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MP3 manSaveman - Posse Comitatus

Huge Rock Sound on this album. Tight arrangements accented by heavier than fuck guitar riffs and monster drumming, Complete with Bush Bashing Lyrics. This ones a Winner.

9 MP3 Songs
METAL: Alternative Metal, METAL: Heavy Metal

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Posse Comitatus

Peasant''s Revolt:
How could you forget me? Must I need to remind you?

I can tell right now you''re scared. I should make a census, welcome to the real world, but you just won''t get it. You can take the darkness, something more familiar. It''s too late to feel regret, Like to make a toast, here''s to all the real ones. But you just won''t get it, you can take and break me make me so familiar.

I''ve got something you can''t replace. You couldn''t find a way to deal with the rejection. No more thoughts I get it, I can fill the void with just another question. And now what did you think you did, you''ll Never get off by testing my reactions. Here''s advice now take it, it doesn''t take a genius to know you''ll never make it.

Did you forget the story ends? Did you forget there were no friends? You lost me on a pile of crap, you seek watch out behind the trash. I''m now calling all of your bluffs, just tell em all that you''ve had enough. Did you see all the, battle wounds, try to escape and you''ll get them too. Don''t regret I''m paranoid, the son that you, just can''t avoid. Did you forget I dealt the cards? Did you forget another start? You remember me now don''t you?


Battle of Browning:
Hey what did you do with it? Is it carrying? Does it work to your benefit? Is there a mess of it? Are you case sensitive? Lost in a narrative? These things are imperative. No more quips for acquaintances. I swim, up, stream, cause everything breaks.

I''m pouring cold water on all you pussies. Can I borrow your rose garden? I''ve got a wild dog problem.

Hey what did you do with me, insult to injury? You''re gathering enemies. Someone sucked out to sea? Chemical tendencies. Admitting it openly. I see you your broken dreams, start with the screams. I float down stream, because I will do whatever it takes.


I''m reckless and depressed. Don''t mind the bruises. Severed arteries, doesn''t bother me. I''m not tolerant, don''t get defensive. The idea of getting hurt makes it all worthwhile. While I may be, rash, the devil makes me. Behind broken glass, I will all lay open. Try to understand, I don''t need to prove it. Wont make one more rip, without going through with it.

I''m reckless and depressed, don''t change the subject. How it ought to be, Is not a thought for me. Let''s all start happiness, I have an absence, is their something I need to add? Then I can always turn. Your infection, burnt in my reflection, and my best face turned to sickness and hate, tried to understand, I don''t need to prove it. Sadness makes the man give up and lose it.

I will lose another fruitful fight, I will give another iddy inch, I will need another group of reasons to put you back in your place. Swing swing batter batter. I don''t need to make another group of right. I don''t have just a bunch of sins, I wont need another group of reasons to put you back in your place. Swing batter batter swing.

I''m reckless and depressed can''t stand the new you, your idea of fitting in with ego citizens. I''ve just had enough of coke up faces, don''t need your boring bitter false stories. While I may be rash, the devil makes me. Behind broken glass, I will lay open. Try to understand, I don''t need to prove it. I won''t make one more threat without going through with it.


Emmit our Savior:
Two fingers stand for peace and five fingers make a fist. One finger goes out to the thought of a hundred Gods exist. Do you think there is enough room on Peter''s lonely list, for a Punk Rock Christian Straight Edge Anarchist. You''re either with the God, or your against us. If we can''t convert them, we will breed to grow our census.

Christians feel self righteous. Muslims feel self righteous, Jews all feel self righteous, you''ve got to choose to man up a level.

Christians shoving cash up the ass of crooked politicians, I''m voting for across the board religious prohibition. The freedom of religion should apply to your own goddamn self, not to convert the world and expand your overall wealth. You can''t turn the other cheek and be a nihilist, but you cant save all the souls as a televangelist.


Now I want to live on the outside, when you live on the inside, or maybe you are too good to pick sides. Will you teach him to fetch and rollover not bite the children and come over and never make inside.

Are you a big dog person or a little dog person?

Between big and little dogs which one do you love? Rottweiler, and the schnauzer wiener dog will fit your trousers a golden retriever will make you burly, great Dane and the cocker spaniel, love family, is easy to handle, the bulldog, the makezu, the pug.


Little Texas:
Call a doctor. I''ve got a problem, there''s no evidence from our inspections. Hold me Laura, take me after, if I get through this, next election. If you want to be free, you''ve got to vote for me.

We have enough reasons to hang you. The lies on top of lies don''t make true. We deserve better than a CEO with an oil vendetta, your father''s legacy has failed you. You''re an embarrassment. You''ve been a bad puppet.

Call a doctor, I need prescriptions, I think I''m losing, my religion. Help me daddy, with big decisions, so people can see our good lord''s vision. I''m such a lucky boy and you are such a lucky girl.

We have enough reasons to hang you. Is there a story you can stick to? It was the evidence that you claimed to have, waiving your hypocritic flag, no amount of common sense can tame you, you''re an embarrassment, you''ve been a bad puppet,

Call a doctor. I''m having trouble, making war from twin tower rubble. Hold me Jesus and please forgive me. I had to lie. What choice did they give me? I''m such a lucky boy.

There. I''ve said enough. I''m up in the polls. I''ve got this thing under control. I never wanted this job anyway, its really hard to do. I never meant for, things to get this way, its out of my control. No really I''ve said enough. I plead the 5th. Its hard to believe. No more questions. I never really meant for things to get this far, but I can''t turn back now. I never meant to get in this predicament, but we can''t go back on war.


You can''t have my body, but you can have my mind. Match wits for the one bleeding heart that needs mine. And I can''t take your words too hard. You remember when I said to laugh it off now? When I was joking? I''m not joking now.

You can make me bond but you can''t make me feel, just who has more dirty secrets for you to reveal.

I can see it coming, I can watch it fall. I can see it coming, skinny legs and all.

You can break your promise, but you can''t break my will. That''s reason for the next person here that I kill. I try to avoid the thoughts. Do you remember when you tried to laugh it off so that I was joking? I''m not joking now.


Hernando''s Little Red Paint Brush:
You can''t kick mud in my eye, if I leave you first. You can''t damage me. I live in pain. Anyway, so much for honesty.

I cannot hate you. I can forgive you. How can I hate you? I can''t forgive you.

You couldn''t learn to live life, with the situation. You can''t damage me. I live in pain. Anyway, so much for fantasy.

How can I eat you? I can''t forgive you. I cannot hate you, I can forgive you.

What can I say? I got it made, nothing to lose, nothing to gain.


South LA:
You got the riot baby. You really go it all. There''s just one fucking problem: you really dropped the ball. You''re feeling systematic. Mounting filled with fears. We''ve just fucking had it with your broken ears.

Got lost with a bully reputation. Got Lost. It doesn''t have to be like this.

You got the screaming eagle. You built the eagle''s club. Somewhere in ninety-two, you couldn''t write it off. You''re just a hug-o-matic. He really loves the touch. Just imagine it. You''ve been way too much.

Would you know the sun if never rained? Would you know peace, if all you ever felt was pain? Would you know a warm breeze if you never felt the cold days sun on your wet face.

I never knew how cruel life could be till I took a train, on my way through south LA.

Riot in Watts and Rodney king, and the lootin and killin. City leaders have still never done a thing. Would you know a time bomb, all you folks up in the hills if it blew up in your face?

Its shoe box livin. You are goddamn right when I say that''s its just existence. You say that you will, but the fact remains that you don''t, and you will probably never get it.


Pillars of the Community. Fighters of Freedom, and Goddamn Good Amerikans. Defending the Constitution and Fundamentals of Democracy every chance we get.
ManSaveman are 5 guys living the Great NW. Sick of the man and Sick of the system, we seek to critize and shame those in positions of power, to kick musical fucking ass, and rock the fuck out.

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