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Public Domain Survival Kit Package

Attention Serious Marketers: Get up to speed on Public Domain Works QUICKLY!

You Wouldn't Try Hiking Up Mt. Everest Wearing Flipflops and a Speedo with a 1922 Map of Tuscaloosa as Your Guide...
Would You?

So Why Would You Try to Find and Use Public Domain Works in Your Business Without Having the RIGHT Tools to Guarantee Your Success?

Hello Fellow Internet Adventurer...

Using Public Domain works to quickly develop new information products is one of the great "secret strategies" in Internet Marketing today. It is also one of the least used strategies... Do you LIKE leaving money on the table?! It's CRAZY...

It's like having an official from the U.S. Treasury
ask you if you would like free, unlimited access to
full, uncut sheets of fifty dollar bills and you say
NO because you're not sure how you would trim
the bills to their final size.

You wouldn't do THAT, would you?

Well, in a sense, YOU ARE if you are not using
Public Domain resources in your business.

Imagine having free, unlimited usage to over 85 million books, millions of pages of government reports, millions of photographs, movies and more, LEGALLY in any manner you choose without the obligation of paying royalties to the creator of the work. THAT is what makes the Public Domain so appealing for developing your own information products. When the copyright or patent expires on a creative work (book, work of art, etc.), anyone may freely use that work...for any purpose!

So What's REALLY Stopping You?

Chances are you have some questions about using Public Domain works:

Is it REALLY legal to use copyright-expired works?
Where do I find Public Domain works?
How do I know FOR SURE if a work is in the Public Domain?
What can I do with them once I find them?
What steps do I take to make new products from them?

I admit it...

It CAN be extremely difficult to achieve success without the right tools and guidance. As a matter of fact, it can seem like trying to climb Mt. Everest wearing flipflops and a Speedo...

Now, THAT's Impossible!

What if you DID have the right tools, the right mentoring and the RIGHT "map" to guarantee your success in finding and using Public Domain works? What if ALL your unanswered questions about the Public Domain were suddenly ANSWERED?

No more confusion...

No more roadblocks...

No more questions...

You would JUMP at the chance to own a product like that, wouldn't you? I mean, we're talking about having unlimited access to a GOLDMINE...It would be like printing you're own money!

You Interested?

I thought you would be. That's why I created this NEW collection of proven products to guarantee your success with Public Domain resources, once and for all.


Your COMPLETE Care Package for Succeeding in the Public Domain

For the first time EVER, I've pulled together several of my popular Public Domain products to provide you with a COMPLETE, one-stop solution...not only for surviving in the Public Domain jungle, but for conquering it once and for all!

The Public Domain Survival Kit is comprised of five KEY components. Each component plays a specific roal in helping you achieve success in your Public Domain adventure.

Here Is What You'll Find in This BREAKTHROUGH Survival Kit:

Component #1: Your Compass
Public Domain Advantage

The Public Domain Advantage points you in the right direction for finding success in the Public Domain. Packed with excellent foundational and overview information, this e-book is essential to gaining an advantage using Public Domain works.

In This Manual, You Will Discover:

* How to determine if a product or content is available for free "unrestricted" use legally in a flash!
* How to choose the BEST Public Domain material to suit your needs and objective, whether it is Info Product creation or even offline publishing!
* How to get Public Domain materials from the U.S. Government!
* How to maximize your benefits and profits from using other people's work in the Public Domain!
* What it takes to quickly & easily edit "obsolete English" Public Domain content to become "modern!"
* 7 totally different, unique, killer ways to milk profits from Public Domain works!
* Some critical and important legal aspects you MUST know about Public Domain - explained in simple English... minus the lawyer's way of talking legal mumbo jumbo!
* And so much more!

Value: $47

Component #2: Your Flashlight
Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition

With the Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition, you now have INSTANT access to online resources for EASILY finding Public Domain works right from your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. This brand-new software tool changes the rules to Public Domain research by giving you finger-tip access to:

* Powerful keyword search access to 6 different search databases...

* Over 75 categorized Public Domain-related websites for finding books, audios, videos, government info, photos, and much more...

* Helpful Copyright information, not only for the US, but other countries as well...

* And more!

Comes with both Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox versions
(IE version, Windows only...Firefox version, Windows and Mac OSX)

Value: $37

Component #3: Your Swiss Army Knife
The Report Factory

How to Use Public Domain Resources to Easily Generate Tons of Cash-Pulling Business-Building Reports

In this BRAND-NEW, secret-yielding report, you will:

* Learn the simple 4-step process for hitting a successful report grand-slam every time...

* Discover the top three places to look online to uncover the best niche markets and the most popular trends...

* Find out where and how to easily and quickly find quality Public Domain content for your report...

* Benefit from my step-by step "lead you by the hand" process for turning Public Domain content into valuable, ready-to sell reports...

* See the included case studies where I walk you through the entire process, not once, but twice...AND show you exactly how I did it!

* And MUCH More!

This Report Factory ALSO includes the source DOC files to BOTH Case Studies I created for this report AND am including UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights to both reports. That means you can put your name on them, sell them, use them as bonuses...do whatever you want with them.

Value: $47

Component #4: Your Binoculars
Public Domain Code-Breaker Report

Most people do not realize it, but when the copyright or patent expires on a creative work (book, work of art, etc.), anyone may freely use that work LEGALLY in any manner they choose without the obligation of paying royalties to the creator of the work. This is HUGEits like legalized stealing except that it IS legal. With this report, you'll be able to set your sights on 25 TOP-SECRET treasure fields to begin your quest. This 2007 Edition has been completely updated from the original version especially for this Survival Kit with 25 new Public Domain-related websites.

Just think of it...right now, waiting for you are:

Over 85 million books, many written by the greatest authors to have ever walked the earth.

The full rights to a private collection of art produced by the world's finest artists, illustrators and photographers.

The keys to a movie vault containing thousands of classics you know and loveall at your fingertipsfrom vintage movies to cartoons and documentaries.

Full, unhindered access to the millions of reports, books, videos and images produced by our government every year at a cost of millions.

* The possibilities are LITERALLY endless!

Value: $17

Component #5: Your First-Aid Kit
Public Domain First-Aid Kit

You don't want to head out for ANY adventure without a First Aid Kit, so we made sure you had one is THIS Survival Kit as well. Copyright Issues, legal concerns, licensing restrictions and more can bite you in the butt if you are not careful when working in the Public Domain.

In This Special, Five E-book Collection, You Will Learn:

* 6 ways that resources in the Public Domain can be protected that will limit or stop their usage every time.

* What items cannot be protected by copyright.

* The basics of licensing and how to use it to your benefit when protecting your own Public Domain collections.

* What are the differences between copyrights, trademarks and patents.

* How trademarks affect your ability to use certain Public Domain works.

* Trademark basics and why you need to understand them.

* What you need to know about patents.

* And Much More...

Value: $37

The Public Domain Survival Kit will take you beyond
mere money trickling survival and catapult you to
huge profit success as you uncover the
limitless fields of the Public Domain goldmine!

Check THIS out!

With ALL the Public Domain works you'll find, you be able to:

o Republish the works as-is in print form
o Republish the works as-is as a downloadable e-book
o Republish the works as-is along with other books on CD
o Use the content to develop Study Course with workbook
o Use the content to develop How-to Course
o Videotape How-to Courses or Training Classes
o Update or rewrite thematerial for new products
o Use portions of different books to create new thematic collection books
o Use the content to develop Mini-Courses offered by e-mail or online
o Use the content to develop Homeschooling curriculum
o Use excerpts to make Quotes books
o Record reading the content as audio books
o Use the content as e-zine articles
o Use the content for web pages along with AdSense
o Use excerpts to combine with original material for a new book
o Use excerpts along with images to create flash movies
o Use a collection of PD books to create a membership site
o Use referenced authors and books to discover new PD materials
o Use poems or quotes to create posters
o And MUCH, MUCH more!

Of course it's MUCH easier to create products from existing information than to start from scratch! Why do THAT when there are over 85 million books waiting for you to exploit?!

Now you would think that if your LIFE depends on something THIS important to help you survive and succeed then it probably HAS to be expensive, right? WRONG! I want to put this Survival KIT within the reach of as many people as possible and I've priced it in a way that will allow that to happen.

"Well aren't you afraid of competition, [YOUR NAME]?"

NO...I'm not...did you catch the statistics above on HOW MANY works there are in the Public Domain? I can't use them all. Neither can YOU. As a matter of fact, if a thousand marketers EACH used a thousands books to develop products for their businesses, that would STILL only be a million books down...84 million more to go (and some estimates of how many books exist in the Public Domain are MUCH higher...like billions). That doesn't count the pictures, artwork, videos, audios, etc.
I THINK you get the picture.

"So What's It Going to COST Me?"

You can purchase the entire Public Domain Survival Guide
package today for the insanely low price of
only $197 $147 $37

ONLY 250 Kits will be available for purchase.
When they're gone, this offer will be removed forever.

Grab This Package Right Now While It's Still Available!

YES, Give Me the Public Domain Survival Kit NOW!

I Want To Get The Public Domain Survival Kit Before It Sells Out and You Have to Take the Site Down!
I understand I'll be instantly downloading all 5 Components of The Public Domain Survival Kit for just $5
right now.

Warm Regards,

System Requirements:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.

You will also need an "unzip" program to open any zipped applications.

The PDE Toolbar, Lite Edition includes install options for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Windows 98 SE, and higher supported. The Firefox version also works with Mac OSX and higher.
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