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MP3 Tri-Sikle - Doing Time On Planet Earth

WANTED: Only focused schizophrenics need https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.comresso is https://www.tradebit.comernative is way.

12 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Americana, BLUES: Guitar Blues


ALOHA from TRI-Sikle.

Preview every cut on our debut CD.

Have you ever experienced focused schizophrenic tendencies? You have? Sober? Because our choice of brew is expresso. Oh and don''t expect obscene lyrics either? All the cussing is done in the studio. Well where else? It''s ours!

It''s called Little Fighter Studios. Our PLAYground! Where we''ve been submerged trying to get it right. Ten years which included construction, purchasing and learning the equipment, copyright, standards and obtaining that all important expresso machine because even the coffee bill was rising. For you trivia buffs that''s about the same time TAXI was created. No not that old TV drama. This company offers the indie musician opportunities to connect with music industries who''s-who list! Today we appreciate the recording booth compared to the horrible sweaty closet sessions. While most bands were pounding the pavement, we were pounding nails. When the amps are cranked someone goes outside to do a sound check because we love our neighbors and they love our studio. No matter what anybody says, "We''ve paid our dues." Gigging is not an option.

Let''s face it we can''t leave our jobs! Come on now, we got to pay the mortgage. Do you know how much Hawaii real estate cost? Muchos dinero. The only way we can walk away and say "Take This Job and..",(seen the movie?) is with your kokua(ko-koo-ah). HELP! And the day we do, we''ll yell back at you MAHALO(mah-hah-lo). Thank you! From on stage we promise. Until then, when we leave our real jobs we retreat to the studio....and bust our buns. Again and again and again...ever so passionately.

Our homegrown style has "no holds barred" progressions where skies the limit. The question encountered most often: "You played what?". Many parts were axed. It didn''t matter what stage we were at. Everyone gave feedback and we tweaked until our ears nodded approval. We came to understand why bands break up but this loose affiliation of friends will not go there. Expect a wall of sound in seismic measures sometimes fueled by a pedal or two. Various drum and bass patterns drive the force with an ocean spray from keyboard. Gushing blasts of sound like water shooting out of a broken fire hydrant guided by lyrics of our special angel, that allow us to wear our hearts on our sleeves, will leave you emotionally drained. We hope to cause great devastation to international communities but for now, allow us to wipe you out. We suggest you listen to each clip immediately after the description of our personal landscape to gain an awareness of our reality.

Engulf yourself in track 1 written for a friend riding his wave toward self destruction. Keyboards will simulate a rising turbulence before the tidal wave slam against your ears. Greeted by a high hat counting down to bass that punches you out from inside a tube for a barrelling surf ride. Paddle through gentle rhythm and melodic guitar sets with lyrics that question your whole purpose and self worth before feeling the rush of a perfectly executed dive on guitar. Grab some headphones to catch the pound travel from ear to ear across the great wall of distortion severed by an electrifying pitch fading into a sunset. Dramatic chords trigger tragedy and fear into wild three sixty spins until consumed by the rough conditions. The solo suspends your lifeless body adrift NEVER COMING BACK.

Imagine walking out of a theatre at the end of a movie when the credits are rolling. You will hear our title track. On this sound clip you will miss more than two thirds of our near six minute song. If you ever have the need for a sad Love Story such as the one written by Erich Segal, we not only have your score, we have a plot. Do you know that movie was nominated for six oscars but only the music was a winner? Look it up! Anyone got John Cameron''s phone number? Because we see our CD as not only a concert for your ears but also as the soundtrack to a real tear jerker movie. Sparkling mystical boards that quickly evolve into a dark undertone support a mesmorizing combo of acoustic and cha-cha percussion. Wanna dance? Don''t be distracted or you''ll miss our dismal lyrics sung softly and near seduction. Afflicted by this nightmare and waking to its reality is our daily ritual. Imprisoned by life itself DOING TIME ON PLANET EARTH is expressed in the mournful wail of an electric guitar solo lasting about 85 seconds. Too short for you? Try staying underwater that long.

Let''s swing baby! The drums will snap you out of the hypnosis keeping you light footed and WONDERING where you''ve been. A pop-ish tempo, light hearted lyrics and a slide guitar incorporate our country influence. We call this an almost freebie and a few others will follow. Short tunes capturing parts of the solo before disappearing; turning a page in our love story.

Need some kleenex yet? Not too worry as we lower the lights for some slow dancin''. Bring her in close guys and hold her tight because you are playing the role of leading man SINCE YOU WENT AWAY. This is our favorite and our friends collectively agree. Magic was in the A/C on these nights. OKay! There was something, or someone? If the magnetism emitting from this melodramatic guitar doesn''t get to you the lyrics will. This love song is filled with intense emotion that will overwhelm you gently twisting the end on an upbeat. The organ, bass, lead and backing vocals wrapped the guitars together affixing a pretty bow on this present. It was a room of truly focused schitzos. Must have been the coffee. That''s it!

Don''t let go of each other just yet! Enjoy the closeness. Isn''t it amazing how we enable ourselves into a snug glove like fit? Our first recordings were unfilled with BETTER DAYS. We always try to keep an open mind and here is a good example. As an acoustic number we were quite satisfied with the demo until we heard the ornamental ring on electric. At that exact moment we ditched the finished song and started all over. Suddenly a door opened inviting our beloved distortion and bass directing each component into its own. Maybe we''ll try the acoustic version on tour. Yeah right! Still got that mortgage to pay. Alternative is our truth.

Don''t be fooled by its slow beginning or you''ll get blown away! Oops too late. Unwrap your present cause it''s another almost freebie but you''ll find a real surprise in its contagious ending. Betcha'' you will too? No black outs in these dark lyrics JUST ANOTHER CHRISTMAS. Clock the speed these notes come flying out at the end of the https://www.tradebit.coml 9-1-1 for a traffic cop or do we need H2O? This song will outlive all the others if we''re able to successfully produce a video depicting holiday traditions filled with children beaming its musical vim ''n vigor. Hopefully it can be heard on the radio annually. Cross your fingers!

Got jawaiian? It''s a cryptic mix of jamaican and rap flavors very popular amongst our young hawaiian musicians. Listen closer and you''ll decipher the guitar singing cha-chank, cha-chank, cha-chank. Blend in some culture and you get jawaiian. Hey if Gwen Stefano can get her music on our hawaiian music dial, dig that! Why not us? We want to be just like her when we grow up. Maybe we should change our name to TRI-Stefano. Trivia buffs? Check the copyright, you''ll discover which came first but NOTHING MATTERS. Oh the rap? We had fun with the mix.

Big ballad in Track 8. The guitar screams a tribute to our favs Aerosmith and Def Leppard. Hey guys, need a new song? (808) 947-5486. This is the fastest written and recorded cut on the CD. One month tops! That''s a record for us. Insert pun! Hey don''t forget our real jobs. Corny romantic lyrics women can swoon to, "I bathe in your shadow of love" and "I wake up in the night just to hear you breathe." In case we don''t get that big break, maybe we should consider writing Hallmark cards. NEVER TOO CLOSE for romanticists''.

Get ready to rock ''n roll. Ready for another dose? This is an early bird special. Did we mention we redid the early ones? Can you believe it? What does that mean? We recorded and mixed three songs, TWICE. Here''s a bit of education for those who don''t know. Recording is the high price ticket in this whole process. Twice you ask? Yep, the tape broke and we learned a valuable lesson called BACK UP! Avoid FRUSTRATION''S FEAR. The flip side of that.....we own the studio so no extra cost. Double time picking on the bass with chords that zip and you https://www.tradebit.comg! punch! bam! Wow right out of Batman. Then put your metal to the pedal which is funny cause at our real jobs, the saying goes "Pedal to the metal". Same effect....go fast. Oh well, we finally got it right! The other funny thing about this song is that it took "all hands on the mix." Heard the saying "all hands on deck." This isn''t part of the movie, just real LIFE. Which still sucks!

Keep on dancin'' boys and girls! We''re not pau(done)yet! More culture slippin'' in! That drum kick should start the pump and clue you in as to what''s ahead. Hidden in between a steady stream of keyboards and shake your booty distortion you will find some of our fondest memories shattered by SO MUCH TIME. Remember that guitar slide? No country here boys and girls. Beware you''re passing up a hot solo but you should be a shaker and a mover before then. We''re back in the theatre boys and girls. Sad movies so keep it rollin''.

Cut 11 is our very first song. It''s our lucky charm. It gives us the right to claim being touched by an angel. We are blessed to receive divine inspirations. Arriving safely over a period of time, we repay our PROMISES OF FLIGHT (LYNN''S SONG) in our music. This one will be the opening sound track for picking it right up from the original Love Story. A jet taking off towards heaven reaching the heights of latitude. FLY FREE LITTLE ONE.....A beautiful arrangement of a rolling acoustic guitar and a trodden piano accompaniment. So here we are. The End.

Ever had a story sung to you? Hope it brings you a hundred times as many hours of enjoyment than it took us to make it. What a trip! We still don''t believe it. As a bonus we give you a freebie. Quoting a lovable character from the Popeye cartoons, hear Wimpie say, "...I''ll gladly pay you back SATURDAY ..." for making time to listen. If you have a few minutes more, please leave a review. MAHALO. Last trivia....we promise. How young was our featured guest artist belting out his guts for you?

Use a magnifying glass to examine our cover or you''ll miss the drooping door hanging on from worn hinges of our jail cell. Check it out and you will find a piece of planet earth behind it. Should you be generous enough to make a purchase, open the jewel case to find us trapped inside. Oh and the alien chained to the ball of planet earth on the back insert is duplicated on our disc. It shimmers as you move it. Really cool!

Wanna have more fun? Wrap yourself in TRI-Sikle. Email your answers to our trivia test and we''ll generously give you 3% off our signature tshirt for each correct answer. Good luck!

Just have fun cause all the tshirts are gone!

1. What playground is named in our honor?
2. What''s the name of our Special Angel?
3. What''s the hot ticket item in this process?
4. How young is our featured guest artist?
5. What is really cool about our CD?
6. What does all pau mean?
7. Which band member posed with naked feet on our cover?
8. What city do we live in?
9. What is jawaiian?
10. What happened to our bass player in our title track?
11. What qualifies us to be schizophrenics?
12. What''s our motto?
13. What''s the hawaiian word for HELP?
14. When we go on tour, what will we yell to our fans?
15. What is our favorite drink?
BONUS: How can you max the 45% discount? HINT: we''ll even autograph it for you.

Hope you had fun? Email trisikle@https://www.tradebit.com or please leave a review on our web page. We''d really love to hear from all of you.
Take care!

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