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How To Win In A Niche Audio Course By Patric Chan and Stephe

Do You Really Think That You Know About Making Money In Niche Marketing?

Only If You Have Made Millions Of Dollars In Online Niche Markets Like Stephen Pierce, Then You Can STOP Reading This Letter Now. Otherwise, Pay Close Attention To This Over One Hour Private Exclusive Conversation I Had With Him To Discover The Amazing Profit-Making Strategies!

Stephen Pierce has been proven to be one of the most strategic business thinkers in the United States -- Even the US Government has evaluated his business ideas and strategies!

Fax copy received by Stephen Pierce from the US Government during his presentation to secure a $350 million USD contract.

5 facts you should know:

FACT #1:
The largest most formidable and competitive companies in the world fight to the near death to
secure contracts with the Federal Government throughout very long and competitive processes where only the strong and most strategic survive.

FACT #2:
Less that 3 of companies (even some of the largest in the world) who try to do business with the Government, will ever step foot into a Government office via invitation to do business with the Federal Government.

FACT #3:
On July 20th 2006, Stephen Pierce and his team walked through the doors of the USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture) office under high security to meet with top level agency executives. (See proof at the end of this email")

FACT #4:
There were 14 companies, all giants and massively larger than Pierce and Innovation Marketers and of the 14 only 3 were invited to meet with the Government in person...Pierce and his team were 1 of the 3!

FACT #5:
This is just one contract. Pierce and his team are working on contracts worth $620 million,
$150 million, $47 million and $25 million.

FACT #6:
The Government has compared what Pierce and Innovation Marketers has to offer by way of systems, strategies and processes to its internal expectations and other competitive offerings and based on these, as you can see in the fax sent over, the Government
gave Pierce and his team a "Technical PASS". It's important to note that the Government has a pass or fail. Nothing in between. No middle ground. So getting a technical pass means Pierce and his team have met and exceeded the highest level of standards the Agency set for demonstration of its systems, processes and strategic capabilities.

Being the world #1 marketing guru, I don't think Jay Abraham will gives a testimonial to someone about their internet marketing capability unless, he is IMPRESSED. Here's what Jay Abraham says about Stephen Pierce ...

You will benefit from anything you learn from him.

"I've known most of the internet marketing "gurus". Stephen Pierce stands out amongst the crowd for three reasons:

He knows things no one else knows.

He knows how to teach his ideas so you can really apply them.

His ideas make people money ...

frequently, a ton of money.

I recommend and respect his abilities and unique skill. You will benefit from anything you learn from him."

Jay Abraham
The Worlds #1 Marketing Expert

From Patric Chan:

Why do most people fail to make money in niche markets or just make a measly couple of hundred per month? Find out by reading this story

It all started when we first met in Hong Kong back in Oct 2005 on a tour to speak for a world-recognized internet marketing seminar. At that time, I had heard about who Stephen Pierce was -- One of the most and reputable internet marketers around.

But with so much hype around these days, its really hard to believe anything you hear or read. So I stuck around and got to know Stephen on a personal level and

Just one of his ideas enriched me a cool $59,747.00 USD!

By the time youre reading this letter, the amount of money Ive made from his idea has increased many times that. Just in case you dont know who I am, my names Patric Chan and Im making a full-time income online with several of my online businesses. To cut a long story short, I know how to make money online.

and Alicia Pierce
We were out shopping in Singapore. As we were waiting for a cab to pick us up, Stephen turned to me and said,

"You Chan do it!"

and he continued, "Yes, you Chan."

And I went back to him and said ...


Stephen replied, "Dude, you Chan do it."

I'm confused. "What's wrong with you, man? What Chan do are you talking about?"

Stephen just revealed a million-dollar idea. I didn't get IT at first. So he started to come up with more ideas in order for me to see how this is going to work... and then I realized it. From that day onwards, he shifted my paradigm on how to make money online.

And that's just based on one of his strategic idea.

Stephen is not only specialized in the "internet marketing" and "business" niches ...

I found out that he makes million of dollars from niche marketing!

Stephen Pierce is a Business Optimization Strategist whose highly effective interactive results coaching and consulting has made him an internationally in-demand speaker.

Pierce is CEO of Impulsive Profits, Inc., Innovation Marketers, LLC and owner of the Ann Arbor Thinkubator, Michigan's most creative and innovative meeting space, where business owners travel from as far as Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom to experience the power of Pierce's optimization strategies.

His ground-breaking ebook, "Under Oath: The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing" has not only sold thousands of copies, but has also become a guidebook in the online marketing world. In fact, it was one of Clickbanks best seller products.

Read More ...

For the record, I'll define Niche marketing as an online business that is NOT about 'How To' make money online or offline or internet marketing related topics.

A few niche marketing examples are websites about dog training, digital cameras, wedding planning, baby sitting, fresh water fishing, Thai kickboxing, sewing techniques, etc. You get the idea, don't you?

But if you want to pick up the phone and ask for business advice from Stephen, prepare to pay him US $2,000 an hour, subject to availability.

But instead of investing that kind of money, you can LEVERAGE ON ME.

You see, recently I had a discussion with Stephen Pierce early of year 2006 to ask him how he makes so much money through online niche marketing like a gangbuster. I recorded my discussion with him in which I asked him some important questions. And oh boy, the answers I got from him were something that you dont expect to hear everyday. This mans thinking ability is definitely something you and I should admire greatly. I guess, thats why hes the best person to consult among other internet marketers when it comes to marketing online.

Announcing ...

How To Win In The Niche

Volume I MP3 Audio Course!

Here are the questions I asked him in "How To Win In A Niche" Audio Course:

Q1: What can I do to make sure that the internet niche I choose can be profitable?

How most people get it wrong by incorrectly using statistic tools like https://www.tradebit.com, keyword software, etc. to determine a profitable niche market online

The #1 reason that you can use as a yardstick for winning the game

Why a hot selling product in https://www.tradebit.com will not be as profitable if you copied it

How to create a tidal wave impact for your online business without crushing your competitors

How to turn other peoples hot-selling products into your own money-maker without spending as much money and time as they do!

Discover why Stephen is able to make half a million dollars in a very small niche market (less than 1,000 searches a month based on https://www.tradebit.com statistics)

Q2: How do I reach my targeted prospect online?

Find out the wrong tactics that will destroy your online business

Understanding what the channels of marketing are

How to get visibility from your targeted prospects online for free

How to find the targeted prospects that you want on the cheap.

The wrong idea of writing an article to get traffic (But if you understand the concept behind it, youll hit a home run!)

The difference between market driven and market driving One of them will make your online business very profitable by getting you a truckload of happy customers (Find out after listening to the audio)

Q3: How do I monetize the niche market that Im in or the one that Ive found?

Discover the answer to this one powerful question that will put you above the rest of all marketers

Want to sell ebooks to make money online? Youd think twice after listening to the audio course.

Do not focus on how to generate traffic to your website -- Well explain to you why

500 searches a month and Stephen is able to make half a million dollar of sales! Youll find out how this is possible! (I'm still amazed!)

How to laser-target your niche market and make a killing in it while other people are still scratching their heads thinking How do I make money in this niche market?!

Q4: Give me the tips for joint venture marketing strategies in a niche market

A way to get your joint venture partners involved by not using the affiliate commission as the main incentive -- Is this possible?

What you must do first before approaching a joint venture partner to promote your product

When you should start recruiting joint venture partners

What we can learn from the late Bruce Lee in relation to marketing!

How to get competitors to be your happy joint venture partners to promote your product to their subscribers and customers

The so wrong method of the normal ways marketers use joint ventures at a tactical level

Q5: How to minimize the cost of advertising in niche markets?

The 3 marketing methods you can use to minimize the cost of advertising instantly
Why lowering your advertising cost can be a suicidal technique if youre not following this advertising concept

How Stephen doesnt need to spend money on pay-per-click advertising at all by applying this one strategy!

What you must not neglect when lowering the cost of your advertising

A tip that will increase the sales made by your affiliates

Q6: Should I consider a new niche market after I have one that is making money online?

The building strength advice that will double your income easily

Why changing to a new niche is a no-no if youre using this strategy that Stephen shares

Learn how to change a niche that will grow your online business without losing your market share

Discover the right way to change a niche if you have to (This will NOT effect your existing online business)

What you can learn from Campbell Soup and 3M (I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this)

Understanding how to create a new product that will have a hungry market for it

Q7: If I want to double my income, should I try to sell two fold the volume of a $27 ebook or should I create another high end product?

What is the ideal method to double your income

Understanding when and why a high-end product should be created to be sold to the market

How to find the potential sales of your $27 ebook before deciding the strategy

Discover how not to make mistakes when it comes to growing your online business --Or else itll be useless to increase your sales (Its all explained in this training call)

Believe it or not, by learning and applying one single strategy that is revealed in this audio call, youll see your online businesss sales double. Or maybe triple. Like I had told you earlier, I started off with an extra $59,747.00 by talking to this man.

And hey, Im not the only guy who has benefited from Stephens marketing expertise. Other experienced marketers have the same opinion as I do. Greg Poulos, experienced the same windfall, except his one was half a million in 7 days!

Are You Ready To Discover The Powerful Niche Marketing Strategies That Will Create More Income For You Today?

Listen. Yes, listen very carefully. You dont know how difficult it has been for me to convince Stephen Pierce to do this -- To share these marketing strategies of his that has made him millions of dollars.

So how much are you willing to invest to know the secrets of making real money from online niche markets?

The investment for this audio course is US$7 only.

At the same time, Ive twisted Stephens arm to throw in a special bonus that you cant find anywhere else except from him (Youll get my special bonus too!)

3 Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Today!

Bonus #1: On Paradigms

"Why People Don't Really Live The Life That They Want To Live And Have Fun Doing It"

This superb audio course reveals how to be productive in your time and find meaningful reasons in your businesses. You see, most people don't have a clue how to run a business successfully. Building a business is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not dragging yourself to 'work'! In this 1-hour 16-minute MP3 audio course, Stephen combines his intellectual knowledge of consulting Fortune 500 clients, experience from starting up his own internet businesses and success coaching skill to deliver powerful content.

If you're having a challenge taking your online business to the next level after listening to "How To Win In A Niche", it's not because you don't have the skill. It's about your paradigm. Stephen's "On Paradigms" will give you a breakthrough to manage your business mindset.

Bonus #2

"How To Grow A Successful Online Niche Business" Audio Call

I was interviewed by a successful internet marketer, Anik Singal, to reveal my closely guarded strategies on how to start and grow a successful online niche business in a 45-minute call. Nothing but pure, hard-hitting content was shared.

In the call, youll discover my personal traffic generation strategy -- one that actually works, Ill prove it to you. Also, I shared the 3 advance strategies that I use to determine how profitable a niche market can be.

Bonus #3

"How To Win In A Niche" Audio Course Text Transcript

You'll get the complete Transcript of the audio recording for you to refer to again and again. Now you can print it out and read it anytime, anywhere for your convenience.

Let me tell you something Itll be a BIG MISTAKE if youre not listening to "How To Win In A Niche" audio conversation between Stephen and I if you want to make sure that youre doing the right thing for your online business. Also

"I dare you to try your hardest NOT to use Stephen's advice, and not profit after listening to the call for 90 days and I'll give you back your investment 100, GUARANTEED". - Patric Chan

Order today to lock-in the launch price of $7 instantly!

Instead of selling "How To Win In A Niche Market" Audio Course for $97, Ill let you have the whole package, including my private conversation with Stephen for $7 only today. The reason for this reduced price is because both of us are businessmen. Since we know that the content packed in the audio course is so valuable, youll appreciate it many times over. And thus, you might start telling your other friends and we get free publicity.

But we can't promise you that the price will remain the same the next time you visit this webpage, ok?

And on top of that, neither of us rely to feed our family or pay our mortgage by selling "How To Win In A Niche" Audio Course! So really, thats why we can afford to sell it at this price.

Proof of income from my other online businesses below. And this is just one them that is selling my other own products. And yeah, I don't have to do much work to make this kind of income anymore because I have a "system" to set it up. Lastly, I don't depend on my income to promote "internet marketing" stuff because I'm also making money from various of other internet business models like promoting niche marketing, affiliate programs, Google Adsense, etc.


He's busy speaking around the world. In 2006, he was invited to speak at various internet marketing seminars ... EACH MONTH! The last time I heard from his wife, Alicia Pierce, he was over booked! Other than that, Stephen is very busy doing some consulting work for corporate clients.

In fact, he's preparing to secure a contract from the US Federal Government worth $350 million US Dollar!

Email copy from the US Government inviting Stephen Pierce to demonstrate his business system at the USDA.

How important is this proof?

The WORLDS LARGEST, most systems oriented and strategic organization in the world is the US Federal Government. Just so you know, the largest most formidable and competitive companies in the world fight to near death to secure contracts with the Federal Government throughout very long and competitive processes where only the strong and most strategic survive! And doing business with the Government is the HIGHEST level of the competitive game of capitalism and strategy. It's the truest test of your systems, your processes, your strategies, your will to press forward and your belief of what's truly possible... and your patience.

"Wait. Why Are You Doing This, Patric?"

Because I know Stephen Pierce will be able to change your paradigm -- The way you approach and run an online business. You might be making money online today but you're probably waaaaaay below discovering how much more you can actually earn in an online business.

You see, I have my own "Chan Do" internet success system that teaches my students how to start a profitable online niche business. To access this, they pay between $297 to $597. So I know what kind of problems most people face and Stephen is the guy that can solves their biggest problem. He creates instant paradigm shifts that most internet marketers don't have a clue about it. Most of them are still figuring how to use tactics, not strategies.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this to make me appear intelligent ... but there are many things that my students don't know about winning in a niche market. It's about breaking through that "barrier". It might be hard for you to believe this but Ego is not important to me in this business. I've told you earlier that I'm making money online from various of ways. It's about what I can do for other people, especially for hundreds of my own Chandoers (The Chan Do students). That's why, I'm using my personal friendship to get Stephen to do this for them.

Then, I found it to be so powerful and decided to release it to the public at a fraction of the price as part of the Chan Do System's curriculum. That's why I'm doing this.

This audio course itself is worth more than $297 or $597. I mean, his idea had made me over $59,000 USD. You'll get so many ideas from one idea.

But -- at the same time, I want to let you in an insider secret of mine. I'm hoping to massively expand on the enrollment of "Chandoers" in the next 3 years to come with several 'mastermind' elite marketers. For a simple reason, more people will be able to enjoy life by making money online using simple and practical steps.

What's yours?

Maybe you've had it with failures in internet businesses or earning too little income online. It's time for you to dominate the market of yours because you deserve it. And maybe, you want to show it off to those who have looked down upon you.

Special Bonus:

How To Win In A Niche Volume II

How To Build A Million Dollar Online Business Tele-Seminar With Stephen Pierce And Patric Chan

Worth $197

In this call, you'll find out how to plan your online business at a strategic level, beating all of your competitors FLAT. They can use popups, powerful headlines, squeeze page, Adwords or any sort of tactical techniques you've heard before -- But they won't be as successful as you without knowing how to grow a business.

As far as I know, Stephen Pierce is hardly doing any content calls (He's busy securing a $1 USD billion contract with the Federal Government). So this is your opportunity to hear what he have to share from his personal experience of making over $1 million.

What you'll gain from this audio training that you'll probably NOT find anywhere else is this ...

Stephen is sharing case studies. In fact in this call, we have disclosed HOW one of his new online businesses is projected to generate $10 million USD sales a year!

You'll also learn the 5 'unseen' tactics that Stephen is using to build a million-dollar business online.

You can immediately start implementing these niche marketing strategies for $7
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