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24 sets of Vintage Magazine, Wood Sailboat Plans

Each set of plans is complete.

Plans you will receive:

1. SOUTHWIND - 22 ft. - Heres a small, shallow-draft sailing craft which combines sea-worthiness with economy and, with power, will make moderate speeds. There is sometimes a need for a sea-worthy, small sailing boat of very shallow draft. The Southwind was designed to fill this need at relatively low cost and with little labor.

2. TRIMARAN - 20 ft. - Trimaran combines the thrills of a conventional sailboat with an exceptional rate of speed, maximum safety and unusual ease of handling. In a spanking wind, the sleek hull with its outriggers skims over the water at speeds as high as 22 m.p.h., and in a hardly perceptible breeze, when other sailboats are without steerageway, she moves along at a surprising speed. Capsizing is next to impossible because of the buoyancy of the outrigger pontoons.

3. GYPSY - 24 ft. - Gypsy is a proven motor sailor that will out weather the best of the ordinary large or small cruisers. The original design was sailed some 6000 miles in all kinds of weather under all manner of conditions, and been out hundreds of miles from the coast line on the Gulf of Mexico and weathered blows that caused quite large boats to seek shelter.

4. BANNOCK - 8 ft. - A versatile craft is yours when you build this sturdy pram. It can be sailed either cat-rigged or sloop-rigged, paddled with oars or powered by a small outboard motor.

5. BLUE MOON - 16 ft. - You can enjoy many pleasant hours on this overnight cruising sailboat. Its easy to build from readily-available materials. In spite of its diminutive size, it sleeps two comfortably on 64 berths, and theres sitting headroom in a cabin that has space for a chemical toilet and a small stove. This is a simple boat to build, using lumber and plywood available at most lumber yards, and hardware and fittings that can be found in any large hardware store.

6. BREEZE BABY - 12 ft. - A 12 ft. sailer that also takes 2-3 HP outboard motors. Skimming off a brisk wind or with the wind abeam, Breeze-Baby actually planes with one person aboard. Despite her rowboat lines (that make her easy to build), she handles easily under her simple sail, an ideal first boat. Simple lines are adapted to plywood construction thats strong, light and that keeps Breeze-Babys bilges dry. You can take her with you atop your car or on a lightweight trailer for summer fun.

7. CATS PAW - 12 ft. - Shes easy to build because of the straight-sided hulls. The sheer line is flat and that simplifies building the form. Bow and stern are straight, so theres no cockeyed bevel to fit and fuss with.

8. CRESCENT - 15 1/2 ft. - Crescent is the ideal sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay. Of course, day sailing doesnt mean you cant go for a moonlight cruise. It merely means that the little ship is not equipped with a cabin, galley and bunks for overnight cruising.

9. DART - 13 ft. - Dart is a small two or three person sailing craft, designed for use on protected waters such as bays, lakes, rivers or wherever sheltered waters are found. Its construction will repay the builder handsomely and provide a fast sailing craft, light in weight, easily transportable and cheap to construct with all difficult joinery eliminated. It provides thrilling and economical sport.

10. FALCON - 14 ft. - This frisky 14 ft. centerboard sailboat can breeze past the competition. Its speed little affected by 2 or 4 passengers. Falcon is a small, speedy, sporty sailboat which handles well. Tests on the original Falcon showed that she could easily out distant boats of comparable size and she will pace neck and neck with 18 footers with considerably greater sail spread.

11. GRAEFIN-10 - 10ft. - A sailing pram ideal for learning the basics of sailing, is also fun for experienced sailors. Sailing enthusiasts and backyard boat-builders are not likely to find plans for a sailing pram that can be built faster, lighter, stronger or less expensively than Graefin-10. Two men can begin work on a friday evening and have a smart, lively 10-ft. 85 lb. sailer in the water by sunday evening. Its been done.

12. HOBBY KAT - 14 ft. - By now, everyone who digs boating has heard of the Hobie Cat, the sleek little catamaran that burst on to the scene a couple of years ago and captured the attention of all the fast-action sailors. Marked by asymmetrical hulls and special trampoline supports, the Hobie can reach speeds above 20 mph and perform with a rare agility. But it has one drawback, it cost mucho dinero. The Hobby Kat is a build-it-yourself version of the Hobie that should cost half or a third of the commercial version.

13. JAMAICAN - 12 ft. - A sailboard for maximum fun. It has a unique hull for a minimum of work. Jamaican is an apt name for this sailboard that was designed and built as a shop project at the Jamaica, N.Y. high school. Its hull is fiberglass and Dynel over a simple wood frame, and no special building jigs or forms are needed.

14. MANU - 20 ft. - A 30 mph planing sailboat. Have you ever sailed in a planing-type sailboat? If you havent you have a real thrill waiting you. Its a remarkable experience to actually feel the hull of a planing sailboat rise and go skimming across the surface of the water at 18 to 30 mph!

15. MISSILE - 19 ft. - A 19 foot racing sailboat. Small craft designed for the backyard boat builder who wants competition or just plain speedy sailing at minimum cost. Missile is designed to be the first boat around the finishing bouy, regardless of the competition or varying wind conditions. To do this consistently, the underwater hull design has been chosen to give maximum speed and maneuverability. And, because top speed and close maneuvering each depend on your boats ability to hang on the wind and be stable at any angle of keel, a fin keel was used.

16. PETREL - 16 ft. - You can build this 16 foot model as a day sailer or an overnighter with cabin. Petrel is a sailboat that fulfills the greatest possible variety of uses in one model, offering the builder either an open-cockpit racing craft with comfortable accomodations for day sailing or a snug cabin model with accomodations for overnight trips to distant points. Either model is constructed from the same basic design, and either model possesses unusual seaworthiness, stability, trim attractive lines, speed and the ability to handle well on all points of sailing.

17. SEA FLEA - 10 ft. - Two plywood panels sandwiching a bare minimum of inner framing make-up the unusual construction of this demon midget sailer. Also, out of the ordinary for todays sailing craft, though the type goes back about 1500 years, is its sailing rig - the lug rig - which is better suited for a small craft such as Sea Flea then the more usual Marconi rig. The lug rig utilizes short, easily dismantled spars that can be carried atop an auto as conveniently as the boat itself.

18. SEA MITE - 10 ft. - Sea Mite is a sailer. Sea Mite is an outboarder, Sea Mite is the all around shoal-draft utility boat youve wanted for protected-water fishing, hunting and Sunday sailing. At the waterline the inverted-V bottom, 65in. beam, and 3in. draft combine to give two slim hulls that move through the water with the lightest breeze or smallest outboard motor without putting up an argument. The hull design also eliminates need for a centerboard, making Sea Mite an excellent sailing trainer.

19. SOLUTION - 16 ft. - A 16 foot plywood sailing scow. Designed especially for those who want a practical, unpretentious sailboat which is easily and quickly built at low cost, Solution is simply a scow with full refinements that enable it to carry a 21 1/2 ft. stepped Mast and about 140 sq. ft. of sail. The plywood bottom curves in a long, unbroken sweep from the stem block to the transom, while the sides curve out to the beam width back of midships and fair in to the transom in a smooth, flat curve.

20. STAR-LITE - 27 1/2 ft. - Sporting an overall lenght of 27 1/2 ft., Star-Lite accomodates 4 persons in 64 bunks with enough space for a private head and a working galley. You can live on this boat as we did on our trip down the ol man Mississippi and during 18 weeks of sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

21. TABU - 16 ft. - Speeds of up to four times faster then conventional sailers of comparable size are possible with the TABU.

22. TRAMP - 15 ft. - Any sailboat fancier will like Tramp, the trim, 15 ft. knockabout thats so easy to build in plywood.

23. TERN - 13 ft. - Many a stink pot addict will take a second look at Tern because she planes in modest breezes, is easy to handle, and her streamlined prow and pod shaped, inland scow type hull offer slight water resistance. Then too, theres a charm about the tiller of a sailer thats not matched by the wheel of a motor powered boat. Even with her 72 sq. ft. of sail, Tern is remarkably stable, and packs as many as four persons aboard.

24. ZEPHYR - 14 ft. - Zephyr is a refinement of a type of boat developed by the english for use in the rough open waters of the English Channel. Not only is it fast under sail, but it can stand up under punishment. And its light enough to be easily loaded atop an auto or light trailer. The prefab method of construction used on Zephyr lends itself to mass production, but if your going to build any quantity of these boats youll want to make full-size templates of all parts. To do this, lay out the lines on 1/4in. plywood and cut patterns from it.
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