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MP3 Kenny Butterill - No One You Know

Roots grounded, blues shaded, country flavored songwriter with emphasis on solid rhythmic grooves.

12 MP3 Songs
FOLK: Folk Blues, COUNTRY: Country Folk

No One You Know was Kenny''s 2000 debut CD and it yielded two singles over the course of a couple of years.

The first track, "How Far Can We Go?" became the first Americana format song in over two years to cross over and become a #1 Country Hit in Europe during 2002 where it stayed in the Top 10 for almost three months. The song also stayed in the Canadian Country Charts for approximately five months. "How Far Can We Go?" was also included on the first Americana New Music Sampler, a CD utilized by public and commercial radio stations in the USA as part of listener appreciation programs. The CD featured Americana legends like Emmy Lou Harris, Joe Ely, Jimmy Dale Gilmore amongst others and, for Butterill, being included on the same CD was a humbling experience.

And track #6, Balsam Lake, also did well reaching the top 30 in the European Media Services Country charts and it was on the first AFIM Americana CD "Get Your Kicks", that included icons like Doc Watson, Jerry Reed, and many others.

Butterill''s Music has also been featured on Voice of America. During August, Kenny''s song "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" from this "No One You Know" CD was highlighted as part of the Peggy Klaus'' Women And Bragging interview on Voice of America''s Global Radio Network which goes to over 150 countries.

All told, Butterill''s debut CD garnered global airplay on over 300 stations and programs in almost 20 countries. We thank you for listening!

North American and International Reviews

"This is authentic Alt-country Americana Folk music that grows on you - and keeps getting better the more one listens. Don''t be surprised when you hear Butterill''s tunes covered by other artists."
- Felton Pruitt, XM Satellite Radio

"A roots grounded, blues shaded, country flavored songwriter with emphasis on solid rhythmic grooves. Kenny''s keenly observing words paint gritty portraits of the dusty side of life. His stories deftly capture the essence of their subject matter."
- Songwriter''s Monthly

From Roots Music Article: "... Kenny Butterill insists on carving out a niche in country music on his own terms. His first recording, No One You Know, offers up a dozen songs that meet at the crossroads of alt country, acoustic blues and folk. The material ranges from no-nonsense love ballads to topical songs that tackle political issues from an individual perspective. Enough to say that his laid-back, no-frills approach speaks of an artist of few words who, as a result, compels us to listen all the more closely."
- Robert Reid Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Canada has always been a very generous state in giving us important talent that, in some cases (such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Cockburn, etc.) are at the head of the class that determines trends for songwriters. Now comes Canadian Kenny Butterill with his debut NO ONE YOU KNOW CD, a recording of fresh surprising character, no doubt the best of the products that have been represented by so much MOORE media (the organization of Martha Moore, former representative of the Amazing Rhythm Aces).
- Dino Della Casas, Country Store Magazine, Italy
Full review at https://www.tradebit.com

"How Far Can We Go? (track 1) reminds me of cruising down a tree-lined prairie road with my helmet visor open, the sun in my face, the bills paid and a burger & beer waiting around the next corner. The whole CD just makes me want to hang loose, and these days, we can all use a little of that."
- Scott James, Former Programme Director X91.3 Radio, Victoria, BC, Canada

".... is totally mellow makeout music, man .... this man is all about love; it''s his addiction. But rather than be a big dork about it like most hot country singers, or all bitter like a lot of folksingers, Butterill has enough maturity to be matter of fact about the good and the bad without making it seem like the ramblings of some spazzy drama queen. Who is Kenny Butterill? Someone in touch. Get mellow and check him out!"
- Fish Griwkowsky Edmonton Sun, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Butterill is a stealth-mode, spotlight avoiding, hidden gem who knows how to write very cool, alt-country, easy chair music. I guess as long as he can deliver comfortable, feel good tunes like these, we can forgive his desire to avoid the trappings of showbiz ..."
- Greg Simpson MindBenders Music, London, Ontario Canada

"Canadian Kenny Butterill''s major influences include Gordon Lightfoot and John Prine and these influences have worked extremely well on "No One You Know", his debut CD. Leaning toward acoustic folk/country, the twelve original songs are extremely well crafted with Butterill proving that there is no one better than the composer for extracting every ounce of emotion from each line."
- Pete Smith Country Music Round Up, UK

" ... Butterill''s touch of blues and laid back vocal personality that''s so radio friendly impact immediately and his straight forward rootsy technique teases the ear. His homespun material gives the feeling of been there before, however, a second listen will stamp his own musical signature firmly with the listener ..."
- Walt Grealis, Canadian Music Industry Icon, Former Editor, RPM Weekly, Canada

"Butterill''s insightful, sensitive songwriting speaks volumes with words used sparingly to good effect. His inviting, minimalist style puts you in a comfortable groove while his mellow, distinctive delivery is as smooth as fine Scotch. Butterill gives us the kind of Americana music that connects with listeners. You can''t go wrong with this one."
- GAVIN Americana Snap Shot Review

"...we haven''t heard much from the brilliant and unique singer JJ Cale lately, (but) I''m here to tell you that we have the next best thing in Kenny Butterill. It''s impossible for me not to compare him to Cale, and that''s a good thing. You got same deep gruff voice and the much of the same rootsy, percolating, shuffling songs. Butterill''s debut is a refreshing reminder of Cale''s legacy and the probably the beginning of another''s."
- Bill Frater, https://www.tradebit.com

"... Butterill''s music compares best to an acoustic version of Dire Straits, and his influences include John Prine, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot. No One You Know is a passionate record with both personal and political themes, and Butterill''s songs flow effortlessly from one to the next regardless of style or influence."
- David J. Klug, Blue Suede News

"No One You Know. The title''s modest ... but appropriate. I''d never heard of Kenny Butterill either, until I came on this album.
Imagine Dire Straits going acoustic and teaming up with John Prine for an authentic touch of alt-country Americana, then rounding out the party with Gordon Lightfoot adding sensitive folkie lyrics. That''s just hinting at the sound of Butterill, a singer-songwriter who lives in Northern California.

The misty mountains Butterill calls home offer both inspiration for his music and refuge for an outsider frustrated with years of hustling songs in Nashville and Los Angeles. Fortunately, those hubs of the music industry are no longer the sole key to finding an audience. Once Butterill put his music on the Web, his songs started moving up the college folk and country charts, eventually prompting him to record this CD.

Listening to Butterill''s lyrics, it''s no surprise to discover he''s Canadian ... even before you hit tracks like Back to Canada, a unity hymn, or Balsam Lake, a tribute to his Kawartha roots. Throughout, the lyrics are politically astute, honest and insightful, even when dabbling in familiar country themes of broken hearts and broken promises.

Backed by Daoud Shaw (lightly on percussion) and Peter Morrison (mandolin and guitars), Butterill keeps the sound sparse. The result? An album that''s bluesy and rhythmic, rootsy and mellow. And that''s easy to take."
--Philip Bast. The Record, Waterloo, Canada

"...this steller collection warrants widespread attention for the honesty and integrity of his artistry, which is a magnet for anyone who enjoys country rock music that marries style and substance .... the album spotlights Butterill''s gift for insightful words, memorable melodies and ear-grabbing performances."
- Alan Cackett, Country Music International (U.K.)

"...a little more bluesey than most of the stuff I get, but a very enjoyable listen with a smooth voice."
- David Goodman, Modern Twang

"...This CD gets better every time you play it. There is no particular song that jumps out, but in this case that''s a compliment, because all the songs are of outstanding quality. This is the ideal music you can enjoy while sitting relaxed in the garden on a summer evening. If there''s any honesty in the music business we''ll surely hear more from this man!"
- Marc Nolis, Editor, RootsTown Music, Deurne, Belgium

"succeeds as an honest package of easy-rolling tunes that soothe the soul ... his simple tunes about his love for life have an undeniable warmth."
- Ames Arnold, Style Weekly, Richmond Virginia, USA

"OK, Kenny Butterill''s first CD "No One You Know" has been out on the market for over a year, but for those who have been able to get a hold of it, they will surely enjoy it for several years to come. This is country music in its simplest and most beautiful art. No experiments with Techno or Pop, although if one really listens one can hear some rock and even some soft Spanish influences. Kenny Butterill is no longer an unknown quantity in Country Music and he shows us that great country artists come not only from the USA, but also from Canada. His songs are played from Alaska to Australia and praised in the highest tones. One cannot write much more about this CD. One must simply hear it."
- Christian Lamitschka, Western Store, Germany

"Remember the thrill you got when you first listened to JJ Cale''s or Mark Knopfler''s music? You were taken by the songs and transported to a different place. Stories in their songs were emphasized by their voices as clear as someone speaking the story yet melodic. Combine the effortless but engaging instrumentation and you were hooked. Get ready -- from Kenny Butterill''s first track to the last--that feeling is back!"
- Steve Ekblad, Music Reviewer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"... the power of Waylon with the style of Neil Diamond"
- Rhett Ashley, ICMA Newsletter

"Kenny Butterill is so unassuming that he called his record No One You Know. But soon many will know who the (US based) Canadian songwriter is. From the first track (on) I think about Tony Joe White but it''s more like "Swamp Country" - so let Kenny be the one who created it. With a touch of folk and blues, a deep pleasant voice, good lyrics and melody, Butterill catches the listener."
- Kenneth Lundstrom, Sodra Dalarnes Tidning, Hedemora, Sweden

"His Promo compares him to Don Williams. He reminds me more of Greg Brown in his phrasing. This is an electric album, but it is produced with the excellent lyrics way out front. Make him someone you know, this album deserves it."
- David Pyles, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange CD Reviews Editor, https://www.tradebit.com

"Kenny Butterill eases into a shuffle like no one this side of a Southerner on a steamy night. His ''No One You Know'' CD is the album that Mark Knopfler might have recorded before Dire Straits'' late seventies debut. Understand, this is not a criticism. Butterill''s style borrows liberally yet effortlessly from country, folk and pop, touched off by his wistful, almost off-hand vocals. Full of gentle pleasures, this is a surprisingly assured debut." (B+)
- Bob Klanac The Scene, London, Ontario Canada

"Butterill is a Canadian who makes his home on a secluded California mountain top and writes a variety of songs that defy formatting. A quiet rebel of grace, Butterill is filling a void that has been taken over by vapid, soft rock mindless drivel. Butterill tells stories, borrows from his own experience and creates interesting songs that beg the listener to think for him or herself. Especially good here is "Balsam Lake", "Breaking The Glass Ceiling", written from the point of view of a woman, and Butterill''s tribute to the late "Princess Diana." Heartfelt, honest and strong, Butterill is quietly making music in his own fashion."
- Jana Pendragon, American Country Magazine

"With comparisons to John Prine and Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Butterill produces very relaxed folksy country bluesy roots music in the singer-songwriter mold, reminiscent at times of a very subdued Mark Knopfler. There is an understated purity to Butterill''s music, an eloquent simplicity to its performance"
- Riff Gibson, Editor, Raging Smolder Publications

"Tell the BBC!: The liner notes on Americana songwriter Kenny Butterill''s new CD, No One You Know, reveal that Kenny recorded the final track, a five minute-plus tribute titled "Princess Diana" in 1997, before Diana''s untimely death."
- Stacy''s Music Row Report, Nashville, TN USA

"This man''s songwriting is absolutely amazing! No One You Know is a GREAT album!"
- Peter Holmstedt, Sony Music executive/Sweden

"...the sound of good folk music but also bluesy, with a subliminally driving rhythm and Butterill''s warm and smoky voice, this CD you must listen to."
- Lutz Adam, Record News, Country Circle German Music Magazine

"Here''s a nice laid-back effort from an artist we didn''t even know about. Butterill has plied his trade for a while and has already made a name for himself in Europe. Now this disc is being released here. He reminds us of J.J. Cale, with leanings towards the Mavericks. He has some great tunes and voice that is warm and expressive. You''ll like his songs too."
- Bill Lavery, Village Records

"With some brilliant songwriting and an earthy, inviting voice on his No One You Know CD, Kenny Butterill should be someone we all know alot better. This is the real deal."
- David Neilsen, KPIG Watsonville, CA and KUSP Radio, Santa Cruz CA

"Recalling the Nashville-influenced material laid down by Mark Knopfler in the early ''90s, Kenny Butterill''s lazy songs are the ideal accompaniment to a Saturday afternoon spent in a hammock or driving through the rural countryside. Leaning slightly more toward Country-Folk than Bluegrass, Butterill''s material manages to toe the line of both genres without falling into either one''s fishing hole."
- Charles Hodgkins, Assoc. Editor, https://www.tradebit.com

"As Content Editor of one the internet''s most popular music destinations, I listen to 1000s of CDs and must say that No One You Know is a great recording that grabs you right away. Butterill deserves big time air play."
- Bob Werne, Content Editor, Artist Direct/Ultimate Band List

"A terrific new Canadian born https://www.tradebit.comntry songwriter whose songs are simple, calming and melodic while conjuring up lots of easily identifiable imagery and feelings."
- Arie van Staveren, Founder, Compact Disc Europe

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