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MP3 J.P. Winslow - Affluenza

Indie Rock coloured with Glam, Punk, 80''s New wave, Grunge and World Music. Nirvana meets Santana.

10 MP3 Songs in this album (45:43) !
Related styles: ROCK: Modern Rock, POP: New Wave

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Hello! Welcome to my “Affluenza” CD Baby Page.
My name is J.P. Winslow and I am a Musician and Songwriter. I was born in St. John’s Newfoundland and I live in Vancouver British Columbia. Affluenza is my second independent release. You can look my first album here on CD Baby too. It’s called “Winslow”.
So you are probably asking is Affluenza a real word? Did this guy make it up? Is it a disease? If so, is contagious? Even more importantly is there a cure? Well Affluenza is a word, a newish word and I did not make it up. We all like to use the internet to find out all kinds of things and I found this word at Wikipedia:
Affluenza, a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics of consumerism. Sources define this term as follows:
Affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more. (De Graaf [1])
Affluenza, n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by the pursuit of the American Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth. (PBS [1])
Proponents of the term consider the costs of prizing material wealth vastly outweigh the benefits. They claim those who become wealthy will find the economic success leaving them unfulfilled and hungry for more wealth. The condition is considered particularly acute amongst those with inherited wealth, who are often said to experience guilt, lack of purpose and dissolute behavior, as well as obsession with holding on to the wealth (John Levy''s Coping with Inherited Wealth - see [2]).
Critics[who?] of the term suggest that the term is a neologism, applying viral metaphor to an ill-defined societal anxiety.[citation needed]
The Affluenza theory
British psychologist Oliver James asserts that there is a correlation between the increasing nature of affluenza and the resulting increase in material inequality: the more unequal a society, the greater the unhappiness of its citizens.[2]. Referring to Vance Packard''s thesis (The Hidden Persuaders) on the manipulative methods used by the advertising industry, James relates the stimulation of artificial needs to the rise in affluenza. To highlight the spread of affluenza in societies with varied levels of inequality, James interviewed people in several cities including Sydney, Singapore, Auckland, Moscow, Shanghai, Copenhagen and New York.
James also believes that higher rates of mental disorders are the consequence of excessive wealth-seeking in consumerist nations. [3]. He cites World Health Organization data that English-speaking nations have twice as much mental illness as mainland Europe: 23% vs. 11.5% suffered in the twelve months ending[when?]. James defines affluenza as ''placing a high value on money, possessions, appearances (physical and social) and fame,'' and this becomes the rationale behind the increasing mental illness in English-speaking societies. He explains the greater incidence of affluenza as the result of ''Selfish Capitalism,'' the Market Liberal political governance found in English-speaking nations as compared to the less selfish capitalism pursued in mainland Europe. James asserts that societies can remove the negative consumerist effects by pursuing real needs over perceived wants, and by defining themselves as having value independent of their material possessions.
Affluenza by country
Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss'' book[4] poses the question, "If the economy has been doing so well, why are we not becoming happier?" (pvii). They argue that affluenza causes over-consumption, "luxury fever", consumer debt, overwork, waste, and harm to the environment. These pressures lead to "psychological disorders, alienation and distress" (p179), causing people to "self-medicate with mood-altering drugs and excessive alcohol consumption" (p180).
They note that a number of Australians have reacted by "downshifting" — they decided to "reduce their incomes and place family, friends and contentment above money in determining their life goals." Their critique leads them to identify the need for an "alternative political philosophy," and the book concludes with a "political manifesto for wellbeing" (see [3]).
United States
Affluenza is considered to be most present in the United States, where the culture encourages its citizens to measure their worth by financial success and material possessions. Mainstream media outlets, such as television broadcasts, tend to demonstrate how pervasive the idea has become; and by the same token, the same media outlets reinforce the values to the viewers.
The term affluenza was popularized in the United States by the 1997 documentary of the same name from KCTS and Seattle and Oregon Public Broadcasting[4]. John de Graaf, producer of the documentary, also co-authored a book with the same title[1].
Affluenza in popular culture
• Affluenza is mentioned in Chumbawamba''s song "Buy Nothing Day" and "1 and 3" by the punk-rock band MxPx.
• Radio talker Rush Limbaugh regularly runs a parody advertisement mocking the concept and suggesting that those "stricken with affluenza" can be cured by listening to his program. Rush''s offer to ''cure'' affluenza, by what is presumed to imply a renewed enthusiasm for material consumption - acquired via exposure to his program - has led to commentary that Rush may not in fact understand what the concept of affluenza actually means.
• The charity The Samaritans initiated the multi disciplinary arts exhibition Affluenza Exhibition in London 2009 where artists create work surrounding the theme of affluenza itself.
The Affluenza Exhibition was initiated by photographer and Samaritans volunteer Hege Sæbjørnsen, [4] Working with fellow creatives Iskra Tsaneva, Chelsey Browne and Kate Andrews plus a number of other volunteers, they collaborate with the Samaritans and Oliver James. The project can be accessed here [5] The exhibition with talks and events will take place in Clerkenwell, London on the 19-28 March 2009. Funded by UnLtd Awards [6] and The Norwegian Embassy [7].
• Affluenza is conceptualized in both the book and movie of Fight Club (written by Chuck Palahniuk). “We''re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War''s a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives.
1. ^ a b Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic, John de Graaf, David Wann & Thomas H. Naylor, ISBN 1-57675-199-6
2. ^ James, Oliver (2007). Affluenza: How to Be Successful and Stay Sane. Vermilion. ISBN 9780091900113.
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4. ^ a b Affluenza: when too much is never enough, Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss, Allen & Unwin 2005, ISBN 1-74114-671-2
Further reading
• The Circle of Simplicity, Cecile Andrews, ISBN 0-06-092872-7
• The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence, Jessie H. O''Neill, ISBN 978-0967855400
• Voluntary Simplicity, Duane Elgin, ISBN 0-688-12119-5
• Voluntary Simplicity, Daniel Doherty & Amitai Etzioni, ISBN 0-7425-2066-8
• The Politics of Simple Living by Charles Siegel. Read online or download.
External links
• PBS Show: Affluenza
• Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year Winners: Affluenza
• Oliver James website
• The Affluenza Project
• Affluenza issues in the USA
• Affluenza video
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So does any of that help? Probably not but I believe this condition is real and I think I suffer from it. I suffer from the symptoms even though I do my best to fight it! But hey I like to write and play and listen to Rock’n’Roll and Rock’n’Roll must be the best example of an art form that has grown out of Affluenza. No matter how you slice it Rock music in all its forms is either reacting or contributing to the epidemic. So yes I think it is a disease and it is contagious and there might not be a cure. All we can do is be aware that we (meaning we who live in rich so called industrialized countries) are all suffering from Affluenza to some degree or other.

But don’t worry. This is not a “concept album”. No, it is a collection of songs some of which relate to each other but and some of which just sit on their own. This album was not just influenced by affluence or the pursuit thereof. There are countless artists, bands, and musicians who influence my work. I feel this album to be Modern Rock. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s the best descriptive word offered from the genre choices here at CD Baby. In all fairness Modern Rock does describe the album because if anything it’s modern. It is modern because well it’s new. It’s modern because it is a completely independent album produced by a completely independent artist (that’s me). Like many of the artists here on CD Baby my recording projects are funded entirely out of my own pocket. So when you buy an album of mine it does mean a great deal. This is very modern indeed. So, so who are some of the artists that have influenced this album? Musically speaking I’ll list a few:

THE RACONTURES- I love this band. If you haven’t listened to them then do it now. (Well do it after you buy and listen to my album first)

THE POLICE- Need I say anything?

SWEET- You`ve no doubt heard the song ``Ballroom Blitz``.

LOVE & ROCKETS – Ultra distorted guitars and vocals who could ask for anything more?

THE BEATLES – Who haven`t they influenced?

BUFFALO TOM – I used to listen to these guys years ago and recently rediscovered them.

PIXIES – “Loud quiet Loud” indeed.

JESUS LIZARD – Must be heard to be believed

DAVID GRISMAN – Mandolin Genius!

LENNY BREAU – Canadian Guitar Genius!

And many, many more!

I have also been influenced by some of my favourite writers:

SALMAN RUSHDIE – “Midnight’s Children”, “The Satanic Verses”, “Shalimar the Clown”, “Fury”, and others.

KURT VONEGUT – “Breakfast of Champions”, “Slaughterhouse-Five”, “Hocus Pocus” and more.

LEO TOLSTOY – “Anna Karenina”, “War and Peace”, etc.

Travel also influences my work. I’ve been many places all around the world and everywhere I go I find something that sooner or later ends up in a song. Of course everyday life is the biggest influence of them all!

Here are the lyrics to all the songs on the album. I have written them the way they appear in the album liner:

Bangkok is Lonely {Without Your Love} (5:11)

Lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely without your love Bangkok is lonely oh so lonely lonely lonely without your love lonely lonely lonely oh so lonely without your love Bangkok is lonely lonely lonely oh so lonely without your love Someone’s got to tell me if this landing should be made Notes are lined up in the song waiting to be played Enemy’s repression there’s no need to be afraid Feeing right end in sight freedom not delayed Everything’s exciting when my wheels they hit the ground Intensity is building and my heart begins to pound Now it’s time to spill my guts there’s nobody around Something must have happened when I got off the plane Feeling all secure now I feel insane Came here for the sunshine all I got is rain I know there is no pleasure just degrees of hiding pain Saving up my energy to fight another day Going to get expensive Be prepared to pay future rushing at me I’d like to have a say Just like me this city has internal revolution Violence protests sit-ins are all possible solutions just like me it’s searching for it’s one true constitution and just like me it’s heart is smothered in filthy pollution Digging up my memories in the Kingdom of Siam looking back on down the track I see how far I ran I’d like to say it’s all ok I’m doing what I can All in place to win the race I never understand Listening for your advise it always comforts me Now I lay my head down on the bed here at Tavee Dark of night world is bright the sky it bleeds

The Distance between You and Me (4:11)

I am not stain resistant I am not duty free I am staggered by the distance The distance between you and me The distance the distance Maintained at my insistence The distance between you and me The distance the distance Framed in my resistance The distance between you and me Fill it up I have recycled all my feelings No deposit in return And I am baffled by these lessons Always so much to learn Now I know that times are tough You and I we’ve had it rough It’s time to say enough’s enough So now let’s fill it up We are rebuilding all our bridges Engineered by you and me Let the fine white sand of love Bury all this ancient history

Fair Skinned but Never Pale (3:12)

If a snail crawled on the edge of a knife would she let it die or would she save it’s life Would she pick it up and set it on the sand or would she fry it on a frying pan She’s fair skinned but never pale Well if there are elves then they are her friends And to arctic owls she shelter lends But oh she’s soft and her hands are strong her arctic owls they sing a humming bird song She’s fair skinned but never pale She is truly a fairy queen She has wings though they can’t be seen I only see her with the fall night because she flies away at the dawn’s first light Well if there’s a word then I can’t spell and if there’s a secret she may not tell it She lives on a velvet landscape dressed in a jade green vampire’s cape

It Love (3:34)

It love Time to face it everyone is penetrated It’s not so bad it’s all been regulated I’m breathing deeply now I am sedated Can’t hold it in my heart’s been repatriated It Love No denying desire’s been ignited my reason’s faded my landing site’s been sighted The pain is gone my wrongs they have been righted I’m not ashamed my body is delighted It Love Got to have it each and every day I tell you that I tried it all There’s simply no better way It Love

Blood on the Street (4:26)

If there’s a stain on the street it’s probably blood Another mother’s child is dying in the mud Blood It’s Blood The pain in your heart it’s probably shame One more poor child writhing hard in pain Blood It’s Blood If the rain washed the stain away Hiding all the evidence from the light of day it’s still blood It’s blood Stop playing with fire Stop playing with guns It’s Blood

Anna Karenina (5:37)

Anna you were right we can never know ourselves We are slaves to our obsessions we are victims of our own will Anna you were right you should have never gotten on that train You should have stayed at home in St. Petersburg it would have saved you so much pain Anna you were right Anna you were right vengeance is mine I will repay We must dodge the slings and arrows that will always fly our way Anna you were right the omens told it all That porter was sure footed why did he have to take that fall Anna you were right Anna you were right this man is not your age A playboy and a soldier you cannot put him in a cage Anna you were right Your white shoulders bare his eyes are drawn to you You burn with brilliance like none of these debutants can do It’s time to walk away don’t dance this next quadrille This love is a passion it is obsession it can kill Anna you were right Anna you were right your brother said it well Splendid if I overcome my earthly passions he could not know your living hell Anna you were right we cannot live without knowing why we’re here We’re all searching for the answers through this ignorance and fear Anna you were right but only god should take a life You’re still needed here on earth you are a mother and a wife Anna you were right you lay your life here on these tracks You are on your final journey you are never coming back Anna you were right

Not in My hands (3:34)

I never asked you to go my dear I only asked you to stay If you turn your back on me you’d better keep walking that way What can I do What Can I say What can I do It’s not in my hands Not in my hands I have no choice Not in my hands I have voice I never asked to be a sinner I never said I was a saint I will do my penance A begging’ man I ain’t Gonna put on my boots Time to get outside I’d look for the answers but I haven’t got the time

No One’s Listening (3:59)

I’ve been living on the wrong side of my heart lurking in the shadows Hiding behind parked cars sitting in the shade Do you have anymore to give me do you have any more Do you have any more forgive me do you have any more You’ve got to turn it upside down spin it all around open up your mouth if you’re gonna make a sound Hey hey hey I got something to say Turn in upside down spin it all around open up your mouth if your mouth if you’re gonna make a sound No one’s listening anyway I been hanging on the wrong side of my mind Playing in the trash can Driving wild horses through the yard spitting in the wind Hey I’m down here

Ataba (4:43)

Ataba through the gate I go Arriving four thousand years ago Ataba I’m on my way The train to yesterday Ataba you be my guide A once in a lifetime ride We’re on our way to the land of the setting sun Like Osiris we will rise when the day is done We’re on our way to the land of the setting sun We’ll have it made in the land of the setting sun Ataba you’re Cairo’s key to the veins and the arteries Ataba under this ancient land Beneath the delta and the desert sand

Kathy Mae

There once was a lady Her name was Kathy Mae She lived across the street from me She never saw the light of day She stayed inside her house with the curtains drawn she never saw the sunset she never saw the dawn Kathy Mae I might have loved her if I had ever seen her face She locked the windows she closed the door she never left that place Waited for a reply to the note I tacked on her door I never got an answer See she isn’t living any more Kathy Mae

That’s the lowdown on “Affluenza”. Have a listen to the sound clips and see if you like it. If not, that’s cool just tell someone who you think might like my song about what you hear! Thanks for stopping by.

J.P. Winslow

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