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Christmas Package Graphics Galore Autoresponder Email Ebooks

Complete Graphics Package with autoresponder and big collection of ebooks

Are You Ready for the Big Day?

Dear fellow marketer,
The big season is coming soon. Christmas is only once a year. Don't miss this opportunity.
I have prepared a big package of products related to Xmas. They all come with Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights. So, you can use them or sell them and keep all the money.
You will find in this Xmas package some recipes, stories, information on how to decorate your house, activities for your family and more.
Have a wonderfufl Christmas for this huge package at a so weet price.

And don't forget you can resell it and keep 100.

Let's see what is included in this huge package, and don't forget that most of these products have Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights.

Product #1 "Big Book of Christmas Tales"

Master Resell Rights
Big Book Of Christmas Tales
PDf file with 247 pages with the best Christmas Tales
35 classical Christmas Tales
The Big Book of Christmas Tales!

If you want to experience the magic of creating enchanting Christmas memories with The Big Book of Christmas Tales then this ebook is for you and your family!

Children of all ages will love it! It has 35 classic tales over 247 pages which includes Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen!

Here is a sample of just some of these
magical tales:

* Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse
- Charles Dickens
* The Fir-Tree
- Hans Christian Andersen
* A Christmas Matinee
- M.A.L. Lane
* Toinette and the Elves
- Susan Coolidge
* The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap.
- Ruth Sawyer Durand
* A Story of the Christ-Child
(a German Legend for Christmas Eve) - Elizabeth Harrison
* The Birds' Christmas (founded on fact) - F.E. Mann
* A Christmas Star
- Katherine Pyle
* Old Father Christmas
- J.H. Ewing
* A Christmas Carol
- Charles Dickens
* The Legend of Babouscka
- From the Russian Folk Tale
* The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner
- Charles Dickens
* Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six
- Anne Hollingsworth Wharton
* Master Sandy's Snapdragon
- Elbridge S. Brooks
* A Christmas Fairy
- John Strange Winter

Create fun and magic memories!
Children will love the stories as will adults alike! Its a wonderful way to create some enchanting Christmas memories reading Christmas tales that everyone loves!

It's guaranteed to make your celebrations extra special and as a gift it will be cherished and its tales lovingly remembered forever!

Value: $17

Product #2 "Christmas Wordpress Template Adsense ready"
Master Resell Rights

Christmas Wordpress Template Adsense ready
Value: $17

Product #3 "Christmas Cookie Recipes"
Master Resell Rights

Christmas Cookie Cookbook
PDF file with 458 pages full of delicious Christmas recipes.
This delectable Christmas Cookie Cookbook is packed with over more than four hundred recipes for colossal cookie creations. From tried-and-true favorites such as Snowflakes, Christmas Tree Sandwiches, and Gingerbread Cookies to future favorites such as Edible Cookie Ornaments and Eskimo Snowballs there's a cookie here to please every palette.
View the full salespage here: Christmas Recipes Ebook https://www.tradebit.com

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Product #4 "The Big Book Of Classic Christmas Tales!"
Master Resell Rights

The same content as the Big Book Of Christmas Tales above, but in 2 versions.
PDF file with 350 pages with the best Christmas Tales with bigger font size for easyer reading.
Word DOC file with 337 pages. You can edit this file with Microdoft Word or Open Office Writer and create your own layouts.
35 classical Christmas Tales

Product #5
"Christmas Decorating Made Easy"
Master Resell Rights

Its that time of year again time to get your home ready for Christmas. Decorating can be overwhelming if you dont know where to start.
This ebook will give you 51 great Christmas decorating ideas. Most of these ideas use things that you already have. By the time youre done, your home will be all decked out and ready for Christmas.
PDF file with 32 pages.

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"CTF-FESTIVE RIDGE Map for Unreal Tournament 2004"

"Unreal Tournament is a first-person shooter video game co-developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. It was published in 1999 by GT Interactive. Retrospectively, the game has also been referred to as UT1999 or UT Classic to differentiate it from its numbered sequels."
from wikipedia

This is not a product. It's Just a a gift. Maybe you're a fan "Unreal Tournament" :)

Product #6 "Holiday Mayhem"
Master Resell Rights

How Not to Kill Your Family During the Holidays You know how it is. The Holiday season brings out the best in all of us. We all become solicitous of one anothers feelings; everyone develops more tolerance for one anothers foibles; there is plenty of time for everything that needs to be done; traffic is usually light; the other folks always patiently wait their turn. Isnt that right? ...
Two formats:
PDF file with 15 pages
DOC file with 16 pages to be edit with Microdoft Word or Open Office Writer and create your own layouts.

PLR Classic Christmas Tales
The same content as the Big Book Of Christmas Tales above, but in .DOC format.
DOC file with 247 pages to be edit with Microdoft Word or Open Office Writer and create your own layouts.

Product #7 "18 Ebooks For Christian Children with PLR Rights"
Private Label Rights

"Discover How YOU Can Have Your Own Line Of In Demand Info Products In A Christian Niche Without Having To Write A Single Word..."

The Christmas Dinner is an 18-page play about Christmas. It is intended, not only for acting, but also for reading.
A Christmas Mystery is a scintillatingly beautiful story of an entirely different group of Three Wise Men in a modern setting!
Old Christmas. Of all the old festivals, Christmas awakens the strongest and most heartfelt associations.
How to become like Christ There is almost no one who would deny, if it were put to him, that the greatest possible attainment a man can make in this world is likeness to The Lord Jesus Christ.
The Copy Cat and Other Stories is a collection of Wonderful and Humorous tales that children will surely enjoy at bedtime and anytime.
Short Stories Old and New is a collection of Short Stories compiled from public domain. The stories are especially selected with the young Christian reader in mind.
Mother Stories from the New Testament A Book of the Best Stories that Mothers can tell their Children. Composed of 45 stories from New Testament.
Myths Every Child Should Know A selection of the classic myths of all times for young people.
The Night Before Christmas is a Collection of Wonderful stories about Christmas that kids would surely love.
The Children's Books of Christmas Stories This is a collection of 34 Short Stories totaling 149 pages about Christmas.
Children's Classics in Dramatic Form is intended to accomplish three distinct purposes: first, to arouse a greater interest in oral reading; second, to develop an expressive voicesadly lacking in the case of most Americans; and third, to give freedom and grace in the bodily attitudes and movements which are involved in reading and speaking.
Andersen's Fairy Tales Contents: The Emperor's new clothes, The swineherd, The Real princess, The Shoes of Fortune, The Fir Tree, The Snow Queen, The Leap-Frog, The Elderbush, The Bell, The Old House, The Happy Family, The Story of a Mother, The False Collar, The Shadow, The Little Match Girl, The Dream of Little Tuk, The Naughty Boy, The Red Shoes.
American Fairy Tales Contents: The box of robbers, The glass dog, The Queen of Quok, The girl who owned a bear, The enchanted types, The laughing hippopotamus, The magic bon bons, The capture of father time, The wonderful pump, The dummy that lived, The king of the polar bears, The mandarin and the butterfly.
The Arabian Nights The King of Persia and the Princess of the Sea, Prince Beder and the Princess Giauhara , The three princes and Princess Nouronnihar , Prince Ahmed and the fairy , Prince Camaralzaman and the Princess of China , The loss of the talisman , The story of Zobeide , The story of the king's son , The first voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The second voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The third voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The fourth voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The fifth voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The sixth voyage of Sinbad the sailor , The seventh voyage of Sinbad the sailor.
My Favorite Book of Fairy Tales contains some of the most alluring fairy Tales for Children as told from generations to generations.
The Good Shepherd. Why Jesus Came Into This World, Jesus is Born In Bethlehem, The Boyhood of Jesus, John the Baptist, Jesus Begins His Work, Some Words & Works of Jesus, A Friend for the Sorrowful, More Wonderful Words and Works, The Man Born Blind & Lazarus, The Prodigal Son and Other Stories, The Last Days in Jerusalem, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection, Selected Songs, Psalms and Prayers.
Dramatic Romances brings you among the finest stories by Robert Browning.
Mother's List of Books for Children This reference is rather a list of the best books for Children Ages 1-14. This list is an excellent resource and guide for researchers and webmasters who are looking for content appropriate for the young readers.
All of the books mentioned in this list are public domain.

Now, are you ready for this surprise addition to the All of The Above?
The Teener's Guide To Dating
(This is A Christian Teener's Guide to Dating)
If you are a Teenager, let this guide will prepare you to one of life's most delightful experiences. If you are a parent, this guide will help you guide your teenage child through her life's first steps towards adulthood...

A Guide To Child's Health & Care for The Young Inexperienced Mother
For many young, inexperienced mothers the sight of their sick and suffering children is a most stressful even traumatic experience. And all too often, panic seizes them whenever their children start feeling unwell. This book will help young mothers cope with the stress of motherhood and teach her how to rear her child to good health.

View the full salespage here: Ebooks For Christian Children

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Product #8 "Traditional Carols For Christmas"
Private Label Rights

The Traditional Christmas Carol Collection

If you want to experience the magic of classic Christmas carols this ebook is for you and your family!

Rekindle the joy and magic of Christmas gatherings singing together with traditional Christmas carols that everyone will love!

Traditional Carols for Christmas has classic carols which revive the fun, joy and magic of Christmas. You'll have everyone singing along now that you have your very own book of lyrics which includes these all-time classic carols that everyone will love:

* 12 Days of Christmas
* Deck the Halls
* Angels We Have Heard on High
* O Christmas Tree
* God Bless You Merry Gentleman
* We Wish You A Merry Christmas
* and one of the oldest and most beloved carols:
* Here We Come A-Wassailing
* and many more!
ebook comes as a pdf file that is easily opened on your computer.

* Just print it out or read on screen - it's a little gem!

* Also it makes a great gift idea.
You get also a second version as a DOC file that you can open with Microsoft Word or Open Office. With this you can change the layout, the font size, add images or do whatever your imagination will be able of.
Burn it to a cd, put it in a nice little box, tie a ribbon and you have a sensational gift that will be absolutely loved!

Product #9 "Rainy Day Activities For Kids"
Private Label Rights

Theres nothing worse than an idle child with nothing to do, so why not give them some simple and easy to do crafts? If youre not a crafty-person (and a lot of us arent) it might seem a bit daunting to you. Perhaps the last craft you created was when you pressed your hand into some clay in grade school to make a gift for your mother or father. If thats so, dont panic. All it takes for you to be able to do this is a little ingenuityand some planning ahead.
Tin Foil Shapes
Potato Stamps
Eraser Stamps
Sock Puppets
Bread and Glue Clay
PDF file with 13 pages with the best Christmas Tales with bigger font size for easyer reading.
Word DOC file with 13 pages. You can edit this file with Microdoft Word or Open Office Writer and create your own layouts.

Product #10 "Santa Letter Script"
Private Label Rights

Letter from Santa Claus to your Child

Delight your child with a personalized letter from Santa Claus that they will remember for ever. Our Script personalizes each letter with child's name, gender, age, friend's name, hometown etc and send by email instantly.
Send a Personalized letter by Email Instantly !!

See the script working here: letter from Santa Claus

Warning: To run this script you must to have CGI access on your hosting account

Product #11 "Simply Christmas"
Master Resell Rights

"Make This Christmas One To Remember With Dozens Of New Christmas Ideas!"
Are you sick of the same old Christmas every year? Same old decorations, same old ideas, same old...it's OK, I get the picture. You're not alone.
You've probably searched the Internet for new ideas and things to do. But what do you find? The same dreary ideas year in, year out.
Well, all that's about to change!
What if it could be different this year, just once! Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like to do something uniquely different for a change? I know why you might be holding back here, because Christmas is about traditions, so it's not supposed to be new.
Here's just some of what you'll be getting in 'Simply Christmas'...
Discover some amazing facts about Christmas you may never have known before. (For example, do you know why Christmas isn't just for Christians?)
Follow our step-by-step instructions to make delicious Christmas candies. These are easy enough for the kids to make too!
Enjoy a full, three course Christmas dinner without cramming on the weight by following our calorie counting Christmas feast (And noone will ever know because it tastes so delicious!)
Step-by-step instructions and full color photos show you how to make an easy origami Santa (Great for the younger kiddies!)
Learn how to make a superb 3D origami Christmas tree, complete with shining silver star - dozens of step-by-step photos show you exactly how (Exclusive paper design dowonlad also available)
Let Bernadette Dimitrov, "The HoHoHo Expert" guide you gently towards spiritual bliss this Christmas and beyond with her timeless contribution to this exclusive Christmas collection.
And much, much more!
PDf file with 56 pages

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Product #12 "Professional XMAS Header & Footer Graphics"
Master Resell Rights

Imagine, spicing up your website for Christmas,
with a Professionally Designed Header & Footer like this ...

So, you have the opportunity to get your hands on ...
5 Royalty FREE / Fully Customisable XMAS Professional Header Graphics
5 Royalty FREE / Fully Customisable XMAS Professional Footer Graphics
5 Royalty FREE / Fully Customisable EVERY DAY Professional Header Graphics
5 Royalty FREE / Fully Customisable EVERY DAY Professional Footer Graphics

Product #13 "Graphics Galore 2009 Package"
Master Resell Rights

Brand New Graphics Package Composed of 4 Amazing New Packs.
Don't You Dare To Miss It.

Pack #1 - Graphical Opt-In Box Collection
Introducing... a Fast, Easy Way to Increase Your Opt-In List By Grabbing The Attention of Your Visitors With Elegant and Classy Graphical Opt-In Boxes
A few moments or so from now, you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before.
Have you noticed recently how all of the most successful sites and lead capture pages feature prominent, highly graphical opt-in boxes?
The reason for this is simple - it gets attention!
The fastest way to increase your response is to attract more attention to what you want the visitor to do.

When you download your package today, you will receive...

15 Total Graphical Opt-In Boxes that are perfect for any site!
Check Them Out...

Pack #2 - 5 Graphic Sets PLR
5 complete graphic sets ready to be used on your sales pages.
They com in JPG and PSD format.

Check Them Out...

Pack #3 - 5 Website Themes - Master Resell & Giveaway Rights

5 Clean Websites Pre-Setup in 3 Versions - HTML, Joomla & WordPress

The 5 Categories are Business, Computing, Health, Sport & Travel.
Check Them Out...

Pack #4 - 1000 icons MRR

Huge Collection of 1000 ICONS
2 sets of 500 icons each.
The First Set Has 17 Categories.
50-Seasonal icons
50-System icons
Blog & CMS Icons 25
Computer 25
Country flags 25
Database Icons 25
Decorative caps-icons 25
Desktop icons 25
E-commerce Icons 25
Email Application Icons 25
Folders-icons 25
Navigation Icons 25
People and Objects 25
Software Icons 25
Standard Icons 25
TV & movie icons 25

The Second Set Has 20 Categories
divided in 2 sub-sets
.250 with border
Blog & CMS Icons
Database Icons
Decorative Caps Icons
E-commerce Icons
Email Application Icons
People and Objects Icons
Software Icons
Standard Icons
System Icons
250 without border
Cars Icons
Computer Icons
Country Flags Icons
Desktop icons
Folders Icons
Holidays Icons
Music Icons
Navigation Icons
Seasonal Icons
TV & Movie Icons
Imagine what you can do with this amazing collection of icons.

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Product #14 "Autoresponder Unlimited"
Master Resell Rights

Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners who want to take control of their online operations.
We have the same power features of the other expensive autoresponder services. But our price is the difference. Big savings means more money in your pocket. Save as much as $200.00 to $1,000.00 a year.

No gimmicks - No hidden charges - No monthly Fees - FULL Master Resell Rights $$$ Too.

- Get it here for free, own it for life, Resell It -

"Autoresponders are the greatest marketing invention ever created for the Internet, hands down!" -- Forrester Research

Very minimum system requirements
Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
Perl5 Interpreter (standard on unix machines)
SendMail (standard on unix machines)
Your own cgi-bin directory
Order Today And Your GUARANTEED To Receive The software with this special discount price and The Gifts below -- FREE!
Extra Bonus Gift #1: "Autoresponder Magic" ($24.97 Value)
Get started reading some of the most powerful follow-up messages ever produced.
Here's a little bit of what you will learn how to do...
Convert trial users to paying customers.
Multi-part training courses that force people to reach for their credit cards.
Persuade hesitant prospects to ecstatic buyers.
Special reports that ring up sales.
And lots more

Extra Bonus Gift #2: "Million Dollar Emails" ($24.97 Value)
Absolutely incredible!
Million Dollar Emails covers so much it's truly incredible. From how to collect email addresses to sending them out. Everything about email marketing and stragtegy is covered in this amazing 215 page report!
If somehow you fail to apply these proven techniques and create no success the compelling and intrigueing information contained within these pages are equally as valuable to your success!

Interested in this amazing offer?
Well... because you have been so kind to read this long page , we have one last gift for you.
A free set of sales page graphics you can use on any of your own sales pages. It's a nice collection of buy buttons, table shadows, join buttons, download buttons, bullets and other little goodies. Be sure to fill in the form below to instantly claim BOTH volumes 1 & 2 of the Assorted Salespage Graphics!

See the original sales page here:
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