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MP3 RockAndLove.Compilation - Africa America

Enjoy Soulange, Zap Mama bgv, Santito, Micko Leao,J3:17, https://www.tradebit.comards, S. Stanley, Ana Gazzola, Sonia Santos = Brasil Brazil, Momodou Kah = all gathered for the love of LOVE + Free * Gifts from https://www.tradebit.com

20 MP3 Songs
WORLD: African, LATIN: Latin Pop


J 3:17 Biography

= Author of the book "1 Ad in https://www.tradebit.com" published by iUniverse

= WebDesigner Fans Site for Grammy Nominated Marie Daulne

= Webdesigner https://www.tradebit.com for the Lion of Angola

= Webdesigner https://www.tradebit.com

J 3:17 was born in Vietnam on 01/03/1973 with native roots and genes obviously from the front lines, which always gave her a sense of uniqueness. Saved since ever, J 3:17 escaped the war and was raised in Belgium with love and abundance among two brothers and a sister.

In spite of all the comfort, teenager J 3:17 claimed for a world with more human rights, peace and righteousness. Thought she badly chose to experience for a time the wild ways of life, J 3:17 was called back to her real nature: to live with Love that never fails. She keeps the good fight of faith that one can make things better on a small and large scale. Living faith that there is no greater love than giving one''s life for others by responding as much as possible to their needs. (Ecclesiastes1:15)

Dance teacher in her school, French teacher in holidays, J 3:17 had to give more than lessons to fulfill her destiny so she started experiencing the giving to the more needy in Campo Largo with Sister Renee Paquet who holds a center for children and an orphanage in one of the poorest provinces of Argentina, El Chaco. Also as a volunteer in Brussels for the Oxfam shop, the Magasins du Monde, J 3:17 saw the real necessity of fair trade worldwide to see peace and human rights respected.

After studying in Colchester, England and in Berlitz, Brussels, J 3:17 became a hostess and secretary but still aspired to be a giver rather than an employee. She traveled a lot, to France, England, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Tchequie, Austria, Argentina, Paraguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Canada and finally settled down in California. J 3:17 is now living in Los Angeles with her dear husband, Angolan singer Micko Leão and with their four daughters: Rosemary, Eva, Naomi and Whitney "sent by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His love is eternal and His mercy endures forever".

Influenced by the career of Soulange and later by Micko Leão, young J 3:17 often accompanied the backing vocalist of Zap Mama when Soulange was touring with Jambo Africa or Princess Mansia Mbila. Listening to their concerts and going to many Jam sessions, J 3:17 finally did what she also had wanted for a long time: BMI songwriter. But her talent turned to be for the music industry thought she already tended to formal writings. In 2003 J 3:17 has been given the chance to promote the talent of the artists presented with https://www.tradebit.com which she also counts as a blessing beside living, her family, songwriting and the Church of God in Christ.

J 3:17 promotes in priority the CD "Dreams of Life", that she co-produced with her husband Micko Leão and financial support of friend Palmira Cosmo, then Soulange, Santito, the Inseparables, Ana Gazzola and Sonia Santos, Brasil Brazil, Stacey Stanley, Najite the godson of Fela Kuti, Momodou Kah and https://www.tradebit.comards. Besides the First Lady of Gospel, https://www.tradebit.com, the favorites singers of J 3:17 are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson (?!!), Whitney Houston, Bonga, Bob Marley, Gilberto Gil and few others. J 3:17 is lead by LOVE but has been touched by the lives of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., https://www.tradebit.com, ex-President Nelson Mandela. The ministries which J 3:17 likes to support are https://www.tradebit.com, the healing ministry of https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com with Bishop Charles https://www.tradebit.comke, https://www.tradebit.como with Bishop Clarence E. Mc Clendon, Bishop https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Psalmists Donnie Mc Clurkin, Candi Staton, Karen Wheaton and many more worthy too. However, what J 3:17 loves above all is to dwell in the presence of He who saved her. Find out about Him reading the Book of Life.

"That, He is That" "The name above every name"
"The Way, the Truth and the Life"


Inspired by Love, SOULANGE is a beautiful living soul with a talented voice born from a Russian Dad and a Congolese Mom. SOULANGE has sung before the best artists and has a promised future in the music which she has proved by being the backing vocalist of Zap Mama 2000-2004. SOULANGE can sing Gospel, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Acapella and World Music.

SOULANGE has performed in Europe, Asia and the USA while she is also known in Africa with clips or records of African artists who chose the talent of SOULANGE like Zap
Mama did to tour across America, in Belgium and Portugal. While singing with Marie Daulne, SOULANGE experienced the privilege to open for Macy Gray, Jill Scott, Erikah Badu and Wyclef Jean, from Los Angeles, New York to Brussels, Lisboa. From the Hollywood Bowl in California to Forest National in the capital of Europe, the beautiful voice of SOULANGE has touched thousands upon thousands as she is able to express her talent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili and other African languages.

SOULANGE has also appeared next to the Opera singer Helmut Lotti, the legendary African star Papa Wemba and the French star: Frederic Francois who chose SOULANGE to sing in his last single after touring one year in Belgium, France including Olympia and the Island of Reunion. Just to name a few: Dieudonne Kabongo, Carlos Nando, Princess Mansia Mbila, Gil Waddy, Jambo Africa, are other artists who trusted the grace that is in SOULANGE both to perform live or to record their own album.

Polyvalent, SOULANGE likes to sing Gospel, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Al Jarreau, Desree, Miriam Makeba and many more great artists. She has already been loved by the multitudes as she appeared on national television and radio in the countries where she has been invited (Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia) and her success has also been acclaimed in international festivals such as the Couleur Café Festival of World music in the center of Europe gathering great artists and marqued her presence at Womex too.

SOULANGE gave the favor to https://www.tradebit.com to receive their promotional services but surely has a destiny of greatness on her own. Listen to radio KPFK 90.7 FM, check out the promoter in the links https://www.tradebit.com and find out in the future how Love has been good to SOULANGE, a spirit full of grace.

SOULANGE has shared the talent of her voice for different recording projects such as in the CD "PE 115" by Carlos Nando in 1994, and in the CD "Zam Zam" in 2000 where
she performs the Swahili version of the hit "Talking ''bout a Revolution" by Tracy Chapman. SOULANGE renamed the song "Mapinduzi" also available with 3 other tracks in
the RockandLoveCompilation called "Africa America" published in February 2004. In March of that same year, SOULANGE recorded the titles "Wapi Mama Yangu" and "Bebe
yangu" to be licenced by the World Label Ellipsis Arts for the compilation with African Lullabies called: "African Dreams."

Contact: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com


Soulange and Santito: INSEPARABLES.

The name is like themselves,
under the name that is above every name: INSEPARABLES.

See the biography of Soulange, listen to the guitar of Santito: INSEPARABLES

To enjoy that privilege thank you to contact:

[email protected]://www.tradebit.com

INSEPARABLES Producers and Publishers WANTED.


The CD "Dreams of Life" was released in September 2003 and the tracks started being played in different radio programs such as the "Global Village" hosted by Sergio Mielniczenko, "Afrodicia" hosted by DJ Nnamdi, rebroadcasting 24/7 online especially reaching all the world. Not only with the KPFK radio of Los Angeles, 90.7 FM, which covers most of Southern California, including Santa Barbara station, but also in Atlanta, Georgia, did MICKO LEÃO began to be recognized in the USA. He was interviewed twice by DJ Nnamdi, once for the radio "Afrodicia" and the second time for the international radio "Voice of America" with the "Journal of Africa" broadcasting worldwide and especially in many English speaking African countries. As for the performances of MICKO LEÃO, the Lion of Angola, member of BMI, they were acclaimed in Long Beach, at the Bixby Land and at the Leimert Park, in the African American community of Crenshaw, when the City of Los Angeles asked MICKO LEÃO to perform for the celebration of Kwanzaa the 28th December 2003. The open air concert was filmed and recorded by the media as MICKO LEÃO and the NGOLA BAND appeared for the first time with his official band.

MICKO LEÃO wrote and recorded the songs of his "Dreams of Life" in Brussels in 1998 and produced in 2002 the whole album in Los Angeles where he is now living. He features the well-known Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gilberto Gil and Djavan but also released his personal compositions. The tracks "Dream" and "Lady Di" are dedicated to the personalities MICKO LEÃO acknowledges for their work. Dr Martin Luther King Jr., for the civil rights movement and Princess Lady Diana for helping the handicap victims of the mines in Angola.

MICKO LEÃO was firstborn in Angola of Eva Jose and Carlos de Oliveira but the singer left his country in the 80s to travel and find a place to become first a professional athlete then what he always dreamt to be: a singer. After living in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, MICKO LEÃO settled down in the United States of America where he recorded his CD "Dreams of Life".

MICKO LEÃO started his career as a singer in the capital of Europe, in 1994, as he was trusted to recorded "Pombo Branco" in the album "Pe 115" by Carlos Nando. MICKO LEÃO sang the rap that means "White Dove" and it is still played today for millions of people on the national radio in his native country. That rap that symbolizes the end of a 30 years civil war is acclaimed by the Angolan Press Angop, in Africa and Europe.

From 1994 till 1997, MICKO LEÃO toured in Belgium and the Netherlands with divers groups of artists singing rap, rock, reggae, music from Angola and Uganda, performing in European festivals and places with television and radio exposure such as The Botanique, Emergenza Rock, Vakantiebeurs,aso. In 1998, MICKO LEÃO began to perform as lead vocal and he gave two concerts as a volunteer to benefit Guinee Buissau and ex-Zaire, Congo. In that concert of solidarity, the President of the Belgian Senate appreciated so much the talent of the singer songwriter that he changed the citizenship of MICKO LEÃO who became Belgian.

MICKO LEÃO with his CD "Dreams of Life" offers to the people "Life", Hope and Love as the singer likes to fight for equal rights, justice and peace around the world. MICKO LEÃO can sing different kinds of music such as the Angolan Semba, the Reggae, Afro beat, Slow, Dance, the Latino, the Brazilian style and Western influences. His activism and that blended music surely make of MICKO LEÃO an innovator in the industry of the music for the next decades!

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BRASIL BRAZIL Show is an invigorating and magical experience comprised of internationally renowned performers. Featuring Brazilian singers, ANA GAZZOLA and SONIA SANTOS, this show delivers the fervors, enthusiasm and excitement of popular Brazilian music. While performing the most well known Brazilian standards, their contemporary arrangements present all the rhythms and faces of this colorful and tropical culture. With a variety of unique, authentic percussion instruments, the audience is both entertained and educated about Brazil. The BRASIL BRAZIL is outfitted in bright yellow and green costumes and the production has the joyful feel of Carnaval. The music, tinged with jazz and spiced with Latin and African drumming, creates an uplifting experience of awesome proportions. The show of BRASIL BRAZIL is also available with a troupe of folk dancers expanding into the BRASIL BRAZIL Extravaganza.

J 3:17 Promoter https://www.tradebit.com thanks BRASIL BRAZIL, ANA GAZZOLA and SONIA SANTOS for allowing that their work be included in https://www.tradebit.com .

Order their CDs today!

ANA GAZZOLA: Brazilicious




Booking, please contact: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com



"Africa Before Invasion"

Join the exciting success of NAJITE

The Godson of FELA KUTI

Discover "Showtime" "Lasisi" "Honesty" "Aorieo" and "A.B.I."

Guitar, Horns, Percussions, Vocals and Keybord AFRO BEAT


Son of an Urhobo tribal chieftan, NAJITE Agindotan is an amazing drummer who, from a very young age, traveled with the Urhobo cultural music troupe under his father''s direction. They traveled throughout West Africa and performed at national festivals in Nigeria, their native country. Fervent participant, NAJITE took part in all kinds of cultural activities such as theater performances, traditional dancing and drumming.

In his early teens, NAJITE was introduced to the internationally Nigerian superstar FELA KUTI and his new music called AFROBEAT, a very potent combination of popular Nigerian dance styles layered with funk guitars and an Africanized reinterpretation of the arrangements pioneered by James Brown. Later, NAIITE became a student of FELA KUTI, and upon the death of his father, he was taken by FELA as his Godson in a traditional ritual ceremony at the African Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria.

Not only has NAJITE been born and bred into his Nigerian and Western African cultural traditions, and subsequently been taken by FELA''s massive Nigerian influence but he was also introduced to the wonders of African Diaspora culture, after relocating to Los Angeles, California. His talent still more grew working with jazz luminaries such as Horace Tapscott''s Pan-African People''s Orchestra, Billy Higgins and many others. Also during this period, NAJITE was privileged to contribute to the work of African artists such as Hugh Masekela, Remi Kebaka, and FELA KUTI. Other of his accomplishments in Los Angeles includes receiving prestigious awards and grants from the NAACP, the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Order now, the CD of NAJITE
called "Africa Before Invasion"

A success combining the funky style of the founder of Afro beat, FELA KUTI and jazz.

# 8 World music chart, cfou89.1fm quebec, CHRW ontario

keul, ak, wdet 101.9fm, detroit, Mi, kcpr 91.3 fm, KHDC 90.9, wxyc, ny, ckut, montreal, canada, cAlifornia kpfk 90.7 fm

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Composer and producer, MOMODOU KAH is a percussionist who is specialized in West African drum percussion infused into modern styles such as House, Trance, Dance, Electronic, Reggae, Ambient and more.

Established studio musician, MOMO DOU KAH uses the drums and African tribal based rhythms in his production to speak a universal language, breaking down ethnic and traditional barriers in music.

The work of MOMODOU KAH has appeared in the film and television campaigns for Jackie Chan''s "Super cop", "the Blair witch Project", Clint Eastwood''s "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", and "The Skulls", just to name a few. MOMO has worked with Immediate Music, one of the premiere music production companies for motion picture and film advertising, based in California.

MOMODOU KAH''s album credits include Melissa Verde''s "Living in Divine Time", featuring Chacka Khan, "Serpent''s Lair" by Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf, as well as the recent release of "Trance Spirits" with Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fay man and Robert Frap.

MOMODOU KAH taps into the ambient world of African Music, never known to exist. One of the most electrifying percussionists on the scene today.

J 3:17, Promoter https://www.tradebit.com loves "Gimme Freedom" "Me Again";, from CD "Dub in Africa" "Lago" from "Enter the Jungle" "Messit", "Chaba Chaba", "Downtown ride"; "Eva''s Couch" from CD "Afrophonia"
Choose to have the three albums: Afrophonia, Dub in Africa and Enter the Jungle all available from the home page and order form of https://www.tradebit.com.

You will love all the tracks, too.

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D. EDWARDS Biography
Artist and Musician

D. EDWARDS has been making art and music for most of his life. Born on September 16, 1968, he began playing musical instruments and creating art at a very early age.

Now D. EDWARDS has combined both talents into one package in his first solo recording CD "The Contemplation of Mankind"

D. EDWARDS plays all the instruments and created all the artwork featured on the CD. He plays all types of musical instruments such as guitar, bass, clarinet, drums and keyboard. His style incorporates many influences from all over the world.

Promoter J 3:17 from https://www.tradebit.com says of D. EDWARDS who she wants to come to the marvelous Light:

"A man with divine vision, telling the Truth, able to play like Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix and as good as Salvatore Dali. Blessed to paint and play music. What a powerful combination! Quiet impressive. Wish him to get out of h.. and serve the Life, Love, to have more optimistic music and painting."

The visual art of D. EDWARDS often depicts the dark side of life. Reflections of torment, misery and filth are common in his paintings, which usually include hidden images that are difficult to perceive.

https://www.tradebit.comARDS likes to create from life or memory whenever possible. He works with many different types of media and techniques, including oil and acrylic painting, etching and computer art.

D. EDWARDS lives in California where he works as an artist and musician.


To order Artwork from the Art Gallery or personal order

To distribute the CD "The Contemplation of Mankind"

For Production and Studio time

Contact now [email protected]://www.tradebit.com


D. EDWARDS Resume Artist and Musician

1996 - Present
Long Beach City College
Major: General Art / Music
Goal: Doctorate of music
Music Appreciation
Practical Theory
Classical Guitar
Commercial Guitar and Bass
Art & Civilization 1 & 2
Fundamentals of Art: Volume, Plane & Form
Fundamentals of Art: Color & Composition
Figure Drawing
Advanced Painting
Computer Art for Drawing & Painting
Computer Art & Design in 3-D Modeling
Computer Art & Design for Multimedia
Printmaking: Etching & Intaglio
Printmaking: Silkscreen
Professional Skills for Artist
Drawing, Painting, Photo Touch - Up, Photo - Manipulation, 3-D
Modeling, Design, Illustration, Page Layout, Conceptual Art, Scanning,
Printing, Data Entry, Product Testing, Quality Assurance, Inventory
Control, Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving, System Trouble
Shooting, Maintenance & Repair, Forklift Operation
Maintain and Repair Instruments, Set-up and break-down, Player of
strings, Percussion, Keyboards and Wind Instruments, Read and Write
music, Recording, Instruction

1996 - Present
Dedwards Recording & Art Studio
Duties: Artist, Musician, Sound Engineer
2000 - 2002
Kolibri Art Studio
Telephone: (310)618-8018
Duties: Art Restoration & Curation
1995 - 2001
Design Interiors
Telephone: (562)930-1088
Duties: Artist
Portfolio & References: Available upon Request



CD "To Be Known"

To the listener: Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music. There is quite a mix of moods and styles in this From the call to selflessness in "Somebody Else" and Without Love to the end of a relationship in Silence, to the loneliness of having no relationship "To be known" to wanting to be there for a friend in their time of need in "Just Call" to going to the source of forgiveness and mercy in the "Deep Well" to hearing the gentle words of God, your creator, in "There I''ll be";to the faith and knowledge that He is with you always in "Love Is Chasing Me". Music has been such an important aspect of my life ;my emotional outlet in times of both joy and sorrow. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts, struggles, and triumphs in this amazing journey of life. I hope you''ll find joy and inspiration, along with maybe a few tears. Enjoy!

- Stacey


Thank you to contact now: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com

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