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©rossmoore 2009 
photos: 700

1st birthday hat.tif
2 year old 2.tif
2 year old.tif
21 and terrific birthday ribbon.tif
alligator pinata.tif
Aquarius pyramid.tif
Aries pyramid.tif
Baby wearing purple peaked hat.tif
bag of candy.tif
balloon and toy 1106478.tif
balloon s and toy 1106745.tif
balloon s and toy 1106755.tif
balloon s 1106709.tif
balloon s 1106715.tif
balloon s 1106716.tif
balloon s 1106722.tif
balloon s 1106723.tif
balloon s 1106724.tif
balloon s 1106725.tif
balloon s 1106726.tif
balloon s 1106727.tif
balloon s 1106728.tif
balloon s 1106747.tif
balloon s 1106757.tif
balloon s 1106798.tif
balloon s with toy 1106832.tif
balloon s with toy 1106833.tif
balloon s with toy 1106834.tif
balloon s with toy 1106836.tif
balloon 1106479.tif
balloon 1106480.tif
balloon 1106481.tif
balloon 1106482.tif
balloon 1106483.tif
balloon 1106484.tif
balloon 1106485.tif
balloon 1106688.tif
balloon 1106689.tif
balloon 1106701.tif
balloon 1106705.tif
balloon 1106706.tif
balloon 1106707.tif
balloon 1106708.tif
balloon 1106710.tif
balloon 1106711.tif
balloon 1106717.tif
balloon 1106718.tif
balloon 1106719.tif
balloon 1106720.tif
balloon 1106721.tif
balloon 1106730.tif
balloon 1106731.tif
balloon 1106735.tif
balloon 1106736.tif
balloon 1106737.tif
balloon 1106738.tif
balloon 1106739.tif
balloon 1106740.tif
balloon 1106741.tif
balloon 1106742.tif
balloon 1106743.tif
balloon 1106744.tif
balloon 1106761.tif
balloon 1106762.tif
balloon 1106763.tif
balloon 1106766.tif
balloon 1106767.tif
balloon 1106768.tif
balloon 1106769.tif
balloon 1106770.tif
balloon 1106771.tif
balloon 1106773.tif
balloon 1106775.tif
balloon 1106776.tif
balloon 1106777.tif
balloon 1106778.tif
balloon 1106780.tif
balloon 1106784.tif
balloon 1106790.tif
balloon 1106792.tif
balloon 1106793.tif
balloon 1106794.tif
balloon 1106796.tif
balloon 1106797.tif
balloon 1106799.tif
balloon 1106801.tif
balloon 1106803.tif
balloon 1106804.tif
balloon 1106805.tif
balloon 1106806.tif
balloon 1106808.tif
balloon 1106809.tif
balloon 1106810.tif
balloon 1106811.tif
balloon 1106820.tif
balloon 1106821.tif
balloon 1106822.tif
balloon 1106825.tif
balloon 1106826.tif
balloon 1106828.tif
balloon 1106829.tif
balloon 1106838.tif
balloon 1106840.tif
balloon 1106842.tif
balloon 1106843.tif
balloon 1106845.tif
balloon 1111176.tif
balloon 1111178.tif
balloon 1111180.tif
balloon 1111181.tif
balloon 1111184.tif
balloon 1111187.tif
balloon 1111188.tif
balloon 1111189.tif
balloon 1111194.tif
balloon 1111195.tif
balloon 1111196.tif
balloon 1111197.tif
balloon 1111198.tif
balloon 1111199.tif
balloon 1111200.tif
balloon 1111202.tif
balloon 1111203.tif
balloon 1111205.tif
balloon 1111206.tif
balloon 1111207.tif
balloon 1111208.tif
balloon 1111209.tif
balloon 1111210.tif
balloon 1111211.tif
balloon 1111212.tif
balloon 1111215.tif
balloon 1111217.tif
balloon 1111218.tif
balloon 1111219.tif
balloons 011.tif
balloons 11.tif
balloons 2.tif
balloons 3.tif
balloons 4.tif
balloons 5.tif
balloons 6.tif
balloons 7.tif
balloons 8.tif
balloons 1106671.tif
balloons 1106690.tif
balloons 1106691.tif
balloons 1106693.tif
balloons with toy 1106831.tif
birthday balloon 10.tif
birthday balloon 11 2.tif
birthday balloon 11.tif
birthday balloon 12.tif
birthday balloon 13.tif
birthday balloon 14.tif
birthday balloon 15.tif
birthday balloon 16.tif
birthday balloon 17.tif
birthday balloon 18.tif
birthday balloon 2.tif
birthday balloon 3.tif
birthday balloon 30.tif
birthday balloon 4.tif
birthday balloon 40.tif
birthday balloon 41.tif
birthday balloon 5.tif
birthday balloon 50.tif
birthday balloon 51.tif
birthday balloon 52.tif
birthday balloon 6.tif
birthday balloon 60.tif
birthday balloon 61.tif
birthday balloon 7.tif
birthday balloon 8.tif
birthday balloon 9.tif
birthday balloon s 1106712.tif
birthday balloon s 1106749.tif
birthday balloon 1106704.tif
birthday balloon 1106748.tif
birthday balloon 1106751.tif
birthday balloon 1106752.tif
birthday balloon 1106753.tif
birthday balloon 1106754.tif
birthday boy.tif
birthday cake 103.tif
birthday cake 104.tif
birthday cake 114.tif
birthday cake 116.tif
birthday cake 117.tif
birthday cake 119.tif
birthday cake 2.tif
birthday cake 30.tif
birthday cake 77.tif
birthday cake 78.tif
birthday cake 81.tif
birthday cake 82.tif
birthday cake 87.tif
birthday cake 88.tif
birthday cake 90.tif
birthday cake 91.tif
birthday cake 96.tif
birthday cake 97.tif
birthday cake 98.tif
birthday candle 0.tif
birthday candle 2.tif
birthday candle 2000.tif
birthday candle 2001.tif
birthday candle 3.tif
birthday candle 4.tif
birthday candle 5.tif
birthday candle 6.tif
birthday candle 7.tif
birthday candle 8.tif
birthday candle 9.tif
Birthday candle L 1265862.tif
Birthday candle L 1265863.tif
Birthday candle L 1265864.tif
Birthday candle L4.tif
Birthday candles L 1265859.tif
Birthday candles L 1265860.tif
Birthday candles L 1265861.tif
birthday girl 1106623.tif
birthday girl 1106624.tif
birthday girl 1106625.tif
birthday girl 1106626.tif
birthday girl 1106627.tif
birthday girl 1106628.tif
birthday party hat 4.tif
birthday party hat 5.tif
birthday present 5.tif
birthday present 6.tif
birthday survivor.tif
blowing out candle 2.tif
blowing out candle.tif
Blue 16th birthday balloon 1106841.tif
Blue 55th birthday balloon 1106795.tif
Blue balloon 1106800.tif
Blue birthday balloons 1106835.tif
Blue birthday balloons 1106837.tif
Blue happy birthday balloon 1106844.tif
bow ribbon and basket 2 1.tif
boy with balloon s 1106569.tif
boy with balloon s 1106570.tif
boy with face painted 3.tif
boy with face painted.tif
boy with party hat 2.tif
boy with party hat 3.tif
boy with party hat.tif
boy with present 2.tif
boy with present 3.tif
boy with present scratching head.tif
boy with present.tif
cake 11.tif
cancer pyramid.tif
casual woman 1104455.tif
casual woman 1104456.tif
cat and birthday donut 2.tif
cat and birthday donut 3.tif
cat and birthday donut 4.tif
cat and birthday donut 5.tif
cat and birthday donut 7.tif
cat and birthday donut 9.tif
cat and birthday donut.tif
cat and present 19.tif
cat and present 20.tif
cat and present 21.tif
cat and present 23.tif
cat and present 26.tif
cat and present 27.tif
cat and present 9.tif
cat and present.tif
cats and present 2.tif
cats and present 4.tif
cats and present.tif
children holding balloon s 1106579.tif
children with balloons 1106567.tif
chocolate gift box 3.tif
Christmas bag 3.tif
clown and balloon bouquet 2.tif
clown and balloon bouquet.tif
clown party toy 2.tif
clown party toy 3.tif
clown pinata 2.tif
clown pinata.tif
clown 1072820.tif
cocktail and presents 16.tif
Colorful birthday balloons 1106669.tif
Colorful birthday balloons 1106750.tif
Colorful birthday balloons 1106756.tif
Colorful pastel balloons 1106692.tif
couple exchanging present.tif
curling ribbon.tif
dinosaur pinata.tif
dog and birthday donut 10.tif
dog and birthday donut 12.tif
dog and birthday donut 14.tif
dog and birthday donut 15.tif
dog and birthday donut 16.tif
dog and birthday donut 17.tif
dog and birthday donut 19.tif
dog and birthday donut 20.tif
dog and birthday donut 21.tif
dog and birthday donut 9.tif
dog eating birthday donut.tif
dogs and birthday donut 2.tif
dogs and birthday donut 3.tif
dogs and birthday donut 4.tif
dogs and birthday donut 5.tif
dogs and birthday donut 6.tif
dogs and birthday donut 7.tif
dogs and birthday donut 8.tif
dogs and birthday donut 9.tif
dogs and birthday donut.tif
father giving present 1144000.tif
flower gift 1099793.tif
flower gift 1099795.tif
flower gift 1099796.tif
football player holding sign 1064076.tif
Gemini pyramid.tif
geometric triangle 6.tif
geometric triangle 7.tif
gift 13.tif
gift bag 34.tif
gift bag 35.tif
gift bag 36.tif
gift balloon 4.tif
gift balloon 5.tif
gift balloon 6.tif
gift birthday 1087435.tif
gift box 3.tif
gift box 4.tif
gift box 5.tif
gift box 7.tif
gift box 1126754.tif
gift 1099799.tif
girl and a cake 1085052.tif
girl and a cake 1085053.tif
girl and a cake 1085054.tif
girl and a cake 1085055.tif
girl and a cake 1085056.tif
girl and a cake 1085057.tif
girl and a cake 1085058.tif
girl and a cake 1085059.tif
girl and a cake 1085062.tif
girl and a cake 1085064.tif
girl and a cake 1085066.tif
girl and a cake 1085067.tif
girl and a cake 1085068.tif
girl and mother opening a present 1152907.tif
girl celebrating New Year s Eve 1145649.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106591.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106592.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106593.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106594.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106595.tif
girl holding balloon and gift 1106596.tif
girl holding balloon 1106587.tif
girl holding balloon 1106590.tif
girl holding balloons and gift 1106597.tif
girl holding balloons and gift 1106598.tif
girl holding balloons and gift 1106599.tif
girl holding balloons and gift 1106600.tif
girl holding balloons 1106563.tif
girl holding balloons 1106564.tif
girl holding balloons 1106565.tif
girl holding balloons 1106566.tif
girl holding balloons 1106601.tif
girl holding balloons 1106602.tif
girl holding balloons 1106603.tif
girl holding balloons 1106604.tif
girl holding balloons 1106605.tif
girl holding balloons 1106606.tif
girl holding balloons 1106607.tif
girl holding balloons 1106608.tif
girl holding balloons 1106610.tif
girl holding balloons 1106611.tif
girl holding balloons 1106612.tif
girl holding balloons 1106613.tif
girl holding balloons 1106614.tif
girl holding gift 1106537.tif
girl holding gift 1106538.tif
girl holding gift 1106539.tif
girl holding gift 1106615.tif
girl holding gift 1106616.tif
girl holding gift 1106617.tif
girl holding gift 1106618.tif
girl holding gift 1106619.tif
girl holding gift 1106620.tif
girl on clown s shoulder 1154666.tif
girl unwrapping gift 1106578.tif
girl with balloons 1106568.tif
girl with face painted 5.tif
girl with face painted.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061254.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061255.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061256.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061258.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061259.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061261.tif
girl with party hat and flag 1061263.tif
girl with party hat 1061253.tif
girl with party hat 1062630.tif
gold coins and candy.tif
Green balloon 1106703.tif
Green balloon 1106802.tif
happy birthday balloon 10.tif
happy birthday balloon 2.tif
happy birthday balloon 3.tif
happy birthday balloon 4.tif
happy birthday balloon 6.tif
happy birthday balloon 7.tif
happy birthday balloon 8.tif
happy birthday balloon 9.tif
happy birthday balloon.tif
happy birthday banner 10.tif
happy birthday banner 11.tif
happy birthday banner 2.tif
happy birthday banner 3.tif
happy birthday banner 4.tif
happy birthday banner 5.tif
happy birthday banner 6.tif
happy birthday banner 7.tif
happy birthday banner 8.tif
happy birthday banner 9.tif
happy birthday banner.tif
happy birthday cake 1.tif
happy birthday cake 10.tif
happy birthday cake 103.tif
happy birthday cake 104.tif
happy birthday cake 109.tif
happy birthday cake 11.tif
happy birthday cake 113.tif
happy birthday cake 114.tif
happy birthday cake 117.tif
happy birthday cake 12.tif
happy birthday cake 124.tif
happy birthday cake 13.tif
happy birthday cake 14.tif
happy birthday cake 15.tif
happy birthday cake 16.tif
happy birthday cake 17.tif
happy birthday cake 19.tif
happy birthday cake 20.tif
happy birthday cake 21.tif
happy birthday cake 22.tif
happy birthday cake 23.tif
happy birthday cake 24.tif
happy birthday cake 25.tif
happy birthday cake 26.tif
happy birthday cake 27.tif
happy birthday cake 28.tif
happy birthday cake 29.tif
happy birthday cake 3.tif
happy birthday cake 30.tif
happy birthday cake 31.tif
happy birthday cake 32.tif
happy birthday cake 33.tif
happy birthday cake 34.tif
happy birthday cake 35.tif
happy birthday cake 36.tif
happy birthday cake 37.tif
happy birthday cake 38.tif
happy birthday cake 39.tif
happy birthday cake 4.tif
happy birthday cake 40.tif
happy birthday cake 41.tif
happy birthday cake 44.tif
happy birthday cake 45.tif
happy birthday cake 46.tif
happy birthday cake 47.tif
happy birthday cake 48.tif
happy birthday cake 49.tif
happy birthday cake 5.tif
happy birthday cake 50.tif
happy birthday cake 51.tif
happy birthday cake 54.tif
happy birthday cake 55.tif
happy birthday cake 56.tif
happy birthday cake 57.tif
happy birthday cake 58.tif
happy birthday cake 59.tif
happy birthday cake 6.tif
happy birthday cake 60.tif
happy birthday cake 61.tif
happy birthday cake 62.tif
happy birthday cake 65.tif
happy birthday cake 7.tif
happy birthday cake 8.tif
happy birthday cake 9.tif
happy birthday cake 90.tif
happy birthday cake candle.tif
happy birthday cake two.tif
hot air balloon pinata 2.tif
hot air balloon pinata 3.tif
hot air balloon pinata.tif
I'm 3 ribbon 2.tif
I'm 4 ribbon.tif
I'm 5 ribbon 2.tif
I'm 6 ribbon.tif
kazoo 2.tif
kazoo 3.tif
kazoo 4.tif
kazoo 6.tif
kid and present 1061796.tif
kid and present 1061797.tif
kid and present 1061798.tif
kid and present 1061799.tif
kid and present 1061800.tif
Leo pyramid.tif
Libra pyramid.tif
liquor and party supplies 2.tif
Little boy holding cupcake 1434121.tif
Little boy holding cupcake 1434122.tif
Little boy holding cupcake 1434125.tif
Little boy with bunch of balloons 1434110.tif
Little boy with bunch of balloons 1434113.tif
Little boy with bunch of balloons 1434114.tif
Little girl holding balloons 1434005.tif
Little girl holding balloons 1434007.tif
Little girl holding balloons 1434008.tif
Little girl holding balloons 1434015.tif
Little girl holding birthday cupcake 1434022.tif
Little girl holding birthday cupcake 1434024.tif
Little girl holding birthday cupcake 1434025.tif
Little girl holding cupcake 1434018.tif
made it 2.tif
made it.tif
man eating cake 3.tif
man eating cake 4.tif
man eating cake.tif
Man in white tuxedo and sunglasses 1095675.tif
man with present 2.tif
man with present 3.tif
man with present 4.tif
man with present 5.tif
man with present 1062232.tif
man with present 1146448.tif
man with present 1146449.tif
man with present.tif
noise maker 17.tif
noise maker 18.tif
noise maker 3.tif
noise maker 33.tif
noise maker 4.tif
noisemaker 10.tif
noisemaker 15.tif
noisemaker 16.tif
noisemaker 20.tif
noisemaker 21.tif
noisemaker 22.tif
noisemaker 23.tif
noisemaker 24.tif
noisemaker 25.tif
noisemaker 26.tif
noisemaker 27.tif
noisemaker 28.tif
noisemaker 29.tif
noisemaker 3.tif
noisemaker 30.tif
noisemaker 31.tif
noisemaker 32.tif
noisemaker 34.tif
noisemaker 35.tif
noisemaker 36.tif
noisemaker 38.tif
noisemaker 4.tif
noisemaker 41.tif
noisemaker 42.tif
noisemaker 44.tif
noisemaker 46.tif
noisemaker 47.tif
noisemaker 5.tif
noisemaker 50.tif
noisemaker 51.tif
noisemaker 53.tif
noisemaker 54.tif
noisemaker 8.tif
noisemaker 9.tif
nurse and patient with balloon 1060590.tif
nurse and patient with balloon 1060591.tif
nurse and patient with balloon 1060592.tif
nurse and patient with balloon 1060594.tif
nurse and patient with balloon 1060596.tif
nurse eating a cherry 1061352.tif
nurse eating a cherry 1061357.tif
nurse injecting balloon 1061228.tif
nurse with balloon and needle 1061206.tif
nurse with balloon 1060584.tif
nurse with balloon 1060585.tif
nurse with balloon 1060586.tif
nurse with balloon 1060588.tif
nurse with balloon 1060610.tif
nurse with balloon 1060611.tif
nurse with balloon 1061205.tif
nurse with balloon 1061220.tif
nurse with balloon 1061221.tif
nurse with cake 1061208.tif
nurse with cake 1061215.tif
nurse with cake 1061226.tif
nurse with cake 1061227.tif
nurse with cake 1061353.tif
nurse with cake 1061355.tif
office party 1146443.tif
office surprise 1146465.tif
office surprise 1146474.tif
office surprise 1146475.tif
office surprise 1146476.tif
office surprise 1146477.tif
Orange 55th birthday balloon 1106791.tif
Orange 90th birthday balloon 1106764.tif
Orange Happy Birthday balloon 1296803.tif
party 17.tif
party and balloon 1062264.tif
party car 1154939.tif
party car 1154959.tif
party hat 10.tif
party hat 7.tif
penny whistle 2.tif
penny whistle 3.tif
penny whistle 4.tif
penny whistle 5.tif
penny whistle 6.tif
penny whistle 7.tif
penny whistle 8.tif
penny whistle.tif
penny whistles.tif
pinata 6.tif
pinata 7.tif
pinata 8.tif
Pink 2 birthday balloon 1296804.tif
Pink 30th birthday balloon 1106839.tif
Pink 75th birthday balloon 1106774.tif
Pisces pyramid.tif
present in hand 10.tif
present in hand 11.tif
present in hand 12.tif
present in hand 13.tif
present in hand 14.tif
present in hand 15.tif
present in hand 16.tif
present in hand 19.tif
present in hand 2.tif
present in hand 20.tif
present in hand 3.tif
present in hand 4.tif
present in hand 5.tif
present in hand 6.tif
present in hand 7.tif
present in hand 8.tif
present in hand 9.tif
puppy and present 3.tif
puppy and present 4.tif
puppy and present 5.tif
puppy and present 6.tif
puppy and present 7.tif
puppy and present 8.tif
Purple 60th birthday balloon 1106807.tif
Purple 85th birthday balloon 1106772.tif
Purple Happy Birthday balloon 1106713.tif
Red Dad balloon 1106678.tif
red gift.tif
Sagittarius pyramid.tif
Scorpio pyramid.tif
surprise banner 2.tif
surprise banner 3.tif
surprise banner.tif
sweet 16 ribbon.tif
Taurus pyramid.tif
teenager girl birthday 1145624.tif
teenager girl birthday 1145625.tif
teenager girl birthday 1145626.tif
teenager girl birthday 1145627.tif
the party here banner.tif
tulle gift.tif
turtle pinata.tif
Two children holding balloons 1434087.tif
Two children holding balloons 1434088.tif
very special son 2.tif
very special son 3.tif
very special son.tif
Virgo pyramid.tif
whistle 10.tif
whistle 11.tif
whistle 12.tif
whistle 13.tif
whistle 14.tif
whistle 15.tif
whistle 16.tif
whistle 6.tif
whistle 7.tif
whistle 8.tif
whistle 9.tif
whistles 2.tif
whistles 3.tif
whistles 4.tif
White and silver gift wrapped present 1089193.tif
wine and noise maker 2.tif
wine and noise maker 3.tif
wine and noise maker 4.tif
wine and noise maker.tif
woman at a party 13.tif
woman at a party 2.tif
woman at a party 4.tif
woman at a party 5.tif
woman at a party 7.tif
woman at a party.tif
woman holding gift box 1099762.tif
woman holding gift box 1099763.tif
woman holding gift smiling 1099766.tif
woman opening gift looking surprised 1099764.tif
woman opening gift looking surprised 1099765.tif
woman with balloons 1107118.tif
woman with gift 1061140.tif
woman with gift 1061156.tif
woman with gift 1061157.tif
woman with gift 1061158.tif
woman with present 1062234.tif
women at a party 12.tif
women at a party 2.tif
wrapping paper 7.tif
Yellow 95th birthday balloon 1106765.tif
Yellow Happy Birthday balloon 1106714.tif

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