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The Savvy Marketers' "Piggyback" Method To Instant Success..

"Uncover The Closely Guarded Secrets To Exceptionally Profitable Joint Venture Partnerships That Will Instantly Triple Your Online Income!"

Dear Friend,

If you are anything like me, your primary objective online is to make as much money as you can in as little time possible.

You don't want to spend hours upon hours posting advertisements on classified websites, promoting your website with painfully slow methods nor do you want to leave money on the table simply because you hadn't thought of a way to maximize your online campaigns..

The Success Strategy Of The "Stars"

You have undoubtedly heard about the astonishing profit potential from Joint Venture partnerships and you want in on the action. After all, it's been said that the fastest way to develop an online presence, establish a credible reputation and beef up your bottom line is by networking with those who have already carved out their names online and who know how to wring every last dime out of their marketing efforts.

These guys (and girls) don't play around. When it comes to promoting online they know exactly how to set up a campaign that is guaranteed to be successful, because like you, they know that time really does mean money.

The problem is, most new marketers or product developers have no idea how to approach a prospective JV partner, much less set up a deal or manage an offer effectively. Worse, there are many so called "gurus" that won't even consider running a JV campaign with a "newbie". After all, why would they bother working with a no-name when all they have to do is send out an email to their list and make a few hundred thousand overnight?

Joint Ventures Are Not Just For The Gurus..

When I first got involved with Joint Ventures, I won't lie to you - I was terrified. I really didn't think I stood a chance of my offer being accepted, and since I was a complete 'nobody', I didn't have much confidence in my ability to convince the experienced marketers that I was targeting, to give me a shot or even take my offer seriously..

And I was right..

I must have blasted out 100 emails on my first day of seeking out possible Joint Venture partners. I figured that the more I sent out the greater the chances of someone reading my email and agreeing to work with me. After a few days of not receiving a single response, I decided to take a second, closer look at how I had set up my "JV system".

Boy was I ashamed to admit it, but I had really messed things up .. in fact, the way that I had set up my offer in the first place left very little chance that anyone in their right mind would even give it a second glance.

So, I went back to square one but this time I decided to study the people around me that had successfully set up Joint Venture after Joint Venture with what appeared to be very little effort. These guys just had to send out an email and within a few hours they were receiving requests for more information.. days later, they had a system set up and ready to roll.. a few days after that, they were patting each other on the back for a job well done while running off to cash their massive paychecks.

It just didn't seem fair.

The worst part of all this was that these people experiencing such incredible success with JV partnerships were brand new to the world of online business! These weren't experienced marketers with a household name or a product that was anything special. Yet, somehow they were able to attract the attention of the big dogs who were eager to work with them, time and time again.

What was so extraordinary about these people? What were they doing that was so very different from the methods that I had been using (and failing miserably at)?

My Initiation Into The Secret Underground World Of Successful JV Deals From The Rich And Famous..

When I took a closer look at just what these guys were doing, I was dumbfounded. Really.. I'm not usually one who's at a loss for words, but what I discovered was outright astonishing.

By using a simple system that instantly generated offers so irresistible that even the most skeptical guru could never resist, they were able to cash in on as many JV partnerships as they could handle!

But this system didn't come cheap..

With a bit of a struggle and some creativeness, I managed to get a copy of one of these proposals. I must admit, when I first read it I was amazed at not only the simplicity but in how incredibly witty these guys really were. They certainly had done their homework by creating "tailor made" offers that literally left the reader overwhelmed and impressed with no choice but to accept their offer, right there - on the spot.

Once the JV was underway, these "newbies" were warmly welcomed into the inner circle and what began as one JV partnership quickly became two, then three.. four.. once word spread around that this guy knew exactly how to set up a widely successful Joint Venture partnership, it seemed as though every guru in his industry was jumping on board to set up a future deal with him.

And so, I followed along.. eagerly, a strong believer in the old adage that "you shouldn't reinvent the wheel".

Okay, so in reality I was a bit lazy.. I took what had been designed and perfected by others and formatted it to fit my own industry. I modeled my JV offers after those who had done the research and spent weeks, if not months, studying the techniques that have played a part in multi-million dollar partnerships.

Why fix something if it's not broken?

Now It's Your Turn To Claim Your Share Of The Incredible Wealth In JV Partnerships..

You don't have to make the same mistakes that I did. In fact, you don't have to spend any amount of time with trial and error or embarrassing emails that get rejected time and time again.

With the Joint Venture Newbies guide, you can easily craft mouth watering offers that will literally take your business and breath new life into it, almost overnight. And once word spreads that you are a real pro when it comes to setting up a high-end JV offer, you'll probably have to change your email address just to get a break from the overwhelming number of offers from fellow marketers begging you to consider them for your next campaign.
Joint Venture Newbies

If you want a solid, fail proof blueprint to setting up profitable Joint Venture partnerships, this guide will give you everything you need to get started.

I'll take you from the first contact, right through the follow up system, showing you exactly how to ensure that your campaigns are successful and that you leave them eager to do business with you time and time again.

It doesn't matter if you have never tried your hand at establishing a Joint Venture partnership in the past or if you have and failed miserably at it. With this guide, you will have a complete arsenal of highly effective strategies and techniques that will instantly give you the leg up on the competition and dramatically change the way that you do business online.

Click Here to download your copy of Joint Venture Newbies, Instantly!

Become The Next Joint Venture Success Story!

Joint Venture partnerships have transformed ordinary, every-day businessmen (and woman) into names that are instantly recognizable. In fact, many of the "gurus" online got their start by running alongside those who had already carved their way out online.

By piggybacking on their success through online partnerships, they were able to siphon credibility from seasoned marketers and product developers and instantly set their progress on FAST FORWARD >>

Here are some of the topics that are included within the pages of "Joint Venture Newbies":
Discover exactly what you need to do to make sure that your offer is read from start to finish, while everyone else's are quickly disregarded..
Learn how to uncover "Super Joint Venture Partnerships" that will propel your business into complete overdrive from the instant the deal goes 'live'... (see Page 12)
Follow the techniques used by savvy marketers to quickly pinpoint JV partnerships that are guaranteed to be highly targeted and widely successful! (See Page 19)
Avoid one of the most costly mistakes that marketers make when attempting to broker a deal with the wrong target in sight! (see Page 23)
Learn how to set up the ultimate JV offer by setting up a concrete system that is destined for success with simple, yet commonly overlooked tactics! (See Page 28)
Find out when and how to contact potential Joint Venture partners and how to eliminate any chance of your offer being tossed aside. I blow the lid wide open on the over-saturated tactics that are a sure giveaway that the offer is a dud.. (see Page 31)

"The No Nonsense - No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee"...

I have written Joint Venture Newbies to be a comprehensive blueprint to setting up successful JV partnerships, regardless of your current experience. I spent months researching and testing different strategies, weeding out the losing campaigns and tweaking successful ones until I nailed down exactly how so many have been able to execute profitable JV partnerships even if they are brand new to the world of online business.

Now, I'm passing this information off to you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Joint Venture Newbies guide, you are able to request a full refund for up to 60 days (TWO whole months). No questions asked, No Nonsense, No BS.

Click Here To Claim Your Copy Of Joint Venture Newbies, Now!

Still Not Convinced That Joint Venture Newbies Will Put You On The Fast Track To JV Success?

I sincerely want you to be successful in creating highly profitable Joint Venture partnerships. I know just how effective they can be in literally transforming your business into a high profit machine. In truth, there is absolutely no reason why you can't join the ranks of those of us who have blasted through the traditional obstacles when developing an online presence by partnering with those who have already paved the way.

If the only thing that's been stopping you from reaching your objective is simply not knowing how to get started, just take a look at some of the other chapters featured within the complete guide:

Integrate the simple, yet highly effective tactics featured on Pages 32 through 35 and give your offer an instant jolt that will set you apart from 99.9% of other Joint Venture seekers out there.
Explore the overview on Page 36 that will show you exactly how to set up the deal once you have receive a positive response. You NEED these elements in place to quickly seal the deal.
Make sure to read the information and strategies section on page 40 to ensure that you get paid the highest amount possible while still offering them one heck of a deal.
Avoid one single mistake that could cost you nearly every dime you earn (see Page 41's "Caution Note")

And Much More!

"Don't Miss The Opportunity To Join The Joint Venture Marketing Revolution!"

Claim Your Copy!

(c) Copyright 2008 - All Rights Reserved

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