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Info Product Creation Toolkit

Create Your Very Own Info-Product Empire, Literally Overnight, With The Complete Info_product Creation Toolkit!

Features Every Last Piece Of Information, Every Tool, Software & Secret Resource, Every Hardcore Marketing Strategy To Create High Quality Info-Products That Sell Themselves By The Boatload...Year After Year!

This Is Far More Than Just A How-To Guide - The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit Actually Provides MANY Premium Resources (Worth $19.95, $39, $49.97...etc) That You Can Download And Use To Take Your Info-Product Creation & Marketing Ability Into Expert Status!

Dear Internet Friend,

There are several good, legitimate ways of making a lot of money online (and sadly a lot of scams too) - very few however can stack up to the profitability of creating and selling your very own high profit information products. Why? Because info-products have absolutely exploded over the last couple of years and while there is profit to be made reselling ready made eBooks, the bulk of the cash goes to the producers of the info-product. Today you're going to find out exactly why creating high-value info-products from scratch, and selling them to a hungry audience is not nearly as difficult as it may seem - IF you have the right know-how, software and resources at your disposal. So what kind of profits can be made with your own info-products? Well, there are authors out there who have made as much as $15,000 within a month with a relatively easy-to-produce eBook. Of course I'm not suggesting that you're going to make the same kind of return with your very first try, but with the high-power strategies that you'll discover within this toolkit you have every chance of being highly successful.

Before starting I want to point out one thing - The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit is far more than just a "How To" guide - it's a complete resource that shows you, step by step, how to think up high-demand information products, create them from scratch and then market them the right way. Each of these steps are really crucial to your success with info-products. Above all, the toolkit comes with several highly valuable built-in resources that you can download from inside - premium eBooks & software that you absolutely must have in order to produce & market information products successfully. These resources would cost you a small fortune if you were to purchase them separately. That's what separates this all-inclusive toolkit from the other "How To Create Info-Products" books out there. You see, most "how-to create information products" eBooks have affiliate links to the same/similar products that you're getting with the toolkit for free, so you have to purchase them separately (giving the authors back-end commissions and leaving you somewhat out of pocket). There is simply nothing out there that competes with The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit if you're looking for a step-by-step, take you by the hand blueprint for creating, selling and profiting from your very own information products.

Here Is Just A Small Fraction Of What's Waiting For You Inside The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit...

A complete suite of premium resources - eBooks & software - that are critical to your info-product creation & marketing success, that you can download from inside the toolkit. Don't even try and start producing/marketing info-products without them - these stunning tools will help you create perfectly professional looking info-products, put together great looking graphics and audio for your sales page, discover exactly how and where to market your info-product for heaps of sales and much more.

The foolproof method that you can use to identify red-hot niches with hungry buyers who would happily buy any and every information product you produce for them. There are literally thousands of niches that are completely untapped - get into just one of them and your profits can literally explode in the space of a few days. Find out what they are using the toolkits niche research methods.

How to create an information-product so that it not only brings in a flood of immediate profits, but so that it continues to make you money on autopilot for many years into the future. This little secret is also one of the main reasons why having your own info-product is the real key to building a huge fortune with the internet.

How to avoid the profit-killing mistake that both newbies and experienced info-product creators make. Make the same one and your product is a flop before you even write one word.

Some serious developments have taken place for info-product creators in recent times. Be aware of this and you'll be able to discover how you can find free content for any subject that you're writing about - anytime you want.
Six brief but hard-core writing strategies to help you put together your information product in record time - forget months or even weeks...learn these techniques and you'll be able to create high quality information products within a weekend!

A complete crash course in online marketing especially for information products. You simply have to follow these simple but highly effective techniques in order to sell your information product for huge profits. One of the little-known premium resources included has the ability to literally explode your information-product profits within one day!

Which payment processors and hosting sites you should be using for your information products.

How you can create highly professional and customised graphics, eBook/CD/Folder covers and more to suit any budget (with one resource that will actually let you create them for free). The toolkit also provides a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own info-product cover from scratch within just 10 minutes!

How to use a simple copywriting technique to create high-impact sales pages that almost force your customers to purchase from you. There is no fluff or 100-page eBooks to wade through...just the hardcore strategies you should be applying for every single sales page you create for your information products.

How to add some amazing dynamic effects to your sales-page - how you can easily create special effects such as TV presentation styles, have special entry and exit effects and much more to give your sales page a real edge over others.

How to put together an irresistible joint venture offer that brings results - creating joint ventures will be an important part of your success. Discover the right way to craft joint venture offers specifically for information products. Find out exactly where to find potential joint venture partners who are desperate to promote your product to their audience and discover the 7-step secret technique that your joint venture offer MUST follow for maximum profits. Get this right and you never have to worry about money again.

The seven places that you MUST expose your information product to - these seven places are highlighted in the marketing section of the toolkit and will send the sales of your information product into hyper-drive! This is in effect an automatic money creation strategy but even the most experienced information-product creators are not using all of them. Frankly, these pages alone are worth ten times the price of the toolkit.

How to create even more income by selling high quality resale rights products and marking them up by 100% or more. Plus one simple technique you can use to make your resale rights products stand head and shoulders above everyone else's. You'll also discover a little known place where unseen, premium master rights are sold for under $10 and how you can exploit this for some immediate profits. This little gem is absolutely unknown in the world of resale rights and you really need to get in now!

Included inside the toolkit are a list of hot information product subject topics that have been proven to yield the highest profits for info-product creators. Even if you don't have a clue about what topic to base your info-product on, the list inside will help you generate an endless stream of topics all with ready-to-buy markets.

A hot-list of substantial discounts (over 50% off) to some of the hottest selling eBooks and software on the market.

The above is just a fraction of what's contained inside The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit!

The Toolkit's Secret Weapons - No Less Than Eight Premium eBooks & Software That Every Info-Product Creator Simply Must-Have!

There are one or two decent how to create info-product books out there - most of them tell you how to create an information-product and then point their affiliate links to further software and tools that you need. The result? You end up spending a good $250 or more buying up these additional products to actually create your information product. With The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit you'll also get instant access to no less than eight premium resources (software and eBooks) that are absolutely essential for every information-product creator. These resources would cost you an absolute fortune if you purchased them individually (and eventually you probably would) but they are ready for instant download from inside the toolkit. You simply will not get this from any other "how to create info-products" resource out there - period!

Let's take a brief look at each of these eight premium resources:

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource One - How To Create Perfect PDF Files For FREE With Just A Few Clicks Of The Mouse. As you may already be aware, the preferred choice of formats for your information products is “PDF”. There are several reasons why PDF’s are so popular – they can be read from any PC or MAC anywhere in the world, they have a very neat look and they are very easy to create. Aside from this they are secure and your document will look the same in PDF as it did in your Word document – al the characters/fonts and even graphics are actually embedded into the created PDF file so there are no further adjustments that you need to make.

So it’s not surprising that they have taken the info-product world by storm. The downside to using PDF? It can be very expensive to get a copy of the Adobe Writer software (a couple of hundred dollars actually). With the PDF Creator included in the toolkit you can create perfect PDF files within a couple of minutes. But the best thing is that the PDF Creator also has some very advanced features for info-product creators. It can:

Include graphics/charts and other pictures or multimedia.

Link to other websites or emails.

Create PDF navigation bookmarks.

Password protect your PDF file and even disable the copy/text function to stop illegal theft of your work.

Secure sign your document using your digital certificate.

Customise the info-product you create with page numbers and so on.

Rotate pages of a document (very useful if you use Powerpoint or Excel to create your info-product).

Merge several different documents into one PDF file.

You can do all of this for FREE.

You'll also discover the following:

How to upload your info-product to your website.

How to set-up download links.

This resource is an absolute must-have for any information product creator. But also included inside The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit is The Self Publishers Knowledge Base - these are Amazon best sellers that take you through every single step involved with info-product publishing. Again, you do not have to pay a single extra penny for all of this...it's all waiting for you inside The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Two - A Cover Graphics Creator. Your info-product should have a professional-looking cover and with the ICG graphics creator you'll be able to create info-product graphics from scratch. Simply download the eBook and follow the instructions to create your instant covers - there are over 100 templates included in the basic ICG version (which comes free with this package). There is also a 50% discount available only through this package if you want to upgrade to Instant Cover Magic not to mention a full tutorial showing you how to create your info-product covers from scratch within just ten minutes. Again, you will just not find this in any other package.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Three - How To Add Audio To Your Website & Information Product For FREE! This next resource is an absolute peach. Look up audio creation tools and you'll discover that they cost up-to $97. However, the "How To Add Audio To Your Website" guide shows you exactly how you can create superb audio files for your information products AND website at zero cost. This is a really outstanding tool to have given that over 80% of web users have audio listening capabilities on their machines and here are a few of the features of this neat package:

There is absolutely nothing further to pay once you download this package - you will be able to create whole information products in audio and have audio features on your website for free. This kind of knowledge costs $97 separately if you buy it outside The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit. No monthly fees or set-up costs are involved.

You can create high quality audio using just your microphone and the How To Add Audio To Your Website & Information Product For FREE package. You do not need any programming/High Tech skills.

You do not need any further software/hardware (except a microphone if you do not already have one).

You will be able to create good looking audio play buttons - again without having to know a single line of code.

Lists places where you can get free voice recorded messages that you can take and add onto your website.

You'll also discover a low-cost way of adding video onto your website.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Four - How To Blast Your Info-Product Profits With Online Forums! If you do not use online forums as part of your marketing plan then you're missing out on some huge profits. Your fourth downloadable resource shows you how the gurus get several hundreds per day using nothing but online forums and their own products. This really is sensational and you'll discover exactly how to use forums the right way (with plenty of illustrations) to sell your info-products - not only to boost your sales but also to get a flood of interested prospects to sign up for your newsletter. Not only that but you'll also get The Big Book Of Forums - an endless list of forums that you can register with and use instantly to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Five - The entire Cool Tools package which every info-product creator should be using as part of their marketing plan. Here's what you'll be able to do with just a few clicks of this powerful software:

Create "subscribe now" forms without any programming knowledge. Simply fill in the blanks and copy the code onto your website and you'll be able to give away eBooks/newsletters/special reports...anything you like in exchange for your prospects email address. This really is a must-have tool as it allows you to increase your potential customers base.

Google Tool - Allows you to see exactly where you rank in the Google search engine.

Tag Grabber - An astonishingly useful and rarely used tool. You can use this powerful little program to find the top 20 tools in google for any search term - it will then analyse and display each sites meta tags so that you can see which apply to your own info-product.

Keyword Generation Tool - keywords are very important when building your website - you can use this tool to discover which words you should be using in your meta tags.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Six - How To Use Blogs To Increase Info-Product Sales & Generate A Boatload Of Subscribers! You'll also receive a complete blogging toolkit so that you can create a highly profitable and interesting blog...even if you've never seen a blog before.

In case you're not aware, a lot of people who are making solid profits online with info-products have their own blogs set-up. A blog is just a "weblog", kind of an online diary that you can add commentary and graphics to. There are now several millions of blogs and their popularity is soaring - both with creators and readers. Blogs are a perfect marketing tool for info-product creators and with this resource you can create money-spinning blogs in no time at all.

Here's what you'll learn with this special download:

How to create a highly profitable blog on any topic your info-product is based on.

How to customise your blog so that it fits perfectly with the style of your info-product.

20 blog-templates that you can set-up and use instantly.

A complete guide to blogging including blogging profit strategies.

Where to get hold of additional blogging tutorials so that you can elevate your blogging skills past the pro level.

A huge database of blogging creation tools and blog enhancement scripts.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Seven - The Screenshot Software! Whenever you're creating an information product...especially a "how to" type product then you may want to include screenshots of websites/techniques/photos and so on - this is a valuable tool for any info-product creator because it allows you to create highly professional screenshots with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Info-Product Toolkit Premium Resource Eight - How To Add Eye-Popping Visual Effects Onto Your Website! With this resource you're going to be able to create some really stunning effects on your website. Here are just a few of the things this neat little package allows you to do:

Create attention grabbing special effects as your visitors enter and exit your website. You'll be able to turn static webpages into high quality, animated presentations.

Create TV-styled presentations on your website.

There are 62 amazing visuals/transition effects to choose from - there is even a preview function so you can see the effect of each one...and you do not have to know a bit of code to do this...simply click on the effects you want and then copy/paste the generated code onto your website.

Unleash The Incredible Power Of The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit And Create A Rapidly Profitable Info-Product Business Literally Overnight That Will Put A Lot Of Cash In Your Pocket For Years To Come!

Look, there isn't a single info-product creation tool out there that comes close to The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit - you'll discover the following in a step-by-step way:

Identify hot niches that are ripe for creating information-products...we're talking about high-profit niches with hungry buyers that are ready to purchase all the products you can supply them.

Instantly identify a long list of subjects that are begging for new and fresh information products - so you'll always have more profit creating ideas than you know what to do with.

Compile your high-quality information product with laser-beam speed. One weekend is all it takes to create a best-seller once you know the simple techniques that are inside this toolkit.

The things that you must do in order to market your information product correctly and create a frenzy of sales for years into the future. You'll learn seven places that you simply must expose your info-product to...once you do that, you'll get sales and subscribers beyond your highest expectations.

You'll be given instant access to 8 additional premium resources that you have to use if you want to create and market high-profit info-products for maximum sales. These are resources that other "how-to" eBooks point their affiliate links to for additional sales. But you can grab these for free and know exactly how and why to use them. You'll also learn what additional books and software the guru info-product creators use to instantly make thousands of dollars a day with their info-products...and how you can do the same.

You'll get everything that you will ever need for info-product creation right at your finger-tips. This is your one chance to create a highly profitable info-product business in the space of a few days and be rewarded with cash for years, even decades into the future. You'll get every info-product creation & marketing resource that you would ever want
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