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MP3 Royal Jones - You Broke The Circle

This CD has one of the most credible street vibes I''ve heard in a long time. This man leads a colorful life. He opens the CD with "Sylvia of Boston," a morning-after voice mail message from someone who''s been rode hard and put up wet. Then the music kicks

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URBAN/R&B: Contemporary urban, URBAN/R&B: Soul

Between The Lines Newspaper
From issue number 1336

Hear Me Out
By D''Anne Witkowski
Originally printed 9/8/2005

You Broke the Circle Royal Jones

Yes, the strangely soulful falsetto of Royal Jones really does come from a middle-aged, blue-eyed, white guy. Think Nina Simone mixed with Mick Hucknall. In fact, much of the well-produced "You Broke the Circle" sounds like "A New Flame"-era Simply Red, especially on "Epiphany." Royal Jones is an acquired taste but he''s a man doing his own thing, modern tastes and musical fads be damned.

Date: Sunday, September 04, 2005 @ 21:00 EST

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Artist: Royal Jones

CD: You Broke The Circle

Home: New York City

Style: Soul/Pop/Dance

Quote: "Cheer up, Mr. Jones, you''ve made a great CD."

By Jennifer Layton

...This CD has one of the most credible street vibes I''ve heard in a long time. This man leads a colorful life. He opens the CD with "Sylvia of Boston," a morning-after voice mail message from someone who''s been rode hard and put up wet. Then the music kicks in. Brace yourself. We''re going underground and experiencing what made Sylvia sound that way.

You Broke The Circle is a trip through dance clubs and time itself -- on "Echo," we fade into old-fashioned dance hall cha-cha-cha. On "Confused," Jones gets so incredibly Motown, I could swear I''m listening to Gladys Knight and the Pips. And I really mean Gladys Knight. Jones sings like a Motown queen. I could have sworn this was a female singer if it weren''t for the occasional dip into bass territory.

My favorite track is "Ride Out of Control," a tribute to 70s funk, complete with a horn section and lazy, drawling rapping. The hook is the refrain, "If I ever come down, I''ll behave, I''ll be good." I can easily imagine Chef from South Park taking on this one. Somebody get me Matt and Trey.

The bottom line is that you will move to this. Yes, it''s sample-happy and completely synthesized, but it''s bursting with soul. Make it your soundtrack for a Saturday night and see if you don''t sound like Sylvia from Boston the next morning.

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CD Review: Royal Jones - You Broke The Circle
Posted by Wally Bangs on July 28, 2005 02:41 PM
Filed under: Music, Music: R&B -

Make Things Nice
Royal Jones
Music from Mbibe music
Release date: 08/2004

What would you do if you were blessed with a four octave vocal range? Royal Jones uses his to make some of the most off kilter, unique, and fractured funk and soul songs around. He cites Martha Reeves as a big influence and his vocals show an obsession with soul divas, but the New York City vibe of his music is light years away from the Motown Sound. It''s electronic funk music for dancing in the clubs, but possessed of a chilled out ghostliness at times that makes you wonder who let the trip-hop in the door.

Skip the intro cut and head straight for the title cut and you''re quickly swept up in a weird world that''s like a kissing cousin to the stuff that Antony & The Johnsons are doing. "Echo" has a sort of creepy bossa nova ambience perfect for this post-modern film noir world. I dig the guitar riff on "Ride Out Of Control" which sounds like it could have been sampled from a Sly And The Family Stone album even if the spoken lyrics are pretty silly. I hope silliness is the point of the song, "Pain Stain" with its paranoid diva shtick reminiscent of dancier Frank Zappa grooves. Royal Jones manages to sound like Asha Puti on "Love Like A Freak", but I will admit that by the time this 9th song on the 11 song CD played I was beginning to get a little tired of his four octaves.

A little Royal Jones goes a long way. You Broke The Circle on MBIBE Records is well worth getting if you''re into strange dance music, but I''d say Royal Jones would really shine and stand out if he started putting out 12 inch records. You can pick up some of his music either through his website or by visiting Amazon or CD Baby.

Posted by Wally Bangs on July 28, 2005 02:41 PM
(the following review by ARTHUR CURRY of Babyman Entertainment)

Royal Jones - You Broke the Circle

Royal is a throwback to the days of Sylvester. Eclectic sound, great production, it has a lounge sound at times, with no apologies. The dance tracks pop off the speakers. He saves money on therapy bills by purging himself in his lyrics. This is a fun album with some great arrangements. Royal will stick to you like grits

Intro: I loved the intro it''s a nice touch to hear a personal touch toward the achievement of this project.

You Broke the Circle: Great production, nicely paced dance track, righteous keyboard licks, Jones'' vocals are a throwback to the 80''s when Sylvester ruled the dance floor.

Echo: Lounge lizard sound, relaxing beat, pleasing guitar and percussion on this jazzy track, white linen feel, Royal shows his versatility.

Ride Out of Control: Funky back beat, with a peppering of horns, laid on a Royal poem, again another song that can keep your attention through the thunder storm of life. Jones takes a chance with this one, but you can''t help but like the punch of the horns.

Confused: Change of pace track where Royal has to show his vocal ability. He does a great job of staying ahead of the guitar lick chasing him to the finish.

Pain Stain: The most fun I have ever heard in a lover''s quarrel, creative lyrics, and bass line lead to a nice crescendo. Wonder if they stay together.

Beware: Production has the sound that was used for early break beats in hip-hop. Reminds me of Level 42, not a bad comparison. Royal worked hard vocally on this track running between booths for lead and background vocals.

Make Things Nice: Nice production, funky stylizing from Royal on this track shows that he wants to be taken seriously. You hear the richness of his voice throughout.

Love Like a Freak: Hot dance track to push the envelope again. The strobe lights can''t keep up with this one. Love the vocal arrangement.

Epiphany: Whoa, Royal it suddenly dawned on me... I think you have a winner. If I play the vocal track backwards is that Sam Cooke singing? I really DIG this track.

Reality: Eclectic sound, played loud you can really get the true measure of this track, there''s a lot going on. I like the hard sound of guitar in battle with the drum tracks.

Bonus Track: You have to buy it to get it.

Una bella voce e un grande sogno: emulare le grandi ugole black della stagione d''oro del soul. E dopo una vita passata a inseguirlo, il sogno di Royal Jones si avvera.
Originario di una ''città di vacche'' del New Hampshire, fin da giovane Jones stravede per la black music anni ''60-''70. La sua colonna sonora è composta dal Detroit sound delle Vandellas, dalle grandi voci di Martha Reeves (che incontra estasiato in un backstage a New York), Cissy Houston, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye: i soldi che guadagna rendendo le bottiglie vuote, li riutilizza comprando 45 giri di quel genere, cullandosi con il ribollente R&B, con il primo funk, con il soul strappamutande delle divas.
Fortuna vuole che anche Royal sia dotato di una voce strabiliante, in grado di raggiungere 4 ottave di estensione: passa così gli anni della giovinezza ad affinarla e a cantare in piccoli cori della sua zona. Nel 1977 si sposta a Boston e studia musica e canto con insegnanti prestigiosi, come Geraldine Martin del Boston''s New England Conservatory of Music; poi passa al Bradford College, ma dura poco, perché le lezioni prevedevano anche un corso di danza, che lui rifiuta, per dedicarsi esclusivamente al soul.
Royal ha un amico capocameriere al famosissimo Studio 54 e i racconti della vita del club lo spingono a tentare la strada della Grande Mela; pare che si presentasse agli artisti con la seguente formula: "Hey sono un cantante, Non vi serve un bianco che canta come una soul sister?". Negli anni ''80 prova a farsi strada autoproducendosi dei demo e lavorando per le major anche come guardarobiere. Gli anni passano e arrivano le prime esibizioni nei locali newyorkesi; con il mago della produzione Steve Sandberg registra 14 brani che fa circolare per la città, ma per anni nessuno si accorge di lui, nonostante la collaborazione con il rinomato producer Codee. Royal sembra perdere fiducia, ma con il passare del tempo il suo stile da originale funk-crooner comincia a piacere e la calda accoglienza del pubblico fa girare il suo nome per i gay club della City dove si conquista una nicchia di fan e i paragoni con Sylvester. La fiducia e l''ottimismo tornano in Jones.
Il brano più apprezzato di Jones è "Make Things Nice", che viene inserito nell''Ep omonimo del 2003. Il suo groove à la Sylvester incontra il gusto del momento, stuzzicato da un ritorno delle sonorità Seventies ed Eighties. Royal viene contattato dalla CD Baby e prepara un disco full lenght, cominciando a girare in tour seriamente per la East Coast. Un anno dopo esce l''atteso album di debutto, dal titolo "You Broke The Circle", prodotto dalla CD Baby. L''Uomo Bianco che volle farsi ''Soul Diva'' ce l''ha fatta e canta quelle storie di amore, miseria, disperazione, solitudine tipiche del black mood anni ''70.


Royal Jones is a singer/songwriter blessed with a four octave vocal range! The musicians on this jam provide just the right funk for flaunting his gift! The treatment the producers give Jones'' original tracks compliment his unusual sounding vocals, which are wonderfully engineered. The jams are slammin'' A lifetime love of SOUL ''d i v a s'' have greatly influenced Royal Jones'' inimitable style! ''Outrageous'' comparisons range from Streisand to Aretha , Elvis to Bowie, Prince to an amish Sylvester even a ''disco'' Neil Young .. Unique and kind of clever with catchy lyrics and a sensitive edge Royal Jones'' delivery sets him apart from the vast majority of blue eyed soul stylists..... Obsessing on the great female soul singers of the 60s such as "MARTHA REEVES" and Cissy Houston ... I''d say the listener is in for a treat...Odd ball that he is! The rhythmic ''PAIN STAIN'' with a ''Jerry Springer-esque'' story line is both amusing and danceable ,A real winner in my estimation. An artist whose style and sincerity and down right ''funkability '' leaves the listener wanting more! A lovely debut! ......... Don''t deny yourself a good time !
You Broke The Circle ROYAL JONES.
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English translation below>

Text: Fermín Gámez

(AmbosMedios) Julio 30, 2005. -- Royal Jones is a personage more than interesting, since he was pequeñito recorded his poetry and music, and it was asked as it could get to be a great diva of soul being a white man, the answer that arrives forceful... "I I am the art, not the business", it walked by clubs cool and different scenes until the destiny placed in New York singing soul in the 79, knew Steve Sandberg, with which work in the project "Ruffle in a bag of pain", later would know Codde, important producer that has worked, among others, with Mary J. Blige (Marcus Miller, Nancy Wilson...), and fué he the person in charge which the came to the light "You broke circle", the work and the voice of Royal Jones, under the auspice of Mbibe music.

Royal Jones moves like fish in the water in the land soul, and its voice of high baritone makes of this album an authentic peculiarity within the world.

With an introduction in charge of the voice of one such Sylvia (of Boston), a telephone conversation that will lay way to the disc, begins with "You broke the circle", perhaps the most moved of this work, and slides with a drum bass machacón, and voices which they seem sung by the choir of I exercise red, to leave Royal Jones later, that its privileged voice attacks without tapujos against "soul diva" more emaciated.

Subjects as "Confussed" leaves I put to flavor Curtis Mayfield, that so characteristic sound, that funky meloso that only could leave the head of that genius, here seems homenajeado, to emphasize the incredible production of Elbows, much class.
Whereas in "Pain stain" grows with the musical conception more TTD, although Royal Jones much more obtains an evocative and relantizado atmosphere.

"Beware" smells of classic by the four flanks, from the rates of the battery, the black choirs and the preciosistas guitars, leave samplers parked and offer all the reality of a great band soul.

Another remarkable subject is "Reality (play loud)", the artist embarks in a alucinogeno trip soul simply to demonstrate its vocal capacities, africanismo and the dark to us in a threatening atmosphere.

Royal Jones has created with "You broke the circle" an original, rich album in shades soul and with much hook, without a doubt it is a great diva, already has obtained it.

"You broke the circle"

Mbibe Music

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"You broke the circle"

Mbibe Music

Texto: Fermín Gámez

Royal Jones es un personaje más que interesante, desde que era pequeñito grababa su poesía y música, y se preguntaba como podría llegar a ser una gran diva del soul siendo un hombre blanco, la respuesta llega así de contundente..."¡yo soy el arte, no el negocio!", paseó por clubs cool y diferentes escenarios hasta que el destino lo colocó en Nueva York cantando soul en el 79, conoció a Steve Sandberg, con el que trabajo en el proyecto "Ruffle in a bag of pain", más tarde conocería a Codde, importante productor que ha trabajado, entre otros, con Mary J. Blige (Marcus Miller, Nancy Wilson,...), y fué él el responsable de que saliera a la luz "You broke the circle", el trabajo y la voz de Royal Jones, bajo el auspicio de Mbibe music.

Royal Jones se mueve como pez en el agua en el terreno soul, y su voz de alto barítono hace de este álbum una auténtica rareza dentro del mundillo.

Con una introducción a cargo de la voz de una tal Sylvia (of Boston), una conversación telefónica que abrirá camino al disco, comienza con "You broke the circle", quizá la más movida de este trabajo, se desliza con un drum and bass machacón, y unas voces que parecen cantadas por el coro del ejercito rojo, para dejar después a Royal Jones, que su privilegiada voz arremeta sin tapujos contra el "soul diva" más descarnado.

Temas como "Confussed" dejan el poso a sabor Curtis Mayfield, ese sonido tan característico, ese funky meloso que sólo podía salir de la cabeza de aquel genio, aquí parece homenajeado, a destacar la increible producción de Codee, mucha clase.
Mientras que en "Pain stain" crece con la concepción musical más TTD, si bien Royal Jones consigue un ambiente mucho más evocador y relantizado.

"Beware" huele a clásico por los cuatro costados, desde los ritmos de la batería, los coros negros y las guitarras preciosistas, dejan los samplers aparcados y ofrecen toda la realidad de una gran banda soul.

Otro tema destacable es "Reality (play loud)", el artista se embarca en un viaje soul alucinogeno simplemente para demostrarnos sus capacidades vocales, africanismo y oscuridad en un ambiente amenazador.

Royal Jones ha creado con "You broke the circle" un álbum original, rico en matices soul y con mucho gancho, sin duda es una gran diva, ya lo ha conseguido.

the following review courtesy of West Coast Indie...
Royal Jones - You Broke The Circle

I''m going to start this off by saying I am probably not the best person to review Royal Jone''s CD. I was slightly sheltered from the style of music that he is so inspired by while I myself was growing up. I hear things I like on this CD, I can see the appeal for others that "know" this kind of music. I Love the funk aspect, the loungy-ness and can see the huge appeal in the more upbeat tracks. I''m just at a loss to really say anything that can really be taken seriously from a person that doesn''t have the background in this genre.

What genre am I talking about? Well Royal Jones is a self proclaimed "soul diva". His songs are full of danceable grooves and smooth vocals, they''re funky, loungy, and upbeat dance tracks that are probably doing well within the New York club scene.

The CD is well produced and slickly delivered. If you''re a fan of danceable, soulful, funky music then you SHOULD check him out.

Added: July 3rd 2005
Reviewer: waynerd from West Coast Indie

the following is a
(the single release)written by Royal Jones and Codee

Style:alternative pop .dance influences to this track
Melody: Good music in verses,
Structure: well written structure, good sectional contrast.
LYRIC: First line makes me want to hear more. Engaging. Cohesive .Good use of imagery .Rhymes well Vocal does help to sell the song. Good vocal.

Personal. .confident production.. sounds like every part ended up where you wanted it https://www.tradebit.comid studio craft.
Vocal attitude ,personality is the glue that holds this https://www.tradebit.comrus melody,vocal EFX are a contrast to the https://www.tradebit.comody and Lyric work well with one https://www.tradebit.commit to Indies,Majors that work with artists that you think relates most to your sound,https://www.tradebit.comd overall https://www.tradebit.com local press?any airplay can help with labels, as you no doubt https://www.tradebit.com local https://www.tradebit.com late night DJ or a club here and there to try and road test your https://www.tradebit.com Chance.
Listener ID27
A night at the club dancing to Royal Jones
Added : ( Wed Feb 18 2004 )

The new release on the independent MBIBE record label ''Broke the circle''has finally been mastered. the long awaited ''Echo'' and ''You broke the Circle'' are finally going to make it to https://www.tradebit.com ....I can guarantee you''ve never heard a male vocalist anything like the innovative irrepressible Royal Jones...he''s no baby to this biz. But he''s as fresh as the morning doodle. truly an imaginative songwriter/ lyricist sporting his 4 octave range.I''d say this guy can do just about anything with his https://www.tradebit.comase support this terrific https://www.tradebit.com will smile and move your rusty dusty for sure!..........nancy https://www.tradebit.comem observer Submitted by: pinky shears

Rally on the dance floor and proclaim that this New Millennium will meld the genders and blend the races.

Royal Jones'' new CD, YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE, confirms that white men do become soulful divas. Our Royal Jones wrote his original songs with the vibes of human truths: Love. Misery. Bliss. Despair. Loneliness. Celebration. Ecstasy!

Produced and arranged by the masterful CODEE, YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE is an American coronation breaking the endless circle this presidential wasteland has been parading before the Planet.

Bold. Free. Backroom decadence. YOU BROKE THE CIRCLEdeems to be this year''s intoxication. Imbibe!

Confused? Echoes in your brainwaves? Out of control? Beware! Break your circle. Have an epiphany and love like a freak. It is time for

reality (play loud). See? YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE
(JW GARAND 2004)

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