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The AX Gold Software Webmaster Toolkit

"How To Get Everything You Need To Create, Market And Secure Your Own Highly Profitable Website, All For Less Than You Would Spend On A Casual Dinner For Two!"

Professional Webmasters And Marketing Guides, Professionally Designed Web Templates And Graphics, Highly Effective Automated Time Saving Tools, Automated Income Generation Tools, Security Protection Tools And Much, Much More!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dear Friend,

There are now more web pages in existence than there are people on this planet, with an estimated 20,000 new web sites appearing every day.

No matter what subject you choose for your web site, you'll find there are many, many others targeting the same area.

To compete in this environment, your web site needs to meet the very highest standards.

It must look professional and be easy to navigate.

It must use the latest techniques to attract and retain visitors.

It must apply the latest proven solutions for maximizing sales.

It must incorporate the latest security against thieves and hackers.

To help you with all this, you'll need a range of professional webmasters tools and resources along with tutorials and guides to show you how to apply them.

There are hundreds of sites offering you their latest tool, ebook or other resource for developing one aspect of your online business.

Buying them all separately could cost you thousands of dollars.

But now there's a single toolkit that provides all the tools and resources you'll need to get started.

Inside this toolkit, you'll find literally hundreds of tools and resources.

This low cost package provides everything you need to create, market and secure your own professional, successful web site, no matter what subject matter you choose ...


Your Own Professional Order Pulling Site

Starting out with a professional web site design is essential if you want to succeed.

So many people create their first site without first understanding basic concepts and without the resources to create a professional result.

Inevitably their site fails and they walk away disappointed.

It is possible to create a professional site from scratch without any experience, but you need the right tutorials and resources ...

Professional Web Design Tutorials

Our comprehensive set of web design tutorials provides all the information needed to build and maintain a great looking, user-friendly website.

Inside you'll find downloads for hundreds of webmasters site building resources including:

Over 50 ebooks and resources on website design and related topics.

Quality web design editors, graphic editors and optimization tools.

Lots of ready-made website graphics.

HTML, CGI and web design tutorials, tips and resources.

Below are brief details of just a few of the many tutorial guides ...

The Genius Guide To Web Design provides information and resources to build and maintain a great-looking, user-friendly website - all packaged in one easy to read ebook.

Build Your Own Web Site This introductory ebook is aimed at those just starting out, providing an excellent overview of how to build your first web site.

How To Build HTML This educational ebook contains 18 chapters teaching the ins and outs of web page HTML. A great place to start for those new to HTML.

Web Site Tips And Tactics Over 150 pages of advice and tips for webmasters covering topics such as search engine placement and the best places to get free resources.

Killer Mini Sites. Mini Sites are simple (but powerful) one or two page web sites that sell a product. Creating a mini-site that makes visitors flip-out their wallets and order your products is not as easy as it looks. Now you can get a deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to this 9-block formula for creating "killer" mini sites.

Webmaster Training Video Sets If you prefer to be shown visually rather than reading about web design, our 3 video sets provide a great solution. They will guide you through a variety of basic steps to developing your web site. The videos run directly on your PC.

Professional Website Templates
If you've surfed the Internet at all, you will no doubt have seen some of the very large number of unprofessional looking sites.

Most new web sites look like they were created by a new webmaster.

An unprofessional web design will instantly lose credibility, costing you visitors and sales.

You can of course use a professional web designer to create a site for you, but this is generally very expensive.

There is however a much lower cost option, which allows you to benefit from the skills of a professional web designer without the high costs.

Many professional designers create special "web templates" which they allow others to use and modify to fit their requirements.

Our toolkit includes around 400 ready-made templates, covering a wide variety of web site subjects and themes, and all created by professional designers.

By searching through the templates, trying different ideas and choosing the best template for your requirements, you should be able to create a professional looking site with ease.

Professional Design Tools
To create a site quickly and easily from your chosen template, you'll need web design tools.

You will of course need an HTML editor and a graphics editor and we'll provide you with a full selection to download, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

As well as these essentials though, you'll find it a lot easier of you have at your disposal a range of specialized tools to help you set up individual features of your site.

Our Toolkit features a wide variety of these specialized "web creation assistant" tools, a few of which are described below:

Banner Buddy Quickly generate banner/text link HTML with a few mouse clicks, turning text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.

Contact Form Wizard Easily creates contact forms for use on your website. Enter your details and then let this easy to use software create everything you need automatically.

Affiliate Page Maker An easy to use tool to create and promote affiliate programs on the Internet. It automatically creates batches of search engine friendly web pages designed to promote affiliate programs for you, with minimal effort.

ThumbNailer A simple, easy to use tool to make small "thumbnail" image of whole groups of photos in one go, saving you hours when building any type of online shopping site.

Picture Gallery Maker Makes complete picture gallery style web pages of your photos using a simple wizard interface.

Screen Capture Software An easy to use program that will capture screenshots from your computer, ideal when creating instruction or demonstration web pages.

HTML Compressor Compresses your web pages to reduce download times, while leaving them fully readable by web browsers. The average visitor to your site will wait just 8 seconds for your page to download. This professional, easy to use software can increase the number of visitors who stick around to actually read your pages.

Professional Marketing Guides
The main reason why most people create a web site to make money.

Making money online can very hard work, unless you understand the principles of web marketing.

In our hand picked "Top Ten" collection of special marketing ebooks, some of the Internet's most successful marketers describe their techniques and strategies for success.

This amazing collection covers all aspects of web marketing, including affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, classified advertising and much more.

1. How To Outsell Other Affiliates and Become A Super Affiliate
Learn the easy ways to gain an unfair advantage over your competition - no matter what program you are promoting - from one of the most respected web marketing "gurus", Jimmy D Brown.

2. Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed
Do YOU want to make at least $2,000 in affiliate commissions every single month? Learn how from super affiliate Neil Shearing.

3. Secrets To Becoming An Expert Affiliate Marketer
Let Gary Shawkey and his number one student Brian Garvin take you by the hand and show you every secret Brian uses to make over $15,000 monthly from affiliate programs.

4. Web Marketing Explained
40 successful Internet marketers explain step-by-step how they make money online. Need more traffic? More sales? Proven tips from real people, making real money on line!

5. Black Belt Marketing
This new action plan lets you stop working too hard and finally start getting results from your web site. Attract more visitors to your web site and increase your sales. A 370 page top quality tutorial course explaining in detail many proven techniques for generating income.

6. Million Dollar Emails
This new resource reveals the amazing secrets behind the Internet's most successful email campaigns. Featuring probably the greatest collection of moneymaking emails ever, this 200 page manual includes contributions from many of the most successful Internet marketers.

7. Millionaire Marketing
Three super successful Internet marketing experts reveal their winning "Trade Secrets". Read the complete transcripts of their intense marketing brainstorming session.

8. Classified Ads Promotion
Discover how you can easily turn ordinary ads into money pulling magnets...without investing extensive time or money! Start generating an endless stream of traffic and money to your business using the techniques covered in this comprehensive set of tutorials.

9. 30 Minute Marketing Miracle
Brett McFall - Australia's number one copywriter of over 7,800 ads and sales letters - invites you to take a front row seat as he coaches REAL business owners to take THEIR OWN basic, boring, no-response ads ... and turn them into blockbusters in under half an hour!

10. The Traffic Jam Formula
Discover the amazing Traffic Jam Formula that DRAGS VISITORS TO YOUR SITE. Learn about the amazing synergy that a few simple, effective, interlocking traffic-pulling systems can produce. View actual examples of multi-million dollar online businesses using variations of the formula and see how it's done in the real world.

Plus a very special bonus ... your own copy of the awesome ebook "How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in Just Four Simple Steps" from Internet Millionaire Corey Rudl.

Corey is widely regarded as one of the best teachers of how to make a living online.

His material usually sells for hundreds of dollars, but this special ebook is included in your Toolkit at no extra cost.

This ebook tells the inspirational story of how Corey got started online as well as providing lots of useful information. It will help guide and inspire you towards your goals.


I must say you've put together one
of the most extensive and powerful resources
for web builders that I've ever seen.

If you want the job done right you need
the right tools for the job - so this is a
package that serious web designers should
take a VERY careful look at...

Bryan Winters
"The Web's First Free Peer-2-Peer Traffic Network!"


Generate Traffic And Sales ... Automatically

Designing a great looking web site is just the beginning of the process of building your own successful Internet business.

After your web site is up and running, you'll want to add special features to attract and retain visitors, improve your customer response rates and capture visitors' email addresses for repeat marketing.

The easiest and most effective way to add these features is to use special automatic tools that generate special "Javascripts" to add into your web pages.

If you search the Internet, you'll find there are dozens of different tools available, designed for different roles, including solutions to capture email addresses, add count-down timers and other mechanisms to boost customer response rates, add special effects to your pages, bookmark your site, create popups and much more.

Our Toolkit includes a full range of these specialist Javascript tools.

Using just a few of these tools can make a big impact on the success of your site ...

Webmaster Tools Black Label Edition II
A super collection of Javascripts to enhance your website!

Webmaster Tools - Black Label Edition is a suite of 34 JavaScript Wizards that will help create Eye-Popping pages with the simplicity of copy and paste. Just enter the variables and the wizards will write the scripts for you, ready to copy straight into your web pages.

Features the following Javascript tools:
Auto Popunder, Auto Popup, Banner Rotator, Color Picker by Color and Name, Countdown Creator, DIV Scroll, Dropdown Menu Creator, FAQs Page Builder, Heading Shadow Effect, HTML Glossary, IFRAME Builder, Link Cloaker, Mailto: Tags, Meta Tags, Download Time, Calculator, View Source Tool, Image Search Engine, Mouseover Image, Mouseover Text, No Spam Email, Page Border, Page Transitions, Protect Images, Random Text, Colored Scrollbars, Search Engine Doorways, Special Character Library, Thumbnail Graphic Popup, Time Of Day Greeting, HTML To JavaScript Converter, HTML/Script Tester, Note Pad, 27 Quick Cut And Paste Scripts, 70+ Online Scripts

Pure Profit Software
A collection of 9 Easy To Use Time Saving Webmasters Tools

1. Instant Site Maker 2. Affiliate Link Masker 3. Instant Email Scramble
4. Popup Generator 5. Java Script Magic 6. Instant BookMark
7. Affiliate Defender 8. Instant Meta Maker 9. Paypal Safelist Script

Traffic Wizard
A Selection Of Ready Made Javascripts to Copy Into Your Web Pages, Instantly Adding Simple Traffic Building Features ...

Bookmark Us: Allow visitors to click one text link to quickly and easily add your site to their 'Favorites' Email This Page: Allow your visitors to email the current page to their friends. They just enter the name and address and it will send a link to the current page. Set Homepage: Allows visitors to set your site as their homepage with a click of a link. Logo Branding: Have you seen the floating logo on Yahoo Geocities? How would you like to have your own logo floating in the corner of your site? This script does just that! Frameless Popup: (IE only) Launches a popup without the windows frame or title bar. In other browsers it launches a standard popup window! Position, size and Automatic closing can be set! Browser-Specify Entry: If You maintain a different page for Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, this script sends visitors to the right browser optimized page. Language: Redirect your visitor to a page based on their language. Avenue Search: This search form gives you the possibility to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories. The form is transparent so you can paste it right on your website to fit your design... and it's only one line! Popup Page: Once your page loads you can set XX amount of seconds to pass and then a popup window of choice will open.

Java Script Magic
Now you can add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages without deciphering programmers 'techie' instructions. Javascript Magic is an easy to follow tutorial ebook providing an insight into Javascript techniques plus a total of 33 ready-made javascripts.

Java Source Machine I and II
A total of 27 automatically generated Javascripts, selected from an easy to use menu system. Choose what you want, click a button to generate the code and then paste into your web page.

Features the following javascript tools:
Blur Text, Multi-Search Engine, Page Fade, Flying Text, Alerts, Number Countdown, Refresh-Redirect, Dictionary/Thesaurus, Exit Windows, Auto Pop And Close, Jumping Text, Link Message, Typing In Status Bar, Status Bar Wiper, Dynamic Title Bar, Week Day Image, Date and Time Stamp, No Right Click, Expanding Window, Random Page, Browser Information, Referrer, Write and Slide, Confirm Entry, Welcome Cookie, Marquee


Protect Your Site From Hackers And Thieves

Most webmasters are unaware of how much money they lose to hackers and thieves every day.

Almost all webmasters promote some form of affiliate program, yet most continually throw away a large proportion of their income, by failing to apply a simple security solution.

Many webmasters join some form of promotional service such as a traffic exchange, without realizing how easily their competitors can hack the associated forms and steal their traffic.

The open nature of the Internet makes it very vulnerable to a very wide range of security issues.

Fortunately there are tools available which can stop many of these attacks instantly ...

Affiliate Diamond

The Easy Way To Protect Your Affiliate Commissions

If you are successfully promoting any affiliate program, you are almost certainly getting far less commission than you are entitled to.

Your commissions are being stolen by those who modify your affiliate links before buying the product you are promoting.

You are also losing valuable commissions to those who simply "chop" your affiliate links.

Tests have shown that these effects combined can cost you up to half your commissions.

AX Gold's Affiliate Diamond is the Internet's leading solution for protecting your affiliate links.

It automatically creates all 4 of the commonly used protection mechanisms and includes a fully automated FTP uploader to install the protection automatically on your web site.

HTML Encryptor
Protect Your Web Site From Internet Pirates

Internet piracy is on the increase. Pirates can quickly and easily copy part or all of your web site and then compete directly against you.

HTML Encryptor will encrypt your web pages making it very difficult for others to copy your pages, whilst leaving them fully readable by Internet browsers.

Use this software to keep others from viewing your source code, prevent printing, offline viewing and caching and disable right clicking and text selection. You can even make your web pages only accessible from a specific referrer.

HTML Security Report
Are Your Visitors Stealing From You?

Exposed At Last: The Dirty Methods Internet Thieves Use To Quietly Steal Your Profits... And What You Can Do To Stop Them

The Internet is filled with thieves that continuously surf to find sites with good quality marketing but poor security so they can:

copy the site,
completely replicate the marketing efforts of the owner
and sell everything at a lower the price
There is nothing on the whole wide Internet that can be compared to the information you will find in this report. This is brand new, 100% original content!

Download Page Protector

Stop Thieves Stealing Your Ebooks And Software Products

If you sell ebooks or software from your web site, you are almost certainly being ripped off by Internet thieves. Download Page Protector is another one of AX Gold's easy to use security tools. Simply choose a security code number and this highly effective tool will security lock your product download pages in 2 seconds flat, stopping thieves in their tracks.


Easily Build Your Own Money-Making List

Every successful marketer will tell you that building your own newsletter or mailing list is the key to online success.

The many professional marketing guides in this collection will show you the benefits of having your own list and teach you how to create a list.

Our Toolkit also includes a set of specialist tools that will help you to build and operate your own list with ease...

Spinning Popup Maker
The Latest Technology Makes It Easy To Attract Subscribers

The Spinning Popup Maker offers the very latest technology to create stunning subscribe forms that spin their way into your web pages, immediately catching the eye of your visitor and drawing their attention to your signup offer.

These "popups" appear automatically when anyone visits your web pages and are not blocked by popup blockers.

To see how great these popups look for yourself, just click here.

You can use the Spinning Popup Maker software to create an unlimited number of different popups for your site, advertising your newsletter or anything else you want.

Adding stunning, professional looking effects to your web pages and attracting subscribers has never been so easy!

Magic Subscriber
Another Easy Way To Attract Subscribers

Magic Subscriber offers another highly effective, well established solution for recruiting subscribers.

As soon as visitors arrive at your site, Magic Subscriber pops up a confirmation box asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Visitors click just one button to be instantly subscribed.

What's more, there's no danger of visitors entering their email address incorrectly as the email address comes directly from their email client.

This solution is being used by many top marketers to build their lists.

Now you can quickly and easily apply the same technique to your business.

AX Gold Filter And Format Software
Instantly Protect Your Emails From The Spam Filters

One of the biggest problems with operating a mailing list is that your emails can be blocked by Spam filters.

The result is that a large percentage of your emails fail to reach your subscribers.

Our special Filter And Format software will help protect you from this problem.

Spam filters are triggered by certain key words and phases in the email.

The software will automatically identify key words and phrases that trigger spam filters and modify them by inserting a special character, leaving the message still readable by humans but avoiding triggering the spam filters.

The software will also automatically format your emails to a standard column width (usually 60 characters) which makes the result look more professional.

Now you can professionally format your emails and reduce losses to spam filters, all with just a few mouse clicks!


This is really an impressive line-up of resources with so many excellent technical resources, templates, guides, videos, software and ebooks for webmasters. I am highly recommending this to my own web hosting customers.

Thanks for a great product!

Greg Hughes
Teknon Media


Full Master Resale Rights Included Free

There's lots more tools and resources in this toolkit, simply too many to describe on this page.

But I know what'll really interest you is the fact that this toolkit carries full Master Resale Rights.

Not only can you benefit from using this amazing toolkit to build your own site, but you can also sell the toolkit yourself and keep all the money.

The toolkit even comes with a copy of this ready-made sales page.

Just add your own payment link, upload the page to your website and start taking orders.

The Toolkit is supplied in the form of a single ebook from which your customers can download everything, so you don't need to upload all the separate tools and resources onto your own site.

Making money online just doesn't get any easier than this!

100% Peace Of Mind Guarantee

Take the time to read the carefully selected tutorial guides included in this Toolkit and you will learn how to build your own successful business.

The huge range of tools and resources available in this Toolkit provides everything you need to create, market and secure your own web site.

But I know that even with this amazing collection, you may still have doubts that you can genuinely build your own successful web site.

That's why this Toolkit comes with my 100% money back guarantee.

After buying this Toolkit, if you don't feel you are able to build your own successful web site using the tools and resources provided, just send me a quick email any time within 30 days of your order and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

I provide this peace of mind for you because I want to help you succeed.

I genuinely believe this collection will help make it possible.

So please try it now, with no risk whatsoever.

All This At An Amazingly Low Price

Now that you have seen all the details, you are of course wondering what it's all going to cost.

Buying all the software tools in this collection separately would genuinely cost you over $1000!

In addition to the software, there is the valuable selection of tutorial ebooks and the massive collection of web templates.

I'm sure you'll appreciate that I could charge a lot for all this.

But I believe in offering exceptional value to my customers.

That's why, for a limited period, I'm offering this amazing toolkit complete with Master Resale Rights for just $39.95!

That's less than many people charge for a single software tool!

This low price may be increased at any time, so please order now to avoid disappointment.


You will receive instant access to your toolkit by Internet download

For your complete safety, secure payment and the money back guarantee are provided through Paypal, the largest payment service on the Internet.

Disclaimer: Although this collection provides an excellent starting point for any online business, we are unable to make any guarantees relating to the income you may generate by using or selling this toolkit.

Master Resale Rights: Anyone buying this toolkit is automatically granted Master Resale Rights to the Toolkit and all products within it. You can sell the toolkit as a whole or sell any or all of the individual products from within the Toolkit. (Note that if you sell the individual products, you must upload them to your own website). You may use the Toolkit as a bonus with other products you sell. Note however that the Toolkit must not be given away free or sold on auction sites.

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