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Niche Product Power Pack 2 - MASTER RESALE RIGHTS

You Already Know Massive Profits Are Being Made With Niche Products. . .

. . . Well Here's The Easiest, Fastest And Laziest Way To Grab A Big Share Yourself!

From: Simon Hodgkinson

Dear Marketing Colleague,

No one believed me when I said it was possible for anyone to build a profitable, niche products empire in less than an hour. . .

. . . However, when they see this web site they'll change their minds in an instant.

Allow me to reveal a thousand marketing secrets in one easy, bite sized, chunk - If you want to make serious money online then you need to expand your horizons beyond the Internet Marketing niche.

It's too small and too overcrowded.

Rather than fighting for air at the surface with the sharks and the big fish you need to find a bigger sea to cast your net. And the amazing thing is - when you apply what you've learnt in the cut throat world of Internet Marketing to the real world you can really clean up.

And Niche Products Are The Answer

Don't get me wrong - I'm not talking about weird, tiny, niches here - you're not going to be selling guidebooks on 'How to make life-size models from your own earwax' - I'm talking Big, Mass Market Appeal and universally in demand products.

Items that will sell in the thousands.

So what's been stopping you so far? Well I imagine you've suffered from the same problem as I did for too many years . . Where to start? . . . Which markets to aim at? . . . I don't know enough about these other markets . . . I hear those excuses every all the time.

You see we've been promoting, creating and selling Internet Marketing products for so long it's become second nature. And we've been missing the bigger picture. To make really massive profits you need to shed the blinkers that are stopping you from seeing this - and I'm going to help you.

I'm going to show you ten of the most profitable, general market, 'niche' products you can own.

Some people have said I'm crazy for offering this to you on a plate and that I should be selling these products individually and keeping all the profits for myself.

Others have suggested putting these products in a membership site and building up a big residual income whilst making people pay every month to own these products - but I want you to have them all right now.

So I haven't done any of these things.

I've put every single, high profit, easy set up and 'in demand' product into one Gigantic package. And right now I'm going to show you how you can own this collection for a less than a hundredth of it's true value.

Now you may be thinking that this is a pretty bold statement but let me assure you, as you read through this letter and see for yourself what's on offer here - you'll agree.

In fact by the time you get to the end of this page I know you'll have no choice but to order this package - It is simply like nothing else you have ever seen.

Let me introduce you to my Niche Products PowerPack2 . . .

A Complete Turnkey Business System In A Box

Three - Amazingly Profitable Income Opportunities.

Ten - 'In Demand' - Universally Appealing Products.

Seven - Totally Brand New And Exclusive Packages.

Sell Each Product Retail or Create Your Own Specials.

Sell The Resell Licences To Each Individual Product.

Or - Sell The Master Resell Licences To Each Product.

Every Product Has It's Own 'Upload and Go' Web Site

Now I know many of you will have seen and purchased my Niche Products PowerPack1 - When I launched that site it started a mini marketing revolution because it gave everyone the opportunity to make money, quickly and easily with Niche products.

People are still making thousands of dollars a month selling that collection and it's been a raging success. However, Niche Products PowerPack2 is bigger, it's better and it's a million light years ahead of it's predecessor.

Aside from the ten main packages and the massive collection of valuable bonuses that come with this package you will also receive. .

A Copy Of This Very Same Web Site To Resell This Entire Package Yourself.

Yes - You Read That Right!

When You Purchase Niche Products Powerpack2 You Immediately Become The Owner Of The Master Resell Rights To The Entire Package.

You get your own Reseller's Web Site so you can resell the entire collection. . . . . A $495.00 Value For No Extra Cost!

And Even Better - As a registered Reseller you'll also receive all future updates and additions to the package plus every tweaked and response tested new version of this web site. I want to ensure that your new business stays Red Hot and Profitable for life! - All of this is included at no extra cost.

By now I hope you've started to understand just how powerful this opportunity is - so I think it's time to show you the contents of this totally exclusive package . . .

Product #1

WorkPlace Warrior: This brand new and exclusive ebook in PDF format has superb sales potential. It contains vital information for anyone looking to find a new job, acheive a workplace promotion or to grab a big pay rise.

You'll get an 'Upload and Go' web site with appealing sales copy and graphics. A Future Best Seller that you can be making money with in less than an hour!

The Book Resells Retail for $17.95

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $87.00

Product #2

DIVORCE! . . . How To Rebuild Your Life: A double your money package here - you'll actually get two reports: the Man's Guide & the Woman's Guide and with them two opportunities to make sales with the included 'Upload and Go' web site.

Dealing with the emotional subject of divorce is never easy but these helpful and informative guidebooks will give your customers the opportunity to rebuild their lives after the trauma of Divorce.

Each Sells Retail For $7.95

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $47.00

Product #3

Your Perfect Lawn: A popular Gardening Niche package, crammed with 'in demand' and useful information about creating beautiful and envy inducing lawns.

This guide will appeal to almost every homeowner.

You'll get the book in PDF format, a hot, 'Upload and Go' ready made web site with button pushing copy and attractive graphics + this additional 'order me now' Incentive/Bonus product.

Your Top Twenty Gardening Tips: A generous collection of time and money saving tips that will any Gardener would love to own. (A nice bonus and great incentive for your customers to hit the order button.).

The Book with Bonus Resells Retail at $19.95

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $87.00

Product #4

5 Great Recipe Books: This unique culinary collection includes 5 recipe books with a twist to the conventional type recipe books you'll see online. The books are in universal .PDF format and each comes complete with it's own Ready Made Web Site.

Individual Books Resell Retail at $11.97 Each

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $59.00

Product #5

The Weight Loss Primer: Created By Richard Rigor, this fat burning report is essential reading for everyone starting a weight loss program.

There's also an integrated Total Body Exercise Workout Program with detailed animated examples that demonstrate the safe way how to undertake the exercises.

How to prepare your body for exercise

What you need to do regarding exercise

What you need to know regarding nutrition

Seven Sure Fire Strategies for Weight Loss

The book is in .exe format and the package includes a specially created web site with appealing copy. The diet and fitness niche market is huge so this should be a great seller.

The Report Resells Retail for $7.95

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $37.00

Product #6

The Miracle Reports: At last one of the best selling collections of info reports ever - brought bang up to date.

If you read the papers you'll have already seen the ads for the 'The Miracle of ." style reports. These Ads have been running for years - and for good reason . . .

This style of report sells like Hotcakes!

Now's your chance to harness some great profit from these 'old school', timeless classics. 'The Miracle of Vinegar' report is in PDF format and also incorporates an additional report titled 'The Benefits Of Baking Soda' and there's two extra bonus books 'Sixty Great Uses For Salt' and '25 of Grandpa's Top Tips'

The reports comes in PDF format and the package includes a great 'Upload and Go' web site with great copy.

The Reports Collection Resells Retail for $9.95

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $37.00

Product #7

Get Paid To Shop: I don't know anyone in their right mind who'd want to miss this report - It's Amazing!

Mystery shoppers are required all over the world, by companies large and small, who will PAY YOU to shop, eat in top restaurants, visit major theme parks, drive high-performance cars, enjoy all-expenses paid holidays and cruises, or simply shop for everyday items, and which you get to keep totally FREE of CHARGE!

This universally appealing and fully detailed guide let you in on the secret about how you can become a Mystery Shopper!

The report comes in PDF format and the package includes a ready to go web site.

This Package Resells Retail for $24.99

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $87.00

Product #8

404 Self Improvement Tips: This info packed book is divided into four powerful sections. There is no question in my mind that this eBook will help you become a much better man or woman than you are now -- regardless of your age, sex or social background. Excellent advice book with universal appeal.

101 Money Saving Tips - 101 Success Tips - 101 Health & Fitness Tips - 101 Love & Relationship Tips

Just One of These 404 Tips Will Help YOU To Save More Money, Make A Better Relationship, Have A Healthier Body and Create Huge Success In Life and Business! Really attractive, ready made, web site included.

This Book Resell Retail for $19.00

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $97.00

Product #9

How to Be an Air Courier: Did You Know that you can fly anywhere in the world you like, at huge discounts on normal fares, sometimes FREE of Charge, simply by working as a courier for one of hundreds of companies needing people to accompany their packages abroad?

Whatever your age, whatever your status and no matter where you live - Until now the existence of free air courier travel has been a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of lucky travellers.

Again another great book with true universal sales appeal, it comes complete with a ready made web site.

This Book Resell Retail for $14.99

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $47.00

Product #10

NICE, SHY AND GOOD GUYS: This book about love, relationships and romance is an honest approach for nice guys, shy guys and good guys to get women who will be interested in them for telling the truth and being themselves. A refreshing change to the current crop Dating Advice books on the market.

The package also includes the original source file to the book (That you can create new products from), and an appealing ready made web site PLUS . . .

. . . Two Additional Bonus Books: The 'Dating Resource Report' (A $14.97 Value) and 'The Untrained Man Report'( A $14.97 Value)

The Collection Resells Retail for $29.97

This Package Includes Full Master Resell Rights

Value $60.00

"I Already Know I Want To Order This Package And I can't Wait Any Longer! - I Don't Even Need To See The $700+ Worth Of Bonus I'll Receive . . ."

Now as you've come to expect, every good online deal comes with a bonus and Niche Products PowerPack2 is no different. . .

. . . However you will not be receiving some tired, old add ons -'just to make the numbers up' from me.

These are real value, high cost, quality products - And I'm also going to give you the ability to own them, use them and Resell them all.

-Special Knowledge Boosting Bonus-

Bonus #1: Order Niche Products Powerpack2 Today And I'll Also Include The FULL MASTER RESELL RIGHTS To One Of The Best Niche Marketing Guides Ever Written . . .

"Million Dollar Niches"

Value $497.00

This awesome bonus alone is worth three times what you'll pay for this entire collection!

Before You Email In - NO THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE!

Place your order for the superb Niche Products PowerPack2 today and I really will include the Full Master Rights to one of the most influential Niche Marketing Guidebooks ever!

Million Dollar Niches . . . . .

This is an amazing offer - not only will you be able to learn directly from the book yourself but you will also be able to resell it and offer the Master Rights to your customers too!

Full Master Resell Rights Worth $497.00.

-Special Secrets Shared Bonus -

Bonus #2: Not only will you get to see some of Ewen Chia's hottest Niche Marketing secrets but when you purchase Niche Products PowerPack2 I'll give you the MASTER RESELL RIGHTS To This Report As well!

"Niche Fortune Exposed!"

Value $97.00

"Niche Fortune Exposed!" reveals a simple system you can take to the bank with in any niche you choose (if you act really fast)...

The information revealed here can make you very rich. In fact, it's so good that Ewen's marketing buddies have asked him to remove this 32-page report from the internet!

“Simple 4-Step Formula Finally Reveals The Truth To Amassing A Huge Fortune From ANY Niche By Lunch Tomorrow - 100% Guaranteed!”

Full Master Resell Rights Worth $97.00.

-Special Niche Keywords Crazy Bonus -

BONUS #3: Even I can't believe I'm actually giving this away - But you can download this superb video ebook when you purchase Niche Products PowerPack2:

How To Build HUGE Niche Keyword Lists

Value $24.95

If you want to build large niche keyword lists real quick and using FREE tools then thus is for you!

Discover step-by-step exactly how to do it with the help of this amazing video enhanced eBook.

If you're looking right now for proven ways to create and grow niche keyword lists, this eBook will save you days, even weeks, of frustrating and tiring research.

Full Master Resell Rights Worth $24.95

-Special Lazy Way To Success Bonus -

BONUS #4: Get this amazing set of ready made Instant Niche Templates when you order and I'll also include the full Master Resell Rights too!

"Ready-Made Niche Websites..."

Value $27.00

What you get here is 12 great Niche Webpage templates...


Why spend loads on a new web site or use up valuable time building them when you can use these templates to create professional looking websites in an instant?

They're perfect for ClickBank affiliate sales or for creating high traffic sites for use with Google Adsense.

Full Master Resell Rights Worth $27.00

And That's Not All - Order Niche Products PowerPack 2 Right Now And You'll Also Receive The Following Bonus Pack (Worth $60.00) . . . .

The Niche Bonus Pack Comes With Free Giveaway Rights - You can use the books as free bonuses, offer the books to your subscribers as gifts or use them as incentives to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. However you want to distribute them they will add real value to your Niche business.

You Can Click Here To Order Now

But There's Still More . . . .

When you order the package you'll also receive a number of Secret MEGA BONUSES that are worth an additional $500.00+ Including: Valuable Discount Vouchers, Brand New Software, List Building Tools, and Powerful Reports. . . . These Bonuses are totally exclusive to this package.

To Order The Package Click Here

Before I tell you more I think I should just summarize the contents of this package to show you what you'll get in full:

WorkPlace Warrior. $87.00

DIVORCE! . How To Rebuild Guides. $47.00

Your Perfect Lawn + 20 Tips Bonus. $87.00

5 Great Recipe Books. $59.00

The Weight Loss Primer. $37.00

The Miracle Reports. $37.00

Get Paid To Shop. $87.00

404 Self Improvement Tips. $97.00

Be an Air Courier. $47.00

Nice, Shy And Good Guys + Bonuses. $60.00

Million Dollar Niches. $497.00

Niche Fortune Exposed. $97.00

Build HUGE Niche Keyword Lists. $24.95

Ready-Made Niche Websites. $27.00

Bonus Pack With Giveaway Rights. $60.00

The Reseller's Web Site. $495.00

Secret Bonus Package $500.00

TOTAL VALUE: $2345.00

And that's just the actual cost you would have to pay just to purchase these incredible products individually.

In reality they are worth much more.

Because You Will Be Selling Them!

I want you to consider just how much this package is really worth to you in sales potential - real orders and the genuine profits you can make with this collection.

I know many of you will really clean up with this collection but not everyone has the same ability - so I'm going to use what I think would be the worse case scenario - Even using this model the profit potential is stunning . . .

Your First Option: You can choose to resell each of the ten packages individually at normal retail prices. Assuming you get very little web site traffic and made just one sale of each product a week you'll earn over $220.00 a week - That's $880.00 a month and $10,500.00+ a year!

Your Second Option: You could decide to offer the master resell rights to each product. Again assuming the same conditions of just a few visitors and just one sale of each licence per product a week and you'll make $645.00 a week - That's $2,500.00 a month and $30,960.00 a year!

Your Third Option: You can be real lazy here and simply resell this entire collection at it's $195.00 selling price. Again just one copy a week is an additional $10,140.00 a year!

But there's absolutely nothing to stop you combining all three sales models. To set everything up would take you no more than a few hours. And you could be enjoying the combined income from all three options - That's $51,600.00 a year!

And This In My View Is A 'Worse Case' Scenario!

Note: These are not exaggerated estimates, to acheive this level of profit you would only have to resell 1 product at retail and 1 licence each week.

I know many of you could do far, far better but I must point out that these are just that - estimates, and your own results will depend entirely on your own efforts and promotional skills.

This is common sense and because I do not know you or your promotional abilities I cannot promise or guarantee you'll be able to replicate these same figures. (Actually reading the bonus items cover to cover would be the best education you could ever get.)

What Will You Do With An Extra $50,000.00?

And I didn't even include the extra profits you could generate from owning the Master Resell Rights to the valuable bonus products - And The Value of those is an additional $600.00+

By now you must be starting to appreciate what you've stumbled upon. . . .

. . . It's one of the best money making, profit grabbing opportunities you are ever going to find and it's yours for just $195.00

You Can Click Here To Order Now

To Resell This entire collection or the individual products could not be simpler. . .

When you order Niche Products PowerPack2 via secure server you'll receive instant access to all the packages and the bonus items. You'll also receive a Reseller's web site.

Simply upload the files to your server, modify the payment links and you're done.

To Resell Products Individually simply unzip the desired folders, adjust the payment links and download URLs in the ready made web sites and upload the files to your server.

Some Of The 'Upload & Go' Web Sites You'll Own.

For full details about the terms and conditions of your licence please click here. (Opens in a new window)

Just imagine - in less than ten minutes from now you will be owner of a vastly profitable Niche Product empire. And you could be making money with this collection in less than an hour.



The Entire Collection is just $47.00

By Ordering You Are Agreeing To Abide By The

Terms And Conditions Of Sale.

Thanks For Visiting, Good Luck With The Package

InfoClicks 'The Resale Rights Review'


Are you already promoting resale rights products - If so you must have noticed just how many people are selling the exact same Internet Marketing related products as you?

They've got the same ebooks, the same software and they're promoting the same affiliate links as you. Talk about it being a 'dog eat dog' world. - All it takes is one loony tune to start selling the product for pennies on Ebay and your profits are history.

It's happening more and more. These days you need to stay awake for twenty four hours a day just too keep up.

With Niche Products PowerPack2 that's about to change . .

If your sick of seeing hundreds of other resellers promoting the same products as you and worse still at less than half the price your charging then this site will be one of the most important ones you'll visit all year.

Right Now I'm offering you instant access to a complete selection of easy to sell, hot topic, NICHE products. If you act fast and order right away you are putting yourself in an incredibly powerful position. You'll be first to market and if you've already got a subscriber base of resale products buyers you can start generating profits instantly.

Don't let your competitors beat you on this order now.


Have You Forgotten Something In Your Marketing?

If you've been selling Master Resell Rights products online for some time it's easy to forget that these 'everyday' NICHE topics are important to millions of ordinary web surfers around the world.

Simply put you're losing profits if you are only selling marketing related products - because you're limiting your customer base to just other web marketers. . .

Grab A Piece Of The 'Non Marketing' Pie

With the NICHE PRODUCTS POWERPACK2 you can have 30 million more potential customers in your sights within minutes - but if you decide to just offer this entire collection then you have the opportunity to turn your current competitors into new customers overnight!

Order Niche Products PowerPack2 Now

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