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\"Are You Ready To Breakthrough The Newbie Trap And Start Making The Six Figure Income You Expected When You Started?\"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being a newbie sucks, doesn\'t it?

It\'s never fun to know less than everyone else around you, but when knowing less means earning substantially less, then the suckiness turns into something so much worse.

Growing pains are a fact of life and a rite of passage for most industries, but when your sole goal is making as much money as you can online, who wants to wait till you learn how to do things right?

This is the biggest drawback to being a newbie, waiting, making mistakes and trying to correct those mistakes in an endless cycle of trying to do things right. It can be a frustratingly annoying process that never promises to improve.

I\'ve seen hundreds of newbies who have been struggling to make a profit online for years, never rising up and leaving the title of newbie behind. Whenever I encounter someone who still considers themselves a newbie after more than a year of working, I do what I can to help them. It makes me sad to see so many people struggle month after month without ever learning what they are doing wrong and how to do things properly.

It\'s for this exact reason that I wrote Beyond The Newbie, so that I could help people understand how to improve their ability to make money online and move past being just a simple newbie.
Learn How To Make Money No Matter How Much Experience You Have Online!

You may not believe it when you look at me, but I was a newbie once too. I originally started working online because I got fired from my dead end job and I really didn\'t want another one. I wanted to live the Internet dream of waking up at noon and swimming in cash. I heard about it, read about it and wanted it for myself. I didn\'t want to continue wasting my time working for someone else when I could have been enjoying my life and working to put money into my own pocket.

So I bought myself some how-to guides and I started working online as a newbie Internet marketer. I thought it would take a couple of weeks to teach myself the ropes and then I\'d be headed to Internet marketing stardom.

Things didn\'t exactly work out that way. I burnt through those first couple of weeks pretty quickly and before I knew it, two months had gone by and I still hadn\'t learnt anything. I was still a newbie.

I struggled to make money. Every penny earned was a cause for celebration and every sale seemed a struggle. Every time I signed up to be an affiliate for a new product, I was filled with a sense of hope and excitement that this new product would be the one where I finally started competing with the big boys for the big sales. Each time though, I was trampled into the dust by the people who already knew what they were doing.

I was a newbie and I just couldn\'t compete with the major players.

I knew I needed to know more, I needed to advance my status in the world and get to the next level of the Internet marketing hierarchy, but I just didn\'t know how.

Where I once thought that I\'d learn by trial and error, I was starting to loose hope in that theory. Months were flying by and I wasn\'t learning enough to make any improvement. I wanted to start emailing successful people and asking them how they learnt, but I was too proud to be reduced to groveling for help. I was a smart guy, I\'d figure it out. I was sure of it. I just thought I needed more time...

As the months continued to pass me by and I wasn\'t filling my bank account with anything other than zeros, I was getting worried. I would wake up in the middle of the night, terrifying that I was destined to live out the rest of my life as a newbie. I needed a plan, I needed to do something...but I couldn\'t figure out what.

It wasn\'t soon after this that I was reading an article online that clued me in on how to change my position in life and that eventually helped me start to make the kind of money online that I knew was possible.

The article I was reading was talking about firemen in New York City. The article said that new firemen get hazed so badly by the more experienced firemen that newbies would walk around pretending that they had transferred from a different precinct. The interesting thing about the article was that it talked about how most people would assume that a newbie pretending to be an experienced firefighter would never be able to pull it off. But because of the painful hazing rituals the firefighters had, the newbies learnt how to fake it well enough that their colleagues never knew.

This article got me thinking. If inexperienced firefighters could pull off faking their way through the job, why couldn\'t I do the same thing.

The rest of that day I started looking into different parts of my business and figuring out which were the areas that I could fake my way though.

I identified the areas where I could fake non-newbieness and launched my next affiliate project with this new confidence in hand.

I\'d like to say that it worked and I made fist fulls of cash, but it didn\'t and I didn\'t. But I made a little bit of progress. This little shred of progress was enough for me. I was ecstatic. I finally found something that worked and something that would help me build my business.

Slowly, I leveraged this ability and this progress into better and better things. I was growing, I was learning and best of all...I was shedding my newbieness in the process. Before I knew it, I wasn\'t a newbie anymore, I was making a living online and I started helping other people who were once like me.
\"Don\'t Be Happy Where You Are! Make Money By Reaching For The Stars!\"

If you currently consider yourself to be a marketing newbie, then you need a change. No one is going to look at you as anything but a green know-nothing unless you project an image of respect and accomplishment. You\'ll learn how to do that within the first ten pages of Beyond The Newbie. If you are someone who is committed to moving to the next level, you need to realize that it isn\'t nearly as difficult as you might think.

I can help you, just let me try.

Once you start reading Beyond The Newbie, you\'ll see that there are no more than two essential elements that you need to commit completely to memory. Once you learn just these two elements, you\'ll see how the entire Internet marketing process will come together. Once you are able to implement these elements, you\'ll see how quickly you\'ll start to make money.

Are you sure that you are mentally prepared for success? In my experience, the one major difference that separates those who do succeed from those who can\'t seem to make money is the mental preparation. You know instantly when you meet someone if they have their head in their business and those people who are mentally prepared appear more competent. Beyond The Newbie will teach you everything you need to know so you too can be mentally prepared for the business you are about to successfully run.

Internet marketing is a serious business, and must be treated as such. It is not a game or a hobby that you can play as and when it suits you. You need to learn right now what it takes to make Internet marketing YOUR business.

Don\'t waste anymore time being a newbie. If you feel like you\'re read to make some serious cash online, this is the one book you need to read. Learn what it takes to go beyond being just another newbie today.
Beyond The Newbie Will Help You...

Understand Why You Are Spending Your Time Working Online And How TO Make It Work For You!

Learn How To Build A Planning Structure That Will Bring Cash Right To Your Front Door!

https://www.tradebit.comFind A Mentor Who Can Show You First Hand What Your Missing!

Teach Yourself For Free!

Build Your Business As Either An Affiliate, An AdSense Marketer Or As A Bum Marketer!

Create For Yourself A Daily Mini-Plan To Help You Reach Your Goals!
Don\'t Be A Newbie Forever, Rise To The Next Level Today!

If you\'ve been a newbie for more than a couple of months, then you must be ready to quit the industry for good. But don\'t just yet. You might be doing everything right, but are getting bogged down in the details. Let me help to clear your head and allow you to start making money.

If you feel like you are just scratching the surface of the Internet marketing money making world, Beyond The Newbie will help you delve more deeply into the business and understand where you are going wrong. This is a book you can\'t afford not to buy.

Most newbies start marketing without any real idea about what they are doing and how they are supposed to make money. Those who do succeed do so by sheer luck.

Most people though, never get lucky and if they make money, they are the ones who learn the right way to succeed. These are the people who you want to emulate. The people who are making the efforts and, more importantly, are learning why the things that are effective are effective.

Learn how you can do things correctly and how you transform yourself from a newbie into an experienced and successful Internet marketer. Don\'t hesitate, buy Beyond The Newbie today.

Beyond The Newbie will explain everything you need to know so you can start to profit today.

Don\'t wait any longer.

Beyond The Newbie has already helped hundreds of people, let it help you too.

Buy Beyond The Newbie right now and start making your fortune.

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