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MP3 David Hart & Amun Ra - A Dedication to David Bowie

The album is all original music in Rock genre. This album will take you on a little journey up and down and all around. The music goes into Rock music spaces that could be categorized as some theatre Rock, some mellow rock and some all out let em rip rock

12 MP3 Songs
ROCK: 70''s Rock, NEW AGE: Healing


David Hart and Amun Ra " A Dedication to David Bowie" is all original music by David Hart & Amun Ra, a Canadian Band based out of Toronto Canada.
David Hart & Amun Ra has evolved to become " Open Eye Universe" with a new release coming this spring 2004.

The original idea and concept for this particualr album is a Dedication as in after meditation,prayer or a good deed when one deems it important to Dedicate the positive potential created by ones virtuous practices and action.

In this case it''s a Dedication that relates to David Bowie''s music and David Bowie''s life and karma.

Although an album like this falls into the Tribute category ,in that respect ,it''s not a tribute album ,as it''s a Dedication of music in thanks for all of the years of music that David Bowie has provided for us. We demonstrate our inspiration as a result of the affect of David Bowie''s music and Art.

The themes of music on the album relate to some interests that we perhaps share with David Bowie. Things like walking with Buddha, flying home and Space Monkeys for the glitter https://www.tradebit.comer songs on the album can be related to as things that have occured as a result of Bowie exposure.

Our version of this new found freedom is this album " A Dedication to David Bowie".

Certain artists in any medium have a gift that automatically registers higher with us. It''s like an unbias opinion pole that happens to us no matter what we normally think. David Bowie rates at the very top for being a creative genius and he is obviously still most humble.

We are all real people but David Bowie is a living legacy of our https://www.tradebit.comvid Bowie is also a wonderful example of Dharma by the way in which he lives and how he has evolved both as a human and a creative genius.

The higher connection of energy is in alot of music like Santana ,Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Beatles and the Stones,Dio, Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, Kim Mitchell or Tool or alot of people, but David Bowie has carved at individual spaces of creative music and sound or even" Sound and Vision,.
It''s the approach and final sound of David Bowie''s music that is like becoming enlightened so that each song , each note , each phrase becomes a new listening experience and one that we want to live over and over.
As an Artist, I must admit I sit on the edge of my seat alot when I listen to David Bowie''s music or experience his Art.

We created our album at a level of creative juice that allows for some comparison of thoughts and then some new directions as a result of positive interaction or absorbing the music of Bowie or as in Buddhism " A Dedication".

The Glitter years of David Bowie hooked in alot of fans for life. That''s probably when I got really https://www.tradebit.comie has always been different and leads you to listen to Iggy Pop ,John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and the long list of Artists who have arrived at what might appear to be a cosmic place to most people and yet a somewhat normal place for creative genius.

In 2004 , As " Open Eye Universe " David Hart & Amun Ra will appear for you and be a choice you can make. We choose to live and create on this path that we have arrived at because of our own creative desire. it would be most silly to try to relay that we have arrived here at this wonderful creative place without the influence and affect of everything around us. We Dedicate to David Bowie an amazing man who has arrived at being devloped into bodhichitta, with his compassionate heart and mind as he attains enlightenment for the benefit of others through his Art. Our album is the realization of this enlightened state and lead us to be inspired to express ourselves from that wonderful fountain provided by this great man. We took one small drink. The fountain remains ever flowing for all others to become a part of.
Please enjoy our reflections and our own enlightenment.

Look for " Open Eye Universe " formerly known as " David Hart & Amun Ra '' in the years to come as we continue on this endless stream..............................

Stay tuned for the Changes Major Tom.

We share alot of ideas at the Bowienet itself and I suggest you find a home at the Bowienet as it''s a great center to go from and come back to in your day .I am known as buddhaboy on the Bowienet. Everyone has really unique names for that freedom mode thing.
The Bowienet is very https://www.tradebit.com Bowienet hosts the virtual office where you can totally organize yourself and plan. You can go in quietly and browse and submit to the gallery or you can go mainstream and chat or interact or go to askdavidasks .To be honest it can take a little of your time where you just check the Gallery and e-mail or you can spend hours doing things on the Bowienet. The Bowienet is the future. There is a real sense of community on the Bowienet. Bowienet members get together a do good things and https://www.tradebit.com recently have started production on an album for HIV by Bowienetters. There is also an Art Show https://www.tradebit.com also have planned an album of great surprize for 2004.
One of the coolest things about submitting regularly to the Gallery on the Bowienet is the fact that you meet other artists and then can pool ideas or just interact about art itself. Music and all of the other areas of the Bowienet gallery are very https://www.tradebit.comck it out at https://www.tradebit.com .
There is a futuristic feeling to the Bowienet which changes from time to time" ch ch ch changes " just to reflect the vibrance of such a majestic performer.
So for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I can''t say that''s fully what this album is all about as I think that concept could involve hundreds of song ideas. This is one little journey of thanks. It''s certainly a twist from your average tribute album as there are no cover songs on this album.

The band idea or band type of David Hart & Amun Ra was formed about five years ago and the current project " A Dedication to David Bowie " was recorded and put together over a two to three year period.

So what''s in a name? David Hart and Amun ra? why! Well David Hart is easy enough a person a singer a composer or performer but why add Amun Ra. Amun Ra is the Egyptian Sun God who is all postive light in the day and then Amun Ra rides in his manjet or chariot for the 12 hours of night fighting off evil forces. Amun Ra translates to" The hidden light". So it''s like David Hart & the Hidden light. We figured the band name would inspire thought about the band. The Band is like the hidden light of the music for the performer so it all seemed natural to name it David Hart & Amun Ra. That''s the gig about our name.

The album features" Song for David Bowie " and" We all knew he was a dancer" which are composed specifically to honour David Bowie for his many years of contribution to music and Art.A man with a howling success David Bowie, "Song for David Bowie" was featured on the Bowienet Gallery in the summer of 2003.

David Hart''s story as an Independent artist was recently Published in Crescendo the Publication by the American Federation of Musicians local 149 TMA.

David Hart''s musical career began as a Radio Broadcaster and Rock show personality. David is currently also a member of actra and performs for movies, commercials, and voice over. Agent https://www.tradebit.com

The music of David Hart and Amun Ra is Published by Lord Vishnu Publishing of ASCAP in New York on Amunhart Records from Newmarket Ontario. David Hart is a SOCAN songwriter.

The direction of our music is that of New Thought and inspirational music. We use Rock as the foundation to get messages of freedom and love and sometimes disgust out to the https://www.tradebit.com compose many songs about living right or ending suffering and ignorance. We compose many themes about self realizations and Reality. We try to twist it up alot so that you may not know what is coming next. That is ,there is an element of mystery in our music but there is also a very strong element of available enlightenment from listening to our https://www.tradebit.comh song is a seperate little journey for us and that transmits itself to you as a little musical journey for you to take with you.

Cosmic I know but we are cosmic people. We are all children of the universe. I still have some hippie left in me from the 70''s!

We never worry about where the song goes or what genre it is labelled as because the song itself determines alot of what we do. We create alot of things very spontaneously and then build on https://www.tradebit.com currently have over 350 songs Recorded and Published. The library allowed us to choose a litle pocket of song types that fit well together to make this https://www.tradebit.com have many albums planned but This first major album" A Dedication to David Bowie" .The choice of songs fell right into that particualr concept by themselves almost. The more we gathered the material the more it made sense to call it what we did.

You really have to hear the album to experience it because it is an experience.

We have five members in the band. We did bring in some outside people on some of the recording and still do. We find that working with various artists brings new light to the recordings and positive https://www.tradebit.com band right now consists of David Hart (vocals and guitars, keyboards, drums) Courtney Byron(drums , vocals) Paul Paxton(guitar ,vocals) Steve Bellamy(guitar and bass guitar) Max Westler( keyboards ) Dan Rivet( bass guitar ) Ray Moretti(keyboards,drums , vocals)and some other people who come and go for various parts of the album.

All band photography and Head Shots by Kate Hart katehart@https://www.tradebit.com . Kate does amazing industry accepted head shots. See her work at https://www.tradebit.com

I was injured seriously a number of years ago and was told I may never walk again.A serious back injury plagued my life. I got into Tibetan mind healing and meditation and partially healed myself. I am healing more and more every day . It was during this process of healing that I composeed this album and also learned to walk again .

Certainly overcoming this darkness enlightened me and made me want to share the infinite possibilities available to us as humans. I have no intention of preaching or anything like that but you will find inspirational messages in the music.I feel a lot of positive energy so it makes sense to me as an artist to sing with enthusiasm that sometimes I don''t even understand. I have been allowed to become my own instrument of healing, an instrument of myself.

Along with my Band members we are as the tools used to create full musical compositions that all seem like enlightenments unique unto each other ,set in Rock(Rock music).The drums are an integral part of where our music comes from. We search sounds and creative drum ideas to make the foundation for our songs to be created around and in.
We never record anything that we cannot play live. Live music is best. We feel it''s important to state that as there are so many people making music by themselves in their basement with no intention of playing it live.
Our music is meant for live performance and has a real theatrical feeling to it.


In cut one: Johnny saves the World. Johnny becomes so well trained that he eats all of the bombs and weapons and then no on e can hurt anyone or any living thing because there are no weapons to do so.

cut two:And we all knew he was a dancer( David Bowie )
We composed a dancing type Rock song that is from the perspective of the fan or lover of David Bowie''s music and career where the person states that they knew David Bowie was amazing the first time they heard him. It''s a song of compliment to this wonderful master of music.

Cut three: Souls Born as one: This is a building feeling song that identifies that two souls can be born of one thought of meant for each other or any other connection that souls can have in common and then that feeling can happens to two people on other ends of the planet or the other end of the street.

Cut four: Flying home is about the mediation experience and how we fly home to our inner space while in the meditative state

Cut Five:: Walk with Buddha: when we take refuge in Buddha we decide to live right and do right and follow the eight fold path of right''s and the four noble truths. When we live in this proper fashion we are walking with Buddha. Even the words that Jesus Christ was expressing were founded on the way of Buddhism which was developed long before Christianity. This song is mean to create a meditativefeeling toward life and living right.

cut 6: Standing in line: we are all standing in line for something at sometime in our life. I got this idea that we are all standing in line waiting to go to heaven or to get to Nirvana. That''s what this one is about.

cut 7: Song for David Bowie: is a song for David bowie that plays on all of the songs and ideas that have happened over the career of David Bowie and then also the mention ofr David https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com It''s a really fun dance type song.

Cut 8: Soul you are: This is where we each identify with our own soul. Your sould is your infinite brother or sister and is your eternal friend. Soul you are is a realization song.

cut 9: The night sits motionless: The World viewed from outter space would see the night holding the earth in her arms. When you meditate you can envision such a thing or perhaps in a day dream.

cut 10: the laughter of life is a description in Rock music of some of the things that motivate laughter and the satisfied immortal state from https://www.tradebit.com to rock music!

Cut 11: Space Monkeys dancing on Mars: this song is right out in left field where it belongs and it is what it is. It''s about space Monkeys dancing on Mars. If you look a little deeper it''s a bit of a satire on people currently.

Cut 12: counting on 55: is about a fellow or person on their way home to their loved one or ones on train 55 and then all of the things he things about . It''s a playful rock song with some really coolo sound effects for the drum section. Check it out on train 55.

THE STORY OF DAVID HART; JUST ANOTHER INDEPENDENT MUSICIAN. cc''d from a recent article published in the American Federation of Musicians local 149 Crescendo Magazine.

I am an idependent musician/artist at this time and have been given the opportunity to share part of my journey.
A few years ago I was injured seriously and left unable to walk. I overcame this with the desire to make music and some good life style and meditation techniques from Tibetan meditation. My healing became the life process that is the source of my inspiration for composing and recording music. Mind healing is a wonderful experience even if you don''t think anything is out of balance in your https://www.tradebit.com of the best books is" The Buddhist handbook by John Snelling.
I began singing at age five. Everynight my mom and I would retire to the piano and I''d sing the oldies like" "500 miles" and "Green Green Grass of home". I started playing guitar in my teens but never really got serious til years later. I began as a radio/TV Broadcaster full time at age 14. It was at that time I also began producing and marketing oil paintings by myself. I worked on air in Radio for about 15 years. The Broadcasting experience taught me a lot about the buzz that goes on in the Music Industry.
It wasn''t until I started to heal that I composed a lot of songs and started the Publishing Company. I never would have done anything with out my wife Kate. Kate is an excellent photographer and does all of my headshots and shots of the band. Her wildlife shots are out of this World as she plans adventures into the wilderness where we always get close to wild animals. Recently it was a Timber wolf 8 feet away in the Chapleau Game preserve. She talks to the animals or something. She uses that little hum like Crocadile Dundee !Anyway having a partner who understands your passion is most helpful.

Our first album is dedicated to a fellow musician who we respect and appreciate and admire for his creative input into the world of music and art, David Bowie.

On David Bowie''s new Reality album ,which I highly recommend for you to purchase along with David Bowie''s entire album and video collection to listen to and view. David Bowie does a song called Pablo Picasso on Reality and demonstrates appreciation for a fellow artist with a song so now it really makes sense to us to use music to Dedicate and our album was recorded before Reality as strange as that may be.

I''ve been a Bowie fan since the 60''s and have always enjoyed David Bowie''s different approach to music and Art.

It was easy to pay compliment with our album to such a great musician and performer. We also support war Child https://www.tradebit.com as does David Bowie . We also intend to generate funds for War Child or children affected by War.

We thank everyone who decides to support our musical effort in advance as we appreciate your compassion toward the goals of our music. No doubt we wish we could create World Peace with our music , and if we can find a song that does that then we''ll make it happen.

If one note of one song changes the way you feel then wonderful things and more can happen to you as the result of listening to music .

David Hart & Amun Ra, because Good Karma is attach to our music. We send good karma to you. We hope you catch our buzz cuz it''s a good one!

David Hart & Amun Ra


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