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MP3 Citadel ® - D´Anthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns?

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MP3 Citadel ® - D&ac
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All New Midi Guitar Masterpiece Folk Rock Prog Metal with Jazz, World and Classical influences from ProgFest Co-Founders.

11 MP3 Songs in this album (55:08) !
Related styles: ROCK: Progressive Rock, FOLK: Progressive Folk

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Citadel ® D'ANthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns?
Replicated by DiscMakers (not a CD-R) with six-panel lyric booklet in a shrinkwrapped and spine labeled clear CD jewel case - Fully Retail Ready and Great for Gift Giving!
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Combining influences of rock, folk, classical, world, jazz, metal & prog, the band Citadel has spent the last three decades poking their communal noses into nearly every alcove of those diverse cul-de-sacs. On this latest Citadel release, D'Anthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns?, you'll again find soft or loud, fast or slow, clean or dirty, just like always with Citadel songs - but the true 'spectacle' of this Citadel album is not purely the song diversity; it's also the horn sections, violin, sax, flute & tuba leads, string sections, accordion, melodic percussion, gongs, sitar, timpani & massive homage to the trademark organs, pianos, keys & synths of Hammond, Yamaha, Roland, Fender, Korg, Moog...

Lots of bands use those instruments, right, so how is that a 'spectacle'?

Glad you asked. See, the catch is, each instrument listed above is this time delivered by only a guitar - or to be more specific, the GraphTech Ghost Godin - one amazing MIDI guitar - and the Roland GR-22 MIDI guitar sound interface Okay sure, you have to hear it to understand the âspectacleâ - so when you're listening, remember - except for drums, bass, guitar, mando, vocals & hand percussion - it's ALL the MIDI guitar. No actual keyboards were used in the making of this album, certainly not because the band has anything against keys, but simply because the Triple G does it all tastefully from a fretboard. Even if you've heard MIDI guitar before, it's fairly likely you haven't heard it sound quite like this.

Not that easily convinced? Pop this in your player, and turn it up, see if your jaw drops or you get goosebumps at what you 'think' you're hearing - - - and for those in serious need of auditory therapy, a pair of closed-back headphones enhances the discreetly mapped stereo experience ten-fold!

Thereâs a song or two for every mood & every song holds an adventure worth sharing!

Jeff Ling, Dan Smart & the Whitman's are at it again with eleven 'new flavors' of CITADEL ear candy & word weaving. If youâre exhausted of genre pigeon holes, or you yearn a melodious risk in your grope for sonatas to strike your spirit & speakers, âCrosses or Crowns?â has arrived just in time...

So, their name âCitadelâ' is a moniker meaning fortress or stronghold, considering their self-stated foundation of hodgepodge mishmash, then Fortress of what? Stronghold how?

Good question! The answers may be in the vocoder-voiced words of the last 'song' on this album - as it proclaims Citadel sees itself as a collective fortress for musical diversity, a stronghold against restrictions inherent in style 'branding' - - -

Some may consider such diversity little more than indecisive inspirational wandering, but such naysayers may be surprised to find that Citadel member, Rejyna, agrees; "we're really a band of itinerant, peripatetic, nomadic, asylum-seeking artists who eschew commercial regulations, restraint, parameters, stringency and austerity to strive for
an overall 'lack of focus' in our tried-and-true thirty-year-old formula where chaotic ingredients result in a somewhat coherent harvest of songs that bears very little end-product resemblance to the hectic process of it's own conception," Whitman grins & continues, "(our songs are) like a diary; reflective and critical thought experiments
carried out when we're imagining no one else will ever hear our sonic journal entries. Then, we betray our own pretend-privacy and share our vulnerable phonic chronicles with others, (laughs) it's a very, very good muse ruse for outsmarting ones own ego and beating back self-perceived pretensionsâ¦"

Huh? Oh geez, never mind already, just listen & read on - - - and remember, no keyboards or actual orchestra instruments are in this mix - - - it's a GraphTech Ghost girded Godin MIDI guitar synth you're hearing!

So with you again amply prepared, we guardedly introduce Volume Two of the Citadel D'Anthologie Series, cryptically titled Crosses or Crowns? Please note the song titles have been transformed to better aid your matching a desired flavor of Citadel to your current yen or urge, but listener be cautious, we deny any responsibility for potential taste-expansion if you stray outside your musical preference defaultsâ¦take heed to the apt tune title allusionsâ¦

1. Soft Rock Another
aka Another

2. Psych Prog Wildness
aka Relaxing, Achieving

3. Symphonic Prog Serpent
aka Mid-Winter's Morning Chant (Smart Mix)

4. Dark Metal Winter
aka Winter's Dying (Smart Mix)

5. Tuba Folk D&D
aka On Death and Dying

6. Folk Rock Wonder
aka Boy In Wonder

7. Fast Folk Wind
aka From The Wind

8. Jazz Rock Alone
aka We Are Alone

9. Baroque Ballad Barque
aka Stygian Barque (Smart Mix)

10. R&R High Times
aka High Times

11. Vocoder Citadel Manifesto
aka A Cynosure Concept

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Hiding, another day
While clues are leading, another way

Morning, another stay
And the cast is needing, another play

Pulling for rainbows that are waiting in the dawn
Straining to see before we dare to move along
Hiding in shadows and the song begins to play
Working to be inside another dream away
Another dream away

Painting, another face
As the sun is draining, another space

Speeding, another pace
With our eyes sustaining another trace

Pulling for rainbows that are waiting in the dawn
Straining to see before we dare to move along
Hiding in shadows and the song begins to play
Working to be inside another dream away
Another dream away, another

Drums, hand percussion - Dan
BG Vocal Oo's & Ahâs - Kiki
All instruments, vocals & BG Oo's - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Relaxing, Achieving

So you think you can stand up and see
Close your eyes and you'll be free
Nestle memories under your belt
from a child's dream recall what you've felt

Every moment is two seconds worth
of what we must give to bring our dreams to birth
Open windows to a positive thrill
Release the butterfly from your windowsill

We're laughing, we're seeing
Relaxing, Achieving

Drums, hand percussion & tape FX - Dan
Bass guitar, bridge harmony vocals - Kiki
All other instruments & lead/bridge vocals - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mid-Winter's Morning Chant

Here I stand in silent wonder of it all
Gazing deep into the shadows on the wall
Many times my voice will carry,
many times it won't at all...
In the distance I can see the fire's tail
Meccadon will wait, he trusts we will not fail
Many times my spirit's strong,
and often it is frail

Silent Searcher Serpent Singing Seven Suffer Songs
Flying Flirter Fervent Flinging Falling Farther Flung

Trust and be blameless, cross the cliff path
Each step more swiftly, illusion of wrath

Wishing Water Wider Weather Waking Without Want
Tipping Totter Tighter Tether Taking Taller Trunk
Circle Centax Cave of Future
Certain Captive Cell
Simple Structured Slave of Suture
Slaying Serpent Spell

Trust and be blameless, cross the cliff path
Each step more swiftly, illusion of wrath
Myths remain nameless, wisdom's last laugh
Turn not your eyes and hold fast to your staff
Truth is your Sword
Purpose, your Path

Drums and analog tape FX - Dan
Bass guitar, acoustic 6 rhythm, vocals (left) - Kiki
All other instruments, vocals (center & right) - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Winter's Dying

Winter's dying, I can feel the cold though
Songs are sighing, days and dreams
are hard to hold

Lost Dreams, Lost Treasures
Simple times of foolish pleasures
Broken Rhymes, Scattered Measures
Stuck inside such dormant leisure
Lost Dreams, Stolen Vision
Falling over small decisions
Careless words, a deep incision
Causing us to lose position, to lose position

Winter's dying,
I recall the cold though
Spirit's flying high,
while melodies are bought and sold

Lost Dreams, Lost Treasures
Simple times of foolish pleasures
Broken Rhymes, Scattered Measures
Stuck inside such dormant leisure
Lost Dreams, Stolen Vision
Falling over small decisions
Careless words, a deep incision
Causing us to lose position, to lose position

Drums - Dan
Bass guitar, harmony vocals - Kiki
All other instruments, weird intro,
lead/harmony vocals - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

On Death and Dying

There's nobody answering
my questions about living
I know what I've got and I ain't got it all
There's someone or something
pushing hard against my windows
and a remnant is all that remains of the call

The voices are echoing 'Take me away!"
To castles and waterfalls, golden arrayed
The song always singing silently

There's too many nobodys
pretending to be living
'I know what you mean'
No, you don't know at all
The surrendering stranger
is still at the window
And the bridges of fire make urgent the call
The voices are echoing, "Take me away!"
To mountains and firesides,
natural days
The song always singing silentlyâ¦

Drums - Dan
Bass, acoustic 6 rhythm, vocals - Kiki
All other instruments, lead vocals, âLeaving the Waterfallâ sound collage - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Boy In Wonder

Everything I touch, they claim's not meant for me to feel
Everything I see,
they call illusion and unreal
I had always thought
that what is there is what is there
'Little do you know' they say
'you're too young to be aware'

But I'm still a boy in wonder
I have my need to be free
I still have my youthful hunger
I'm still me

Everything they live for,
I have never really cared for
Seems as all their dreams
are of a secular endeavor
I had always thought
that what is there is what is there
'Little do you know' they say
'and little do we care'

But I'm still a boy in wonder
I have my need to be free
I still have my youthful hunger
I'm still me

Just go on unliving,
days upon the days
Celebrate your boredom
as the garden sprinkler sprays
I had always thought that the
mourning wouldn't find you there
But little did I know you'd grown
too old to breathe new air
But I'm still a boy in wonder
I have my need to be free
I still have my youthful hunger
I'm still me

Drums, vocals, tape FX - Dan
Bass guitar, vocals - Kiki
All other instruments, vocals - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

From The Wind

If you feel me reach for you,
open up your mind
I feel if I can get to you,
more pleasure we can find

But I can't stay long,
singing you my song
Whether right or wrong,
I soon will leave you on the wind

When you feel me reach for you,
let me know you're there
Do I need to get inside of you
to show you that I care?

It's sad I can't stay long,
singing you my song
Whether right or wrong,
I'm just a whisper from the wind...

...I know what you're feeling,
I've been there before
The storyâs never ending,
and each day you write more

Take time to find the special sign

When you try to reach the sky,
glorify your prize
You know to let your feelings show
is a joy among the wise

Drums, vocals - Dan
Bass guitar, vocals - Kiki
All other instruments, lead vocals - Rejyna
We Are Alone
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

We are alone,
just you and I
We need this time to realize
that our love
can touch the sky

All in a moment
the vision unfolds
The secret of oneness
is now being told

We are at home
as long as we can be
We need this time to realize
how much we need to see

We are now and need to be
standing strong
and openly watching,
waiting carefully for the day

Drums - Dan
Vocals, acoustic 6 rhythm - Kiki
All other instruments, vocals - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Stygian Barque

I can see what you mean
but I cannot believe that
you've always been lonely
alone with your dreams

You can draw your
strength from me
You can take what you see
in this man who is only alone
without dreams

Stripped of my heart
Raped of the things
that I seem to be needing
Drifting apart
Torn into pieces
of separate feeling
Stygian Barque
Sails in a stir
with my innocence grieving
Where do I start,
is this the way
that a man should be feeling

Can I mean what I feel?
I assure you it's really
a dream that you're needing
to break away
from your emptiness

From the spiraling stream
where the heart intervenes
with the mind
comes reality
and true unity
of your dreams

Vocals - Dan
Vocals, acoustic 6 rhythm - Kiki
Vocals, all other instruments, âStygian Vesselâ sound collage - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

High Times

What you're thinkin'
what you're feelin'
Well who am I to say...
What you know and how you go
doesn't matter for today?
It's hard to realize
the things you live for
will soon be left behind
The days go on now
and you grow older
you learn to change your mind

You been livin' in the high times
Oh the fine wine
I've had enough of
hard line forcing rhymes

What I'm thinking
I have feelings
that don't get in my way
The things I know
are the things let go
when I'm needed far away
I've been lookin' for quite some time
for a new place to stay
Just listen to the winds of change
they've got some pretty wise things to say

You been livin' in the high times
of the fine wine
Can you think of any rhyme so fine?
You've been walking on the high wire
Got your pretty finger in the fire?
I've had enough of you
and your heart's desire

No time for thinkin'?
No time for feelin'?
Now you've no time to call your own
No time for drifting,
none for dreaming
you've a child, a man, a home
As a passerby I thought I'd see you cry
âcause you seem to be alone
But your eyes were dry,
I can't imagine why
you said you'd always have to roam

You said you'd never leave the high times
and the fine wine
but now you've gone
and changed your mind
Oh yeah?

You said you'd never leave the high times
and the fine white line
but now you've gone and changed your mind

Said you'd never leave the high times
but now you've gone and changed your mind

Drums, hand percussion - Dan
Bass guitar, vocals - Kiki
All other instruments, vocals - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

A Cynosure Concept (Smart Mix)

There are no superstars among us
Our successes can only be related to our desire to achieve
and our freedom to dream.
The latter is provided by our God and country, the former
however, must be found inside one's self-appreciation.

We must hold complete trust in our unique individuality
and allow ourselves, as well as those around us, to create
without the restrictions associated with our desire,
need, or the social suggestion that we must please others.

Appreciation does not always exist in the sense
that we sometimes tend to believe;
it does not just happen,
nor can we blame it on destiny or luck...

Appreciation is created or stimulated by our presentation.
It is not brought about by our skills alone
but more so by our display of emotion
when we are having a good time.

Positive approaches do not guarantee perfection
but smiles are contagious.
Humans relate best when truth and honesty
are prevalent features of our innovative attempts
at escaping, or helping others to escape,
the sometimes boring and stifling day-to-day routines

There is a center of attraction:
the fortress of the guiding light of Cynosure.
We are Citadel - welcome...

Tape F/X - Dan
All other instruments, vocoder, voices - Rejyna
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Citadel ® D'ANthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns? Images, words, sounds © G. Whitman (BMI)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Produced by Ling, Smart & Whitman

Phase 1 (analog) engineering by Smart & Ling & RecW Staff & Engineers-In-Training with engineering also by D. Egan, K. Gray, L. Michaels at Recording Workshop (Chillicothe, OH). Analog pre-mastering by Ling & Smart. Phase 2 (digital) restoration, engineering & mastering by Rejyna Douglass-Whitman at wePODstudios, (Burbank, CA) Produced & Manufactured at wePODstudios and DiscMakers

Tech Specs:
Basic tracks from analog masters were ingested & manual repair & EQ prep was completed before being combined with new, digitally recorded tracks of mando, more vocals & guitars, hand percussion, a little extra bass and courtesy of the GraphTech Godin Guitar & Roland GR-22 violin, tuba, sax, viola, cello, vibes, marimba, trumpet, trombone, gongs, timpani, sitar, steel drums, flute, oboe, piccolo, clavichord, organ, synthesizer, piano, bells & many more sounds were layered in. A new master mix is run, tested in everybodyâs car & mp3 device, then final mastered to meet Red Book Audio Specs. Everything up to this point is done in the band's home studio, including Rejynaâs graphics & layouts & Koshâs love sessions. DiscMakers takes the handoff...

Dedicated To:
The Waters, Whitman, Hutchison, Stephens, George, Wears, Smart, Ling, Sachs & Ettore families and to the memory of dream-teachers, Joe Waters, Fletcher Hutchison, Chuck Greenberg, Stu Nevitt and Paul Harvey, Sr. - " you know the rest of the storyâ¦"

Special thanks to staff & students at RecW, Chillicothe, OH

Smiles & Thanks To:
Marji, Dick, Jazmyn, Kiki & Chris Whitman, Bruce Peecher, Dan Ryan, Matt Sachs, AJ Hutchison, Steven Leonard, Laarni Domantay, Rhondalynn Brown, Joy Greenberg, Ray McGinnis, Jeff & Scott Warner, Glen Sigmon, Ian Michaels, Randy Childs, Donna Parsley, Cheryl Brown, James Eves III, Jeff Wears, Candy Jones-Brugeman, Jack Carter-North, Ed Whitney, Patrick Almanza, Michael Perrick, Gary Clarke, Mike French, Lisa Sizemore-Beaudry, Beth Newton-Barans, Bob Fister, Amy Newton-Meli, Fred Tafton, Sarah McGrail, Kimmy Martinez, Tina Rubin, Sherry Price, Renee Dunham, John Lowry, Mike Inchalik, Matt Mayberry, Aurelio Vera, Rita Gray, Liza Diott, LeBron Rankins, Sky Poole & all buds at Lowry Digital, DTS & Reliance BIG Entertainment.

Winks & Nods to:
Robert Wiese (you gave me the keys Bob) Tom Sebastian @ Jim's Music Center, Irvine, CA Every employee & every CDBaby artist Noel Plaugher & Daniel Casey @ DiscMakers, Pennsauken, NJ Lastly (because we think he'll like it that way) but not leastly: If there is one soul we should all thank, it's Derek Sivers, Robin Hood of Indie Music
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Citadel ® CD's are available at & to retailers globally through Super D OneStop ( Downloads are also available at & through iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, PayPlay, Napster, DigStation & many others.

Citadel ® is also part of over 400 social networks; iLike, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Virb,, etc. - go ahead, just try & hunt them all down... search âcitadelsongsâ or âcitadelbandâ... & be sure to look for the ® to be sure you have the Original Citadel, there are amateurs who have tried to call themselves by our name over the years. Some folks have no imagination, nor grasp of commerce...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

2009 W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Prod (BMI -
CITADEL is a Registered US Tradename
Since '79, Indie from the Start
30 Years and Countinâ - The ProgFest Co-Founders!
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized Use and/or Copying is Illegal

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