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Attention Online Business Builders: What is One Premium Information Product Worth to Your Business? Now Multiply that By Several Hundred. Now Keep Multiplying...

What Do You Get If you Combine

Private Label Content with Public Domain Content with Prime Niche Content with

Red Hot Resale Rights Content?

You Get -- The WOW Content Club

The ONLY Full Spectrum Content Provider

on the 'Net Today.

You Get Instant Access to 40 Private Label Niche Reports Complete with Cover Graphics (with new batches of reports added each and every month.)
You Get 40 Brand Spanking New Money Making Products Added Each & Every Month (The value of these Monthly Packages easily averages $3000.)
You get Heaps of Valuable and Original Public Domain and Niche Content (You'll fall out of your seat when you view our outstanding line-up of exclusive titles!)
You Get Instant Access to over 2000 Quality Resale Rights Products in our Exclusive Private Vaults (organized into 20 hard hitting categories for easy access.)
You Get 4 Private Label Packages each and every Month, complete with ready to sell websites (AND related article and affiliate program resources.)

Yes, Yes, we know... there seem to be a million info-marketing sites on the internet these days, with more springing up every day. And they all seem to be offering so much stuff you don't know where to turn or whom to trust. So why on earth should you read what we have to offer?

One very good reason. We are different from all the rest. Completely and utterly unique. Yup. Hard to believe, isn't it? But it's true. And I'll give you 3 solid reasons WHY no one can compete with us, no matter how hard they might try.

We offer ALL types of information. We don't just offer you niche products or public domain products OR business building products OR resale rights products OR articles OR reports. We offer the whole shebang. And we don't skimp about it either. We offer you more than anyone else of every single category of information you are looking for.

We don't just offer you a hodgepodge of randomly grouped products, so that you have to pour over them all to find what you are looking for. We have carefully and meticulously organized ALL of our quality content into 20 hard-hitting categories, so that you can easily and effortlessly find exactly those products you are looking for in record time for any project you are working on. You can take a quick look at what they are by clicking here.

Most membership sites don't really give you much bang for your buck. I mean let's be honest. You might get bunch of stuff when you first join, but after that you only get 2 or 3 products a month for the remainder of your membership. NOT with us. Over-delivery is our specialty. We give you 40 brand, spanking NEW products each and every month - 12 Niche, 12 Public Domain, 12 Business Building/Internet Marketing and 4 Private Label Niche Product Packages. NO ONE... and I repeat NO ONE else out there offers anywhere near that level of product over-delivery! And we even give BONUSES on top of this!

Yes, You could go sign up for a Public Domain Product Membership site and get a few new products each month -- but why bother when we offer 4 fully stocked Public Domain libraries in our vaults and hand you 12 new PD products each and every month!


Savings: $29.95 - $49.95 per month minimum

Yes, You could go sign up for one or two Niche Product Membership sites and get a few new products each month -- but why bother when we offer you a fully stocked Niche Product library within our vaults and hand you 12 new Niche products each and every month!


Savings: $29.95 - $49.95 per month minimum

Yes, you could go and buy up every New Master Resell Rights Package that is released and spend a fortune in the process -- but why bother when you can simply let us do the honors and gift you with all the latest and greatest niche and internet marketing resell rights products each and every month in our power-packed 40 product packages.


Savings: Incalculatable

Yes, you could pay for the services of a ghostwriter to get Private Label Niche Works on high interest niche topics -- but why bother when you could simply let us gift you with FOUR private label niche gift documents and sites each and every month.


Savings: At least $400.00 per month

Yes, you could join several private label article sites and spend your time editing and compiling the articles into reports on high interest niche topics and then you could hire professional graphics designers to design you some covers for those reports or you could simply opt for a WOW Premium Membership and sit back and have all the hard work done for you each and every month. You'll get 40 private label reports and cover packs right out of the gate!


Savings: $200 minimum

... and the list goes on...

Bottom line is... we aren't called WOW for nothing:-)

If you read nothing more of the site letter that follows, be sure to read some of the testimonials from our members. They speak volumes... Or you can go ahead and take a tour and see for yourself! We guarantee you will be blown away!

"What a site!!! I've never seen anything that even begins to compare to what you are offering."
-- Glen Mentgen, aka "ancient_one"

"Just love your site! -- you have re-defined "over-deliver." -- Daisy Matthews

Welcome Fellow Business Builder,

Can you feel it in your bones? Can you sense the secret power of this site. It has a different feel about it, doesn't it? That is because you have just landed on your your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all the content you will ever want or need.

And as we both know... if you want to get rich online these days, the magic word is... CONTENT.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the content bandwagon... and there is a reason for this...

Content is HOT. Hotter than EVER!

People come online looking for information, and if you can provide that information for them, you are in the cat bird's seat.

I mean, just about anybody can scrounge up and throw together a bunch of niche or internet marketing info-products these days, stick a hefty price tag on them, declare the sale a one time only, 24 hour opportunity, with the price going up every day - and have folks literally falling over themselves to click on the order button.

It's mind boggling really. And some of the products that are passing for "information" are really stretching the term... Yet - folks just don't seem to care. They just want more and more content.

But there is a caveat to all this. There is a saying, "You may be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Browse the Contents of our Site

Essentially what this means is that if you are going to succeed in the information marketing business long-term, you are going to have to provide better, more interesting, more informative and more consistently valuable information than the next guy... or you might make a few quick sales, but you aren't going to gain the kind of reputation it takes to hang around for the long haul.

Which brings us to this site.

The WOW Content Club. Simple Name. Huge Value.
Enormous Potential for Those with Access.

Within the private vaults of this site we have gathered more QUALITY niche marketing, internet marketing, resell rights and public domain content than ANY OTHER website on the internet.

We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of documents and software. (Our current database contains well over three thousand instantly downloadable documents - and it continues to grow every day.)

And these are not your average, ordinary, every day works. These works have been gathered from hidden resources, ferreted out and hunted down over a period of five years of sleuthing the internet. Only a true, dedicated information junkie could find and hoard so much valuable, quality content.

Exceptional content that I am now, for the first time, making available to YOU. To save you huge amounts of time and effort and an immense amount of expense.

Here is What You Will Get with Your
Monthly Membership to the WOW Content Club:

Free Access 24-7 to Our Extensive, Exclusive WOW Private Vaults, where we have organized and catalogued so many outstanding, out-of-the-ordinary and truly useful resources that you could literally spend several days just browsing through all of our extraordinary content. All of these resources will be at your disposal, to download, read... and the vast majority of them are also available for resale. You will also have access to all new resources, which will be added on an astoundingly regular basis (40 new docs per month)...

First you can learn from all these prime resources and then you can turn around and earn from most of them:-) And, of course, you will never, ever run out of list building or product enhancing Bonuses! You are assured of having enough content to continually grow your business for years to come.

Unlimited Access to 15 Jam-packed Category Libraries of Internet Marketing Information. Everything from RSS, copywriting and affiliate marketing to infoproduct creation, getting Googled and the intricacies of ecommerce is covered. No stone is left unturned. You simply click on a category and you are instantly presented with a wealth of products - all related to that topic, all instantly downloadable. And, if you are a marketer yourself (or plan to become one), you will be happy to know that the vast majority of them available for resale.

If you're new to the Internet, you can grab a first rate education on any topic for a song. And if you're an old timer you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven for the instant windfall of resale rights riches and expert marketing wisdom that you'll gain instant access to.

Unlimited Access to 4 Jam-Packed Category Libraries of Public Domain Information. Housed within these vaults are many of the literary classics and best-sellers (Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success, Charles Dicken's David Copperfield and Great Expectations, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, James Joyces' Ulysses, etc. ) that people gladly pay good money for at bookstores today. We don't just have a couple of these books. We have dozens and dozens and dozens of them - all yours free of charge with your club membership...

You don't have to go to the bother of scanning documents yourself or searching high and low to ferret out the extremely rare first rate products that you can offer with pride to your clients.

Unlimited Access to our Ever Growing Niche Marketing and Product Libraries. These libraries already contain a wealth of niche content, more than enough to make your mouth water. But because the niche area is so vast and in such demand, we are expanding our niche content at a remarkable rate. All you have to do is check out the 30 categorized pages of New Niche Content we have waiting in the wings in our private vault tour to know that you have never seen so much diverse niche content gathered together all in one place.

No more casting about for content or products for your niche sites. It doesn't matter what topic, we've got you covered. Looking for a report or ebook to give away to build your lists? With our mega load of niche products the well will never run dry.

Every Month You will Receive 4 Completely Different, RED HOT, Ready to Roll, Niche Private Label Premium Packages, each of which will include: a unique niche product in pdf format; a website template; a packet of related articles you can use on your site or compile into another product - bearing in mind that CONTENT is what is going to bring you TRAFFIC, and finally, suggestions of other related products you can purchase/promote to begin building your niche domination network...

What can I say? Authoring your own product is darn hard work. Why bother, when you can just as easily take the excellent niche products we give you, pop your name on them and build your credibility without breaking a sweat?

Every Month You will Receive - not 2 or 3 - but A Whopping 40 NEW Products. That's right. 40 New Products will be added each month, so the well will never... can never run dry. I mean, this is unheard of. Who in their right mind offers you 30 brand new products each and every month. That works out to a new product each day of the week. How can we make this promise? Because we already have over a year's worth of additional content safely stored away in our vaults. We don't promise what we can't deliver:-)

At WOW we believe you can never have too much of a good thing, so we will give you 12 New Public Domain Products, 12 New Niche Products and 12 New Business Building Products each and every month - for a TOTAL of 30 Products, 95% of which come complete with RESELL RIGHTS!

Your Club Membership provides you with access to an ever growing Article Archive, filled to overflowing with quality articles on just about every internet and niche marketing topic you could possibly think of. And every single one of our articles are available for you to "borrow" and use as you wish, provided no changes are made to the content and proper credit is attributed to the authors.

We all know, you can NEVER have TOO much content. Information, in any form, is what folks come online searching for and what search engines look for in crawling your site. So... if you want to keep your site visitors and the search engines happy (so they'll bring you more visitors), all you have to do is keep adding content. Use our article content to help raise your search engine rankings or profit with Google AdWords.

With Your WOW Content Club Membership you will receive access to our well stocked and multi topic Reports Resource.

You can use our reports as giveaways to build your list; you can use them as content for your autoresponders; there are many ways that you can use these reports to profit and to save yourself hours of research and writing.

JUST ADDED: WOW PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! Includes membership in BOTH the WOW Content Club and our newly launched WOW Niche Reports Resource.

You SAVE $20 Every month off the Cost of Membership in BOTH Clubs. You save HUNDREDS of $$ every month off the cost of membership in ANY OTHER content based membership site. We are the only site yet that offers private label niche reports in ADDITION to ALL of the ABOVE. Heck, we are the only site that offers ALL of the above, period:-)

Our WOW Content Club Membership is strictly limited to no more than 2,000 members, so you are assured of exclusivity.

We want to make sure that the uniqueness of the private label products is preserved, and so we are limiting the number of people who will be able to resell this information.

Are you saying WOW yet??? Well, many of our members are…

Here’s what several of them have had to say…

Here is What Some of our Members Have to Say
about Their Membership in the WOW Content Club:


In recent months, I have joined -- and in some cases "un"-joined -- several content sites, from public domain to niche to more general material for use in e-zines or even e-books. I've been pretty happy with most, vaguely unhappy with some, seriously disappointed with one or two. But I've only been spectacularly happy with two -- and WOW certainly lives up to its title as one of those. Actually, it far exceeds every expectation. There is no question you have set the standard by which all other content sites now will be judged, a standard so high, I rather doubt most of them will be able to take you on. Which is great for the rest of us, of course.

I'm still putting the final touches on my own new site, which I hope to launch very soon; the content I have acquired from WOW already has made it a much better, far stronger offering than it would have been just a few months earlier. With the full expectation that relationship will not only continue, but grow stronger, I want to thank you for what you have created and wish you all the success in the world with it and your plans to make it better. After all, the better WOW becomes, the better my site almost certainly will become.

J.R. Wilson


"I'm enjoying my WOW membership already. You have an unbelievable range of product which will keep me content site building forever I think!"

Alan Allport

Testimonial: Hi Greg and Gail:

Your 'WOW Content Club' is much more than just another club offering resale rights. When I studied what you have available to members, I must say I was truly impressed. And that does not happen much these days.

Your site is sure to help all marketers - both veterans and green
internet marketing newbies. I like the fact that you have already done
most of the hard work for them.

As I stated on my own website, "Why re-invent the wheel?"

I am recommending to all my members that are serious about marketing
on the internet to check out your membership before you close the doors.

Keep up the good work!

Mike Filsaime

Testimonial: Hi Greg and Gail:

I just had to write and tell you how excited I am to have joined up with WOW. I thought Christmas had come when I found you, I was that impressed. I simply could not believe how much value you are giving your members for their money! I spent hours looking around the net for something like this to join and I can tell you that absolutely NOTHING compares!

The look of the site is great, the style is unique, it is very user friendly and you have catered for absolutely everyone. As if that wasn’t enough, it gets even better! I simply can’t wait to hear that you have launched your WOW Empire Program! I have seen the samples of these sites and they are fabulously content rich with lots of opportunities to make multiple streams of income.

I also want to extend a BIG thank you to you Greg for your outstanding after sales service. You responded with lightening response to my email enquiries and you definitely know how to ‘go the extra mile’ for your customers! WOW is a priceless resource that everyone should have and I am going to make sure that everyone I know has it too!

I feel proud to be a member of WOW. This membership is the platform from which I will be launching my own empire!

Thank you for people like you! I wish you both a HUGE success.

Kind regards,

Carrie Lynne

Testimonial: Gail,

"I have just joined your 'wow' product club and I'm very impressed. Thanks for putting it all together. I can cancel my other site memberships now, they don't even come close. My new website is to be launched very soon (https://www.tradebit.com) and these amazing resources are going to make it so much easier to complete and keep fresh."

Theresa Evans, UK

Testimonial: Greg and Gail,

I just wanted you guys to know how much I’m enjoying my WOW membership. Before I found out about you guys, I had quite a dilemma! I knew that niche markets are the key to success online but I still needed an education in internet marketing, so I’d know how to market to those lucrative niches.

So, unfortunately, my plan of attack was “split” down the middle. I needed access to internet marketing materials, but I also needed to begin to build my niche market materials. I had a “dual budget” thing going on. Half for niche products, half for internet marketing products. I shopped around for membership sites in both arenas and found out that they were anywhere up to $197 a month! FOR EACH ARENA!

I was totally bummed out. Given my (puny) budget restrictions, I might have had about six bucks left over for incidentals (such as website hosting, autoresponder, advertising, promotion, etc.). But then I found you guys! I couldn’t believe it. Niche products, internet marketing products, public domain products… over 30 products A MONTH (and counting)!

Well, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and joined up. Now I can pursue my niche markets and still slowly build up to rubbing shoulders with the “big boys” in the internet marketing arena (and save a lot of money on the way). You guys roll out products every month that I had planned on spending my hard-earned cash on before, but I don’t have to! You SAVE me money every month. I am so glad I’m a member.

Anyway, you guys are “tops” in my book. I like your style!

-- Eddie Gilbert,
Cleveland, OH, https://www.tradebit.com


I was new to internet marketing and looking for content that I could both learn from and resell to get a business going. Somehow I stumbled on Wow-Content and boy am I glad I did! This site is really the mother-lode!

At first, I was skeptical. I've tried other sites and gotten nothing but a pile of worthless, out-of-date ebooks. But I was impressed that the folks at Wow Content let you browse their vault before signing up. And when I found a number of recent ebook and software packages from big name gurus, I was sold. I would have paid more to purchase just one of these packages. But for the price of one month's membership, I had access to dozens of valuable resources for my own use as well as full resale rights. It's really a no-brainer, the value and the potential are tremendous!

I'm also happy to report that the owners of Wow Content, Greg and Gail, are real people, and they've both been very helpful in responding to my emails and helping me get started getting the most out of all the site has to offer. In sum, Wow Content has greatly exceeded my expectations in terms of value and customer service. For anyone interested in internet marketing, this should be the first site you go to.

-- Gene Chamson, Oakland, CA

Testimonial: Greg,

I have purchased a few niche products over the last month or so, and I must say when I ran across yours, I was amazed. You offer far more than others I have seen for as much as a third of the cost.

Yours is so much more than a couple niche product categories and some articles, you include real products to sell AND recommended affiliate products, so I don't have to search for the right product to front end if I don't already have one. Based upon what I have seen out there, I would have paid more for yours, much more. I am glad I got it before you came to your senses!


Jeff Dodson

Testimonial: Gail,

I just want to let you know that your site is absolutely fantastic. I have so much fun working with all information, software, ebooks,etc. that you provided.. and put them together as packages for my customers.

You are great and have been very helpful when I have any questions on how to do or what to do with load of information from your site. Anybody in this information and contents businesses should be your member! Thanks so much.

-- Nisa Srivorakan

Testimonial: Gail and Greg,

"... I was already glad that I was a member, but then I saw the extra bonus package (talk about over-delivering!). That IS an AWESOME bonus package! In fact, there are several products you brought out this month that I had put in my budget to buy at some future time. So I guess my membership actually SAVED me some money. Can't beat THAT!..."

-- Eddie Gilbert, Cleveland, OH

Testimonial: Gail,

Love the website - I keep passing on buying packages and e-books and even single payment membership web sites as I know that your site is up to date and full of info. It's the best content site that I have found. It also has the best tech support!! :) Thanks again, Sue

Susan Bernau

Warning: Do NOT Join Any Membership Site
Unless it Meets the Following 5 Criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the marketing of content based membership sites these days. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any content provider site you join:

You must have a good selection of content. When you join a club where they only offer you 2 or 3 products a month, you are limited in what you can do with that content. Beyond that, every other member is going to be marketing those few products, so there will be hundreds of sites competing in the same market. So... you want to make sure that any site you join offers you as wide a selection of new, fresh products each and every month as possible. To the best of my knowledge, we are the ONLY site that does this.

You must have real live, honest to goodness people in charge of the site who are responsive to your needs and eager to help you get your business off to the best possible start. The one thing that Greg and I feel very strongly about in starting and building this Club is that we are building a community not just a business. We really want to get to know each and every one of our members. You are all VERY important to us - and we really do want to see you succeed. So yes, you will find that when you call the number on our site, a live human being - Greg - actually does pick up the phone! And when you email us for support - we really do get right back to you with an answer.

You must be able to preview the products you will be getting when you join. I can't tell you how many times I have read a great sales pitch, joined a club, only to be sorely disappointed when I actually gained admittance to the site and saw the actual products. Be wary of any marketer who will not show you his products up front. At WOW we show you everything up front because we know we offer top quality products and that we OVER-deliver terrific VALUE and we want you to see that up front.

While we are talking about products, it almost goes without saying that the products you receive from any membership site you join must be of high quality with plenty of original, topical content and not just recycled junk that is being sold by the tens of thousands of other sites. Of course, you will not know this if you are not allowed to preview the offerings. But if you are, you will find, especially with resale right sites, that many of the offerings are quite outdated. You really need to be leery of any offer that sounds too good to be true. Except ours, of course:-)

And finally, it helps to have a wide variety in the type of content you receive. Yes, many sites pride themselves on specializing in Public Domain Content or Niche Content or Internet Marketing Content. And, lately a lot of sites are cropping up that specialize in Article delivery. But... we all know that to succeed online big time you need to develop multiple streams of income, so why would you tie yourself down to one type of information? Here at WOW, you can GET IT ALL for a lot less.

As our existing members have said above, the WOW Content Club meets all these criteria with flying colors. In fact, we pride ourselves on having raised the bar and having set a new industry standard as content providers.

Get 2 Site Memberships for the Price of One!

Well there you have it. But no need for you to just take our word for what we're offering without having a thorough look around first, so please be our guest and...

Take a of Tour our Exclusive WOW Private Vaults,

True To Our WOW Reputation for
Over-Delivering Outstanding Value,
We've Put Together a Membership Site
That Leaves All the Rest in the Dust...

True to our WOW reputation for over-delivering outstanding value, we've put together a content site for you that makes all other membership sites look - much as I hate to say it - quite wimpy - by comparison. But of course, once again, you can be the judge...

Here is a quick breakdown.

What We Deliver

What Other Membership Sites on the Web Deliver

Internet Marketing ebooks and software carefully organized and categorized into 15 jam-packed libraries. If it is out there, you can bet we have it! Internet Marketing ebooks and software randomly arranged. And if they deliver this, this is usually the only type of content they provide.
Plenty of Prime Public Domain Content First rate works by first rate authors. You get immediate access to 4 Private label libraries the minute you join. If they Deliver Public Domain Content, this is the only type of content they provide.

Plenty of highly marketable Niche Content, with more added all the time (in fact, we currently have six new pages of prime niche products ready to roll!) Again, if they Deliver Niche Content, this is the only type of content they provide.
4 Brand New Niche Private Label Product Packages each and every month At most, I have seen sites delivering 2 new niche/private label product packages each month.

40 Brand New PRIVATE LABEL NICHE REPORTS, complete with Professionally designed Covers (With 20 more delivered each and every month) Nobody else is providing Niche Report Packs as yet, but you can bet that now that we have started this service, we will have followers.

40 New Products Added each and every month. And to show that we mean what we say, feel free to preview some of the new content that will be added. With typical membership sites, you join and take your chances as to whether they will add any new content or not. Many promise, few deliver. And those that do, typically deliver the standard 2 products per month.

An ever growing Article Archive, jam-packed with top-notch articles on all manner of topics related to ebusiness and niche marketing. So, we really have done our very best to make this your one stop e-content provider. Well, there are a slew of article sites out there, but I don't know of many membership sites that offer an extensive article database, along with their featured content. Some include a few topical articles, most don't bother. None offer the extensive article database that we offer -- along with all the other content.
I could go on with the comparison list, but I think you get the gist. When you join WOW...
You Get at Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

When you join the WOW Content Club, you will have immediate access to well over 1,750 products, almost all of them having resale rights of some type. You will also receive access to an additional 40 products per month (30 of them having some level of resale rights and 4 of them having full Private Label rights). Over the course of 1 year, this equates to 2,180 products.

At the monthly membership price, this is less than 27 cents per title over the year! Currently, the average price for a product with master resale rights is $27 to $67 and the price of a product with Private Label Rights can be in the hundreds of dollars range.

This does not include the pre-made websites that you will get (the cost of a copywriter can be over $500 for a single sales letter - you will have hundreds of sales letters at your finger tips!). You will also receive various article databases to use in marketing the products. You will have all of this at a price that is less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Take a look at the types of products that you will be receiving:

· Advertising & Promotion

· Affiliate Programs/Marketing

· Computers, RSS & Blogging

· Ad & Sales Letter Writing

· eBusiness

· eCommerce & Business Automation

· eMail Marketing

· eZine Publishing

· Info-Products

· Internet Marketing

· Online Auctions

· Search Engines & PPCs

· Web Presence

· MONSTER Software Packages

· Articles, Reports & MLM

· Niche Marketing & Products

· Public Domain Classics

· Public Domain Non-Fiction New

· Self Improvement

· Wealth & Success

Niche Marketing Products on topics such as:

Fitness & Health


Diet & Nutrition





Women at Work

Self Employment

Female Phases

Child Rearing




Interior Design

Real Estate & Home Design

Public Speaking


Business & Investing

Mail Order

Money Saving & Making

Car Savings

Cooking & Banking

Crafts & Needlework

Antiques & Collectibles

Gift Baskets

Scrap Booking

Stamp Collecting


Flowers & Trees





Kite Flying


Digital Photography

Home Theater




Graphology & Calligraphy

Guitar Playing








You will also getting 40 Private Label Reports on high interest Niche topics, with 20 more to come each and every month. Each of these reports (in word and pdf format) comes with a complete set of professionally created covers. Click here to take a look at just a few of the reports you'll be getting...

Browse the Contents of our Site

Now, I don't know about you, but when I take a look at the above, it strikes me that the only thing that could possibly stand in your way of scrambling madly to the nearest JOIN button, would be the feeling that there has to be a catch... That it just couldn't be possible that anyone would be fool enough to make an offer this good without expecting, at the very least, to be paid an arm and a leg for it.

Sound Too Good To Be True? Well, It Is.
But If You Want To Get The Ultimate Value Deal,
You Really Need To Take Action Fast!

Well... while it is true that we could charge... and probably should charge a minimum of 3 times what other membership sites charge, since we deliver at least three times the value that they do, you will no doubt be relieved to know that we are not going to do that.

If you took our tour you no doubt noted that there was plenty of NEW content in all three areas - internet marketing, niche products and public domain - that we have not added to the membership area yet.

One of the reasons we are holding off adding this new content to our site is because we've been told by those "in the know" that we already offer "too much of a good thing," and to add any more at this point would frankly be "overkill."

Beyond this, it would force us into a position of having to up our fee of admittance to the point where it would put membership out of the reach of those of you who would most benefit from it.

So... pay careful attention now...

For a limited time we will be offering Memberships to our WOW Content Club, which includes:

4 Completely Different, RED HOT, Ready to Roll, Niche Private Label Premium Packages Each and Every Month

36 BRAND SPANKING NEW Business Building Products Each and Every Month (Niche, Public Domain and Internet Marketing)

Free Access 24-7 to Our Extensive, Exclusive WOW Private Vaults with over 1,750 products included.

Unlimited Access to 15 Jam-packed Category Libraries of Internet Marketing Information.

Unlimited Access to 3 Jam-Packed Category Libraries of Public Domain Information.

Unlimited Access to our Ever Growing Niche Marketing and Product libraries.

Unlimited Access to our Extensive Internet Marketing and Niche Marketing Article Archives


Unlimited Access to our Exclusive, Extensive Multi-Topic Niche Private Label Reports Resource

... all for the remarkable price of only $59.95 a month (a savings of $30.00 off the combined price off both memberships!)

If you are only interested in our regular WOW Content Club membership -- and do not want the dual site membership -- we still offer our regular Club membership for $49.95. You will not, however, be entitled to access our Private Label Niche Reports Resource.

Normally we charge $39.95 for membership in our Niche Reports Resource alone. So if you were to join both of our sites, you would be paying $89.90 a month. And that would still be a considerable bargain for all that you are getting with both sites.

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Have you read the testimonials of our members? If they haven't convinced you, the fact that we let you have a thorough look around at EVERYTHING we have to offer should speak volumes!

Have you taken a tour of our site (if you didn't, you should!). No other site can compare to the sheer number and diversity of quality products we offer of every type - niche, public domain, internet marketing and private label.

Have you sampled one of our Massive Monthly Product Packs (each of which is conservatively valued at several thousand dollars) of 40 brand spanking new products, complete with 4 Ready to Market Niche Private Label Packages.

Have you reviewed what we offer in our companion Niche Reports Resource (membership in this resource is included in our Premier WOW Content membership)

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