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*Exclusive* WPTraffic 1.1.0

New Plugins Free Up Your Time by Automatically Scheduling, Posting and Promoting Your Blog Content-Even If you Didn't Write It!

"At Last! Set It And Forget It Simplicity Comes to Wordpress!"
Three Brand New Plugins Just Released that Put Your Wordpress Blog on Autopilot!

Dear Fellow Blogger,

Remember when you started your first blog? Remember how excited you were? You'd post every day, sometimes several times a day and visit all the Social Bookmarking sites to make sure they knew about your posts.

You probably did this every day - for about a week or two. Then you'd go on to something else…perhaps another project that needed your attention, or you'd even create another blog.

In a very short time, you'd cut out visiting all those bookmarking sites. Days would go by and you'd forget to update your blog with any new content.

Those days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Slowly but surely, the visitors - and the search engine spiders - simply stopped coming.

By that time, other things ate up all your spare time and demanded your attention. Meanwhile, your visitors were left hanging, only to guess, "Is it ever going to be updated again?"
Now You Can Stop Worrying About Updating Your Blog and Notifying the Social Bookmarking Sites Every Time You Make a Post

Believe me - I know what a drain it can be to blog. It consumes every minute of your day if you let it. Not to mention telling all the social bookmarking sites (and there are THOUSANDS of them!) that you made a new post.

Honestly, who has time for all that?!

Now, let me ask you something…

What If You Could Literally "Set-And-Forget" Your Blog for Months - Even Years, While
All the Posting and Promotion is
Done for You Automatically?

The good news is - you can do this, and I'm going to explain exactly how in just a moment. But first,

* * * A Word of WARNING * * *

This is NOT about content scraping, article spinning, rehashing information or anything like that. If you're here looking for something that will let you cull other people's content into some twisted, nonsense blog post - you can just leave now.
Come back when you're ready for a real, proven solution.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a fast, easy way to effortlessly manage your blog without being shackled to it day in and day out - then I want to be the first to invite you to try a brand new, just-released suite of Wordpress plugins that will make content management and social bookmarking a breeze!
Introducing Poster Pro and Socialize-It Pro: Two Complete Wordpress Plugins that Work Together Seamlessly to Maintain, Grow and Promote Your Blog - Without You Lifting a Finger!

Poster Pro and Socialize-It Pro are my answers to three longtime blog problems:

Patience - Persistence and Time!

Let's face it - you'd normally have to hire outside help to write, manage, notify, watch and wait as your blog was read and picked up by the social networks.

Now you can put the power of these two plugins to work for you and immediately cut back on the time you spend maintaining and managing your blog


Here's a breakdown of what each one does - and how they work together to make you money - automatically!

Poster Pro
Forget about manually posting to your blog.

Are you collecting huundreds and hundreds of PLR Articles on every niche possible with the idea of creating a niche site for them? Great! But did you really manage to build and develop all those?

Are you wondering how to create a network of niche sites that will grow on autopilot based on content you could provide once for all?

Have Poster Pro do all the work for you!

* You tell it the articles you want to publish and when. Then just press a button and watch it go to work!
* Plus, each post is put into the category you specify,
* ...and automatically tagged with keywords relevant to your article so that the search engines and directories can eagerly seek out and gobble up your newly posted content!
* You can even tell Poster Pro how often to post and how many blog postings to publish at once!
* No one will ever know you're not doing all the work by yourself!
* Thanks to our 'mass import' feature, you can easily line up articles in the queue to be published - even years into the future, so it always looks like you're taking the time to update and maintain your blog for years to come! (no limit on how many articles you import and queue at once)
* You can manage queued articles (edit, delete)
* You can manually post queued articles with the click of a button without waiting for the scheduled date to be reached
* All posted articles are stored and removed from the queue for ease of use

Socialize-It Pro
Automatic and Smart submission of your blog posts to 30 social bookmarking services.

As you know, social bookmarking sites and networks are the human alternative to search engine and bots. Their importance is growing at speedlight and millions of people are using them on a daily basis to find human reviewed and relevant information.

This means ONE thing: the information you provide should be found on those social bookmarking sites. If you fail to present your content to these social bookmarking sites, then you are missing the fastest growing traffic source on the net.

To date, you had to do it manually by submitting each one of your post to each one of the social bookmarking sites. Now, Socialize-It Pro handles it automatically for you and you won't even have to lift a finger to promote your niche sites.

* This is where the program really shines. You can use Socialize-It Pro together with Poster Pro and automatically submit your blog posts to up to 30 different Social Bookmarking sites.
* What's more, to help prevent spamming, Socialize-It Pro will only contact a random sampling of those sites for each article - so you never hit all the bookmarking sites with your posts all at once (a surefire way to get BANNED). You will even decide the 'randomness' level...
* Simply put - You're in Complete Control!
* Socialize-It Pro will even generate a report for you of all the sites that it successfully submitted to - so you always know where your posts are going!
* You can even use Socialize-It as a standalone Wordpress plugin (that is, if you want to maintain your blog the manual, "old fashioned" way…) You can also use Poster Pro by itself without the social bookmarking component.

When used together, you create a real hands-free, automatic machine that will post and notify for you tirelessly - as much, or as little as you want!

Yes! This will make blogging so much easier!

But what does it mean? That you need to have your own content or PLR articles that you are willing to rewrite a little bit. Guess what, it's the best strategy and that's why I initially only develop those 2 plugins. Getting quality content, publishing it and then promoting it is YOUR winning niche marketing strategy that will drive tons of traffic to your niche blog on the long run.

But my subscribers, members (of my Niche marketing membership sites for example) have also asked me for even easier solution.
What if you don't have content or if you don't want to create specific content for your niche right away?

Normally, you would need to browse article directories to find quality articles that you can then re-publish on your site. It needs to be done manually and it's simply impossible to manage.

But, you might be aware that most site (blogs, article directories, yahoo, google...) also publish content under a really wonderful format: RSS. RSS is meant to syndicate content under a portable format. Needless to get into technical details. Just know that you can receive tons of content and news directly through what we call a feed reader.
Now, you see my point: How to transform your blog into an intelligent feed reader that will...

1. Publish content from different RSS sources,
2. Organize it correctly within your blog (you have defined categories into your blog and you want all content to be posted under those categories, correct?!)
3. Post it correctly to ensure your blog is always correctly optimized (in terms of keywords and tags)
4. Check for duplicated content...


Well, you would need another piece of script to do that. That's why I have developed a 3rd component to this suite that will do exactly all the above completely hands free! I first wanted to use it as part of a 'premium' package, thus not part of the WP Traffic Suite.

But, As of my new pre-launch offer, I also want to give you this FREE Bonus that will dramatically extend the functionality of both Poster Pro and Socialize-It Pro.

The RSS Aggregator
Easy and unlimited Content at the Push of a Button!

The RSS Aggregator will let you publish content to your blog using RSS feeds. It's an easy, hassle-free way to get updated content without having to manually research, write or edit your own articles!

* Enter the URL of the RSS feed you want to use
* You can enter as many RSS feed as you want.
* Tell the RSS Aggregator how many articles you want to post from the feed each time.
* You select if you want to also submit the posts to social bookmarking sites (it will then be done automatically)
* You can select if you want to link back to the source of article (the one from the RSS feed)
* All links have a "no-follow" tag
* Select the category (or categories) where you want the post to appear
* Select the tags you want to be added to each post and

That's it! Just four easy steps to instant content!

The RSS Aggregator works in the background to update your blog as often as new RSS feed posts are released (of course the plugin takes care of duplicated entries and remove them before they appear). There's no quicker way to build a substantial number of articles without the hassle of writing them all yourself!

Just imagine:

* you have a niche blog on Outdoor Activities with 10 categories such as (boating, fishing, camping, boating, ...).
* You can now have content automatically posted for each one of these categories, promoted for you, at any frequency you wish...without ever writing a single line...

So How Much Do These Award-Winning Plugins Cost? Not Nearly As Much as the Money You'll Save Using Them!

Socialize-It Pro has ONE competitor...But he is selling his plugin as a standalone plugin with no integration whatsoever with other useful productivity enhanement tools (such as my RSS Aggregator or Poster Pro).

So, given the synergies I bring with my 3 integrated plugins, I should sell this plugin more than what my competitor charges for it...

Well, he is charging $197 for his plugin alone...

What does it mean? That I should charge you $247 or $297 for the Socialize-It Pro and then $97 for RSS Aggregator and $197 or $247 for Poster Pro, thus making the whole package somewhere around $497-$697?

It would be expensive, although it will also be fair to charge nearly $500 for that powerful plugin suite.

Picture it that way? How much is your time worth? How many hours are you ready to put into content writing, research, posting, social bookmarking submission, scheduling? For how many blogs are you willing to do it?

Our survey show that in order to create and maintain a blog, one really needs around 4 to 5 hours a week...FOR 1 Blog! It's a FULL time job if you're managing 10 blogs...It's impossible if you want to create a niche network with 50 or 100 blogs. It would require you hire ONE full time employee for each set of 10 to 15 blogs to manage.
Even at $697 price point, you would save hundreds and hundreds of hours every year and thousands of $$$ in case you would outsource things.

To help save you money, we've bundled Poster Pro, Socialize-It Pro and the bonus RSS Aggregator into a complete easy-to-install package. You can download all three plugins together for a special pre-launch price of (Not $297, Not $197) But only $147

Now that I am writing those lines, I realize I might be making a marketing blunder by setting such a low price for such a powerful plugin suite. I am not bragging, nor is it hype.
You can see by yourself what this suite does. It's not about automatic income. It's about automating your niche blogs and allowing you to virtually operate as many as you want without ever lifting a finger anymore...

Instead of needing 5 hours a week to operate 1 blog, you can now set up one in less than 10 minutes and then forget it...Would you need to change your settings in 6 months or so, it would then require less than 10 minutes...

$147 is an introductionary offer and I will soon raise the price to a still highly discounted price of $197.

Lock In Your Discounted Rate Now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the lowest price that will ever be offered for this suite of Wordpress plugins - In fact, I'm so confident that you'll free up more time and be able to build and promote your blogs with less effort that I'm willing to offer you my

Here's to your success!

JP Schoeffel and Juan

P.S. Don't waste another minute writing and posting to your blog every day and then waiting for the social networks to pick it up! Get the only Wordpress plugin of its kind that fully and intelligently automates the job for you!

Plus, when you order now, you get the RSS Aggregator for free! Content management has never been easier - and you can lock in the discounted rate right now!

Still Have Questions? No Problem!

I understand you may still have questions or concerns about how these products work together. That's why I've posted some of the most common questions we've received here for your convenience. If your question isn't listed here, you're welcome to get in touch with us and let us know what we can help you with.

Question: Won't I Get Banned for Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites Too Often?

Answer: Yes, you will. That's why with Socialize-It Pro, we've built in a feature where you can select only a certain percentage of the bookmarking sites. When you do, Socialize-It will submit to a random number of them, preventing any red flags from classifying you as spam and preventing you from posting.

For example: Let's say you're active on 20 Social Bookmarking sites. You decide through Socialize-It Pro that you want to submit your latest blog posts to 30% of these sites. Socialize-It Pro will then choose 7 Social Bookmarking sites at random to submit to. It's just like you took the time out to do each one manually - but you've saved hours of work in the process!

Question: Why Create 3 Plugins and Not Just One?

Answer: There are several reasons we chose to create three plugins and not just a single one. The main factors was ease of use and flexibility for you as well as maintenance and ease of updates.

Let's say that one of the Social Bookmarking sites updates the way they accept blog posts. Should you have to update Poster Pro, Socialize-It Pro and the RSS Aggregator for just that one change? Of course not!

This way, you simply update Socialize-It Pro (we'll show you how - it's easy!) and continue to let the other two plugins run, if you wish.

Another reason for the three plugins was flexibility. You can run all three of them separately, or run Poster Pro and RSS Aggregator together. Or use Socialize-It Pro by itself. You can pick and choose which plugins to use on any of your blogs. To help prevent automated spam posts to social bookmarking sites, however, Socialize-It Pro and the RSS Aggregator do not connect to each other.

Finally, as new services are added and the blogging platforms (such as Wordpress) improve over time, we want our users to be able to give us feedback on how to improve this suite of plugins.

If you suggest a feature for Poster Pro, for example, you shouldn't have to update the other two programs if there's no reason to. It's as easy as that!

One Last IMPORTANT Note…

Since all plugins are designed to automate some part of your blog, I strongly advocate fair and smart use of this product.

Because I don't know you, your level of experience or your goals with this program, I can't guarantee any specific results. Obviously, if you post 100 articles a day and spam the social bookmarking sites - you're going to get banned.

So use this suite of tools wisely and correctly and it will repay you with unbelievable amounts of traffic! You could even set your blog to run on autopilot for YEARS and keep generating visitors just as if you had updated it manually every single day! Now you tell me…

What Other Plug-Ins Can Do That?!

Save time, money and productivity by automating your blog the easy way. Click here to order right now securely online and you can start using the plug-ins right away - on as many blogs as you own and manage!
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