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MP3 Turiya Nada - Cave of the Siddhars

The sacred transmission of powerful and potent mantras that have been passed down through the Siddhar tradition for thousands of years by Nandhi. Accompanied by the didgeridoo magic by Cofe, and the harp, singing bowls, djembe, udu, gongs, flute and other

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NEW AGE: Meditation, NEW AGE: Healing

"Turiya Nada is, to my mind and heart, one of the first commercial recordings where the power and presence of the Siddhars penetrates into every fibre of being of those who but listen. This is truly inspirational music for the first through seventh chakra. Hopefully, it is only the first of many recordings that this ensemble of spirit-centered artists will record for humanity."
Robert Sachs
author of The Passionate Buddha

Raise your Consciousness with Turiya Nada - Cave of the Siddhars: Conscious Multimedia Database applies Dr. David Hawkins'' revolutionary conscious calibrations through the use of applied kinesiology. According to Dr. Hawkins'' Map of Consciousness, Cave of the Siddhars calibrates in between 1000 and 1250. This is the level of Christ, Buddhahood, Krishna and Brahman. Out of over 250Cds featured by https://www.tradebit.com , Turiya Nada "Cave of the Siddhars" is featured the highest.

Turiya Nada is suitable for-

Yoga and meditation- Ideal for a deep plunge within! It is a journey within through each charka, finally opening the Third Eye, the Ajna chakra.

Listening in the car or while driving- These mantra chants are from the state of heightened awareness, activating the subtle energy and the ''third eye''. The energy fields through the resonance helps the mind focus on driving while aligning with the divine to relieve stress and anxiety.

Manifestation of intentions- Siddhar chants manifest. The state of higher consciousness, ''Turiya'',

which is beyond the states of sleep, dream and wakefulness is the zone of manifestation. Listening to Turiya Nada will bring to play the divine energies of manifestation.

Deeper rejuvenative sleep- the music is meant to take the listener into the womb of the universe, the divine Source. (We have had many feedbacks of listeners having mystical dreams of flying, of being free, of dancing in joy!). It is natural to sleep deeply when our mind is surrendered to the Source.

Home- The divine vibration of the Sages brings to our daily lives the gift of tranquility, love, integrity, inspiration, harmony and divine protection. This resonance is ideal for home... just listening wherever we are!

Also- Tantra, Massage, Bodywork, Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Creative Work and Esoteric Healing.

Turiya Nada intends to take the listener through layers of our present limitations into the vast realms of divine energy.
Turiya Nada intends to take the listener through layers of our present limitations into the vast realms of divine energy.


"Mystic Radio is pleased to have Turiya Nada as part of its continuous playlist. Our listeners can feel the sacred nature of the music here and know that something special is being emanated. Unlike many of todays ''sacred'' music CD''s, Nandhi and his fellow musicians have manifested a powerful, alluring and captivating CD that allows all listeners to transcend mortal boundaries. One listen and you will be transported to ancient India and blessed by the saints of ages. A must have CD for anyone on the path and interested in transformation." Mystic Radio, Padma

PhenomeNEWS music review July 2004- "There is good energy with this CD, no foolin''! Why have I even played this CD, so far, nearly more than any other of the 100s of albums I''ve heard of the past years?

It seems to be a tool. Or a key.

A key to unlock more than a "potential" within. A key to have the Universe, the Universe Energy gives you what you want, right now... without having to go anywhere, do anything, etc. Just listen to the great music and chanting. Could this be so?

It is certainly more than a CD of "keeper" music. You may recall that for me, "keeper" music is a CD that I definitely want to keep to go back to and listen to in the future. "- Greg Ozimek, PhenomeNEWS

"We are listening to the Cd right now! What amazing energy, we are truly blessed to have crossed paths with Turiya Nada." Charity Doyle, MN

"The music and chants are very powerful. The first day that I used it, I was lying down in my bedroom listening to it. I was feeling too tired to turn off the light. Somewhere during the listening, a ultra bright light flooded the inside of my head for a few moments and it was so intense that everything, lightbulb included, was thrust into darkness. That was amazing."- Anthony P. Vatuna, New Jersey

"A few days ago I went to East West Bookstore (run by the Himalayan Institute, where I have studied yoga and meditation over the years) and saw your cd. I bought it of course and have been absolutely enchanted by https://www.tradebit.com is amazing and deep, deep, deep. I''m so happy to have discovered it. I can''t get the Guru chant from the first track out of my head; it keeps looping over and over inside."- Guy Hanson, New York

"i love the cd!! i felt it to be such a gift. i do practice yoga and meditation though i am new at actually looking stuff up on it. its what has been inside of me has always been. i have never had guidance or a teacher until recently and they are amazed with what i know without being taught. i am too. the cd was unbelievable. the vibration that went thru me the first time i played it was so powerful i had to shut it off to regroup myself not realizing what i was in for.
thank you so much!"- Patty Dooley, Illinois

I have listened to Turiya Nada CD ! It is wonderful , absolutely delightful!! It has definitely enhanced and deepened my mediation . You can feel its magnificent power and it will definitely take you to new depths. I feel very blessed to able to experience the mantras of such great beings and I am forever grateful that you could make it available to me. Renee Pelissier, Florida

"About your cd - I''ve found that the mantra''s while facilitating healing sessions to be amazingly beneficial to my clients. I''ve had a 1 hour session move beyond time playing the cd and it played fully 3 times prior to the sessions end which only ran over the hour by about 5 minutes. Overall the cd causes them to go deeper and in doing this I''m able to be a more effective tool for Source." Brook Still, CA

"Vazhgha Valamudan, I am in search of reality!. The Turiya Nada Music had added new dimensions to my thinking. Simply Fantastic! Keep posting such great spiritual tracks." Suresh, Chennai, India

"Thank you for the opportunity to hear such beautiful spiritual music. It really speaks of another time and another place, a very high place or rather state of mind. I have been listening and meditating to the cd for a week now and find it helps me go deeper in my meditation. By the end my breath is minimal, and I''m surrounded by very, very, soft morphing lights that are very peaceful. I especially find the last bit just before the recording of Siddhar Rajaswamy very uplifting. I love the chants and find my self repeating some of the mantras after the meditation. I usually try to meditate a bit longer after the cd is finished. My body feels very buzzy and light, and my forehead feels like there is a gripping beam of tingling pressure on it. At times I felt/heard an almost pulsing beat by the end.
I however arrive at the same dilemma, I find my mind jumping from the morphing lights, to my breath trying to achieve one-pointedness after the music stops.
Again thank you for such inspirational music, truly heavenly sounds."- Tom Martinek, Canada

"I had the blessing of listening to your CD on a long road trip to Tucson. My husband and I listened to it for 5 hours in a row on both the trip to and from Tucson. It was absolutely auspicious! It felt like it opens up sacred pathways of divine intervention for access to lightbody transmission. I sent blessings through my being to the planet as we passed over it in the car and all beings everywhere, that they could benefit from my holy relationship with the sounds and blessings sent from the divine. Thank you for making this possible and available. "- Debra Rosenkrantz, Carlsbad, CA

"I have been listening to "Cave of the Siddhars" quite regularly. It is very beautiful. It is interesting that I found this because of some subliminal desire to listen to didgeridoo music. I believe because
of it''s power for healing. What a delight to find it aligned with such powerful mantras!"- Leonard Cooper, FL

"I love the CD and listen to it everyday...and more often 3 and 4 times daily...just seems like I can''t get enough of it! "- Cathijo Anderson, TX

"I did listen to turiya nada cd and I find it hard to put the experience in words...first I felt a cool stream (of something) flowing down from the top of my head to the base of my spine and the experience lasted even after the CD was over...Turiya nada cd is a very good source of inspiration and I am very happy to have obtained it."https://www.tradebit.comagopalan- CO

"I want to say that the CD is remarkable. I believe that my ability to meditate has been greatly enhanced. I use the CD while doing the Five Tibetan Rites for Rejuvenation, then a meditative session. Thank you so much for making the Turiya Nada "Cave of the Siddhars" available."- Daniel Cabrera, IL

"I like the cd a lot. It''s really amazing.... I was transported in this way - listening to your 3rd song. The 25 minute one where you''re chanting. I chanted or droned with your voice and I found myself far https://www.tradebit.com was so nice. So thanks again for the cd! You guys are awesome."- Shelly Happel, FL

"Turiya Nada is profound and moving; indeed my body tremors at times whilst listening. The chanting and instrumentation calls one home to the Divine. The accompanying booklet is informative and stimulating".- Graham Carr, Australia

"The CD is truly amazing. The chanting is very moving and awakens powerful energy. Do you have any plans to produce another? "- Timothy James, Florida

"Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum
I am enjoying the INTENSITY of Turiya Nada. I listen to it while I practice asanas and when I am resting at night - it is fabulous for practising Yoga Nidra. Love overflowing. My son, Timothy, and my dog, Sava, also enjoying listening to it as they fall asleep. Shine On!"- Mora Campbell, Canada

" I have received the CD Turiya Nada, Cave of the Siddhars, and it''s marvelous!! I listen to it every day and it is a great joy every time. Also, I have incorporated the mantra, Va Va Va Va Yen Guru Natha, into my daily mantra practice. It makes me feel very comfortable.
Thanks for a truly remarkable CD!!" Mike Stapler, New Jersey

"Received the cd today. There are insufficient superlatives in the language
to describe my feelings about it. Thank you thank you thank you!".- Satya James, UK

"I received the CD today and all I can say is WOW! I am listening to it right now. Such beautiful and deep music. I wanted to thank you for sharing and making this available to everyone." Michael Serafin,PA

"I think the CD is magnificent. I have listened to it over and over. Thank You Very Much!" - Stephanie Davis, Encinitas, CA

"Just finished a meditation & at about the last minute or so of the 4th track on your cd
*i* jumped into a ocean & dissolved.. then there was just the waves .. of one heart beat.
Wanted to share this..."- Riha Joseph, Michigan

"We received your CD yesterday, it is absolutely awesome. My husband and I we really love it. Meditated twice with it yesterday and will do so in a few minutes again.
Felt very strong energy coming through the crown chakra, and also strong energy in the chakra of the Third Eye. Felt peaceful and very quiet. No thoughts. Went very deep." -Doris Laporte (Canada)

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