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MP3 Dr. Julie Trudeau - Super Cosmic Sonic Rainbow Shower - The Sonic Rainbow Siren Solo Instrumental With Percussion / Easy Listening Relaxation Music

The supersonic rainbow shower and the super cosmic sonic rainbow shower are both musical variations of part 2 of the series - the sonic rainbow shower. The super cosmic sonic rainbow shower is created to represent our invisible, metaphysical vibrational

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NEW AGE: Healing, WORLD: World Beat

The SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower is created to represent our invisible, metaphysical vibrational bodies , which are the dynamic coordinates pre-determing our primary sensory physical life in the 3 dimensions on Earth. It is said we manifest our higher self or genius states when the subtle bodies are in relative dynamic harmony with one another. Use this vibrational sculpture to abstractly ponder & appreciate your various vibrational bodies, projecting into the time flow in orderto manifest greater genius states & be more of your higher self in waking consciousness, as well as getting better acquainted with them so we can receive their special messages of light & Universal Love as well as benefit from their special functions.

When we can bring our primary senses under our conscious control, we open up the playground of the exploration of the use of our special senses - we get to play with the REAL toys!

Our special senses are like the cup we drink the Light from the Unlimited Source of Light with, giving us our REAL nourishment, from which all else flows. Our special senses are the arms we receive blessings with. Our special senses are the eyes we can see more of the Glory of creation with. Our special senses are the ears we hear with inside of our hearts, that listen to the still voice within that gently guides us to create peace inside & outside of our selves. Our special senses are the link to the One Mind that allows us to perceive the ALL NESS without separation. Our special senses are our greatest gifts & most fabulous toys to play with and exercise & develop, which are earned through control of our primary senses.

We all have these naturally - some more developed than others - but we may not have the opportunity to exercise & develop them - or even be aware of them - or even be able to be aware of them.

e may not have the discipline to use them if we have the opportunity. We loose the ability as we allow our senses to control us & as we believe the reports from the primary senses to be the only reality

The goal of achieving such great control of your being unto the special senses will be specifically addressed in parts 9 & 10 of the 12 part SERIES - The Sonic Spectrum Attunements, and is a goal for those who REALLY want to be all that they can be!

I guarantee the goal of the development of the special senses will definitely conquer loneliness, suffering & especially boredom, as the special senses can only witness untold beauty, perfection & grandeur and participate in creative activities.

Ultimately the development of the special senses on a grand scale will lead to greater & greater peace & prosperity in the world. Let us take up the challenge!!!

The benefits will be all yours and those whom you bless with the flowing, harmonious peacefulness and joy you create.

Allow the SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower to stimulate and make your subtle vibrational bodies dance in an ever integrating style as to open the doorway to genius states and to manifest more often, the whole poise, wisdom & peacefulness of the creative or higher self to taste its blissfulness, and nourish our lives with its gracefulness.

The Supersonic Rainbow Shower and The Super COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower are both musical variations of PART 2 of the SERIES The Sonic Rainbow Shower.

The Sonic Rainbow Shower is the MOST precise vibrational sculpture, with 64 scientifically determined chords to cleanse the aspects of the spinning light grid or the template of the DNA/rna complex, which is our code of life. It is scientifically composed based on the 64 specific chords & not for a how it sounds for a certain commercial audience. It is composed based on the fact sound & color co-exist. The chords are translated from color sequences corresponding to the enhancement or transmutation of specific qualities.

To take measures to insure the integrity of our code of life not only decreases the likelihood of our cells code becoming weak as in the dis-ease of cancer - in which the body is making counterfeit cells from the weakened code of life - but would also increase the likelihood of a larger quantity and quality of life - our ultimate acquisition!

Pythagoras was said to stop a murder in the Greek court by playing a specific chord on a stringed instrument. I use Pythagorean precision & accuracy when I fashion the vibrational resonance sculptures, why there is such concentrated benefit potential with the simple act of listening.

The benefits can be derived without concentration even while sleeping, but of course using a relaxed waking concentration will have more waking conscious benefits.

Even the controversial cartoon SOUTHPARK had an episode where the gang changed the music that was to be played to some notes that made everybody have to change their underwear.

It is fairly well known how different music or vibrational frequencies can have different mental, emotional & physiological effects.

We all know & love & trust the power of the language of music or sound vibration to express & create various moods and everyone enjoys the healing & joy of music every day!

It is a language everyone automatically understands, that knows not the barriers of gender, age, language, race or creed.

The Sonic Rainbow Shower & its versions are therefore HARMONIC or scientific musical works of wellbeing, as they are specific vibrational resonance Sculptures, created in a particular form which will suit a particular function.

Never before can such mind body spirit benefit be derived from so little effort in terms of overall Wellbeing!

Real musical masterpieces of self help simplicity, enjoy any of the 3 versions of https://www.tradebit.comdeau''s growing collection of vibrational sculptures, not only for the clearly stated & specifically calculated benefits, but to link you with the vibrations of the Music of the Spheres which has an inconceivable amount of ever unfolding mind body spirit wellbeing benefits.

ABOUT The Sonic Rainbow Siren

The Sonic Rainbow Siren synchronizes our personal vibrations & environment, with the ever present [ phi harmonic ] fractal Music of the Spheres at the vibrational levels of our whole selves - at all the molecular, fluid & gaseous or ethereal states, keeping our whole, ever integrating vibrational selves & environment in tune & flowing with the continual phi harmonic vibrations & light geometries the magnanimous Music of the Spheres generates. These constant, inaudible phi harmonic, fractal musical vibrations are generated by the actual friction of the continual movement of the planets, determining our Earth''s and as a reflection - our own energetic, vibrational make up.

It is this natural phi harmonic pattern - that gets distorted within our own Spirit, mind & body as well as our environment by the grosser vibrations of some man made machinery and the grosser vibrations from some man made thought forms. It is this natural phi harmonic, fractal geometric flow we are wanting to preserve & promote, why there is a growing awareness of shielding ourselves and homes with various devices from the man made artificial energies that may interfere with our natural life force energies and metabolic processes. Being a phi harmonic, fractal musical instrument, The Sonic Rainbow Siren helps to promote and preserve this natural phi harmonic, fractal geometric pattern within ourselves and our immediate environment, simply contributing to our overall Spirit, mind & body wellbeing and the resulting blissful living every NOW!

Just listening to the truly sensational Sonic Rainbow Siren''s, delightfully tingling vibrational resonance frequencies, is an easy way for anyone to be in personal, active harmonious attunement with the fractal Music of the Spheres, or the pure vibrational energetic patterns of sound & light, in our immediate cosmos, which exists beyond Human primary sensory perception. The fractal Music of the Spheres can be conceived of as sub-audible, ever parading & all encompassing delicately exquisite, geometric ocean of creative, harmonious, sound & light energy grids, generated by the continual friction generated, by the dynamic sum total of planetary spin, ever gracefully floating around us, our planet & beyond.

Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & fractal pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational resonance attunement fractal musical instrument!

ABOUT Dr. Julie Trudeau @ https://www.tradebit.com

Dr. Trudeau is the exclusive professional personal trainer in The Natural Art of Bio-electromagnetic Field Enhancement Dr. Julie is the inventor of a gentle, internal medicine massage therapy, the Immune Blast Health Massage and the sensational non-piercing acupuncture modality, Chromo Magnetic Meridian Tuning, and the deluxe life force enhancement modality, Cosmic Chromo Magnetic Chakra & Meridian Tuning. Dr. Julie is planning on teaching her unique modalities to already licensed health professionals via digital seminar in the near future. Now residing in Queensland, Australia, Dr. Julie is a licensed health care provider specializing in modern internal medicine, bio-energetic enhancement & electro-medicine, as well as the CEO of The Studio of the Soul Light Song.
Dr. Julie is now offering Electro Physiological Reactivity
auto focus - biofeedback mind body spirit wellbeing
stress management techniques with peak performance sessions
for the student or athlete in the form of remote Quantum Subspace therapies with cybernetic biofeedback medical software,the trinary intelligence of the computer operated Energetic Medicine interface, the SCIO [meaning - Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations] - ingeniously
created by famous former NASA scientist and repeated Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. William Nelson.

A native of Kankakee, Illinois, in 1984, Dr. Julie Trudeau graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in America, at the age of 22, and has been a licensed natural health care provider in Australia since 1985. Dr. Julie is the mother of daughter, Belinda Grace, born in 1989.

Dr. Trudeau is the author & spoken word recording artist, in the spoken word narrative, health motivation music audio presentation {1.} The Golden Keys to the Money Tree - the electromagnetic tree of Life, the inner wealth of inner health & Special Secrets in Being an Oasis of Wellbeing describing her specialized services, philosophies & scientific basis as well as relating the concepts of cellular regeneration & advocating personal health responsibility, {2.} her contemporary love poetry music with the PDF e-book, The Hand of Faith - love poetry & inspirational prayer and {3.} the dynamic, family fun, 12 part self help home study, super learning audio series, The Sonic Spectrum Attunements.

More so, she has emerged as a musical solo instrumental recording artist, blissfully presenting the truly sensational Sonic Rainbow Siren phi harmonic, fractal musical instrument of vibrational resonance attunement in an exacting, Pythagorean fashion, creating precise harmonic vibrational sculptures for greater resonance with the revitalizing, fractal Music of the Spheres or accenting her self help, guided creative visualizations.

All of her incredible original audio masterpieces are avaliable @ https://www.tradebit.com in digital format.

The various MUST HAVE audios suit a variety of family or personal needs to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle routine and include:

*Family entertainment - DO IT YOURSELF alternative health care self help home study for health education & pain relief!

*Super learning audio wellness program for cellular regeneration, healthy lifestyle & longevity!

*The truly SENSATIONAL vibrational fractal sound therapy experience with the regal Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational resonance attunement - fractal musical instrument!

*How this music therapy can benefit your family or personal

stress management,

mental health,

accelerated learning,

memory enhancement,

personal growth,

self esteem,

self improvement,

personal development,

inner peace,

self realization,

self empowerment,

higher consciousness enlightenment,

self healing,

life extension,

spiritual evolution & inner joy!

These benefits are all yours and more, the more and more you allow these greater harmonious living fractal sound vibrations and techniques into you & your families wellbeing lifestyle routine by simply listening on a regular basis when ever you like.

*Love poetry & inspirational prayer audio & PDF e-book for easy listening family entertainment in celebration of the Sacred Love of Life - The Hand of Faith audio!

*Or simply spice up your relaxation, dining, bathing, housework, exercise or dance party with the amazing Sonic Rainbow Siren solo instrumental fractal music with percussion.

Great for background musical ambience while playing, or to relax the mind, and energize the imagination, enjoy these fractal music instrumental presentations with percussion, in part 2, of the 12 part SERIES, The Sonic Rainbow Shower, or The SUPER Sonic Rainbow Shower containing bonus tracks.

These special audio creations will INSPIRE you on a daily basis TO BE your personal MOST in blissful living, the more you listen to them - either sleeping or awake you can almost effortlessly and ever progressively improve your & your families & loved ones joyous dynamic mental, physical & Spiritual wellbeing routine & reality. Be bold & share these harmonious vibrations with even those you have had disharmonies with to create EVEN MORE harmony in yours & others daily living. Be a harmonious gift to yourself, those around you & the world so desperately hungry for it.

The Spirit, mind & body wellbeing benefits of this easy listening, family oriented, inspirational music & information are at both the microcosmic [ personal ] and macrocosmic [ environmental ] levels, to powerfully enhance wholistic health responsibility & wellbeing - or simply wholesome audio entertainment for the whole family, to promote healthy peaceful, positive thinking and healthy peaceful, positive living.

* The relaxing instrumental & dynamic narrative, healthy lifestyle musical adventures in the self help home study series, range from simple vibrational color & sound resonance attunements, to the complete specifics of physical body enhancement practices at the levels of all of the systems & organs, as well as the electromagnetic fluids surrounding each cell unto the molecular levels of the DNA/rNA.

The metaphysical enhancements of the meridians, nadis & chakras, the bio-electromagnetic field, the subtle vibrational etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal & integrated spiritual bodies, the Atma or Soul body, the Buddic body & the Monad, unto the Unified Field of Consciousness are also addressed in this family fun, wholistic health & wellbeing series.

The truly transformative, musical adventures of The Sonic Spectrum Attunements also includes the corresponding Earth & associated planetary vibrational energy planes of our immediate Solar system, as well as the higher metaphysical Buddic intuitional, Atmic spiritual and Monadic vibrational planes unto the Divine plane of Adi, escorted by angelic Beings and spiritual Masters of Love & Light, to The Great Central Sun Magnet to become re-magnetized with our Original Blueprint at all levels of our ever integrating Being. We store these splendid experiences within the storage space of our hearts, the seed atoms, to gracefully unfold the vibrations of wholistic health & wellbeing in our daily lives.

This wonderful, relaxing & informative, contemporary musical collection of health motivational, self help, self empowerment, wellness awareness, super learning, music therapy audios, have been lovingly designed for all stages of conscious awareness and is elegantly presented by the dynamic voice of modern internal medicine specialist, Dr. Julie Trudeau, for all age groups to enjoy in every day life, by simply listening to the variety of inspirational musical styles, poetry & practical health information in the, family fun, listening & learning, Spirit, mind & body wellbeing lifestyle enhancement audios.

The delightful theme of being Heaven on Earth, is woven into the easy to do, musical collection of integrated principles & practices for beginners or experts in personal growth and the cultivation of the conscious awareness of dynamic health & continuing wellbeing as a daily lifestyle.

Allow the sensational fractal sounds of these unique audios to tickle your eardrums & imaginations with the radiating ripples of the ringing, resonant, tingling sound waves of the amazing The Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational resonance attunement fractal musical instrument, accenting the various light-hearted, easy listening, family fun, healthy lifestyle, creative visualization, musical adventures.

The simplicity of listening to these dynamic audio presentations, on a daily basis, serves as a fun reminder, to musically energize our personal or family health routine, thusly insuring the reality of our most precious possession, our daily ease in body, mind & Spirit, the pre-requisite for being functional in society & living peaceful, prosperous, healthful & helpful lives.

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