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MP3 The V-Project - Lost
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On Lost Demos, David Vaccaro's V-Project brings forth a great collection of acoustic/rock tracks of previously unreleased songs from some top rock artists. With vocal tracks by Robin McAuley, James Christian, and more, Lost Demos is well worth a listen.

10 MP3 Songs
ROCK: 90's Rock, ROCK: Classic Rock

In a time when new artists seem to come and go in the same year as they are introduced, it is the songwriters who are the true foundation of the music we enjoy and the ones who survive for years to come. Unfortunately, they don't receive the same exposure or accolades as the artists who perform their songs. David Vaccaro is one of those "unsung" heroes.

In his new release entitled, Lost Demos, David's V-Project brings forth a collection of songs from some of your favorite artists that were not released on previous records and to most music fans, never even know about. Lost Demos features performances by Robin McAuley (MSG), James Christian (House Of Lords), Christopher Post (Dillinger) and Dennis Gresham (Highboy 69) with David's co-writing efforts.

This new CD contains 10 songs that portray David's acoustic based, melodic rock style that is more "organic" and revealing in nature. It also gives you an insight into his songwriting and musical influences from the past and present from artists such as Led Zeppelin, with their blues based hard rock and Celtic acoustic influences, or Aerosmith with their arena rock yet radio friendly sensibilities.

In Lost Demos David Vaccaro gives us a rare opportunity to hear and experience those "lost" songs to music fans that record companies often discard because they are not 3 minute long pop songs. Little did the record companies know, these are the songs we wanted in the first place.

So what's a "Lost Demo" anyway?

To find out more about The V-Project and how the Lost Demos CD came about, visit the DMV Music webpage (click on the "The V-Project" link at the left). You'll also get some background into the songs and singers themselves and how they ended up on the CD.


Inside Connection Magazine - New York

The V-Project - Lost Demos (DMV Music)

Combine the talents of four of the industry's veteran musicians with today's rare, "no synthesized" true rock recording, and you've got Lost Demos.

It is such a refreshing listen. V-Project, the brain-child of co-writer and guitarist David Vaccaro, is made up of Robin McAuley from MSG (who has two Gold and one double-Platinum records in his pocket), James Christian of House of Lords fame (with a Platinum release under his belt), Christopher Post of Dillinger and Dennis Gresham of Highboy 69. This CD brings us both seasoned musicians and high quality tunes.

From the start, I was hit by "Only Friend", written by McAuley/Vaccaro/Post. It's universally relatable lyrics of gratitude, contrasting harmonies, percussion and Latin-style guitar make this one a keeper. "The Good Times", with its beautifully inviting guitar opening, is also impossible to resist.

The lyrics on the CD bring us through a range of emotions that are sensitive, sweet, meaningful and always heartfelt. The range of guitars used-six string, 12-string, acoustic and bass-make Lost Demos any player's dream. Every listener will feel the depth and authenticity of this music.

Review by Carol Anne Szel for Inside Connection Magazine

Majestic - Holland

The V-Project - Lost Demos [DMV Music]

Listening to the "Lost Demos" I can't imagine never hearing anything that came from the hands of David Vaccaro before.

Together with some of Melodic Rock's big and not so big names he has managed to write and record some pretty decent tunes over the last ten years or so. The guys who co-wrote the songs are also responsible for the vocal parts on most of them.

And with people like Robin McAuley (ex-MSG) and James Christian (House Of Lords) you can't really go wrong, can you? Dennis Gresham and Chris Post (Dillinger) aren't as well known, but that doesn't make their performance less impressive, although no one tops McAuley on this album.

The majority of the mainly acoustic driven songs is of a quality that makes you scratch behind your ears and go: "Why has this never been released earlier?" With songs melodic to the core, Vaccaro takes you back to an era when Rock wasn't about making a quick buck, but about songs written and performed from the heart.

The often insightful lyrics are very recognizable: everyone has loved and lost, everyone has had times when he or she rather wanted to be with someone else, only to find out that the times you had with the person you left were much better ("The Good Times"). And how many people go back to the place where they grew up, to see there's nothing left of the glory they thought it had when they were young? ("Coupe Deville")

These lyrics, accompanied by the beautiful melodies, make that I've treasured this album from the day it fell in the mailbox. As the album title says, these songs are officially demos, but don't be surprised if these demos sound a lot better then a whole bunch of so called full blown productions that have hit the market the last few years. I don't know if David is looking for a label to release this CD, but if you ask me they should be standing in line to sign a contract.

Rating: MMMM 1/2

Review by Fred Monster for Majestic Magazine - Sheffield, England

The V-Project - Lost Demos (DMV Music)

This is a harmonious collection of un-used melodic songs that have all been co-written by the truly remarkable talented David Vaccaro (who everyone should know about - hopefully in time, everyone will).

There's material here that makes it a criminal offence to leave songs in the can on the shelf gathering dust somewhere in a long lost locked room that no-one can find the key or directions to if you found that key !!!
These numbers aren't your usual melodic rock that you've heard a thousand times already over the last 15 or so years - instead they are of an electric/acoustic relaxing quality that originally turned you on to the incredible material found on albums like Led Zeppelin 3 and 4 but brought more up to date without losing that bright, glowing, atmospheric style that new technology seems to kill these days. They date from 1993 - 2001 but you wouldn't realise it - unless you read the CD sleeve.

On 'The Lost Demos' you are greeted with the Robert Planty like voice of the ex-MSG frontman Robin McCauley who places so much warmth and energy into the strong magical ballad 'I'm feeling it now' (there's two versions as well awesome !!!) that even has elements of a cosmic early Queen sort of feel. If you wanna hear something of a less serious nature then you'll love 'When I'm drunk' about dodging the tax man and staying with the Queen !!! (i.e. Her Majesties Prison). It has that light-hearted Tyla texture to it and is incredibly likeable. The songs reminds you that Robin is Irish and Proud as the accent is at its peak throughout.

Not only that, 3 other rock throats are found here like Dennis Gresham (of 'Highway 69') on the bouncy 'Coupe Deville' which recollects memories of riding in that so-named car that his mate owned many moons ago. There's the voice of 'Dillinger', Christopher on the hands in the air 'Trippin' Away' or the ballsy 'Rattle Your Cage' featuring James Christian (from House of Lords).

This really is the best collection of Demos that have graced my old tabs !!! Thank god they've been released - I recommend you check this out too.

By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


Metronome Magazine - Boston, MA USA

"Doug's Top 5"

The V Project - "Lost Demos" (DMVmusic)
10-Song CD

This pristinely recorded and superbly produced album is the brainchild of musician David Vaccaro. In the late eighties Vaccaro formed the V-Project here in New England and enlisted the talents of drummer Derek Blevins who had just left the Jon Butcher Axis. After disbanding, Vaccaro left the area for the West Coast to pursue his dream of making music.

While there, he befriended lead singer Robin McAuley of the McAuley Schenker Group who contributes to the first six tracks of this disc with lead vocals and co-writing credits (along with Vaccaro). James Christian from the band, House of Lords also imparts his vocal talents to the cut "Rattle Your Cage" while the remaining tracks are handled by singers Dennis Gresham and Christopher Post.

The overall outcome of the album is astounding. The arrangements are lush and full and boast an arena rock sentiment. Vaccaro's role as guitarist, keyboardist, engineer and producer is impressive as he uses minimal technology to gain maximum results. He also captured the best his guests had to offer making Lost Demos one of the finest albums of the year from this region or any other.

Review by Douglas Sloan

2nd review at Hedenstroms Northern Light - Lulea, Sweden
V-Project, Lost Demos, DMV Music, USA, 2001

If I told you that lead vocalists Robin McAuley from MSG and House Of Lords James Christian were featured on this album would it grab your attention? That fact aside, unknown songwriter, guitarist and producer David Vaccaro has come up with a little treasure that is due to be discovered anytime soon. Propelled by his self-promoting DMV Music, "Lost Demos" is well produced arranged and executed by David Vaccaro. It is not the "demos" that are lost but more so the record labels for overlooking this artist. He could easily be a household name with all those who enjoy melodic pop rock if ever given the correct opportunity.

I have to confess that the name James Christian was the initial attraction to this album. But upon my first venture into the tracks I then realized that this is all about the talented unknown David Vaccaro who clearly has an ear for a catchy tune. In fact, with the exception of the James Christian chest-beating rocker "Rattle Your Cage", the songs are simplistic and bare but not naked. If I were to come up with a musical comparison I would say that the Firehouse "Good Acoustics"/ "Category 5" era would be a close parallel. They are largely strong foot tapping acoustic based ballads and mid tempo rockers.

While I love the rocker "Rattle Your Cage", it is Robin McAuley that steals the show and this is a good thing as he is featured on 6 of the 10 tracks. Of these tracks the highlight is clearly the amusing ditty "When Im Drunk" which opens with the clanking of glasses and people talking in a pseudo pub. There is some nice guitar work sounding like a mandolin. With its folk overtones, it could have been a perfect Lindisfarne song. One can only imagine being transported to an intimate English pub drinking a cool quenching Newcastle Brown Ale on tap. As the songs fades there is a man with hickups and people laughing giving the warm song an amusing conclusion.

A close second is the highly melodic and reflective "The Good Times". There is a delightfully soulful but reserved acoustic solo from Vaccaro with some nice basic percussion to boot. Equally as impressive is the brooding and somber "Im Feeling It Now" and the menacing "Only Friend" that opens the CD.

Frankly, all six songs involving McAuley are impressive and this is clearly his best performance since the difficult to find "Unplugged" import cd with the McAuley Schenker Group (MSG). It appears he does well in a framework where the music is not over-baring or complex but allows intimacy.

The bad news is that the non-McAuley/Christian tracks are average while the good news is there are only three such tracks. Even here, "All Over Again" succeeds partially due to the well-executed guitar playing from both Vaccaro and Christopher Post, the latter also providing the vocals. As this song rocks a little it is a solid introduction to the previously mentioned foot stomping "Rattle Your Cage."

While to many it would appear that David Vaccaro is a newcomer, this is quite the contrary as these compositions have been a work in progress since 1992. It is a shame that this man has been overlooked to date, as this album is a strong reflection of an artist that deserves to succeed. The record labels should pay very close attention to this man. From the listening pleasures of the disc, to the catchy artwork found on the cover, to the highly informative website, where you can also hear and purchase this cd, this artist is asking to be heard. Let Vaccaro bend your will be pleasantly surprised with what your ears hear.

Review by Michael "Radrocker" Debbage for Northern Light

Andrea Bertaminos AOR website review - Italy
THE V-PROJECT "Lost Demos" (Dmv Music)

Dave Vaccaro is a multi-instrumentalist that debuts with this very interesting CD including songs written from 1992 to 2001 and featuring on vocals Robin McAuley (MSG, Elements Of Friction), James Christian (House Of Lords), Christopher Post (Dillinger) and Dennis Gresham.

The first six songs are all sung good (and co-written) by Robin McAuley and they are almost mid tempos and semi-ballads. "Only Friend" offers catchy arrangements of percussions, "I'm Feeling It Now" and "The Good Times" are developed along moody harmonies with a nice work of acoustic and electric guitar. Compared to these, "Can't Wait Any Longer" and "Be There For You" show only a more dancing going with a stronger pop presence due to the writing of Dave that also writes a nice Irish ballad, "When I'm Drunk".

Then Gresham takes the mic for "Coupe Deville" that recalls certain semi electric ballads of Guns'N'Roses without their magnetic force, while Post sings the average "Trippin' away" and the cheerful "All Over Again", a really nice AOR semi ballad.

The only real rocker is the tenth song, "Rattle Your Cage" with James Christian on vocals, a fast and rough hard rock that mixes the contagious riffing of AC/DC and elements very close to House Of Lords, a song that I cannot stop listening to.

The drum machine sound has well known limits, but all in all "Lost Demos" is a very professional album, with a nice packaging and a bunch of songs that deserve our attention.

Review by FLASH Magazine music writer Andrea Bertamino

Review from Nicky Baldrian at Loud Metal - Finland

The V-project is a selection of unreleased demos featuring former MSG singer Robin McAuley, Dillinger singer Christopher Post, and House Of Lords singer James Christian who performs only on one track called Rattle Your Cage which is typical of Christians style. This song is fun rocker which wouldnt have sounded out of place on his solo album "Rude Awakening" or any Kiss album from the eighties or Paul Sabu album for that matter.

The other songs make this collection worth buying as they are all great catchy melodic rockers n ballads to sing along to. Imagine what a glossier production could do to these songs which is something any labels should consider doing.

The V-Project is basically the brainchild of David Vaccaro who wrote all the material alongside the aforementioned artists. Its the McAuley sung material that I really like, check out opener Only Friend, a charming melodic piece with lovely Latin and electric guitar parts. McAuleys vocals are really smooth and this song reminds me a little bit of Kip Wingers material, "Angel Of The Underground comes to mind.

Next up is the infectious grooves of Im Feeling It Now, whilst The Good Times open with some tribalish drumming and more Latinish guitar parts, this song has a summery feel good vibe that builds in to a great arrangement as the songs progresses.

Cant Wait Any Longer was less inspiring and sound like Tesla in their Signs acoustic mode. Be There For You at first sounds forgettable, but grows with each listen as it charms seduce you into its simple structure, very good song in the vein of Signal/Mark Free. When Im Drunk is a fun silly tune that you would find Bob Dylan or Dogs Damour performing, again its cheesy but grows with each listen and its good to hear McAuley trying his hand at an Irish accent.

Coupe Deville is too country based acoustic pop for my liking, whilst Trippin Away is another good infectious melodic piece with Christopher Post handling the vocals and All Over Again is another song I loved to bits which has a Tyketto feel circa "Strength In Numbers".

Overall despite sometimes-cheesy lyrics, this is a really good show of melodic rock, and would be even better if a label got behind David and got these songs recorded with a more glossy production. A must for any Robin McAuley and James Christian fan.

Nicky Baldrian

Lost Demos Review from Altar Native - Miami, FL USA

The V-Project--- Lost Demos (DMVmusic)

While many fans of 80s melodic rock may secretly admit to the fact that the last album they bought came from that era, others keep an eye toward new bands that dont necessarily dig into yesteryears vault. V-Projects Lost Demos could please both groups, given that guitar newcomer David Vaccaro teams up with vocalists including MSGs Robin McAuley and House of Lords James Christian. The end result is a set of tunes that dig deep into a vivid spectrum of harmonies and catchy hooks that make up the bulk of the songs of this album, whether its the roots rock of "Coupe Deville" or the flamenco-styled-meets early Journey-esque "The Good Times." Vaccaro shows strong guitar-playing skills through and through, not necessarily trying to burn or shred the guitar fretboard but merely going for a tone, style and a flavor that has good aftertaste. Its these qualities that make Lost Demos a good pick on a melodic menu. --- Omar Perez

September 2001 © Altar Native

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