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Sales Letters Creator & Mentoring

Need a sales letter fast but hate writing & do not want to pay a copywriter?

Watch How I Create Stunning Sales Letters That Will FORCE People To Give YOU Money,
From Scratch In Less Than 20 Minutes By Simply Filling In The Blanks & Clicking GO!

Sales Letters Creator is the Most Innovative Sales Letter
Generator Software Application Ever to Be Released!

-- No Copywriting Skills Necessary!

Everybody knows that a compelling sales letter is the key to a successful Internet business.

Without a sales letter that swoons your reader and persuades them to buy, you are pretty much doomed to cyber poverty forever, and I mean that literally.

That is how important it is to have an effective sales letter.

The Problems With Writing Sales Letters...

For marketers who hate to write, spending hours putting together sales letters from scratch is torture!

The problem is that writing a sales letter is hard.

It takes time and the copy needs to be great to get people to take action.

Nothing stops sales dead in its tracks faster than poorly written sales letters.

Your sales letter is your digital salesman and if it does a terrible job, you can say goodbye
to any chances of you making even $1 online.

Whether you want your website visitor to opt in to your newsletter or make a purchase, it all
depends on how well your sales letter sells.

If you are like me then you probably dread the idea of starting out to create a new sales letter from scratch, or craft a web page to sell your product on the Internet.

So Whats A Lazy Marketer To Do?

You have 3 options:

Option #1. - Hire a Professional Copywriter
Professional copywriters are very expensive but in many cases this is the best option - if you can afford it! Copywriter fees vary from $497 to $25,000+. You are almost guaranteed a
successful sales letter by hiring a top gun copywriter but if you are just starting out, the 5 figure price tag puts this option out of reach.

Option #2. - Write Your Own Sales Letter From Scratch
Unless you are a highly skilled copywriter, chances are that you will end up creating a
Frankenstein which does not convert. It is perhaps the cheapest option but if you are a terrible copywriter or hate writing, it will not be worth your time and effort. Not recommended at all.

Option #3. - Cheat With Push-Button Software
You can legally cheat and create great looking sales letters every time by cleverly using
software that makes it a breeze to put them together in literally minutes!

Sales Letters Creator is the perfect example of this kind of software. You will not find a better quality application of its kind...especially one this affordable! This is the best option for lazy marketers who do not want to pay a copywriter or have no writing talent or time to write.

I know which option I would take... #3 of course!

Time is money, and anyway, no one wants to strain their brain for hour after hour writing sales letters only to be disappointed by lousy conversions.

It makes simple sense that if there is a pre-made format to work with, such as templates that I can use to suit my product or even just to get my words flowing, my final results will be much better.

That is why I spent the last few months and thousands of dollars, creating Sales Letters

Even If You Have Never Written A Sales Letter Before,
Or Hate The Thought Of Writing From Scratch,
Sales Letter Creator Will Always Give You Expert Looking,
High Converting Sales Letters In Half The Time!

Suitable For PC Only

Sales Letter Creator Software!

Pump Out Great Looking Sales Letters In 50% Less Time

Easy To Use PRE-MADE, High Impact Templates - Just Fill In The Blanks

No HTML Or Sales Copy Writing Skills Needed

Have Professional Looking Sales Letters Every time Without The Copywriters Fee

We will personally assist you in creating your first sales letter and putting together your
sales campaign for reselling the SALES LETTER CREATOR.

The most advanced and easy to use Sales Letter Generating Software ever released!
Get Your Copy Now!

This software is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Now, with Sales Letter Creator, you will be able to enter multiple niches more easily, freeing up valuable time.

Who knows, now maybe you will have a little time to go fishing with your grandson!

With Sales Letter Creator, you will save money by avoiding costly copywriting fees and be able to create powerful and persuasive sales letters for your websites completely by yourself in minutes!

Great Sales Letters Is A Breeze For
Even The Most Unskilled Writer...

It does not matter if you have never written copy in your life, you can create stunning work in no time.

The power comes from the Ready-Made Text Formats which are pre-written by an expert copywriter.

You simply fill in the blanks and it does the rest.

Quickly Go Through Each Step
Filling-In Short Details
About Your Product And Let
The Software Do The Rest...

Attention Grabbing Headlines,

Sub Headlines,

Introduction Text Copy,

Body Copy,

Customer Testimonials,

Money Back Guarantees,

Call To Action Statements,

P.S Statements and More!

When you have gone through the quick steps and filled in the blanks, you only need to press GO

and instantly you have a complete, ready to use Sales Letter in a flash!

Finally, the sales letter html file is made automatically too - you just tell it where to save

it and its there in an instant!

Even A Computer Dummy Can Whip Up A Smoking Hot Sales Letter His First Time!

Sales Letters Creator is so easy to use, if you can follow simple directions, you can master it

the first time you use it.

You literally just take each step of filling in the blanks one by one. All the steps are

clearly visible and easy to understand.

As soon as you buy your copy of Sales Letter Creator today, youll be able to get your first

sales letter made before dinner time!

Heres just how easy it is to whip up your first sales letter
in under 20 minutes with Sales Letter Creator ...

1. Run the software (installs on your desktop in a few clicks)
2. Follow the very simple directions you see each step of the way
3. Fill-in the blanks with the information about your product for each section
4. Insert your payment processor information for your order link
5. Preview the sales letter to make sure it is how you want it to look
6. When youre happy with it, click the Save button

And thats it! Totally simple for the beginner and a real time saver for the seasoned pro!

Get Sales Letter Creator Today!

Start creating winning sales letters in minutes - Click here to download your copy now!
Youll Enjoy These Benefits...

No Copywriting skills necessary!
No HTML knowledge needed!
Create your sales letters in less than 20 minutes with the pre-loaded ready-made text


Never pay expensive copywriters fees ever again!

Step by step creation process - This software instructs you what to write from start to


Create an unlimited number of new sales letters anytime you need!

Buy this software once and use it for life - Free upgrades Included!

Many Unique Features Make Sales Letter Creator The One & Only Choice...

**Expert Written copy text templates - Just fill in the blanks to create winning sales letters

in minutes!
**Simple help notes and guidance for each step to make it even faster to complete!
**Pre-Written Proven Powerful Headlines To Choose From - Simply pick the best one for your

**Select from a range of Pre-Written Introduction sentences to hook your reader!
**Ready-made Testimonial & Money Back/Satisfaction Guarantee templates to choose from to build

**Finish off strong with our ready-made closing and P.S. statements
**Fill-in your websites info to automatically create meta tags which is important for SEO!
**Paste in your order/payment link & your order button will appear automatically!
**Ability to preview your sales letter before you save it to make sure its just right!
**Output your sales letter as an html file with one click!
**Sales letter html file easily editable with any html editing software!

NEW! You can add 2 x videos into your sales letter automatically from YouTube, Google Video,

and more! This is the first application to ever have this feature!*

Sales Letter Creator.. Does It All!

Youll never need to hire a copywriter or buy a copywriting study course again! You dont even

need to know HTML to put together great looking sales letters with this software.

It lets you do everything from making the meta tags, to inserting your order link, to

embedding videos!

Order Your Copy Now To Take Advantage
Of This Very Special Offer!

Act now to take advantage of the New Releases special offer and get a huge discount off the

regular price!

As soon as your secure order is approved, youll get instant download access to the software

and from there its just a one minute install job to your desktop and youre in business!

Youll be able to start pumping out your unique eye ball grabbing sales letters immediately.

Now you have nothing standing in your way of creating professional looking sales letters in


Your Sales Letters Will
Practically Write Themselves!

There has never been a simpler or faster way to write beautiful sales letters - all the hard

work of thinking up and writing killer copy has been done for you.

Your sales letters will practically write themselves because all the foundation work is already

done for you.

Simply fill in the blanks and your professional sales letter is crafted right before your eyes

and ready to go in record time.

Everything you need to get started right away is included when you order and download your copy

Step-By-Step Process - Sales Letters Creator walks you through a simple step by step

process from start to finish. All you do is fill in the blanks! There is no way you can go

wrong with this quick and easy process!
Builds The Web Page For You - See your web page come together right before your eyes!

There is no mucking around with html code and getting stuff in the right place. Just enter your

text in the boxes and click build! Its that simple...
Dead-Easy To Use - So easy to use that my 16 year old sister successfully turned out 2

sales letters in one sitting with it! She used the sales letters to sell some of her old shoes

on eBay...
Perfect Presentation Every Time - Its surprising how smart Sales Letters Creator is.

It will format your sales letter beautifully every time so your sales letter doesnt end up

looking like a dogs breakfast and you dont have to mess around changing fonts and styles.
Expert Pre-Written Copy - Copywriting is a skill that is hard to attain but this

software is already pre-loaded with awesome copywriting Headlines, Hooks, phrases and words you

can swipe! Use them in your sales letters and it will look like a real professional wrote it!
No Faster Way To Build A Sales Letter - My record for creating a sales letter with

Sales Letter Creator is a mere 13 minutes. It was almost perfect too, just a few little things

to clean up but it still sure as heck beats banging away at my keyboard for hours on end!
Create Unlimited Sales Letters - You only need one copy of Sales Letter Creator

software and make any number of sales letters anytime you need. You investment will soon pay

for itself because this pay once, benefit forever perk is unheard of if you talk about hiring

a professional copywriter - they sting you with a hefty bill every time!

Here Are What Our Customers Think...

Sales Letter Creator is hands down the most innovative piece of software to come out this


WOW.....Not much more I can say that can top that.

It will simply save you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on copywriting fees.

The ease of use is one of the best qualities I found while using this software.

It is just jam packed with incredible features!

The ability to add some finishing touches to the outputted html was a great addition.

I would recommend this product to anyone seriously trying to make money online, your sales copy

is the main factor in determining weather or not a potential customer buys from you, so why

risk lost sales due to bad sales copy??

On a scale of 1 to 10 this software is an easy 12!!

-- Kevin Enos

...this is an awesome product that will help anyone pump out sales letters that are

professionally created!

First off, I want to wish you an awesome weekend...to you and your family!! :)

I thank you so much for all of your products!! I know I will enjoy using your great Sales

Letters Creator.

I went through this product since purchasing it on Thursday at 12 noon and all I can say

is...This is an awesome product that will help anyone pump out sales letters that are

professionally created!

You always amaze me by your excellent quality products. This is what distinguishes you from all

other Internet marketers.

Right now...I am kind in a bind with my financial situation, where I shouldnt even be buying

any more IM products, but I always reach deep down inside and want to purchase your products,

because I know that you are an honest, good person and that you always provide value and

quality products to your buyers!!

You dont seem to only care about making money, but you truly want to help you buyers succeed

in IM as well!

I just want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts and what you are doing in the IM

world and that you will have an excellent future in all your business endeavours.

Thanks again my friend!!

-- Umberto

...I wish you could have come out with this about a year and a half ago!

All I can say is WOW!

This is absolutely a fantastic money saver!

I wish you could have come out with this software application about a year and a half ago.

Sales Letter Creator is such a time saver and I absolutely Love It!

No more do I have to spend hours upon hours thinking of something that is catchy and will get

my subscribers to open up the email.

Now I just take the 10 minutes to churn away at sales letters.

This software application is defiantly one for the year!

Keep up the great work!

-- Jason Conway

You too can save a whole lot of money, save time and avoid bad conversions on your website

caused by weakly written sales letters.

Grab your copy of Sales Letter Creator right now and never lose a sale again!

Professional Sales Letters
The Experts Price Tag!

Just because this software pumps out sales letters that look like a professional wrote doesnt

mean you have to pay the same price youd pay a professional copywriter.
Good sales letters dont have to cost a fortune.

When you take into consideration that copywriters charge $495 (and thats a cheap one) and up

for a short sales letter, anything less than that for a similar end product would be a steal.

But Im not going to charge you like a wounded bull as any expert copywriter would.

In fact, Im not even asking for half the price of a cheap copywriters fee.

Im sure youll be amazed when you see the low price you can get your hands on this software


And at the moment, you can get an even better deal during our special New release offer period!

Congratulations! You Just Made A Sale!

How would you like to see more of those types of notifications in your inbox?

Sales Letters Creator saves you a ton of time and frustration so you can concentrate on the

most important part of your business...MAKING MONEY!

You will quickly and easily create powerful sales letters in under 20 minutes so you can start

getting more ORDER RECEIVED messages in your inbox!

Ohhh Wait...Theres More!

He will personally assist you in creating your first sales letter and putting together your

sales campaign for reselling the SALES LETTER CREATOR.

I almost forgot to mention that youll also get a handful of helpful instructional videos in

the members area. These videos show you how to install and start using Sales Letters Creator

like a pro right from the word GO so you wont be left sitting there wondering what to do next.

Click here to download your copy now!

Instructional videos are not the only bonuses you get when you secure your order today. Youll

also qualify for...

Test Drive Sales Letters Creator For A Full
60 Days & Save a Ton of Time and Make More Money ...Or I Dont Want Your Money!

Im so confident that Sales Letters Creator will convert more traffic into buyers and make you

more money (and save you a ton of time and copywriter fees) than ever before that Im willing

to put my hard work and money where my mouth is.

Your purchase is completely backed by my 100% money back satisfaction guarantee so you can be

sure that you will make your money back and keep making a bucket load more for a long time


If you use Sales Letters Creator and do not see a rapid increase in conversions, you get your

money back.

So, if youre not completely satisfied with the performance of this product, contact me within

60 days of ordering Sales Letters Creator and Ill swiftly refund you every penny, no questions


Not Only Will You Save Time But Your Profits Will Increase! ..Or Your Money Back!

You really cant lose with this offer when you order your copy of the software today!

You are backed for a full 60 days to try it out and start seeing results or your money back!

Can You Afford To Lose Orders To Bad Sales
Letters You Spend Hours Writing Yourself
Or Pay A Copywriter Any Longer?

You have two choices to make...and both will have a great impact on your online success.

You can either keep spending hours and hours throwing up sales letters blindly hoping that

someone out there will buy your product or pay through the nose to get a professional to write

a decent sales letter for you...

Or, would you prefer to take the time & cost effective way and have Sales Letter Creator

software create for you in 20 minutes or less, a complete, expert looking sales letter when

going through the step by step process of filling in the blanks and hitting the Save button?!

The choice is clear!

Faster, easier sales letters that pull more orders can be yours in just minutes from now!

Secure your order below!

Order Through Our Secure Order Form
YES Your Name! I Simply Must Have My Copy Of Sales Letter Creator So I Can Create Beautiful

and Persuasive Sales Letters For My Sites In Less Than 20 Minutes!

Special Introductory Offer Price Before
Mass Release! Price Increases Soon...
LIMITED TIME - Get $150 Off An
Already Heavily Reduced Price!
ONLY $197! JUST $47!

Simply click the ADD TO CART button below to checkout and download the software


Credit/Debit cards and PayPal accepted. Worldwide orders welcome.
After your purchase, you will get instant access to the download area.

P.S. Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free? Sales Letter Creator will save you

money, time and frustration by totally stream-lining the creation of your sizzling hot sales

letters. How can you afford not to get it? Act now and get it for just $47 while the special

price lasts.

..this software really beats all other sales page generators out there..

He will personally assist you in creating your first sales letter and putting together your

sales campaign for reselling the SALES LETTER CREATOR.

....I must say this is a must have (for me it is). This software really beats all other sales

page generators out there...

....It is very easy to work with. The features that come with this rockin software, including

the quality videos, make it so easy to understand, even a newbie can do this...

...Over the period that I am busy with marketing I tried diverse software when it comes to

making sales letters this is the number one for me on the moment and I think that there is not

one that can beat this one of a kind unique tool you have made...
-- William Lameus

...I would just like to say that I am really impressed with the functionality of your Sales

Letter Creator generator software!...

...I have been able to create fantastic landing pages using your software and I cannot speak

more highly about the number of features that are included...

...This has been a very worthwhile investment for my online business practices and I havent

had to look back yet!

..never pay $1000 to a freelancer again!

Im Italian, so my English is not so good... When I tried my first Sales Letter myself the

unique result I obtained was an unfinished series of e-mail. No no, I did not make any sales

: and people that was reporting all the errors I made in my page!

Now with Sales Letter Creator all is changed! Create a beautiful and powerful sales letter is

an easy and joyful work with the simple step proposed.

You will be guided hand by hand in every section of your attracting sales page by the software,

and you will obtain a so perfect selling page that there is no way to pay $1000 to freelancer!

Thanks Adeel for this software! It really saved my business!

-- Alessandro Zamboni

This little Sales Letters Creator has proven itself incredibly effective in an amazingly short

period of time!!

I really have to thank you for this - Sales Letters Creator is everything it claims to be and

so much more.

Try it and see for yourself what a difference it can make!

-- Jason Frovich

He will personally assist you in creating your first sales letter and putting together your

sales campaign for reselling the SALES LETTER CREATOR.
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