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My Book Of Indoor Games - Almost 200 Games For All Ocassions

My Book of Indoor Games by Clarence Squareman
is a collection of old and present day games presented to amuse, entertain and encourage socialization. 
A careful combination of old and new games balances the author's aim of creating nostalgic feeling among the players and at the same time letting them stay contemporary. 
The book will suit both grown ups and young people who have the urge to interact with others in a delightful and entertaining 



Acting Proverbs 37
Acting Rhymes 54
Adventurers 41
All Fours 64
Alphabet Game 84
Animal, Vegetable or Mineral 45
Ants and the Grasshopper 91
Balancing Spoon 114
Band Box (Charade) 29
Beggar My Neighbor 69
Bingo 96
Birds, Beasts and Fishes 61
Bird Catcher 26, 105
Birds Fly 100
Blackboard Relay 102
Blind Man's Buff 18
Blind Man's Wand 47
Bob Major 24
Bridge of Knives 112
Buff Says Buff 18
Buzz 16
Card Games 13
Cat and Mouse 17
Cat and Rat 104
Cat's Cradle 81
Charades 28
Checkers 56
Changing Seats 102
Chinese Shadows 118
Coach and Four 93
Cock Fighting 83
Consequences 43
Circle Ball 106
Crambo 44
Coin Trick 115
Cross Questions and Crooked Answers 11
Crows' Race 104
Cushion Dance 77
Dancing Egg 111
Dancing Pea 114
Dead Ball 106
Diamond Ring 78
Dodge 107
Dominoes 58
Draw a Pail of Water 87
Drop the Handkerchief 15
Duck Under the Water 88
Dumb Crambo 24
Dwarf 21
Earth, Air, Fire and Water 44
Eraser Game 106
Eraser Relay 108
Family Coach 14
Farmyard 77
Feather 50
Find an Object While Blindfolded 117
Fives and Threes 60
Flag Race 103
Flowers 80
Flying 47
Forbidden Letter 78
Force of a Water Drop 115
Fox and Chickens 107
Fox and Geese 83
Fox Chase 103
French Roll 27
Frog in the Middle 100
Gallery of Statutes 51
Game of Cat 34
Game of Conversation 50
Garden Gate 27
Giant 83
Grand Mufti 79
Green Gravel 59
Hand Shadows 118
Hands Up 48
Hide the Thimble 103
Honey Pots 85
Hot Boiled Beans and Bacon 52
How to Light a Candle Without Touching It 112
How, When and Where 21
Huckle, Buckle, Beanstalk 102
Huntsman 51
Hunt the Ring 49
Hunt the Slipper 48
I Apprenticed My Son 17
I Love My Love With an A 43
I Point 78
I Say Stoop 100
I Sell My Bat, I Sell My Ball 81
I Suspect You 68
It 53
Jolly Miller 55
Judge and Jury 48
Jumping the Rope 105
Last Man 102
Little Lady 99
Living Pictures 34
Living Shadows 119
Lodgings to Let 49
Lost and Found 45
Lubin Loo 97
Magic Music 16
Magic Thread 111
Magic Whistle 92
Magic Writing 79
Malaga Raisins 93
Man and Object 54
Man With His Head the Wrong Way 117
Mother, Mother, the Pot Boils Over 89
My Master Bids You Do as I Do 52
Mysterious Ball 117
Noughts and Crosses 61
Oats and Beans and Barley 95
Obstinate Cork 112
Old Maid 66
Old Soldier 22
Oranges and Lemons 12
Our Old Grannie Doesn't Like Tea 42
Paper and Pencil Games 61
Personations 83
Pigeon House Game 95
Poison 103
Pope Joan 67
Postman 20
Postman's Knock 42
Preliminary Ball 107
Proverbs 38
Puss in the Corner 20
Questions and Answers 88
Racing and Counting Scores 101
Red Cap and Blue Cap 53
Revolving Pins 116
Riddles 69
Riding the Bicycle 104
Rule of Contrary 26
Running Maze 92
Ruth and Jacob 56
Sally Water 94
Schoolmaster 25
School Room Basket Ball 101
School Room Tag 108
Sea King 17
Seat Tag 106
Sentinel Drop 115
Serpentine Maze 110
Shadows 118
Shouting Proverbs 38
Simon Says 26
Six and Five Make Nine 113
Slap Jack 104
Slow Poke 110
Snap 65
Snip, Snap, Snorum 66
Speculation 63
Spelling Game 86
Stool of Repentance 49
Squirrel and Nut 101
Suggestive Breathing Work 103
Swimming Needles 111
Tag Me or Heads Up 105
Tag the Wall Relay 110
Teacher 105
Teacher and Class 109
Think of a Number 119
Third Man 107
Thought Reading 70
Tit, Tat, Toe 61
To Balance a Coffee Cup 112
To Guess Two Ends of a Line of Dominoes 120
To Tell the Age of Any Person 120
Trades 61
Travelers' Alphabet 14
Tricks and Puzzles 110
Twirl the Trencher 11
Vanishing Dime 113
What's My Thought Like? 81
Wonderment 89

Book Excerpts:

"Let the child imbibe in the full spirit of play. There is nothing like it to keep him on the path of health, right thinking and mind development."

That is the guiding purpose of the author. The reader will find in this book a collection of old and present day games. The student of Play has long realized that there are no new games, that all our games of today are built on the old timers.

The purpose of My Book of Indoor Games is to furnish amusement, entertainment and to be the means of sociability. So very often the question comes up--"What shall we do?" 
In many cases this book serves only as a reminder, the games and parlor tricks are well known but cannot be recalled at the critical moment. A combination, such as this, of the best of the old-fashioned games and a carefully compiled list of the games of today will furnish much help to the young in their search of entertainment and amusement.

But the book will be equally useful to grownups. The author has seen staid, respectable people play "Lubin Loo" with as much zest and spirit as the youngest group of children. 
All of us have played "Going to Jerusalem." The spirit must be there; there is nothing so contagious as the spirit of play.
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