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MP3 Maria Daines - Treebone

Blues/rock & country with heart, soul and emotion

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BLUES: Blues Vocals, BLUES: Rockin'' Blues

Treebone by Maria Daines and Paul Killington
CD Review by Guy Michetti July 18, 2005

Treebone is the new CD by Maria Daines and Paul Killington from the United Kingdom.

This is one of the best CDs I have heard in a very long time and I cannot recommend it enough. Beautifully recorded and sung by an amazing vocalist! The songwrting is superb and the performances are on fire!

Maria Daines is a distinctive singer, who knows how to belt out a song and leave you dying to hear more. But since time immemorial people always ask for comparisons and so if you allow me to indulge myself... if you mix the vocal styles of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Melissa Etheridge, and throw in the soul of Aretha Franklin and the phrasing of Barbara (yes Barbara Streisand who''s vocal phrasing is almost as amazing and unique as Frank Sinatra''s) then you have an idea of the marvelous talent Maria Daines is.

Paul Killington musicianship should be envied, in the best sense of that word, when you hear his playing on this CD. Paul is the King of Tastefully played Guitar! His playing and the sounds he magically summons from his instruments will take your breath away. He also mixed and mastered the CD and it is a sonic gem. If you want to record, mix and master an independent CD look here to see how it is done.

The song "You Don''t Love Me" is worth the price of the CD even if it cost twice as much as it does now! This song, should be on the Radio, on a Film Soundtrack at the top of the charts on your car and home CD players!!

Some of my other favorite tracks are:

Bring Your Love Along
''Til I Feel Better
Pack-A-Punch- Mama
Wicked Eye Mule

If Maria Daines and Paul Killington were on a Major label, that label would be bringing in a small fortune from this CD, and would be looking forward to a King''s Ransom in the short term. However, Maria and Paul are independent musicians whose talent is rare and only need that magic "word of mouth" promotion that will spread the hot fire that they have ignited in the heart of the United Kingdom! The word has been given! Pass it on!

By Pinedog 7/11/2005

Treebone is Awesome
Hey there you two! Guess what the mailman brought me today...straight from Jolly Old England! I was impressed with the artwork and layout and i figured the Cd would be good. It wasn''t. It was fantastic. I don''t know how the hell you did this at home...i guess maybe it''s called talent, hard work, and determination. Well it certainly paid off in my book. This is a really great CD full of assorted blues styles that never gets boring. I could go on and on but i''ll just say to others that if you haven''t ordered a signed, limited edition copy yet better grab one. They won''t be around long if they even still are. Treebone is HOT! Great job you guys...Congrats!!!

Number 13 - Reviewed by Denny Tate
Date: May 20 2005
Maria you are simply amazing ! You never cease to amaze us with the energy and performances of your musical theatre. You always set the stage ablaze by your magnificent presence of emotion. We, the audience are left breathless every time. The angel of the opera, the bag lady,
the folk hero, the southern-gospel soul diva, the sassy-elegant madame, the cowgirl, the mystery-woman, the beatnik, the gypsy, etc., God gave you to us. You are definitely one talented, and gifted diva !
We Love You !

Maria Daines (You Don''t Love Me)
Reviewed by Mary Gottschalk on 29 May 2005

It''s a shame the audience for blues has almost disappeared or has changed drastically from the way I have always known it. It just seems that the new sounds these days are not what I would really be called Blues. I guess it depends on what you call blues.

It''s not every day that you would stumble across a song that grabs you instantly as soon as it starts to play but for some reason, Maria Daines Blues tune, "You Don''t Love Me", did just that.

This is a soft ballad, full of meaning and heart moving feelings from the very first seconds to the last fading sounds. You can''t help but enjoy every instant of it; the instruments, voice, the words. Speechless is the best word to use here to describe what I have to say. The song simply speaks for itself.

"You Don''t Love Me" is a perfect illustration of Maria''s love of genre and her ability to incorporate folk and blues into a seamless entity. I find this track brilliantly executed and exquisitely produced.

As for Maria''s voice,,,,,what can I say other than ,,,,,Unbelievable!! I can''t believe how much her voice grabbed me the instant I starting playing her track. It''s a rare kind of sound, a sound that once you''ve heard, you''re not going to easily forget. It''s also a sound that leaves you wanting more . . . and more . . .

Maria has a rich deep vocal tone that expands in range from low to high with great control. With her unique voice and well expressed dynamics, she is able to capture her audience with this heart wrenching song. If anyone has felt love in their lives, Maria displays the overall emotion when a heart is broken. She brings life to the song with displayed emotion and ranging vocals. Although Maria has a distinctive voice, she does remind me of Amanda Marshall, Michelle Wright and a young Janis Joplin. The guitarist and backing band were exceptional and combined with Maria''s voice a #1 hit and in my opinion a seller!

I guarantee you won''t be disappointed as I was very impressed with the overall production of this track.

Steve Gilmore Reviews Maria Daines and Paul Killington
Title: Black Mariah/Rolling
Regular readers will already know of my propensity to talk about the small band of musicians we all know as being part of a ''scene'', a concept that is about as difficult to nail down as jelly. Apparently I rattle on so much about this that someone emailed me the other day asking for a review because ''I seem to know everybody'' according to my reviews. An impossible task innit? After all there are over 270,000 artists just on Soundclick alone, never mind the other sites I frequent. I do, however, know an awful lot of musicians, both from my extended stay at Soundclick and the many friends I made long before I came to SC. There is no doubt that among the sites I inhabit there is an amorphous, hard to grasp ''scene'' - a collection of like minded people who basically know what they are doing here, and are busy getting on with it. The scene I am talking about stretches over three main sites right now - MP3 Unsigned, Songplanet and Soundclick, with little pools in various other sites.

What all this pompous pontificating means is that the collective mind that I know as a ''scene'' has been blown away in double quick time bu one Maria Daines, aided and abetted in grand style by Paul Killington. In what seems like a couple of seconds, Maria and Paul have come to attention of almost everyone I know and socialise with, and along the way become firm favourites of radio almost everywhere you look. Part of the impetus for this increased visibility has to be the cracking job they did on Carol Douglas''s Va-rog, Va-rog which I reviewed last month and was so favourably impressed by Maria''s vocal style that I decided right then and there to give them a closer look. The real surprise here is that Maria - despite the impression Va-rog may have given - is a good, old fashioned wailer of the blues. Not just ANY old wailer of the blues mind, a truly authentic voice that should rightly belong to a (slightly shop soiled obviously) angel and music that not only backs up that claim but can probably stand up well enough on its own.

See, here''s the problem. Do you wax lyrical about the guitar licks, the clean bass, the mix to die for?? Or do you just carry on orgasmically how Maria has the smokiest, sexiest style you''ve heard for many a year. Great if you love blues - which I do - but even great if you don''t because this duo of extremely viable talent will still deliver a musical poke in the eye to any detractors. Take Black Mariah for example, a rough, dirty bar room blues in the grand manner, where Maria delivers a blues vocal you would swear was from an old trouper who has spent 94,000 years touring every gin joint in every hick town in the USA''s old Deep South. It''s the authority this lady brings to the vocals that really make the tracks stand out but take a moment to savour just how good, tight and fluid this music is. As hard as it is to draw your attention away from this incredible vocalist, the music really deserves immense plaudits for it''s freshness, dexterity and feel.

I may have started with Black Mariah but this is one artist who you just CANNOT listen to once... So far I''ve listened (and downloaded) almost everything these people are up to, and it''s ALL up to this incredible (nay impossible) standard. Rollin, Ain''t Nobody, One Good Man and let me tell you early Tina Turner is the best touchstone here, and I mean that as the highest compliment. Take a listen to the enormously captivating Brandy Queen for a great example of this.

Rollin'' also has that feel too it, more so since it''s one of the only fully rock (ie bass drums et al) produced track on there, and when I listen to it I can see that younger Tina Turner and yes, I still get all hot and sweaty in that prescence. For a extra treat, get a listen to Number 13, the first number from their upcoming Treebone project and see just how good M&P can be. Or, failing that, the absolutely incredible emotional roller coaster that is You Don''t Love Me. There''s just too many good ones to be able to choose.
A sure contender for my 2005 awards methinks....

From Maria Daines News Page
Here''s what Paul has to say about Maria:

As long time guitarist, co-writer and soul-mate with Maria, I guess I''m the one who knows her best artistically and personally. I was always impressed by the gut-wrenching intensity of her singing style, and her emotive intuition has spilled over into her writing, the scale of which inevitably forced us to come off the road as a band and throw ourselves into recording.

Once the sessions began, her endless stream of consciousness and ideas was quite staggering and her grasp of melody and lyrics astounding. In fact, as far as I''m concerned, as a lyricist she''s second to none.

For me as a guitarist, she''s a dream to work with and the power and emotion of her voice is the icing on the cake. We were thinking of putting out a double CD, but the fact is we''ve already written enough material for twenty albums!

I sincerely hope the soul of these songs moves you as it did us. Incidentally, Maria is spoilt, bossy and selfish (she was once caught eating chocolates behind the cupboard door after telling everyone they''d all gone, and the boys in the band used to call her ''The General''. We made sure we looked busy when we heard her footsteps coming up the stairs of the rehearsal room) But I love her just the same.

- Paul

--Dorraine Bennett''s Music Muscle Website

Brandy Queen....
Reviewed by: KMP 5/4/2005

The lyrics to this song stand out so much.. beautifully written. Vocals remind me of Tina Turner which is just great. Very pro sound you guys have. It''s a wonderful song. Radio ready material. Acoustics are top notch. Hard to find any faults. Congrats.

Reviewed by: Bow of knightmoods 5/5/2005

Paul and https://www.tradebit.com is such a pleasure to listen to your https://www.tradebit.com talent and diversity you guys show is truly wonderful. I believe your art will truly stand the test of time...

Greg Buck - Perth, Australia
Fantastic in your face blues rock, this talented artist is the find of the century. What a performer and that voice, raunchy, sexy, in the face and up front, what a truly fantastic talent. This lady will top the heap very soon so move over Bonnie Raitt. So come on those promoters of music and get your act together as this lady has it.
I must also give special mention to the backings and production behind this music it is top class A NUMBER 1
Listen and enjoy. Wow wow wow, rock my soul!!!!!!!

Written by Swannie (presenter)

Some independent artists compare themselves to popular artists and when you hear them, you wish they hadn''t, NOT SO with MARIA DAINES ... Maria delivers her songs with a voice, music and lyrics that could easily be on the same stage with the people she lists as "influences" (JANIS JOPLIN, BONNIE RAITT) and not only would she hold her own, she might even outshine them from time to time! I would LOVE to see her LIVE!!! That would be a soul shaking blues rocking experience! Some of the finest blues and blues rock I have heard in a very long time comes from the talented voice, heart and soul of Maria Daines, accompanied by Paul Killington producer and guitarist. Look for the new CD coming out soon TREEBONE and join us this SATURDAY MAY 7 for an exclusive live interview with Maria on GODDESS RADIO INTERNET @ CYGNUS RADIO. You will not be disappointed you will be coming back for more because Maria touches hearts and souls and brings rocking blues back the way it was meant to be!

Brandy Queen - reviewed by: David Pendragon 5/4/2005

BAG LADY, I love you

There is almost a performance theatre piece here. The imagery is very, very strong, I felt at the end of the song that I had met the character and spent time in conversation, even a faint whiff of brandy hung on the air. Very cool expression all round, I love that light and shade in the delivery, guitar and vocal both. I would like to have more conversation with this character, is she going to appear in other songs I wonder? Very fine work people, high recommendation from me.

Black Mariah - reviewed by: exhippiedude 31.08.05

Yes indeed...this smokes! Very incredible sounding female blues singer. Flawless intonation and soulful execution...If Big Brother and the Holding Co had found this lady before Janis, well the rest of Rock and Blues history would have to be re-written.
Brilliant guitar work, drums and bass as well.
Two thumbs way UP!

Translation of review on https://www.tradebit.com
Written by Fran├žois Braeken August 2005

Paul sounds modest, the "I Want" of Maria aren''t that easy to all be realized, the duo Daines/Killington, independent artists from Cambridge, England, are in my humble opinion on their way to soon present a bit more than fuss. Their album "Treebone" ("an eclectic mix of all that we are and some things that we''re not. Whatever it is we''re proud of it." M & P) could be a breakthrough to sign a contract with a major label. With the opener "Ain''t Nobody" it sounds as if ''our'' Dani Klein & Vaya Con Dios resound through the speakers. But soon Maria Daines proves with the bluesy "One Good Man" and the (soul)jewel "Bring Your Love Along" why, at her home base, her voice''s considered as a combination of the voices of Janis Joplin, Elkie Brooks, Maggie Bell, Melissa Etheridge and Aretha Franklin. "Don''t you know I''m crazy" or the relation between women and brandy is explained in the beautiful acoustic "Brandy Queen". As to me...the ''sea of fire'' and the tempo are being pulled up with the little blues rockers "Til I Feel Better" "Too Bad Henry" and "Tear Down The Walls". Paul Kilington''s rockin'' guitars and Maria''s voice are the fundamental tools! A bit less speed with some country sounds on "Pack-A-Punch-Mama" roots/rock on "You Ain''t The Pickety-Po" (with a very ''fat'' laugh) and the fortune hit "You Don''t Love Me". It''s been yeeeeeeeears since I''ve heard a song with so much hit potential as this ballad. Totally suitable to scream out your pangs of love, in the car or in your room, it makes you take out your handkerchief as movie soundtracks do and Radio 1 (a very popular radio in Belgium) should be playing the tune over and over and again... "You Don''t Love Me" on it''s own would justify the act of buying this wonderful album, but also the other songs on it, all made by the duo Daines/Killington... let there be no doubts, it''s a first class album! A voice that gives you the goose-pimples, an awesome guitarist (Les Paul) who even plays all instruments + has the role as co-producer... it''s a recommendation... "This is a woman who sings with her heart in her mouth" You can always view an extensive interview on https://www.tradebit.com

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