this is Piggott''s first recording which highlights his CLARINET skills (in addition to the flute). "SAVOIR FAIRE"
is one of those songs that was "self-inspired". Piggott stated: "I love the way it sounds (the name of the song AND the song itself) I speak French (somewhat fluently) and I felt that it was time to add a "touch of class" for your...well, you get the idea! " ARE YOU FEELIN'' ME?" was inspired by emotional/intellectual fantasy (as opposed to physical contact).

CDs are available at AFRICAN AMERICAN ART stores in Greensboro, N.C., Charlotte, N.C. and Durham, N.C.
BIRDLAND MUSIC in Virginia Beach, VA and MARSH WOODWINDS in Raleigh, N.C. Global distribution through BCD Music is now a REALITY. CDs are now available at FYE MUSIC stores in Greensboro, N.C. Raleigh, N.C. and Durham N.C. and at the PLANET MUSIC store in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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