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MP3 Sam Johnson - Rhythm'n'Roll

Urban, Rock and Country - Rhythm''n''Roll: 1-800-448-6369 9-5 M-F PST

12 MP3 Songs
URBAN/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover, ROCK: 80''s Rock

[URBAN] - R&B/funk, pop/hip-hop, dance/funk, crunk

01 "Just Before I Fell In Love" - should I choose job/career or love...EASY
02 "Have To Love You" - the thrill of meeting someone new who may be the one
05 "Get The Funk Out of D.C." - I''ve got the funk (or whatever you have that''s special) and I''m going to give it to you
12 "Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)" - attracted to someone, but rejected, until she knows you can...

[ROCK] - ballad, dance/rock, psychedelic rock, reggae-rock

03 "So Far From Heaven" - you''re in a failing relationship, but there''s always hope
04 "Vitamin U" - missing someone is like being vitamin deficient
08 "Moving Sidewalk" - even if you stand still, things keep changing anyway
10 "The Only Way" - when you''re not sure he/she''s the one, things get complicated

[COUNTRY] - hick-hop, new country, rock-a-billy, southern rock

06 "The Suburbs" - rural hip-hop attitude/pride
07 "Happy Being Bored" - sometimes what looks like a rut to you is just where I want to be
09 "Little Pink Book" - women''s issues, misunderstood by a man
11 "As Far As the Eye Can See" - at peace with the land and the passage of time

Sam Johnson''s Rhythm''n''Roll CD Release Party

Hi, I''m Sam Johnson. Welcome to the CD release party for Rhythm''n''Roll. I decided to call the CD Rhythm''n''Roll because it''s not just R&B, rhythm and blues, and not just rock''n''roll. So I took the "rhythm" from R&B and the "roll" from rock''n''roll and called it Rhythm''n''Roll. And it''s definitely not a blues rock record.

I''ve been writing songs since I was 13 and singing since I could walk, in church. But I''ve always wanted to add recording artist, music arranger and music producer roles to the songwriting and singing. With Rhythm''n''Roll, I performed all those roles and all the pieces of me have come together. And I''ll perform them for you tonight.

The CD opens with "Just Before I Fell In Love". I just want to say that I''m happy with the way all of the songs on the CD turned out, mixed, mastered and replicated for you. What I like most about this song is the surprise third verse. I also love the steady rhythm and the electric piano groove. It''s a smooth grooving R&B song with a jazz feel. I think it''ll work for both R&B and smooth jazz radio.

Next is "Have To Love You" which I think is my best song musically, lyrically and though it''s a love song, it''s uptempo. Lyrically, it should be a ballad, but I flipped the script and gave it a funky, hip-hop, gospelly, soulful feel. The second chorus (a chorus which uses the same melody, but different lyrics) was a fun touch for me.

"So Far From Heaven" is the CD''s only true ballad. It was inspired by the arrangement of Phil Collins'' "Separate Lives". I think it has the best vocal on the CD. Though it''s a sad song, I''m a sucker for a happy...

"Vitamin U". I really let loose on this one with witty lyrics, offbeat vocal harmonies, CLARINET, trombones and saxophones. It invokes that funny, but catchy, lyrical twist reminiscene of Huey Lewis and The News. Underneath all of that is rock and dance music. But the brass still gives it a jazzy feel. All together a six minute workout for the dance floor!

"Get The Funk Out of D.C." and into your part of the country! Everyone needs the funk. So I thought I''d write some from me to you wherever you are. Now get the funk out of D.C.!

"The Suburbs". Hip-Hop is all about being true to who you are. I''m from the country, live in the suburbs outside a major urban area, Washington, D.C. Gretchen Wilson and I are both "keepin'' it country". To the hip-hop beat and rural rap we add fiddle and slide guitar.

"Happy Being Bored". I once got chastised by a female friend for not doing enough to move forward in my life. She later said she was talking more about herself than me. No matter, I turned it into a song about being OK with being in a rut. In fact, I''m happy being bored. Of course, it''s a country song.

"Moving Sidewalk". Talking Heads, The Police, U2. It''s definitely back to the 80''s with this very rhythmic piece about taking action or getting behind. Standing still is not an option, because life is like a moving sidewalk. This song was inspired by Alvin Toffler''s book, the Third Wave - - about the three ages - agricultural, industrial and now, information.

"Little Pink Book". What if women had little pink books like men''s little black books? However, a guy is singing the song, he''s cynical about love and just happy to be in her little pink book. Or is he?

"The Only Way". This is the only song on the CD that I didn''t write. It was written by Peter Doyle and originally is a lovely, RHYTHMIC, acoustic guitar song with tasty ornamental riffs. I decided to do it as a reggae song. The lyric is fun to sing freely over the rollicking bassline and reggae feel. I had fun with this one. Peter plays the guitar solo.

"As Far As The Eye Can See". I co-wrote this one with Peter Doyle (see above). We wrote it for a song contest. I reworked it for the album as the only straight ahead rock song on the CD. Though it still has a rhythm all its own. Its uses the metaphor of expansive land representing everyone''s life and it never being too late to get it together.

"Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)" Surely you''ve heard Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz or some of the music Lil Jon has produced in the last two years. Crunk is a sound from the south, the ATL, and it''s taken over the music biz. I like it, the deep bass and funky feel with techno elements. So I had to write a crunk song for the CD. I rapped and added some go-go, a style of music popular in D.C. just to make the crunk my own and represent some of the music around me.

There you have it. Thanks for coming out tonight. Please continue to enjoy the hors d''oeuvres and drinks. CDs will remain on sale for the rest of the evening as well.

The price is $12.70. That''s $.99 for 12 songs each and $.82 for the entire packaging including CD artwork, inside photo and liner notes. I gave it this price because I truly believe it''s worth it.
- - You''re not getting a CD of songs that all sound the same.
- - This is like a greatest hits CD across many genres.

They are also available at https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com, MSN Music and coming to other places soon. CDBaby delivers as quickly as the others.

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Since I''m always experimenting with musical styles, I won''t create just this combination ever again. Get it now.

I''ve secured national distribution and will be coming to iTunes soon and special order in stores. I''m in the music business for good. Make your CD player happy, give it some variety. Thanks, and good night.

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Sam Johnson''s R&B/Rock mosaic yields a variety of musical mixtures.

Sam Johnson''s CD "Rhythm''n''Roll" takes its title from the "rhythm" in rhythm and blues and the "roll" in rock''n''roll. Though the artist claims the CD is part funk and part Americana, each song is its own eclectic mix of musical styles.

The R&B/funk entry point is likely track two, "Have To Love You". While "Have To Love You" is R&B in overall feel, we''re met with a laidback lead vocal and soulful backing vocals, a gospelly chordal piano, pop piano leads, and a funky bassline, all over a hip-hop beat.

The Suburbs", track six, provides a rock/Americana entry point, sort of. There''s the familiarity of a bluesy rock guitar riff throughout, but with lots of Americana (catchall category for blues, country western, folk rock, etc.) touches - - fiddle, slide guitar, rural pride rap lyrics - - yes rap, over a hip-hop beat. Nothing is exactly what it seems in Rhythm''n''Roll land.

Let''s finish the "R&B" side of things. Listen to "Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)". "Crunk Funk" is Usher''s "Yeah" meets Amerie''s "1 Thing". The first mix of crunk and go-go music. But Sam raps, about rejection, instead of singing as did Usher or Amerie. For more funk bravado with a techno twist, listen to "Get The Funk Out of D.C." and "into your part of the country." "Just Before I Fell In Love" attempts the driving beat of R. Kelly type productions, but sprinkles in some jazz touches just to bring Kool and the Gang to mind. Then there''s "Vitamin U" which compares missing your significant other to a vitamin deficiency..."I need some Vitamin U, ah yeah!" This six minute dance piece incorporates innovative backing vocals, plus clarinet, saxophones and trombones. Finally, I''ll put "So Far From Heaven" in this lineup. It''s really a pop ballad, but brings to mind Lionel Richie''s pop songs in the midst of the rest of the Commodore''s funk.

Where to go now on the rock side? How about the confused, but happy man who is in his woman''s "Little Pink Book", set to a rock-a-billy beat, with tom toms on overdrive? How about a message of man, nature and Father time in harmony cast as a modern Southern rock song ala Three Doors Down, "As Far As The Eye Can See"? Sam then throws us back? forward? to the 80''s in the Talking Heads, U2, Police influenced "Moving Sidewalk" - - "if you stand still, you''re moving anyway" because life is like a moving sidewalk. Dropping the Heads and U2, we get the midtempo reggae-rock, "The Only Way" over a rollicking bassline and almost jazzy vocal, never quite revealing "the only way to my heart". Finally, we go full bore into country music with the couch potato anthem "Happy Being Bored", featuring a Trace Adkins-like lead with Toby Keith''s lyrical humor.

01 "Just Before I Fell In Love" - Terence Trent D''Arby, R Kelly
02 "Have To Love You" - The Whispers, Bobby Valentino
03 "So Far From Heaven" - Righteous Brothers (Bill Medley), Michael Buble
04 "Vitamin U" - Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago
05 "Get The Funk Out of D.C." - Eddy Grant, Rick James
06 "The Suburbs" - Creedence Clearwater Revival''s John Fogerty rapping, Big & Rich
07 "Happy Being Bored" - Alan Jackson, John Anderson
08 "Moving Sidewalk" - Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails
09 "Little Pink Book" - Huey Lewis & The News, Dwight Yoakam
10 "The Only Way" - Maxi Priest, Sublime
11 "As Far As The Eye Can See" - April Wine, the Killers
12 "Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)" - Ludacris, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz


If you feel like dancing:
#04 Vitamin U
#05 Get The Funk Out of D.C.
#12 Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)
#02 Have To Love You

In the mood for smooth jazz:
#01 Just Before I Fell In Love
#04 Vitamin U
(clarinets, saxophones, trombones)

Are you keepin'' it crunk?
#12 Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)

Want to know how I flow?:
#12 Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)
#06 The Suburbs
#01 Just Before I Fell In Love (third verse, only heard on https://www.tradebit.com

Vocal pop:
#03 So Far From Heaven

Psychedelic rock
#08 Moving Sidewalk

#09 Little Pink Book

#10 The Only Way

Southern rock
#11 As Far As The Eye Can See

#07 Happy Being Bored
#06 The Suburbs

#05 Get The Funk Out of D.C.
#12 Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)

#02 Have To Love You
#01 Just Before I Fell In Love

#12 Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl)
#02 Have To Love You
#06 The Suburbs


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